Family Farm Fun Ch. 5

byTawny T©

Kim sucked her clit harder, and tongued the underside of the swollen clit. God, she loved this. She loved the power to be able to give this woman release, and the power to tease her, keeping her just on the edge of a release. Damn, she just loved making love to a passionate woman, and Penny certainly was that.

She kept Penny on the verge of a climax for the next ten minutes. Bringing her to the edge, then backing off a little leaving her panting and moaning, begging for release. She loved the feel of the small nubbin in her lips the feel of the hot vaginal flesh around her fingers, the smell of an excited woman. God, she shivered and almost came just from the excitement of it. She had certainly discovered a new facet of her personality. 'Just wait, Trish, I'll make love to you like you never imagine, or thought possible.'

She fucked Penny's slick pussy harder finally bringing the beautiful woman to a climax. Penny's hips shot off the sofa and she began to scream her passion. Mae was holding her, and she looked down at Kim in amazement as Penny screamed and cried out, her lovely face distorted by passion.

Kim felt Penny's pussy contract around her fingers and suddenly a hot jet of wetness gushed around her fingers. In an instant she replaced her fingers with her mouth and her slick wet fingers became a blur as she strummed Penny's clit. She sucked and almost came as hot pussy juices shot out and over her tongue. Her pussy gave a twinge and her clit felt as if it would explode she was so hot. Another gush of juices shot out into her waiting mouth and over her eager tongue. They tasted salty, tart, sweet, and wonderful! She was drinking another woman's pussy juices and loving it! She sucked on the opening of Penny's pussy harder and her fingers flew over the turgid clit.

Mae was amazed to hear her friend scream and cry out so. She had certainly never been this excited when they had made love. She was just a touch jealous of her niece, but so proud that the lessons she had given your sweet niece had taken. How they had taken! This young lady was making her beautiful friend come like never before. She squeezed Penny's breast hard, then pulled her nipple, knowing pain made her still more frantic with passion.

Kim kept her mouth firmly attached to Penny's pussy, drinking gush after gush of her juices. She had absolutely no idea that a woman could gush this much fluid. Mae had mentioned it, but she, of course, had no prior experience with it. Penny's screams echoed through the house and Kim could imagine across the fields. She wondered if Ed would hear them wherever he was.

Penny's hips finally fell back. She was spent, exhausted. She feebly pushed Kim's hand away from her clit, but hugged Kim's head against her pussy, encouraging her to suck and lick her vaginal opening. Kim gentled her sucking and tongued of the wet hot opening into the lovely woman's body. She was able to bring forth a little more of the juices inside Penny's succulent orifice.

She loved the taste of a pussy; there was no mistaking that. Both women tasted just a little different too. The scent of the excited flesh made her almost faint it was so stimulating. She continued to gently suck and lick Penny till the woman came down to earth and her breathing became normal.

"My God, Kim, that was the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me." Penny finally managed to say her voice a little weak. "Mae is the best lover I've ever had, but Honey, you made me cum like I've never cum in my life. Come up here and let me kiss you, you sweet woman."

Kim moved up, a smile on her lovely face, which was still wet and gleaming with pussy juice. She slipped into Penny's arms and they kissed. Mae joined the two, and their three tongues probed and the two women licked the juices off Kim's lips and face. It felt so wonderful to feel the two women's soft bodies pressing against her. The warm flesh of soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against her body felt like no other she had ever felt. She felt she could stay there the rest of her life like this. But her pussy was on fire! She squirmed against Penny, gasped as Mae's hand touched her pussy and burrowed downward. Her Aunt knew she was still very hot.

"Penny, we must make love to this beautiful young niece of mine. She is such a wonderful lover, and needs for us to make love to her. Think we could do her that favor?" Mae asked looking over at Penny.

"Sweetheart, I was thinking the exact same thing. I've recovered now, how, I'll never know, but I want to make love to Kim right now. OK, Sweet young lady?' Penny asked, kissing Kim and then slipping her tongue into Kim's mouth. Kim nodded her head slightly and squeezed Penny's breast.

Penny got up and pulled Kim to her feet. She pulled her body close and the two melted together. Kim had to reach up to kiss her taller lover, but she didn't mind at all. She felt Mae's warm body press against her back and Mae's hands come around to slip between the two bodies to find her wet and excited pussy. She groaned into Penny's mouth it felt so good.

"Come little one, I want to make love to your sweet young body. I love a 69 and want my face buried in your sweet pussy while you eat me again. Mae, do you think you could find that strap on dildo in my purse and fuck both of us while we eat each other?"

Mae slipped away from the two embracing, and moved to Penny's purse and came out with a very realistic looking dildo. It had flesh colored straps. Kim turned her head and watched her Aunt strap it on. She had heard of them but never encountered one in real life. When Mae had it strapped tightly on, the flesh colored straps all but disappeared on her body. It looked as if Mae had suddenly grown a long fat cock. It was about seven inches long and an inch and three quarters in diameter. She wondered momentarily if she could take that in her small pussy. She went back to kissing Penny.

The two women kissed and caressed till both were excited to a fever pitch, Kim much more so than Penny, who had cum recently. Kim felt like her body was on fire. They pulled apart. At Mae's suggestion, they went to the bedroom and lay down on the large bed. Penny and Kim nestled together and then after their passion had elevated again, they turned and kissed, then moved downward with Kim above Penny. They stopped and kissed each other's breasts till their breasts were hard and firm, the nipples erect and jutting up. Slowly they moved downward, kissing and licking soft feminine flesh till they reached the ultimate goal.

Soft white thighs separated and heads moved gently downward to find liquid centers. Penny pulled Kim down so she lay full on top of her, enjoying the feel of the young girl's body atop her, the hot flesh pressing down against hers. She split Kim's pussy lips with her tongue and moaned, as she tasted the soft young flesh. It had been a very lime time since she had feasted on such a young women, years ago when she first discovered she liked girls. She and her cousin had made love at about Kim's age. She slipped her tongue deeper into the succulent wet flesh. She moaned as Kim's tongue slid along her pussy, back a little and the talented young girl's tongue circled her sensitive anus. The tongue probed a moment, and then returned to her pussy.

Kim tongued the delicious pussy before her face, and reveled in it again. She just couldn't seem to get enough of the wet hot flesh, whether it was Mae, or Penny. She wondered briefly if Trish would want to make love to her, slip her tongue inside her pussy. Would she reciprocate? Her brief thoughts of Trish were interrupted as she felt another set of hands on her hips, and a slight probing of her wet exposed pussy. Penny had moved her mouth and Kim felt the soft, large head of the dildo against her spread pussy. Penny moved her lips to suck her clit as her Aunt pushed gently, slipping the head of the dildo against her center.

Kim gasped as the large intruder pressed against her pussy, spreading her lips wide. She had never had anything this thick inside her and it stretched her pussy almost painfully. Then with a soft thrust the large head slipped inside her and the slightly smaller shaft gave her virgin opening a slight respite. Mae carefully slid it slowly into her young body.

She loved the feel of it pressing inside her. The plastic it was made of felt warm to the touch. Kim wondered how the real thing would feel, as she had never experiences a male cock inside her. Mae expertly slipped it inside her slowly each thrust just a little deeper letting her pussy get used to the thick intruder. Finally, she felt it press against the back of her pussy and against the ring of her cervix. She moaned against Penny's hot, wet pussy.

Mae rode her, slipping the fat intruder in and out of her. She moved her hips from side to side and up and down as she fucked her sweet young nieces pussy. She reached under and between the two lovers and slipped her hand between to cup and fondle Kim's young breasts. She thought back to when she and her sister, Kim's Mom, had made love when she was Kim's age and her experienced sister was two years older. They had used everything in the house in their pussies to fuck themselves and each other. Finally her sister had come back from a trip to the city with a dildo. They used it on themselves and each other till they had cum so many times their young pussies were sore and exhausted.

She looked forward to her sister's visit. She knew she couldn't tell her that she and Kim had made love. Her sister wouldn't understand her seducing her daughter. Or had she seduced Kim? She smiled at the thought of sweet Kim slipping into the shower with her and decided she was the one who'd been seduced by the sexy young vixen she was fucking lustily at the moment.

The three women moved together making love in the large bed. Mae slipped the dildo out of Kim and went around and slid it effortlessly into Penny's wet cunt as Kim moved her mouth and let the dildo slip inside where her mouth had been a moment ago.

Kim and Penny kissed and caressed each other's bodies as Mae moved back and forth from one hot wet pussy to the other. The Kim and Penny were becoming really sexually excited and began to moan and cry out. Mae slid the dildo out of Penny's pussy as the two neared their climaxes, she moved the wet dildo slightly and pushed it against Penny's small neat anus and pushed it forward. Penny moaned as she felt the familiar object press inward and push into her backside.

She and Mae had fucked each other in both holes for a long time but this was the first time she'd had it there while she was in an erotic all consuming 69 with someone else. The effect was electrifying to her. She devoured Kim's young pussy with a vengeance, wanting to drive her young lover to new heights of joy. Kim felt her partner's renewed vigor, and redoubled her efforts to make Penny cum with her.

The three were in a strange dance now. The two locked in a 69 while Mae was fucking Penny's pert ass. She loved the vision of the dildo slicing in and out of Penny's ass. Her own pussy was on fire and she wished that the dildo had some provision for exciting the one wielding it, but this one had none.

Penny cried out first, the double stimulation of the dildo inside her, and Kim's young lips and tongue assaulting her clit was too much and she exploded with a muffled cry as she came. She didn't forget her young lover, and sucked her clit, and finger fucked her pussy franticly as her body was wracked with lust and passion.

Moments later Kim's cries and moans filled the room as she too came. The erotic feel of her beautiful partner body, and the sucks and licks on her clit, and the fingers thrusting skillfully inside her, drove her over the edge. Her whole body seemed to turn inside out as she came.

The two 69ing women exploded over and over till they were finally spent and exhausted. They rolled apart. Mae slid the dildo out of Penny's ass and tore it off her body. Her hands flew to her pussy and she rubbed her clit franticly and thrust two then three fingers inside her burning, drenched pussy till she too came in an explosive cum.

The three lovely ladies finally recovered and crowded into the shower, the afternoon almost over, an afternoon of lust and pleasure. They washed each other playfully before finally getting out and dressing. When Ed returned they were in the living room talking and laughing. Ed noticed that all three looked really smug looking and content. The thought passed through his mind, wondering what the three could have done to cause such a look of contentment. His brow furrowed and he shook his head, having no idea what that might be.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!

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