tagIncest/TabooFamily Friendly Ch. 03

Family Friendly Ch. 03


Dan stood in his daughters' doorway and stared at his daughter withering on her bed, her fingers jammed between her trembling thighs. His mind was numb with the realization his beautiful wife had just patted his raging hard on, and given him the green light to fuck their daughter.

"Daddy. Please" he heard his daughter begging. His attention was drawn to her face. A mask of love and lust etched in her eyes. "I need you...God I am so sorry", she sobbed.

The parent in him immediately took over, and before he knew it he was sitting on the edge of her bed, his hand cupping her tear stained cheek. "Shhhhhh, baby" he murmured softly. "It's OK."

He watched as her gaze shifted, her eyes widening as she stared at ten inches of raging hard cock meet only a foot from her face. Dan could feel his cock throb as her eyes locked to him. "God", she whispered. "So perfect." He stared as her hand slowly extended towards him.

Dan could only sit and watch as her fingers lightly traced the length of his shaft. He shuddered at her touch. He could have moved away; should have, this was his daughter. Instead he sat stock still as a heat enveloped his entire body. "Mindy..." Dan groaned, as he felt her slim fingers wrap around his pole.

His daughters hand slid up the engorged head...then slowly down to the base; tilting her fathers' cock towards her face. "Oh God, Daddy" she moaned up to him. "I want it...need it." Then, suddenly his daughter rolled onto her side, her hot mouth engulfing his cock.

Dan didn't see her mouth descend on him, he felt it. Wet heat closing over his head, then pushing down his shaft. A flare exploded in his head as his eyes rolled back. "Ohhhh fuckkkk" he groaned. He felt his balls pinch. It took every ounce of self-control to keep from blowing his load down his daughters tight throat right there.

His eyes slowly refocused to the sound of wet slurping as his daughters head bobbed on him. She tried to take more and more of him into her mouth, until he heard her softly gag on his cock head bumping against her throat.

Dan stared down and watched as his daughter sucked. What she lacked in technique she more than made up for in fervor. She hummed happily as she tried to devour him, her own spit leaking out the corner of her mouth and running down her chin.

'What a fucking SLUT!' was the only thought running through his mind. Then, he snapped. His wife had given him her permission, and this eighteen year old slut was sucking him like there was no tomorrow. Time to take this to the next level.

"Noooo" his daughter moaned, as Dan pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth, dropping to his knees at the side of the bed. Grabbing her by the hips he yanked her body sideways on the bed, her legs dropping off the edge as her thighs opened up.

"Dad", she gasped. "What are youu..." Then Dan buried his face into his daughters shaved cunt. Smearing her juices on his chin as he rammed his tongue deep inside her. "Dadddyyyyyyyyyyyy" his daughter screamed, as her hands wrapped in his hair, trying to jam his face harder between her thighs.

The intensity she had built in fingering herself, the taste of her fathers' cock, now this. Everything came together in a single blazing light. Dan felt her hips lift straight off the bed, driving her pelvic bone into the bridge of his nose. "Ffffffuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" his daughter wailed.

Dan tasted her nectar as it literally poured into his mouth, his lips sucking her throbbing clit in hard, his teeth nipping at it. His felt daughters' body convulsing in wave after wave of sheer pleasure.

Mindy felt her world unraveling as her body erupted. No boy, no fingers, no TOY; could even match what her body was experiencing right now. As one orgasm began to subside, it was pushed aside by the next, rolling through her belly.

As Dan felt his daughters' body collapse onto the bed, shaking and trembling, he slowly withdrew his mouth. She lay half paralyzed before him. Her eyes were burning with lust and desire.

Mindy looked down and watched her father rising to his knees, as his thick cock lined up between her slick thighs. She reached for him but he was just inches from her arms. "Please...God please..." she begged, almost in tears again; this time in hungry need.

"Please what" her father growled back. The head of his cock slapping her swollen lips, making her body jump. "Say it baby, tell daddy what you need."

Mindy wrapped one leg around his waist, trying to pull her father into her, but he resisted. "Oh God...please daddy...fuck me." Her eyes looked over his shoulder. "Please..Mom..Tell him to fuck me."

Dan's head snapped around, finding his wife standing stark naked behind them. Her fingers jammed tight into her own dripping cunt. "Do it" his wife told him, her voice low and guttural. "Fuck the little slut."

Turning back to look down at his wanton daughter, Dan did as he was told. With one powerful lunge of his hips, he drove his ten inch cock deep into his daughters dripping hole. Dan clenched his ass cheeks tither, as he fought like hell from blowing his load again. He felt the velvet vise walls of his daughters' tight cunt gripping him. The tightest pussy he had felt in over two decades.

For Mindy, her mind shifted from unraveling; to shattering. Finally, after years of wanting, needing; every fantasy she had ever had vanished in reality. Dan watched as his daughters eyes rolled back in her head, arching her back as her mouth hung open in a silent scream. She felt every inch of her fathers' cock stretching her like no man had ever done. Deeper, fuller, as her belly filled with him.

Dan slid into the hilt inside his daughter, the room forgotten, his wife forgotten, as he stared down at his own daughter; impaled on his cock. He watched her eyes snap open...wide with wonder. "Oh God...Dadddyyyy...I'm going to..." She cried up at him.

Dan barely got his hands around her slim waist before her entire body convulsed. Had he not been holding her, she would have bounced off his embedded cock, as it was he held her as she flopped on the bed under him. Not even his wife had come with such intensity.

Dan stared down, captivated. "shitttttttttttttttttttttt" his daughter screamed, as her own drool once again dripped from the corner of her mouth. With her back arched, he could only watch as a thin stream of hot fluid shot out between them, splashing against his belly and groin.

The sight tipped Dan; he felt every primal instinct in him ignited. Pulling back his hips, he slammed his thick pole deep into her. Feeling the engorged head bang against her cervix again and again. "Fuck...you...fuck...my...little...girl." he grunted between strokes.

Mindy felt every stroke, her body surrendering willingly. This was no teenage boy working for first base. This a man, fucking the living SHIT out of her, and she loved every pounding, bruising stroke.

"Fuck...me...fill...me...Fuck...me" his daughter chanted as his hips rammed into her like a sledge hammer. Her hands, gripping his arms, as her nails dug into his flesh to where he swore she would draw blood. He felt his cock begin to swell deep inside her.

Mindy felt it to. Knowing what was coming. She stared into her fathers' eyes. "Do it daddy" she rasped. "Fill my cunt. Fuck yessss."

"Oh fuck, baby" Dan moaned. "Gotta pull out...going to cum..."

He felt his daughters legs coil around his waist, her heels drumming against his ass as she urged him on. Her hands refusing to let his body move as she gripped his arms. She was so close to her ultimate dream, she was dammed if she was going to let it get away.

"Yessssssssssssssssssss" his daughter hissed. "Do it daddy...fucking CUM in me" she goaded him. "Breed me...give me your fucking babyyyyyyyyyy."

Hearing his daughters words, Dan lost all control. Ramming his hips deep, he pressed the head of his cock against her cervix, right at the door to her fertile womb. He gave a primal roar as he felt his balls explode, his hot cream speeding up his long shaft, to burst from the tip; buried inside his daughters' cunt; bathing her fertile womb with it.

"Daaddddyyyyyyyy" his daughter cried, feeling his balls empty into her.

"Mindyyyyyyyyy" Dan matched her as he felt every hot drop of cum he had pump into his willing daughter, their bodies convulsing together on the bed.

As his body lay sprawled over his daughter, gasping as he tried to catch his breath; Dan knew their tight little family, had turned the corner on debauchery, and the family friendly fun; had just started.

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