tagIncest/TabooFamily Camping Nightmare

Family Camping Nightmare


This is my very first story - I am a new writer so please be gentle! Good feedback and/or chats are always welcomed!x


Libby, like any teenager, had her pet likes and dislikes but it seemed to her that all her dislikes were coming in time just before her 20th birthday. Living in a city, the idea of camping sounded like a bad dream that will only be made worse that the fact that it will be a holiday with her immediate and extended family. Whinging cousins, nagging aunts and her own distant parents combined with living in a tent made Libby feel like this was going to be a nightmare.

If only Libby knew how the next week would unfold.

The main reason for this unprecedented extended family holiday was the fact her father, Justin, had finally retired early from his job working on an oil rig, a job that has made him a stranger for the last 10 years to his wife, Amy, and Libby. Being away from her friends for a fortnight with her stranger of a father and insane aunts & uncles....the only silver lining was the fact her BF, Malcom was coming along as well.

Things pretty much went wrong as soon as the British Airways flight took off from Heathrow for the red eye flight to the states. Sitting on the window seat with Malcom beside her, her father was sat on the aisle watching movies he had missed out on in the past 10 years. The rest of the clan, mother, cousins, aunts and uncles were scattered in the rows in front of Libby.

About two hours after lights were dimmed Libby daydreamed whilst watching yet another dull Hollywood flop. During one of the night scenes the poor airline screen gave her the opportunity to see a reflection of herself, something that gave her pause to smile. At 19 Libby had the benefit of youth and an addiction of sports that made her petite 5'2" frame tight and toned. Add this to long brunette flowing hair, wide brown eyes and kissable lips, Libby knew that she could turn heads if she wanted to.

The self-satisfied smile soon slipped when she noticed her dutiful boyfriend had once again passed out from the plentiful flow of free alcohol. Shifting her attention back to the movie, the only highlight was an anonymous hunk was topless igniting certain desires that were rather inconvenient in such a cramp and public place. Looking at the toned body on the screen Libby shifted in her seat under her blanket and slipped her right hand slowly up her skirt to between her legs. Rubbing slowly through her knickers she felt her heat growing and moisture spreading. With a quick glance around the sleeping cabin, the danger of being discover did little to stop her and instead excited her hormone driven body more.

Struggling to control her quickening breath she hooked her thumb on the elastic of her knickers to draw them down and slide two fingers inside herself. That small motion triggered a bolt of pleasure through her body as she struggled to stifle a groan. Feeling her body getting closer to the climax she opened her eyes, gasping for air as she felt her knickers slowly getting soaked with her juices. Despite her excitement, she still felt someone watching her– looking beyond her sleeping boyfriend she saw the steely gaze of her father who had no doubt from her movements just what was happening under her blanket.

Her mind screamed of embarrassment and shouted for her to stop but being so close to climax her body was betraying her. With both of them unable to look away, their wordless look held as Libby plunged her fingers deeper. Looking at him Libby eyes widened, mouth gasping for air as her body exploded with the most intense orgasm of her young life. Embarrassment soon replaced excitement and Libby sunk into her seat to try and stop her body from shaking. A quick glance over and it seemed that he was just as embarrassed and was focusing more intently than needed on the movie that, only minutes ago, had no interest.

It was going to be a long week.

Seeming determined to ignore what had transpired on the plane, the majority of the holiday went as expected – as torturous as possible. For a 19 year old, a lack of internet, Gossip Girl and friends to chat to this was the modern version of social starvation, a bit like country music – cruel and unjust. The only upside was that the campsite had a lake and a waterfall that, if you could block out the noise of the traffic, you could imagine you were on a magical oasis. It was the only refuge for Libby and the cousins when the older generation were nattering away.

It was during one evening, one of those nattering sessions, where Libby found herself diving into the ice cold waters, daydreaming about going home. Clambering out after a long swim she heard a voice and just her bad luck it was her father talking on his mobile, oblivious of Libby taking an evening swim. Thoughts ran through Libby's mind, she had been avoiding him all week, should she just run off? Act normal? Oh god. Before she could come up with a coherent decision, like on the plane, their eyes just met. However unlike on the plane his eyes drifted onto her bikini clad body, glistening with cold water.

Libby froze, seeing him look at her, but what she wasn't prepared for was his reaction. Standing about 10 feet away from her she could she that his shorts could not hide a growing hard on. She gasped, still unable to move as he got off the mobile phone and tried to say something to her.

"Er...Libby...I didn't know you were here" as he tried to angle himself to at least partially hide his tent in his shorts. Being a typical teenager combined with this surreal situation Libby acted stereotypically rashly.

"Hi dad...sorry, I have to go" and promptly run off back to the campsite with the only vision of his hard on stimulating her overly excited and sex starved mind. "oh god what the hell am I thinking, this is insane" she muttered to herself as she made excuses to her family and snuck back into her tent. Thank god there was only 3 more days to go...

Penultimate day.

It was second to last evening and for the first time the last people round the fireplace were Libby and her father. "Typical" Libby thought as she started making an excuse to go to her tent and end yet another tense day.

"Libby, I think we should talk shouldn't we?" Justin, her father broke the silence in a low tone so they couldn't be overheard. Libby shakes her head but knows that they have to clear the air but talking so close to the tents was so dangerous.

"Yes dad, we have to but not here." She glaced look around, "let's go sit by the café, it is close now so no one will be around"

They trudged over there, in such an awkward silence. They try and talk about normal everyday things but small talk was never a particular family trait. Sitting down and comically both trying to start talking at once before stopping and breaking into laughter, a well needed ice breaker.

"Libby, I know I have been gone for a long time and I feel like a stranger" he started, Libby tears up a bit and just nod "what happened on the plane and also by the lake, god I am so sorry"

"I know, it was just, unfortunate timing I guess" She is a bit emotional but so happy to clear the air "I just want us to be a normal family again"

Both smiling and nodding, it is a lot to process but basically they agree that they should move on and forget about what happened. To do anything else would be insane and morally wrong. With the tension eased they talk about her going to University and more normal things – their first real conversation in 10 years. The conversation goes so well that they only notice the upcoming storm when the thunder strikes and rain starts pouring down.

Realising they have a decent walk back to the tents they start to run back as the heavens opened, by the time they got back they both looked like drowned rats. Libby turned round to wish him goodnight, still elated that the air had cleared until she saw his face. Elation turned to trepidation when she saw him staring and her soaked clothes...a white blouse and light blue mini skirt, now extremely transparent. Just like at the lake his hard on grew in his shorts but unlike the lake Libby was standing right next to him.

Libby felt her chest heave as she tried and failed to stop her breath of quickening, fire kindled between her legs and looking at his flushed look she knew that he was experiencing the same. Libby's nipples were hard from the cold and the excitement, standing outside the tent in a packed campsite with her father erect in front of her. He had a flash of conscience and forced his eyes away from her body, a hard effort.

"Libby, we talked about this. We should just call it a night" Just as he turned to move away Libby stepped in and touched his face, turning him back to face her. In a rush of madness she stepped in, rose to her tip toes and kissed him, pressing her soaking body against him. His unconscious reaction to her soft lips was to kiss back and in doing so pushed his hard cock into her stomach. The pleasure of the kiss and feeling of his hard on made Libby moan whilst she was French kissing her own father.

Their brains caught up with them and slowly leaned out of the kiss without stepping away. Libby's face was flushed in excitement and whilst she had one hand around his neck her other was now rubbing his hard on over his shorts. His hands were on her perfectly toned ass groping and touching that was sending pleasure through her body. Libby kissed him again before he told her to stop.

"Libby this is insane" but unable, or unwilling to stop her from slipping her hand into her shorts. The feeling of her wet hand on his cock was mindblowing. Her next words were surreal as she looked at him

"I know this is so wrong but no one needs to know" Unable to control himself he leaned in the French kiss her eager lips again "and daddy, I didn't know it before but I want this".

Looking at the rain storm and knowing that they can't slipped into the shared tents Justin was torn by his carnal desires and need to do what was right. Having Libby slowly rubbing hard was distracting as it was amazing.

"Libby we have to go somewhere, we can't stand outside like this" Even though it was night it was a danger of someone, especially their family, walking around to see this incestuous scene. However Libby was beyond such logical though process and each kiss drove her desire. Without replying to him she sunk to her knees, mud squelching as she did so and drew out his rock hard cock and whilst locking her gaze to his wrap her lips around the head of his cock.

Stifling a moan Justin watched his gorgeous daughter slowly take each bit of his cock into her delicate mouth whilst her eyes watched him in obvious pleasure. Cupping his balls and sucking ever faster she licked and sucked with passion that was also trigger by her using here other hand that was now inside her own knickers. Fingering herself in the same rhythm of her sucking she could feel him building up to his climax, and watching him she could see his dilemma about cumming into his daughter's hungry mouth.

Leaning back she slid her mouth momentarily off his hard on and whispered to him "cum in my mouth daddy, I want all of it". That dirty small sentence drove all sense and reason from Justin's mind, watching his daughter's rain soaked body, her excited eager eyes and feeling her tongue sliding everywhere. Reaching down to pull Libby's head onto him he could hold it no longer and the moment of explosion coincided with Libby's quivering body releasing her own muffled orgasm.

A moment passed and, as if the weather had also want to see the after affects, the rain and paused. Feel Libby's mouth slowly sliding off his cock Justin looked down. Strands of his cum and precum laced Libby's mouth as she used her fingers to mop up cum that had dribbled out and sucked her fingers dry. She stood up, legs shaking, both of them unsure of everything except for how mindblowing the last few minutes were.

Thankfully with the stopping of the rain in the middle of the night the silence acted as an early warning alarm. The heart stopping sound of a tent unzipping caused wide eye panic. Looking into the darkness of one of the far off tents one of Libby's uncles had stirred to presumably have a toilet break whilst the rain had subsided. Those vital seconds of pre-warning had Justin in a panic, looking at an equally panicked Libby they knew the night had been cut short. Justin was about to say goodbye before Libby rushed in for a deep kiss and, just as fast rushed away back to her tent.

Laying in her tent with her snoring boyfriend beside her, Libby's mind was running. Sleep wasn't going to be coming easily. What has happened? What have they started? In her mind her conscience was screaming at the morality of the situation. However as she slowly slipped her hand down, thinking about what chain of events this may have started, her body reacted in a far more pleasurable way. Closing her eyes she felt her fingers slide inside her already wet pussy. Her lips parted in a wordless moan of pleasure. What have they started?

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