tagIncest/TabooFamily Cuckold Ch. 06

Family Cuckold Ch. 06




This is part six of a continuing story about me (Robin), my wife Mary, and our daughter Gina. It is based largely on many real life experiences I have had the pleasure of experiencing, stitched together with snippets of fiction and fantasy.

If you don't like stories with themes of cuckoldry, femdom, incest, humiliation and S&M, please stop now. Otherwise, please let me know how you like it. There is more to come, and I'd appreciate your feedback

I know, it's been a long long time since the last chapter; all I can say is sorry!

To remind everyone what has happened so far:

Chapter 1: Mary (my wife) decides that our daughter Gina is old enough, and mature enough, to know about our lifestyle, my submissiveness and my craving for sexual humiliation. She orders me to strip in front of Gina and show her what I wear under my normal clothes: panties. Gina is shocked, but not grossed out. Mary orders me to masturbate in front of both her and Gina, but will not allow me to cum; she wants Gina to understand the power of dominating and denying a male, especially me; Mary wants Gina to know that she is welcome to dominate and abuse me as well.

Chapter 2: Gina learns more about me as the three of us talk, and Mary mentions some of the things she does to humiliate me. Gina shows her imagination by suggesting to Mary that if I am going to wear panties like a sissy girl, I should shave like one. Mary loves the idea and takes it one step further, she persaudes Gina to do it to me, to shave my cock and balls. As Gina does it to me, I'm unable to prevent myself from getting hard. Mary uses this as an opportunity to introduce Gina to the pleasure of inflicting pain on me.

Chapter 3: Mary and Gina take me shopping. Gina makes me try and buy nail polish, right in the store, and then takes me to the lingerie department where we buy panties, bra, garter belt with Gina making sure that the salesgirl knows they are for me. After shopping we go to lunch and talk about how wonderful the morning was; exciting for them and deliciously embarrassing for me. Our waitress, Tammy, overhears us talking and Gina invites her to sit with us. Before the lunch is over, Mary and Gina have invited Tammy to join us at our home that evening. Mary tells Gina about "cuckolding" and how I serve not only her, but her lovers.

Chapter 4: On the way home after shopping, Gina teases me by stroking my exposed cock as I drive. Once we are home, Mary and Gina have me serve them wine while I put on a fashion show and model the lingerie they made me buy. Afterwards, Gina wants to see me stroke my cock. As I'm doing it, she is clearly turned on and Mary persuades her to undo her blouse and take of her panties, exposing herself to me to torment me even more. Despite my best efforts, I'm unable to control myself and cum, explosively, squirting over the both of them. Mary orders me to lick it all up, which drives Gina even more crazy, realizing that I really am a cock-sucking sissy; this makes Gina orgasm as I'm licking my own cum off her legs. Mary tells me that I must be punished for cumming without permission, and that Gina must do it to me.

Chapter 5: Just as Gina is about to punish me, the door bell rings. I am ordered to go and answer it, still wearing bra, panties, stockings. Fortunately, it's Tammy (our waitress from lunch). She laughs at me as she comes in, and then joins Gina and Mary in the living room. Gina, now with a supportive audience, gets down to punishing me. She's been browsing the web and has come up with a very painful experience for me, and very arousing for her - she's definitely decided that she is a confirmed sadist and mistress.


"Now, Daddy, I think you should take us out to dinner and some dancing. I want to celebrate tonight, if that's ok with you, Mom? I want to celebrate becoming a dominatrix and I want to flirt and dance in front of my sissy daddy!"

"It's a wonderful idea, darling, of course we can!" Mary was still fingering herself, still had Tammy's hand over hers, letting her feel her. "Tammy, will you come with us, please? I think we're going to have a lot of fun tonight!" She leaned forward and kissed Tammy. Gina and I watched as Tammy's lips parted and Mary's toungue pushed into it. It was so sensual.

Gina's eye's moved from them to me. She smiled, with love. As I watched, she let her legs fall open and dropped her hand into her lap. Still smiling, eyes glinting, she slowly pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. My own daughter was slowly fucking herself while I watched, was openly doing it in front of me.

"I love you, Daddy, I really do. Tonight, I'm going to watch you suck a cock. I want to see you do it!"

After I served the girls one more glass of wine and waited on them as they relaxed, we all got up, changed, and prepared to go out to a club which Tammy had recommended.

Gina wore a thin, spaghetti-strapped yellow top, no bra, and a black skirt which was tight around her ass, but which then flared out before ending a few inches above her knees. Tammy had not brought a change of clothes with her, but with help from Mary and Gina's wardrobe was soon dressed in a small black cocktail dress, while Mary was in a mini-skirt and pink cashmere sweater. Her bare nipples were erect under the thin, soft wool.

While Gina and I watched, Tammy caressed Mary's breasts and nipples lightly with her finger tips, making them protrude even more. "They're beautiful, Mary," Tammy whispered, "just so beautiful!"

"And now it's your turn, Daddy-slut," Gina announced, "What do you think, Tammy, what shall we make him wear? What can we get away with where we're going?"

"Well, gee, I've never like done this before, so I'm not sure. Let's not be too obvious, you know, we don't want to be kicked out or anything. You can always make him, like, show someone what he has on underneath, like you did at the restaurant. That was a kick!"

"Yeah, it was!" Gina giggled. "Ok, Daddy. I want you to wear stockings, panties, and the thinnest, silkiest slacks and shirt you own. No Socks!"

"Yes, Mistress Gina, I think I have some you will approve of."

"God, though, I wish we had a cami, or something, we could make you wear under your shirt. Something which wouldn't be obvious, but that could easily be seen if we wanted it to be!"

"Well," Mary had been listening, and joined the conversation. "I might be able to help with that; I do have a couple of old cami's which might work."

She walked over to the dresser in our bedroom and started rummaging around in her lingerie drawers. After a few seconds she pulled out a white nylon cami which had lace trim around the bodice. "I haven't worn this for years," she said, "and I never thought of making our sissy wear it, but it might work. The cups might be a little large, of course," she smiled, "but under a shirt it shouldn't be too bad. Let's try it on and see how it looks."

I took it from Mary and held it up. Apart from the cups, it looked impossibly small, even for my fairly slim build. "Err, I, err, I don't think this will fit, Mistress."

"Shut up and put it on, cock-sucker, how will we know until we see it!" Mary glared at me, and both Tammy and Gina smiled at her power.

I slipped it over my head and slowly pulled it down over my shoulders. It was tight, but it didn't split or tear as I got it down over my chest and stomach. It was high on my chest, the cups were kind of baggy, of course, but I was more worried about the lace trim. How would I be able to keep it hidden?

"Oh, yeah, fuck, that's great, Mom. It's tight, but I don't care. Let's make him wear it, please! What do you think, Tammy?"

Tammy looked me up and down; Dark thigh-high stockings, pink lacy boy-shorts, stretched in front from my balls and semi-hard cock, white, lace-trimmed cami. She giggled and looked at both Gina and Mary. "I hope you don't mind me saying this," she said, "but what a fucking sissy slut he is, look at him. I can't believe I'm part of this, seeing this, but I am so glad you invited me, trusted me. It's just freakin awesome! Thank-you, both of you!"

Mary and Gina both laughed at Tammy's words. "You're welcome, my dear," Mary smiled, "and, seeing as we deliberately invited you to join us, and seeing as you are a female, feel free to say whatever you want. He thrives on being humiliated, and the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned, right, Gina?"

Gina smiled back, "Oh yeah, for sure. We let you - actually we wanted you - to see him. We wanted to embarrass our slut in front of you, so of course you can join in and degrade him with us!"

I put my shirt and slacks on, covering up all the lingerie the three of them had insisted I wear. Looking in the mirror, it was obvious that anything more than a casual glance would be enough to notice the outlines of the cami under my shirt. It was going to be a difficult evening!

We walked out to the car and I opened the doors for my three mistresses. Mary and Tammy got into the back and held hands. Gina, as before, sat in the front next to me. As I pulled out onto the street, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Mary and Tammy in a soft but definitely passionate kiss.

Gina leaned over, slightly, and put her hand in my lap, gently squeezing my balls.

"Daddy, I want to ask you some questions, and I want you to answer me honestly, ok, not like a slave, but honestly?"

"Ok," I glanced at her, "I can do that, darling."

"Good. I want to talk about hurting you. It made me so fucking hot to do you with the nettles, to know I was doing that to you, my father, and that you wanted it. But, I'm worried, was it too much? Tell me honestly?"

I looked in the mirror again. Tammy and Mary were snuggling together, but listening quietly.

"No, darling, it wasn't too much. I told you before, once my switch has been flipped, pretty much nothing is too much. You, umm, saw that I was hard after you did it. It was not just the pain, which I have to say was pretty intense, but also the fact that you, my daughter, was the one doing it, and that your Mom and Tammy were watching. So, no, it was not too much. Thank you for doing it."

Gina squeezed my balls a little harder. It wasn't painful, but it was definitely a squeeze, not a caress.

"Good. I was hoping you felt the same way. I'm beginning to understand what Mom said at the beginning, about it being important that love is included. I love you Daddy, and the fact that you're my Dad, and that we love each other, that's what makes this so incredibly hot. Don't get me wrong, Daddy, even though I've only hurt you twice, I already know that I have some, you know, sadism in me. It really gets me off to do it. But the fact that it's you, that just flips MY switch!" she giggled at the use of the phrase I'd used to describe my own feelings.

"I want to do more of it Daddy. I know you will let me because you're now my slave as well as Mom's. But, will you enjoy it Daddy, if I do it more, hurt you more, degrade you more, try some things?"

Again, I took my eyes off the road for a second and looked at my daughter. She was looking directly into my eyes, and I could see she was serious. Her eyes were wide, pupils slightly dilated, lips slightly parted.

"Gina. I'd love that. It's really important to me, to your Mom, that what we do excites us. And I think you are discovering that same excitement, that same pleasure that we get from doing things which a lot of others would consider disgusting or extreme, you know? I know you've been scanning the web, reading about this stuff. I would love to be the person you experiment with. Let's do this. Seeing as I know you are a little scared of going too far, we'll use a safe word, which you have probably read about. It means that I can scream or shout or swear or say 'no more' or whatever, but you can ignore that completely unless you hear me say 'Red Light'. If you hear me say that, it means stop, it's too much. Unless I say that, you can do anything you want. Ok?"

"Perfect, Daddy." This time, she squeezed my balls harder, making me wince. I knew she needed some reassurance, so I lifted my ass slightly off my seat, inviting her to do it more. She did, and then released me and turned to look back at Tammy and Mary. "Mom, is it ok with you? I, you know, I don't want to do something to make you mad!"

Mary, who had been listening, smiled at Gina. "Baby, I love you. I've said it before, but I really mean it. I am so proud, and so happy that you are enjoying this, and I'm even more proud that you have the maturity to understand the importance of love in what we are doing. And, because you understand that, I want you to know this clearly; you can do or try anything you want. You don't need to ask me, you don't need my permission, or anything. We love your Dad, and I know you respect him as your father, but inside this part of our relationship, he is our slut, he is here for our pleasure, and it really doesn't matter what our pleasure is. Watching you today was incredible, you saw how hot it made me, and I can't wait to watch you do more. But I want you to understand; even if I am not around, you can do anything, and make him do anything you want. I just want you both to promise to tell me about the things you do later, so that I can enjoy them too. Ok?"

"Fuck yes, Mom, I'll tell you. Thank you!"

I glanced back towards Mary and Tammy. Mary was leaning back, skirt hiked up and legs spread wide, while Tammy was stroking her through her panties.

Gina, seeing me look, also turned back around to face them. "Oh my god, Mom, I didn't know you liked girls that much!"

"Well, my love, you'll be learning more and more about me in the future, but yes, I like girls. And, when it's someone as sexy as Tammy or you, then I really like girls!" Gina turned back to face the front, flushed in the face. I wasn't sure if she was embarrassed at Mary's reference to her, and the implications, or if she was just turned on.

"So, darling, tell us some of the things you've read about or thought of, that you want to try? I can't wait to hear what you'd like to play around with" Mary asked.

"Well, I know I'm enjoying him in panties and stuff, and I know I've enjoyed humiliating him about it with other people. I love that I can just, like, tell him to do something and he will, that's incredibly hot," she replied, "especially when it's something really different, like licking my feet or my ass - I loved that, and I'm gonna do a lot more of that."

She paused and reached for my lap again, stroking and squeezing.

"When I read some stuff about sadism, it sounded really cool, and I thought I'd enjoy it. But when I used the nettles on him earlier, it really got me off. I really wanna try some more things. I dunno if you'll enjoy them as much as me, Daddy," she giggled, "but I am going to do more with pain. Like now, squeezing your balls, hurting them, but when you're not driving I want to do it a lot harder. I also read about men, and women, who get into kicking them, and things, they called it ballbusting. I'm hot just thinking about it. I hope you can take it, Daddy."

I looked at her and tried to smile. The truth was, I did want those things, but at the same time, was scared of them. "I don't know if I can, Mistress Gina, but I promise you that I want you to try. I want to see you enjoying doing it, so I hope I will be able to take it from you."

She smiled back; one of those kind of cruel, superior smiles that only a teenage girl can have.

"But I also want to do more, like, degrading stuff Daddy. I really get off on being able to force you to do things. Like tonight. I dunno if we can find someone, I hope we can, but I really want to make you suck a cock and swallow cum while I watch you. I just can't believe I can tell you to do something like that, and that you will obey me, it's so hot. And, you know what, the reason I made you, you know, play with your ass today, is because I read about, umm, strap-on things. I, umm, I want to do your ass, Daddy. I want to make you a real slut."

Mary laughed in the back seat. "Baby, you can do that anytime you want. I have one of those strap-on dildo's at home, I use it on him myself, sometimes, and I'd love to watch you doing it!"

Tammy, who had been very quiet, just sitting and caressing and occasionally kissing Mary, suddenly burst out laughing. "Oh my God! Do you really? You fuck his ass? Oh Jeez!"

Gina also turned around in surprise. "Really, Mom? You have one? Can I use it? Please?"

"Of course you can, darling, any time you want!"

"Did you hear that, panty-daddy? I'm going to do you in the ass. You are going to be a real slut, my slut!"

"Yes, Miss Gina. Thank-you. To be honest, I'd never dared to dream about you doing any of this kind of stuff, and I was terrified when your Mom told me she was going to tell you all about it. I really was. But, know that you know, and now that I know you like it, I can't believe how lucky I am!"

By now, we were getting close to the bar Tammy wanted us to go to, so she started giving directions. A few minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot and I held the doors while the girls got out of the car.

As we entered the club, we were met by very low lighting, lots of tables and cubicles, music, and a small dance floor. There must have been about fifty or more people in there. A lot of couples, but also what appeared to be several singles, mostly men, and some women. We found a cubicle and sat down. Mary immediately sat next to Tammy, leaving me and Gina next to each other, with me on the inside.

A waitress appeared pretty quickly, and we ordered wine for the girls and a bourbon for me, I was pretty sure I was going to need it. The waitress was friendly, but after looking at me as she took our order, looked slightly puzzled. Fortunately, that and the dim lighting distracted her from Gina and she never thought to ask about age or ID.

As we were waiting for the drinks to come, Tammy looked at me and giggled. "You really are weird, Robin. I like it, you know, but I can't believe some of the things I've seen and heard today. I know they are true, because I've been part of it, you know, but like if I read it I wouldn't believe it." She was smiling happily, and I could tell from Mary's movements that she was caressing Tammy under the table. They looked at each other and gave each other a kiss.

"I'm glad we met you, Tammy, and even more glad that Gina decided to let you in on our secrets. I hope you'll visit us, and spend time with us, a lot. If you want to, of course?"

"Oh, I do, Mary, and I will!"

The drinks came, and we all sat and took a few (large) sips, each in our own way thinking of things to come. The music changed and a slightly slower song started.

"Daddy, come and dance with me."

"I'd like that, Miss Gina."

I got up from the table, and held her hand as we walked out onto the floor. It was only then that I realized the lighting here was brighter, and that there was a UV light somewhere. I was panicked that it would make my lingerie obvious. I took my daughter in my arms, and tried to guide her to a slightly darker corner.

At first she went along with me, her head on my shoulder, facing into my neck and ear. I felt her breath and then her lips as she kissed my neck.

"I love you, Daddy. You are a slut, you're my cock sucking slut, I want to do things, bad things, to you, but I love you."

I turned my face and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I know you do, Baby, and that's why I want you to do them, and why I want you to enjoy them."

She ran her hands up my back, and then down over my ass. "I can feel what you're wearing, slave, and I like it, and I'm going to make sure at least one new person finds out tonight."

Before I could react, she spun away from me, just holding on with one hand. Her skirt rose up, and you could almost see the bottom of her ass before it settled back down. I looked around, there were two other couples on the floor, and then I saw Tammy and Mary a little further away, dancing in each others arms. I knew that Mary liked other women on occasion, but I had never seen her so quickly seduced, and so blatant about what they were doing. She had her arms over Tammy's shoulders, and Tammy was using both hands to stroke her ass.

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