tagIncest/TabooFamily Business Ch. 01

Family Business Ch. 01


Freshman year had been tough to pay for. Coming from a family without much money, and no scholarships offered. Michelle thought the idea was strange, when her older brother Richard suggested that she start modeling. Michelle was an insecure but beautiful woman. Tall, slender, the perfect runway model figure.

Seeing no other way, she agreed. Richard's gift with the camera, eye for fashion, and business sense. He had a quiet confidence that she admired. She also appreciated his belief in her abilities. What started as a few pictures had grown to a website with a good base of subscribers. With each month, Michelle's confidence grew, as did their shared bank account.

Not only had college been paid for, but her and Richard had been able to put down a sizable down payment on a 3 bedroom house. Each had their own bedroom, the spare room was used as a studio. She had always seen her brother as her best friend, living together was fun.

Arriving home from another day of classes, Richard was in the studio setting up for their weekly shoot. The room had been set up in a romantic bedroom sequence. This only happened when a personalized shoot request had been sent in. Richard looked handsome in his polo shirt and khaki pants. He was tall and slender like she was and often her mind drifted to what he would be like as a boyfriend. It seemed these thoughts crossed her mind daily.

"What's the shoot today?" Michelle made her presence known.

"What?" Richard spun around. "Oh Crap, you scared me."

Seeing his sister in her tight jeans and halter top aroused him. What was happening, each day the sight of his little sister brought new emotions to him. Maybe it was living under the same roof, maybe it was the loneliness.

"Sorry" Michelle sounded remorseful with a slight grin.

"Yeah, I'm sure. We have a subscriber that wants a bedroom shoot in a white teddy, thigh highs, and heels. He sent the outfit and is paying 750 dollars" Richard explained, unsure of her reaction.

It didn't take a business expert to know that this would make their house payment and most of their bills for the month. Michelle looked like she was in deep thought, the answer was a given.

"Sounds like fun. You don't mind seeing your sis in lingerie do you?"

"Come on, I'm a professional, and you are my sister. The outfit is on your bed. Surprise me with your hair and make up."

Michelle nodded and made her way to her bedroom. The outfit was laid neatly on her bed. Not much fabric, the client must have paid a lot for the items. Undressing, Michelle stood in front of her full length mirror, inspecting her now naked body for any imperfections.

The thought of dressing sexy for pictures taken by her brother made her pussy damp. grabbing a towel from the floor, she dried herself, she couldn't do a shoot with wet spots in the crotch. But just the thought was driving her wild. Sliding into the teddy, she loved how it looked and felt on her smooth skin. rolling on the thigh highs and slipping into the heels, she felt sexier and more feminine than ever.

After putting on light make up and pulling her hair into a ponytail, Michelle inspected again. Her older brother was in for a big surprise. Walking down the hall, she took a deep breath as she neared the studio.

Richard heard the footsteps and turned as Michelle entered. Seeing his sister dressed in the teddy made the room temperature rise big time. It also made something else rise big time. She was the epitome of sex appeal. The thought of what she would look like under the teddy made him ready to explode.

"You look amazing, we will have a very happy client when we are finished."

"Thank you, so, what's the plan?"

"Well, can start with posing by the bed, and gradually work onto it. We can put on some romantic music to make it easier for you." Richard explained.

"Okay, sounds good. Let's get this party started." Michelle announced and walked to the bed. She could feel her brothers eyes undressing her. She had never felt this desired. At the same time, she had never felt such a forbidden carnal desire. Her body ached more with each step.

Finding composure behind the camera was the hardest thing for Richard. The soft music in the background, the way his sister looked and moved. It took all his strength to keep from charging the bed and making passionate love to her. Somehow he managed to take pictures.

Michelle climbed onto the bed onto all fours, a couple of pictures and she rotated to face him, looking down at the curve of her small breasts made Richard harder. He thought he was standing to conceal his now raging hard on, but Michelle could see the bulge plainly.

Reaching up, Michelle pulled out the pony tail holder and let her long blond hair fall over her shoulders. Moving again, she was now laying on her back, propped on the pillows. Each click of the camera made her hornier, something else was taking over. She moved her hand up her thigh and rested it on her crotch. Her other hand gently pulled the ribbon tie at her cleavage.

Richard watched as Michelle untied the teddy. He didn't realize he now wasn't taking any pictures. Just gazing at her perfect body through the camera. Suddenly, she lowered the teddy off of her tits, her nipples were erect. He watched her raise a hand and with one finger, signal for him to join her.

He was no longer looking at his sister, he was looking at a goddess of a woman. After hesitating for a moment, he knew he had to take the invitation. Walking up the side of the bed, Michelle's hand gripped his polo shirt tight and pulled herself up to her knees. Pulling it off of him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and planted a passionate french kiss on her big brother.

Richard felt weak in the knees, his hand cupped her bare tit and they fell onto the bed. Her hands caressed up and down his back quickly, Richard's hands pushed her teddy off. Michelle undid his belt and pants, using her feet to push his pants and underwear off. Laying on their side, naked bodies pressed together, Michelle dreped her leg over her forbidden lover.

Richard's cock stood at attention, between her legs, it rested on her wet pussy lips. Michelle loved the feeling, she rocked her hips, letting his cock glide along her pussy. The kiss was intense and magical, she dint want it to end. If this was the only chance for this to happen, she wanted it to be memorable.

"Oh Fuck Richard, I've wanted this for so fucking long."

"Me too Michelle, God you are gorgeous."

"Richard, fuck me before we both explode right here and now." Michelle begged.

"You sure you want your brothers cock fucking you?"

"You're not my brother anymore, you are my fucking desire. Now fuck the shit out of me."

Richard rolled Michelle to her back. She was anticipating his cock slamming into her. Instead, she felt his kiss move down her chest to her tits. Her body felt shock waves of pleasure as he sucked her nipples. His fingers rubbing her pussy lips.

Further down his kisses went, until she felt his tongue on her pussy. A loud moan of pleasure escaped her lips as he flicked his tongue over her womanhood. Reaching down, she ran her fingers through his hair. She writhed with the sensations she felt. Her orgasm built to the point of explosion. Pulling her legs to her chest, she couldn't hold out any longer.

"Oh God Richard, oh fuck, you eat me so good. Oh I'm gonna cum" She cried out.

"Your pussy tastes so good, cum for me baby." Richard moaned as he looked up at her, his fingers now sliding into her.

Michelle straightened her legs, gripped the sheets and cried out as the orgasm overtook her. Making her shake uncontrollably. How could something so forbidden feel so amazing. She felt Richard slide back up her body, opening her eyes to look into his. On his kiss she could taste her own juices, she loved her taste.

Michelle Felt the large head of Richard's cock teasing her hole. She couldn't believe what was about to happen. Feeling more pressure, she bit her lip as Richard slid into her with a little ease. She was tight from not having sex in too long.

Richard looked down at his little sister as he slid in slowly. Still glowing from the orgasm he had given her. Her eyes clenched shut and she moaned as she adjusted to his massive size. Richard would pause to let her get used to him before he pushed further.

Finally all the way in, Richard's body tingled with ecstasy as he rode his sister slowly at first, then to a steady pace. Pulling out to just the head in her, he slammed back in, Michelle's loud moan was approval.

"Oh Michelle, you feel so fucking good."

"Richard, you fit perfect, we were made for each other. Fuck me till we cum."

His sisters words ignited a fire, Richard kissed Michelle's tits as he slammed into her, grunting happily with each thrust. She bucked her hips, meeting his thrust with her own. Faster he pounded, feeling a pair of soft legs wrap around him. His cock tingled with anticipation of the orgasm to come.

He could feel it getting closer, her legs wrapped around him wouldn't allow him to pull out. Her loud moans followed by shaking and silence meant she had cum again. The feel of her tightening around him pushed him over the edge. With a final thrust, he unloaded his cum into his little sister.

Collapsing onto her, Richard and Michelle kissed more intensely than before. His cock twitched with the last of his cum shooting into Michelle's womb. Breaking the kiss They looked into each others eyes. Reality set in.

"Did we do something wrong?" Richard asked.

"We both came, so I think we did it right." The response made Richard laugh.

"You were okay with this?"

"Oh hell yes I am okay with it. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Are you okay with it?" Michelle replied

"Definitely." Pulling out of Michelle, Richard rolled to his back, he felt Michelle lay her head on his chest.

The pictures, the passion of the sex, neither of them could say anything else. With a final kiss, Richard wrapped his arms around his new lover and closed his eyes. Michelle looked at her now sleeping brother, sighed happily and fell asleep as well.

What would the morning light bring?

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