tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFamiliarity Breeds Interest Ch. 01

Familiarity Breeds Interest Ch. 01


About two weeks after my nude modeling for the photography class the girls took, my girlfriend, Anne Marie, and her bffs, Becky and Bridget, and I got together over drinks at our favorite pub. We squeezed into one of the booths along the back wall and ordered pints from Trish, our favorite waitress.

When the drinks arrive, Becky lifts her glass for a toast.

"To Owen, who is a great sport, a fantastic model and a well-hung stud." The girls laugh and I grin good-naturedly.

Becky pulls out a large envelope and asks if I want to see her favorites. Bridget is embarrassed, as usual. I say sure, "but I've seen it all before."

Becky opens the envelope and slides out about ten color 8 x 10's. One by one she guides them over to me, spreading them out over the table.

About half-way through, Trish stops by to see if we want anything. She startles at the pictures of a naked man, then does a double take.

"Holy Shit, Owen, is that you?"

"You betcha'," affirms Becky.

"Sorry, I don't mean to stare. I didn't know you were a model. I thought you were in financial planning or something," says Trish.

I answer I work in finance and am not really a model, just helping out. I try to look Trish in the eyes, but her gaze is fixed on the pictures. Trish is tall and lean with spiked blond hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion. She appears to have a tight body and her butt always looks great in her form-fitting jeans.

"God, I wish my boyfriend looked like that. He's only 24 and has a beer gut and a wee willie wiener."

The other girls laugh at that description.

"Well, that's not one of Owen's shortcomings," offers the usually quiet Bridget.

"Hell, no," pipes in Becky. "I'd say there are no shortcomings at all." As she speaks she runs a finger down one of the full frontal pictures that was strongly lit and shows my penis in fine detail.

"Well, if we all are through evaluating my boyfriend's physique, how about a couple orders of wings, Trish," says Anne Marie.

"What?" asks the waitress as she keeps her eyes on the tabletop display. "Oh, uh, sure. Right away. Anything else?"

We all shake our heads, and she disappears back toward the kitchen.

In the silence that follows, they all look at the nude pictures.

"You really do look good, Owen," says Bridget. "I think you were a great sport to do it and I hope we are not humiliating you."

I sip my beer and then shake my head. "Actually, it is kinda' weird to see yourself naked. I mean we all look at ourselves in the mirror, but it's not the same as seeing a photo that's professionally lit and holding a pose. I like these, and I'm not embarrassed. Now, that doesn't mean I'd want them plastered on the women's—or men's—room walls or distributed in my office."

"No chance of that," assures Becky. "I want these for my own collection. And, Owen, I'd never to anything to embarrass you."

Becky gives me a wink. Her wild red hair is a mess of curls. My mom would say she has the map of Ireland on her face, peaches and cream complexion with a band of freckles across her nose. She is an inch or two taller than Anne Marie's 5'7''. She looks to have a good figure, but not as heavy in the chest as Anne Marie.

Many people have compared Anne Marie to a young Sophia Loren. She is dark complected with full lips, deep brown eyes and a body that looks like it belongs in a Renaissance painting. She is religious with her workouts and her narrow waist and tight abs only help to accent her extraordinary breasts.

Anne Marie rearranges the display, then asks the other two, "Which do you like best?"

Bridget turns even a deeper red, but manages to make a selection.

"I like this one." The picture shows me sitting on the edge of a stool. One leg is on the floor and the other rests on the bottom rung of the stool. I have my right hand on my hip and my left rests on my knee. My stomach muscles are accentuated by the lighting and my penis and balls hang freely.

Becky joins in. "Yeah, I like that one a lot, especially since it shows the package so well. But, as much as I like looking at dick, this is my favorite."

The one Becky points to is a back shot. I am standing with legs apart and my fingers locked behind my head. The muscles in my back are stressed and look powerful. My buns are clinched and the dimples on each cheek are clearly visible. Looking more closely, you can see my balls and the tip of my penis through my spread legs.

"Yeah, definitely this one," asserts Becky. "Gets my motor running."

"Well, you both have chosen well," says Anne Marie. "Now, how about we put them away and enjoy our wings, which I see are coming. I think we've given Trish enough of a show tonight."

Becky slips them into the envelope. Trish arrives with the food. She looks disappointed that the pictures are gone, but doesn't say anything.

We order another round of beers and begin attacking the hot and spicy wings.

After a couple minutes,Becky excuses herself to go to the ladies, and Bridget says she'll join her.

Alone with Anne Marie, I turn and kiss her. She kisses back, her lips as enticingly soft as they always are. Her slight perfume, even in the pub with all its beer and food aromas, fills my nostrils.

"God, Anne Marie, you always smell so good and it turns me on."

"And, that's why I smell good, dear." She kisses me again, and sits back in the booth.

"I hope that was not too uncomfortable for you, all those photos, I mean," she says while holding her pint to her lips. I detect a slight hint of sarcasm.

"Well, I was surprised, obviously, but you know what an exhibitionist I am. I do get a bit of a thrill knowing that your friends are looking at pictures of me nude, and enjoying it."

"And, now, Trish is in on the treat," adds Anne Marie. "Quite the man, aren't you?"

"Anne Marie," I ask, "what's going on? You seem sort of pissed."

"I guess sometimes I think you take too much enjoyment in showing yourself to other women. I wonder if I am still enough of a thrill for you."

Anne Marie is the most confident woman I have ever met. She rarely shows any jealousy or a sign of insecurity.

"You are the most attractive, appealing and sexy person I know," I say. "I am totally happy being with you—period."

Anne Marie takes my hand and brings it to her lips. She looks me in the eyes and holds my gaze.

"I suppose I'm just being a little over-sensitive. I look at Trish, who is a lot closer to your age than I am, and I think that you probably want to jump her bones and leave me behind."

I squeeze her hand and tell her that she is all I need and that I don't want to get into another discussion about the difference in our ages. Anne Marie is in her early forties and I am 27.

"Yeah, I know I seem to be the only one hung up on my age," she says. "But, ever since I turned 41 I think about it more and more. Turning 40 was not traumatic, but realizing that the years keep coming and I can't say I'm in my 'late, late thirties' freaks me out sometimes."

"Well, it doesn't bother me," I assure her. "You are fabulous and I love you, and I want to be with you. That's as simple as I can make it."

Anne Marie leans in and kisses me. Her lips are warm and her kisses are the softest I have ever experienced.

She picks up her glass and sips some beer.

"Ok, I believe you. But, you cannot convince me that you don't look at other women, imagine having sex with them, and, as you have told me, even play around a little with them."

"Sure, but I thought that was all acceptable. I know you've had experiences with other people, because you've told me about them, in addition to Henri in Paris. I know he is your favorite and I accept that you really enjoy being with him when you are over there.

"I have never slept with another woman since we've been together, and I will not unless we discuss it first, and both agree on it. I expect the same from you."

Anne Marie is as curious sexually as I am. She and I enjoy an open relationship within certain bounds. When I told her about the adventure in the model's lounge after the erotic modeling session, she pressed for more details. She wanted me to describe our teacher Cathy's body, and asked me how it would be at our office working next to each other after what we experienced. She wanted to know how Linda's mouth felt on my penis and what I thought about being the first man in her mouth. She made me describe over and over again how Melissa's mouth felt on my erection and what it felt like to come in and on her breasts, and what those small breasts looked like and how they felt. These conversations always got the both of us hot and we always ended them with highly energized love-making.

"Anne Marie, if you don't want me to do any more of these things, just let me know," I demand. "Don't say it's Ok then make me feel like a shit for doing it."

Anne Marie nods along as I speak.

"I don't know what's eating at me. Maybe it was just seeing all these women looking at the nude pictures, and seeing you enjoy it so much."

I think about what Anne Marie is saying.

"But, you asked me to model. You knew your friends were going to be in the class. You knew Becky was bringing the photos tonight. Don't get mad because I enjoy what you ask me to do."

"I'm not mad," says Anne Marie, with a touch of resentment in her voice. "I'm just bitchy, I guess. So, let's change the topic."

I nod in full agreement.

"Do you ever imagine other women naked?" asks Anne Marie.

I almost choke on my beer. After the previous conversation, I am totally thrown off balance. But, I know deep down Anne Marie values the truth over everything. So, I always answer her questions honestly.

"Sure, sometimes."

"Did you ever imagine Trish naked?"

That makes me think for a while.

"Not really," I begin. "I mean she is cute and she has a pretty good figure. I do wonder what her breasts look like, since they seem small. She does have a great butt in tight jeans, but I don't think I imagined it naked. Why are you asking? And, why this emphasis on Trish?"

Anne Marie sips and considers my answer. "Well, she now knows what you look like naked and certainly seemed taken by the pictures. So, I wonder if you think of her without clothes."

"Not before tonight," I say.

"And, now?"

"Well, I hadn't before you asked," I answered. "But, now you've planted the idea in my head and I may be mentally undressing her as she brings us beers. Is that what you want to hear?"

"I don't want to hear anything except the truth."

I repeat that I had not before imagined Trish naked.

"Interesting. You think about certain features, but don't necessarily try to picture her naked. Even a beautiful young woman about your age."

"Pretty much," I say.

"How about Becky or Bridget?"

I know this question is much closer to home and maybe is where Anne Marie was going when she started the conversation. They all work together in a bank and obviously share a good deal of girl talk. I don't know if Anne Marie shared any explicit details of our relationship, but I picked up that both other women knew Anne Marie was satisfied sexually. Anne Marie also knows that Becky and I flirt a lot, trading sexual innuendo and barbs, and teasing each other a lot. I sometimes wonder if Anne Marie thinks that I might like to go further with Becky, or if Becky had ever hinted at anything to Anne Marie. Now, I wonder if maybe Anne Marie is a bit jealous of Becky, or uncomfortable thinking I might want more of a sexual relationship with her friend. My head spins trying to figure out what Anne Marie is really asking and how best to answer her.

"I'm waiting," says Anne Marie.

"Well, I'd have to say not really. I think I would enjoy seeing both of them naked. But, I can't say I've imagined either one without clothes."

"Even Becky, you don't imagine her naked or having sex with her?"

I admit to myself that I find Becky extremely sexy, but I am not about to admit that at this time. Anne Marie is sending off strange vibes.

"Anne Marie, what's bugging you? Why are you grilling me?"

"I'm not aware I am."

"Well, it feels like it to me.

Anne Marie sips her beer and stares at the sweat mark the pint glass leaves on the table.

"Hey, no big deal. Let's just drop it," she says.

Anne Marie smiles as the two women return from the restroom.

Bridget slides in first and as soon as Becky settles, she leans into the table, forcing us all to push our heads forward.

"Well, guess who asked if she could buy one of the photos?" she says with a broad smile.

Not waiting for a reply, she continues, "Yep, our sweet little Trish."

"What did you say to her," asks Anne Marie.

"I said I'd have to ask Owen," she reports then sits back. We all copy her motion, sinking back into the booth.

"What did she say, exactly," I ask.

"She said they were beautiful pictures and that she found them exciting."

"And...?" I push.

"I said they were nothing like being there and taking them," says Becky with a shit-eating grin that makes us all laugh.

"So, what do you say, Owen," she asks.

"Well, I sure don't want some jealous guy with a beer gut and a wee willie wiener coming after me with a gun," I say.

We all laugh until we think our sides would split.

I look up to see Trish standing by the bar with a hurt look on her face.

"Oh shit," I mutter. "Trish must think we are laughing at her. Now, I feel like a jerk."

Anne Marie reaches across for the envelope and slides it in front of me.

"Go talk with her, and offer her anyone she wants," she says.

"It's Ok with you?"

Anne Marie nods and nudges me off the bench.

As I approach Trish, she turns and runs out the front door.

I follow her into the cold Boston night.

I see her standing in the next doorway, out of the stiff wind, and squeeze in beside her.

Her eyes are wet and she won't meet my gaze.

"Hey, we're gonna freeze out here," I say. "Let's go back in."

"Sure, so you guys can make fun of me. I knew I shouldn't of said nothin' to her. I just shoulda kept my stupid fuckin' mouth shut. Hey, I know, I'm just a dumb blond and a waitress, so let's have a good laugh at my pathetic behavior."

I try to put an arm around her shoulder, but she shrugs me off.

"Trish, listen..."

"No, don't worry. It's Ok," she says. "I've been treated worse. I mean you've always been a decent guy and haven't been trying to hit on me or grab my ass like half the assholes in this place. Unless that's why you followed me out. Is that it? Think you can score with the dumb blond because she's all crying and shit. Think I'm an easy lay because I wanted to have a picture of you being naked, and all."

"Trish, just listen," I say putting a hand on her arm and softly moving it up and down. She shivers and I pull off my sweatshirt and drape it over her. She tries to push it away, put I pull it around her shoulders. She relents and says, "Now, you're going to freeze."

"I'm Ok, Trish. Please listen."

She doesn't interrupt me this time.

"We were not laughing at you, not exactly. Yeah, Becky told us you wanted to have a picture. I was embarrassed and made a joke. But it was not about you, honest. Really, we all like you a lot."

Trish tosses her head and looks up at me. I can see in her eyes that she wants to believe.

"So what did you say that broke the table up?"

"It's so dumb now, but it wasn't about you," I say.

"Then what was it. Can't tell me, huh? I can guess why. Because it was about the pathetic waitress."

"Cut the pathetic shit, Trish," I say with some force. "No one thinks of you that way. We like you and are always glad when you have our table. Look, we've all worked at jobs like waiting tables, tending bar, or whatever. We don't think any less of you. Hell, we are just as normal or as fucked-up as anyone."

Trish looks for a trace of bullshit in my eyes. She blinks back more tears, and says in a soft voice, "Honest?"

"Yeah, honest."

I open my arms and she slips in.

I hug her tightly and she wraps her arms around my waist. I can feel her small breasts and hard nipples push against my chest through my shirt. I fight the normal male reaction thinking this is not the time to spring an erection, since Trish would obviously feel it.

Speaking into my chest, she asks, "So, what did you say."

I kiss the top of her head and say, "I told them I didn't want any wee willie wiener guy coming after me with a gun."

Trish snorts and snot shoots from her nose. She's able to turn her head enough to avoid using my shirt as a tissue.

"That's it? That's all of it?"

"Yep, then I looked up and saw a terrible look on your face. Trish, no one was making fun of you. Actually, I'm sort of overwhelmed that you would want one of the pictures."

Barely speaking above a whisper, she says, "They're beautiful. I just wanted one to look at once in a while. It would help me realize there are other guys out there, and maybe I don't have to settle for a fat, dumb, wee willie wiener jerk who thinks a good fuck is five seconds of foreplay and a minute and half of thrusting, followed by a long sleep filled with beer farts."

I laugh out loud. Trish realizes how her description must have sounded and joins me.

Calming down, Trish leans up and kisses me.

"Thanks, Owen. I always thought you were a decent guy."

Smiling I hold up the envelope. "A decent guy with a bunch of naked pictures. Interested?"

Wide-eyed she asks, "For real."

"Hey, take the envelope and pick any one or as many as you want. You can give the rest back next time we are in. I only have one condition."

Trish is fingering the envelope, "What?"

"These are for you. I would not want you showing them around or making copies or doing shit like that. And, especially don't let wee willie wiener see them. But, I would be honored if you had one."

"I swear I won't show them to anyone else, honest I do." Trish kisses me again and presses the envelope to her stomach.

"Ok, now can we go back in because my ass is freezing off," I say.

"And with an ass like that, we don't want it falling off," said Trish as she takes my hand and leads me back into the bar.

She gives a thumbs up to the girls in the booth, then runs back toward the kitchen.

"So", all three ask.

"So, she's going to take her pick and get the rest back to us next time we're here."

"That's all?" asks Becky.

"That's all I'm going to say. Other than she is a nice kid and could use a little help on self-esteem issues."

"Enough said, dear," Anne Marie says with a smile. "I think I just might take our Trish under my wing. I think she has terrific potential."

After that night in the bar, things shift subtly with Anne Marie, me and Becky. I didn't know if it was being nude in front of her in the class, the incident with the pictures at the bar or the conversation I had with Anne Marie that night.

A couple nights later as Anne Marie and I lay in bed following an exceptionally athletic round of love making, she brings up Becky again.

"God, I bet Becky would enjoy a fuck like this," she said.

I raised my head to look at her and ask, "Anne Marie, will you tell me what is going on with this emphasis on Becky? Do you think we are doing something behind your back?"

Anne Marie looks directly into my eyes. I hold her gaze. Finally, she lifts up and kisses me.

"No, I don't think that. I do think that you two are attracted to each other and I am slightly curious about what it would be like if you let that attraction blossom a bit."

"You want me to become sexually involved with her?" I ask.

"Not if you don't want to, but I think that there are some fairly exciting possibilities if you followed that path."

"Exciting how?" I asked.

In the back of my mind I remember the time I visited Anne Marie on one of her extended business trips to Paris. She introduced me to Henri,her French lover, whom I thought I would instantly hate. Instead, I liked him immediately. He was a bit older than Anne Marie, handsome, with a great sense of humor and a sophisticated way of dealing with everything. He made me feel like a friend and not a rival.

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