tagIncest/TabooFamily Bonding

Family Bonding


My name is Tim and I come from a long line of white southerners that I often call "my redneck family." I myself was not born in the south, nor do I live there now. I live in New York City and I appreciate it everyday. But my extended redneck family does still reside in the south, mostly in Mississippi, with a few living in Texas. I don't get to see them very often, so when when we do get to have a family reunion every few years, it usually lasts a week or two. It's easier for me to meet them in Mississippi, instead of bring them all out here to New York. This was one of those summers I got to spend with my redneck family.

While there I would be staying with my cousins Derrick and Paul, who were brothers, Derrick being the oldest. They rent out a room together so I was to stay in their apartment. Our cousin Jimmy a.k.a. Jimbo was visiting from Texas, so he and I would be sharing the bed that folded out from the couch.

On the second night we were tired from a long day of fishing and hiking, so we were relaxing in Derrick and Paul's living room playing video games. We were playing the new NFL game and talking shit to each other as we always did. Paul was talking about all the black girls who had given him blow jobs recently while simultaneously losing the game to Jimbo. Jimbo was the biggest shit talker amongst us. Paul was getting angrier as he got closer and closer to losing, yet he never stopped talking about the girls who had been sucking his dick in recent memory (this particular one's name was Shannon). Jimbo was listening to Paul's story and spoke up once Paul had stopped talking briefly.

"Dang man, I haven't gotten my dick sucked in months. I sure could use a pretty little girl on my dick right about now," he said.

Paul responded, "You serious Jimbo? Well what's keepin you?"

"Well I don't see any girls round here, do you dummy?" said Jimbo.

"What about you Timmy? When's the last time a girl took care a you?" asked Paul.

"Uh it's been a couple years for me."

"WHAT!" shouted Derrick and Paul at the same time.

"Damn that's sad man, how've you been going that long with out a blowjob?" asked Jimbo.

"I don't know," I answered, "I just did it."

"Well don't you want a blowjob Timmy?" asked Derrick "It feels great you know."

"Yeah I do," I said feeling the pressure from them. Honestly I didn't care that much, but I wanted them to get off my back about it.

"Well of course you do," said Paul, "all of us want a blowjob right about now." Everyone quietly agreed. "Well," thought Paul, "if all of us want ta git their dick sucked, we're gonna need someone to do it, right?"

More agreement from the rest of us.

"But whose gunna suck our dicks right now?" asked Derrick "You're so stupid. You never think before you talk Paul."

"Now hold on," said Paul. "What if one of us sucked everyone else's dick, that way we'd all git what we wanted tonight."

Jimbo spoke up, "but whose gunna suck off three of their cousins with no reward for them? Cause I know I ain't."

"I know!" said Derrick, "We could have a tournament! Right on this here NFL game! The loser has to give everyone else blowjobs for the rest of the night!"

"Sounds good to me," said Jimbo. "Cause I know I ain't gonna lose!"

"Me too," said Paul. "What about you Timmy?"

I answered, "Uh... okay I guess I can do that."

"Alright," said Derrick, "Let's do me versus Paul first, and Tim versus Jimbo. Then the winner's play each other, then the losers play each other. Whoever loses the loser's game is the lucky lady tonight."

"But wait," thought Paul, "What does the winner of the winner's game get?"

"Oh I hadn't thought about that," said Derrick. We were silent for a moment.

Jimbo spoke up, "How bout the winner of both games gits a rimjob from the loser?"

"I like that," said Paul quickly.

"Damn y'all are nasty," said Derrick, "but if that's how y'all like to play then I'm game."

And so the tournament began. The first game was between the brothers Derrick and Paul. Derrick beat Paul quickly, with a score of 28 to 24.

Now it was me versus Jimbo. I was really good at this game so I wasn't worried. On the contrary I was pretty sure I could win both games and get a rimjob from whoever loses. My confidence was destroyed by Jimbo who won the game 42 to 7.

Next Jimbo played against Derrick. They were the oldest cousins of us, both a year older than Paul and I. It was an intense game but Jimbo gained a large advantage over Derrick in the 4th quarter and won the game 45 to 21.

I was less nervous after I saw Jimbo had won again. Now I knew I wasn't bad at this game, it was just that Jimbo was really good. Surely I could beat dumb Paul, who wasn't even that good.

Once again my confidence was shattered, this time by Paul. By halftime, the score was 45 to 0 in Paul's favor. I couldn't believe how bad I was losing, I was always so good at this game why did I have to start losing now? I kept passing interceptions accidentally. My cousins were now making fun of me, especially Jimbo.

Everytime Paul slipped past my defense into the end zone Jimbo clapped loudly and said, "Dang Timmy you must really wanna lick my corn-hole, huh?" Everyone laughed when he said that.

By the 4th quarter the score was 58 to 0. I decided to forfeit realizing there was nothing I could do to win this game now.

Derrick was the first one to act, pulling his pants down immediately after I said I quit.

"Well alright," he said, "Then it's time to take yer reward. Git on yer knees Timmy."

I got down on my knees in front of Derrick who pulled down his underwear and showed me his package. It was soft and very small, but what he lacked in girth he made up for with hair. It was by far the hairiest cock I had ever seen on a human being. It really made his cock look even smaller.

"Say ahhh!" he said.


In went that floppy little penis into my mouth. The whole thing fit easily, and his hairy balls were tickling my chin. I didn't really know what to do with it at first. Derrick must have noticed because he loudly demanded, "Suck!" I started to suck on it. He wasn't moaning so I couldn't tell if I was doing a good job. He started to thrust his hips back and forth in very short quick motions. It began to harden in my mouth, growing to about 5 inches.

"Yeah suck it Timmy," he said under his breath. I could taste his salty precum slowly leaking out. His breathing became quicker and heavier and he grabbed my hair with both hands and started humping my mouth with longer strokes. I knew he was about to cum and it occurred to me that he would probably do so in my mouth. I hadn't thought about it before and my heart suddenly dropped with fear and anticipation.

Then he said those dreaded words, "I'm gonna cum."

To my relief he pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked himself off the rest of the way. His semen blasted on my chin at first. Then he aimed it at my neck where the rest landed.

Paul was standing behind Derrick and didn't hesitate to step forward when his older brother was done. Unfortunately for me Paul's member was a lot larger then Derrick's, and it wasn't even hard yet. He roughly jammed it into my mouth and said, "Suck it whore."

It was hard to accommodate Paul's overwhelmingly large genitalia once it began to grow. Once in a while he would pull it out to gently slap it against my cheek. When it got fully erect I found it would hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

I noticed paul was much more verbal than his brother. "You want me to bust on yer face, don't you boy? Yeah, you suck that cock real good. Good boy! Suck it till I squirt that baby batter on yer face, ya slut."

Paul had me suck his balls for a while before finishing up. Paul had also lasted a lot longer than Derrick. Derrick came after 2 minutes while Paul was still going after 10 minutes. Then he let me know he was about to jizz and told me to tilt my head backwards so he could cum on my face. He pumped out his load onto my lips, cheeks and forehead while grunting loudly.

Now it was Jimbo's turn and I knew what that meant. He pulled down his underwear to reveal a cock slightly larger than Derricks, but unlike Derrick and his brother, he didn't shove his cock in my mouth. Instead he turned around to reveal his flabby white ass. It was disturbing to say the least. Covered with a thick layer of cellulite, his weirdly shaped ass was right in my face, making it impossible to see anything else. Each individual ass cheek of his was bigger than my whole head. Then he bent over. I immediately saw all of the pimples that covered his butt cheeks. There was a forrest of hair running down his crack and around his anus, and at least seven visible dingleberries hanging in small clumps.

"Come here lil Timmy," he said in low voice. "Make sure you clean it out good. I ain't wiped in a few days, so you should get a lil left over fudge."

He was so vulgar, he wanted to humiliate me. I stuck my tongue out and moved slowly forward. It wasn't fast enough for Jimbo, because he grabbed my head and pulled it deep into his ass crack. My tongue made first contact with his rosebud giving me a bitter taste throughout my mouth. Derrick and Paul were laughing and saying "ewwww." I tried to pull away from the terrible taste but Jimbo kept tugging me back in.

"Don't you try an pull away from me, you fuckin skank. I'll slap the shit out of you if you keep aggravatin' me."

I didn't want Jimbo to slap me so I did what he told me to do. I licked his anus deep, trying to pry the tip of my tongue into the opening. My cousin had the dirtiest butthole I'd ever seen, and I was salivating all over it. I was cleaning the dried feces out of his thick hair, causing me to gag and almost throw up

Paul was encouraging me as well saying, "Lick his poop-chute good you worthless slut! You like that ass in yer mouth dont cha?"

Then Jimbo instucted me. "Pucker up them lips and give daddy a big wet kiss right on the pooper."

I did as he said and made a loud squeaky kissing sound while I kissed my cousins brown corn-hole. But I was treated with a cruel surprise as Jimbo let out a loud smelly fart right into my receiving mouth.

I screamed, on the verge of tears, "Damn it Jimbo,you're such an asshole!"

Derrick and Paul were screaming with laughter.

"Shut the fuck up," said Jimbo. "Yer lucky I only farted and didn't leave you a present. Besides we all know you enjoyed that as much as I did."

After that Jimbo said I was done licking his ass. He had me suck his dick after that. He was much crueler than Paul was. Although his erection wasn't as long as Paul's he managed to gag me a whole lot more. And he called me so many names, he slapped me hard on the face if I didn't suck him the way he liked. He spit on my face and when he was close to cumming he pulled my hair back and told me to open my mouth.

He came much more than my other cousins, and this time it was in my mouth. I felt so degraded eating my cousins cum. He told me if I didn't swallow every drop he would slap me again, so I did. I even had to lick some up off the floor that had spilled out of my mouth.

The rest of the night went on just like this. My hillbilly cousins took turns fucking my mouth until they ejaculated. It really wasn't my mouth anymore I thought to myself. It really belonged to my cousins, at least for the night. The tournament had started at 6:00 pm, and I wasn't allowed to stop until midnight according to the deal. After a while they just sat down on the couch and watched TV. I wasn't allowed to sit and watch with them. I had to focus on giving them sloppy blowjobs while they enjoyed themselves. They insisted that I swallow their semen, so it would not spill on the floor anymore. By the end of the night I had collectively swallowed 17 loads (I kept a tally with a marker on my arm), and still managed to have quite a bit of jizz on my shirt and in my hair. My knees were sore from being on the hard wood floor for hours. I fell asleep with Jimbo on the couch. I was sucking him off when I realized he was snoring. Derrick and Paul had already gone to bed, so I decided to go to sleep as well. I fell asleep right there with my head resting in Jimbo's lap.

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