Family Friends


As her orgasm subsided, she pushed Eric away, saying "I think it's time we gave my mom a little treat." Eric wasn't sure what this meant, but Penelope stepped away, walking over to get something out of the drawer. Victoria, in the meantime, began sucking Eric's cock, deepthroating it as deep as her daughter did and getting it wetter with spit, though it was well-lubricated already by her daughter's cum. Eric was in heaven as she took all of his massive prick down her throat, cupping his balls with her hand. Finally she pulled off, asking, "Ready to fuck my ass with this thing, big boy?" she asked.

Throughout this whole thing, Eric's confidence had steadily been growing. "Hell yes, I'll fuck your ass," he replied, to Victoria's great satisfaction. He leaned back on the couch, allowing Victoria to sit on top of him, positioning his massive cock at her rear entrance.

"Just take it slow, your cock's big for this kind of thing," Victoria said, almost pleadingly. Eric could barely resist plunging into her, but he did as he was told for the time being, slowly inching his massive piece of man-meant into her tight asshole. Just as she was moaning and growing used to his huge prick inside her, Eric looked to the side and saw why Penelope had gone to the cabinet.

Penelope had returned wearing a large, thick strap-on cock, almost the size of Eric's. Instantly Eric knew her plan, and his cock swelled with excitement at what was about to happen. "Ready to get double-fucked, mom?" Penelope asked, though her mom could barely speak with the pleasure from Eric's cock in her ass, now plunging deeper inside her than she had ever felt before. Penelope placed the stiff rubberdong at her mothers pussy and slid it all inside her cunt.

Eric could feel every penetration that the dildo made, and quickly the two started to become synched together. With every plunge they took together, Victoria moaned louder and louder, appearing to be coming to another orgasm. This time, it was her daughter that would do the talking, though.

"That's it, mom, you fucking cumslut. Letting your daughter and her friend fuck you because you're so starved for sex. You'd take any cock inside your holes, wouldn't you?" Penelope teased, still slamming the rubber cock as deeply inside her as she could.

Victoria's fingers slipped down to rub her clit while she got fucked in both her holes. "mmmmm, yes, I'm such a whore, I'll let anyone fuck me if it feels this good."

"Not anymore, mom. Now, Eric's your master, all the time. That's the only cock either of us get to fuck anymore. We do whatever he says, whenever he says it, and we take it however he wants to give it to us. We are his fucksluts."

Eric was turned on beyond belief and began thrusting deeper now, so deeply that Victoria couldn't even respond to her daughter at all; instead, she began cumming, screaming, "oh god, I'm coming for my daughter and her friends, oh fuck YESSSSS."

As the orgasm subsided, Eric's cock was finally on the ends once again. Both of them got on their knees in front of him as he stood up, massive member ready to blow.

"Come for us, eric," Victoria pleaded. "Cover us in all your potent seed."

That did it. Eric let loose a massive amount of cum, the first blast hitting victoria's face, then her daughters, then blasting both of their tits in hot jizz. In the end, both were coated entirely with cum, and, still unbelievably horny, began licking the cum off of each other and fingering each others pussies with it.

"This," Eric said, as he milked the last of his cum onto them, "is going to be a very good week."

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by Anonymous09/14/17

Would love to have a friend like fuck both of them....would have been heaven and to share each other

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