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Family Fun


Nick and I have been getting along a little better recently but our relationship still left a lot to be desired. We have been married just over three years and the troubles between us started almost immediately; we argued about almost everything. Looking back on it now, it is clear we married too young and certainly didn't have a marriage made in heaven. Like many couples, we decided to stick with it in the hopes we could work our problems out. About the only thing we did agree on was sex. I love it and Nick was only too happy to give me all I wanted. ...

Jeannie, my mom, has been living with us for the last six months, which may be part of the problem. Nick and I are both twenty-four and mom is only forty-one....a child bride and a very good-looking young mother. My dad was killed in an automobile wreck five years earlier and mom was still way too young to just give up and pine away so she has been living her life to the fullest since.

Nick's folks passed away when he was just a boy, leaving a trust fund that will provide for him until he is a gray-haired old man, even if he doesn't add to his savings with his own contributions.

We wanted a family but unfortunately Nick was diagnosed as not having a high enough sperm count to father any children. Ah well, we will go on like this for a while and then adopt.

The latest situation occurred a week ago when Nick and I were totally wrapped up in a wild bit of sex when the door to our bedroom burst open. We have always kept a nightlight on in the hallway so our door crasher was backlit by it. Nick dove for the pistol he keeps in our nightstand and when the bedside lamp was switched on, he found the gun pointing at mom.

She had been out with her girlfriends, was drunker than hell and apparently had gotten our room mixed up with hers and was now casually stripping off her clothes in the middle of our room! By the time I realized what was happening she was bare ass naked and had plopped down on the side of our king size bed.

Nick said, "Sandy, let her sleep it off. We still have plenty of room in the bed and she will be fine in the morning."

An hour or so later I felt a hand caressing my tit and I lay back as the hand moved down to my crotch where it quickly had my clit uncovered and was busy searching for the nub. My breaths were coming faster and I reached over to grab Nick's cock only to find him turned away from me. It was my mother's hand I was feeling on my pussy!

"Mom, wake up. It's me, Sandy." I whispered to her.

I heard, "Hush, I know who you are and I am hornier than hell. Bring your hand over and work on me baby."

I had had a lesbian experience with one of the girls on my soccer team years ago. We had had a sleep over at her place and she had somehow gotten a XXX rated tape that we watched into the wee hours of the morning. Once the tape started to play, we were quickly imitating the two gals who were giving each other all kinds of pleasure. It wasn't long before we were entwined in a sixty-nine position and I was eating my first pussy. She soon had her face buried between the lips of mine, with a couple of fingers buried in me and it felt terrific. The memory of this flashed back at me as I was hearing my mother's voice.

"Sandy, just touch my pussy. You know, the way you do when you are masturbating."

Her fingers were sliding up and down the sides of my clit and they were driving me up the wall. I slowly reached over and dropped my hand to my mother's crotch and found a bush full of hair. I guess it was the in-thing for gals of my age to shave most of their pubic hair but mom's generation only shaved the part that would show around their bathing suits. When I had my hand on top of her bush I felt her hand on top of mine, pushing it into her waiting pussy. She was soaked. Her pussy was so wet she was actually dripping her juices down her leg and onto the sheets. The next thing I felt was her leaning towards me and kissing me full on the lips. Holy shit, this was my mother.

Her tongue had started to explore the depths of my mouth quickly finding my tongue. It wasn't long before I was responding to her exactly the same way. I had slipped one arm under her head with my other hand now working her pussy. I used the arm under her head to pull her face to me while we had the deepest kiss imaginable. She then pulled away from my mouth and slowly slipped down in the bed where she lined her mouth up with my crotch. I felt her tongue working the wet lips of my pussy and delving between them to find my clit. She used her tongue to perfection. She had put a couple of fingers in my vagina while her tongue was working my clit. It wasn't going to be long before I had an orgasm and my mind was racing over how I would be able to keep quiet when I exploded.

Nick always said I had the noisiest orgasms in the world. I screeched and knew it but could never control myself. Nick was sleeping just a few feet away from us while all of this was going on. He would really flip out if he awoke and saw what was going on.

I was biting my hand to try and stay quiet but knew this wouldn't work when the final pressure of the orgasm hit me. Reaching down I lifted my mothers' face and pulled her up to me and whispered. "Mom, I have very loud orgasms and Nick will hear me."

"Nick will hear you! What do you think I have been doing for the last twenty minutes and why do you think my cock is hard as steel right now?" Nick blurted out, startling me!

Oh shit, he had been listening to us.

"Ladies, stop for a minute and let's decide how we are going to progress from here. Jeannie, you seem to be enjoying yourself with your face buried in Sandy's pussy. Sandy, it would appear you were having a good time judging from the sounds you were making. I am the only one on the side lines and I know the perfect solution."

"Sandy, slide up on the bed till your head touches the head board, Jeannie, resume your position in Sandy's crotch but this time between her legs and on your hands and knees with your ass high in the air. Guess where I will be? In the rear, feeding my rock hard shaft into Jeannie's warm, waiting pussy!

I shouted, "Nick, you mean you will be fucking my MOTHER?"

"Why not, she's the one eating your pussy," he answered.

My mother was obviously all in favor of this arrangement and was pushing me higher on the bed. Nick wanted to watch and reached over turning the bedside lamp on low. Mom had her face buried deep between my pussy lips almost before I had gotten all the way to the top of the bed. Nick had moved around so his face was only a foot away from moms. He was getting a birds-eyes view of his wife getting her pussy eaten by her own mother! He raised himself up and kissed me full on the lips.

Jeannie felt this and laughingly announced, "You are neglecting your part of this deal," and pointed at his cock.

It was the first time she had gotten a good look at his cock and the next thing I heard was, "Holy shit, what a beautiful cock. How big is it?"

I answered, "Almost ten inches, mom. He will really open you up with it. He does me but then again I never had a kid slide out of my pussy."

Nick got lower in the bed and positioned the head of his cock in line with my mom's pussy. All of a sudden I heard a 'whoosh' as if my mother was taking a huge breath. Nick had slipped his cock all the way into her in one smooth thrust and it had taken the wind out of her. She hadn't expected it like that but knowing Nick, I knew he would want to let her know right away just what kind of pleasure his cock would give. He was very proud of his monster cock and wanted to let her know about it.

I could feel her reaction to his cock driving so hard inside of her and it wasn't long before I could also feel her throwing her hips back into him. I could see his face over her back and his eyes were closed as he was thrusting himself back and forth. A minute later his eyes opened and he was looking into mine.

"Feeling good honey?" he asked.

"Oh yes, this is something I never dreamed of. I am in heaven."

He had his hands on mom's hips and was pulling her back at him as he thrust into her. Mom had her face still buried in my pussy and now had a few fingers buried inside of me and was working them back and forth on the walls of my vagina. She had gotten my clit uncovered and was holding the nub of it between her lips while her tongue was flicking across the tip of it. I could feel the pressure of my orgasm building deep within me and reached down to hold her head as I was arching my back off the sheets as my orgasm hit me. As usual I was screeching and moaning. Mom had never heard me do this before and just lifted her head for a second to look and say, "Go ahead honey, enjoy."

Nick was still pounding her pussy as hard as I have ever seen him fuck and I could tell it wasn't going to be long before he was filling her pussy with his hot, white juice.

He slapped one of her cheeks and yelled, "Mom here I cum."

I could see the juices oozing around his shaft and out of my mother's pussy but she still hadn't had her orgasm and I knew how to solve that little problem.

"Nick, slide out of her and let me get my face in there."

He did and slid up on the bed where he could get his cock lined up with her mouth. She had it in her mouth in a flash and was proceeding to suck him dry.

Thinking back on my lesbian experience as a teenager, I buried my face between the lips of her pussy and soon had my tongue was working her clit. Holy shit, I was eating my mothers' pussy and my husband's cum at the same time! She had one hand on the back of my head and was pulling me into her. I could feel her hips starting to thrust at me and she was making noises I had never heard before.

It wasn't long before she let Nick's cock slip out of her mouth as she yelled, "I'm going to cum. Don't stop."

I had no intention of stopping until she exploded, which happened almost before she finished telling me not to stop. She then had both hands holding my mouth to her, as she was humping my face as she orgasmed.

We lay there on the bed, in sort of a circle, just looking at each other, exhausted but very-very content.

Nick was the first to speak saying, "Girls, to borrow a line from the movie Casablanca, 'This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship'."

Mom just laughed and flicked a finger over the head of his cock, which was still dripping cum.

I leaned forward and kissed my mother's pussy. Oh boy, where will all of this lead?

It wasn't even midnight yet and we just lay around chatting while letting our hands roam over the body nearest to us.

I looked at each of them and announced, "Nick you fucked my mother but didn't do shit for me. Mom, you are quite the actress."

She said, "What do you mean 'actress'?"

I replied, "That drunk act of yours was very convincing but you forgot we should have been smelling some alcohol on you. NADA."

She just smiled coyly.

"What do you have in mind love?" Nick asked.

"I love it on my hands and knees the way you did mom. How about that way before we all sack out for the night?"

I had moved around to let my hand run up and down the soft shaft of his cock while letting my fingers just run over the tip of the head. I love to trace the veins in his cock and then run my fingers around the ring circling the head of it. It didn't take much of that before he was board hard again.

"OK, honey, assume the position." He ordered.

He had just slipped his cock inside me when Jeannie said, "Stop right there guys. Let me try something."

Mom and I have about the same size breasts and they hadn't received any attention during our last sex romp so she told me to lift my chest from the bed so she could get her mouth on one of my tits. I quickly complied and she was sucking on a nipple before I even knew what was going on. I let one hand roam over her chest and my fingers were playing around her nipples. While all of this was going on, Nick was ramming his steel hard shaft deep in my pussy. I was squirming back at him with each of his thrusts and it wasn't long before he was filling me with his hot love juice. I could feel his load hitting way up inside of me and that did the trick for me. Before his cock even got soft I was throwing my hips back at him and actually fucking his cock without him having to move. It was something he had taught me just after we were married and I loved to do it.

Once again, Jeannie moved around to take Nick's cock in her mouth so she could suck the last of his cum from it. My mother appeared to be quite the cocksucker.

I finally announced that playtime was over and it was time for nitey-nite. I was dragging and needed the sleep. They both groaned calling me a pansy but that was OK. Tomorrow was another day.

Nick and I were accustomed to walking around our house nude before mom came to live with us but that all changed with her arrival. Now we were back to old times. Nick came into the kitchen just after mom and I and all he could say was, "What a lovely double pair of tits. I will have a ball today sucking on each of them."

Mom laughed as she was making the morning coffee.

Nick sat at our breakfast nook with his cock hanging between his legs and decided we needed a little conversation.

"Girls, and I do mean that term. First let me make an observation that should please one of you and have the other questioning my eyesight. You two look to be a pair of sisters. Not twins but Jeannie, you have a magnificent body for a woman of forty-one. Sandy, you have a body women would kill for. Now that I have blown smoke up your asses we need to talk seriously. Ready?"

"OK big dick, what do you want to chat about?" asked mom.

"I guess it involves where we all go from here. Sandy and I were not perfect but fairly happy with our lives. Jeannie, we love you dearly but last night opened a whole new can of worms. Let me tell you what I think would be the ideal solution for our situation."

I jumped in with, "Don't I have anything to say about this?"

"Of course you do sweet lips. All I was suggesting was that I would give both of you my thoughts and you can then give me yours. OK?"

They both nodded affirmatively.

"I think we are in a sort-of paradise. We each love sex and even more importantly love with whom we had it last night. We already live together so no outsider can ever say Sandy's mom moved in with them and now they are all screwing their brains out. We may screw that much but no one will have the grounds to say it. We can fuck and suck and do all kinds of things without anyone being the wiser. We have already broken the ice about Sandy and her mom having sex together and me fucking her mother. With all of that said I believe we ought to go about our lives just as they were before with a couple of conditions. One is that we never, ever involve anyone else in our circle of sex. Number two is, Mom, you have been going out with your girlfriends and staying out till God knows when and that scares me. Sandy and I do not play around with anyone else and with the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, I am a little frightened that if you are going to do your thing with others we won't be as safe as we would like to be. Sooooo, if you want to have sex with us, I am going to insist you break any and all sexual ties with all of your other friends."

Mom jumped in with, "I think that will be just fine but I hope there won't be any preference shown between you and Sandy simply because you are husband and wife."

It was my turn. "Mom, I'll bet Nick is having some of the same feelings about you and me. He is probably thinking he will take a back seat to the sex he saw you and I have last night. I think we both felt the sex between us was something that had been brewing a long-long time and last night was just the culmination of a lot of soft tender feelings between us."

"Ladies, you are both right. Mom, I can assure you, I will treat you both equally and I am hoping you will do the same for me."

I looked at mom and shook my head in agreement with what Nick had said.

"It's a deal,' she announced. "Now, Nick will you come over here and let me sit on that magnificent tool of yours while Sandy makes breakfast?"

She was on his lap before he knew what had hit him. Once there she let herself slide down so she was positioned between his legs and reached up and lightly nibbled on the inside of his thighs before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking him hard.

"WOW, you must have really been wanting this Jeannie," shouted Nick as he gently undulated in his seat.

Sucking him close to climax, Jeannie withdrew her and slithered up Nick's quivering body until she was facing him with her tits pressed against his face while she reached around and positioned her pussy over his cock. She then slid down and soon had it buried to the hilt.

"God, you have a huge cock. I can feel it touching places inside of me that were still virgin." She laughed.

"Oh, mom, I am going to explore the depths of you to find even more virgin territory as time goes on." Nick bragged as he looked at me with a wink.

Mom had lifted up from his lap and then drove down, so his cock was driven even further into her. I know how terrific that feels as I have done it many times myself.

Nick soon picked mom up and carried her over to the sofa while his cock was still buried inside of her. When he got to the sofa, he lowered down and then laid her gently on her back before he drove himself even deeper into her. He had raised her legs up over his shoulders and had begun to thrust himself in and out and the sounds coming from her were getting louder with each of his thrusts. She was soon moaning and tossing her head from side to side as her hair was flipping from side to side. Her mouth was pursed out into a pouty O and she was breathing in and out while she was throwing her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Nick was the first to let go.

"Jeannie, I am cumming."

She responded with, "God, I can feel you shooting way up inside of meeeeeeeee... here I cum too."

They were wrapped in each other's arms as they enjoyed their almost simultaneous orgasms.

Damn, they had made me so hot watching them, I damn near ruined breakfast.

"Nick, I was lucky, the bacon is exactly the way you like it and the coffee is ready. Feed yourself while mom and I have something to talk about."

I went over to the sofa and knelt before her and soon had my mouth buried between her pussy lips. Her full bush of pubic hair was tickling my face and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to enjoy having oral sex with her as long as her pubic hair was going to stay this full. I was soon sucking the juices Nick had just shot into her and she knew what was happening and moved her hips around to make it easier for me to get my mouth and tongue buried between her lips. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her as I was cleaning her out. A few minutes after, she pushed me away and pulled me up onto the sofa and reversed positions with me. She was now going to eat my pussy. She must have done a lot of this before because she seemed to be an expert at it.

The next several weeks went as I had imagined. Nick and I working all day with mom lounging around the house and the nights were filled with all kinds of different variations on the sex we had the first night.

Sometime during the third or so week Nick whispered to me during one of our sexcapades, "Sandy, I want to fuck your mom's ass."

"Oh shit Nick, your cock will tear her apart." I whispered back.

"I don't think so. I am going to tell her and I need you to back me up on whatever I say about it. OK?"

"Go to it honey."

Mom was spooning with me, holding my breasts ever so lightly when Nick dropped behind her on the bed, spooning with her. We all just lay there talking about nothing in particular when Nick announced his desire to fuck her ass. You would have thought she had been shot.

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