tagTransgender & CrossdressersFamily Issues Ch. 04

Family Issues Ch. 04


Once again, I want to thank Madison (ThanatopicFolds) for his editing and support. I posted this chapter a few days after the 3rd chapter, because originally chapters 3+4 were a single big chapter. My editor advised me to slice it, which turned out to be a sound advice.

I hope you like the result; I know I do.

Family Issues -- Chapter 4


"Impressed yet?" Diana said as the pretty Chinese girl led them through a grand hallway. Kevin wondered if she was a servant.

Kevin called the Brion penthouse Never-Never Land, not because it resembled Michael Jackson's ranch, but because he thought he had a better chance of flying with Tinkerbelle than ever earning a paycheck obscene enough to afford him such accommodation. It turns out that Einstein was right; everything is relative.

The people living in Diana's friend's mansion were the kind who looked down on people who lived in posh penthouses. After all, those unprivileged plebes didn't install absolute necessities like a wine cellar, or a gift-wrapping room. The manor had a majestic view of the bay. It spoke of royalty, even though it wasn't the right country, nor century. Everything was luxuriously appointed, and it had rooms like a grand foyer, cloakroom, music room, and Kevin even saw a library.

"What do you think of my girlfriend's house, huh, baby?"

"Girlfriend? You said she was a friend."

"A girlfriend. An ex, obviously."

"I didn't know you rolled both ways."

"I don't. I'm always on top. Stop trying to change that, Kevin."

The Asian-looking girl who escorted them was dressed in what could only be described as a sexy French maid outfit. It included a sexy white apron dress, cameo choker, matching headband, ruffle trim, white style bodice, stockings and high heels. There was a lot of lace involved, and each item was flimsy, and strategically arranged. The tiny miniskirt, for instance, barely covered the bubbly bottom, which jiggled with every step because the girl wore stilettoes.

"This house belongs to your Ex?" Kevin said.

"Impressed yet?"

"Who dumped whom?" He said.

"It was a mutual decision by two adults."

"So, she and her new girlfriend decided you're out?"

"You're on thin ice, baby!"

"Okay, kidding, kidding!" He gave Diana a light peck on her neck because that always made her giggle. "I have a serious question though."


"Funny choice of word. Why does your ex-girlfriends' mansion have a guardhouse, four armed guards and CCTV cameras in every corner?"

"She likes to be safe and prepared."

"For when ze Germans invade? Tell her we won that war already. What does she do for a living anyway, that ex of yours?"

"She's a businesswoman."

"So was Pablo Escobar."

Diana bit into his neck, leaving a love bite that would last for weeks.

They entered a long room. The walls were decorated with portraits of people who were probably alive two centuries ago. A table that could seat fifty diners dominated the room, but it was empty, and it was evident that nobody had dined here in a long time.

"Where is Nadine?" Diana said to the 'French maid' with the outrageous dress. "The guy at the gate said she's waiting for us in the dining room."

The sexy looking oriental cutie turned to her, smiled and nodded.

"So, where is she?" Diana said.

The girl smiled and nodded again.

"Parla voo Francei?" Kevin tried.

Diana, with her Louisiana roots, flinched at his attempt at French. "It's 'Parlez-vous Français', Dummy, and he's as French as I'm the real Princess Di."

"But she's a girl."

"Ne sois pas stupide."

Kevin stared at the sexy maid. She gave him a warm smile. The girl was the epitome of femininity. Sure, she was flat chested, however, her coal black hair was silky soft and swept down her shoulders. Her makeup was sublime and her lashes long like butterfly wings. She vamped on high heels as if she was born in them.

"She's a girl," Kevin said.

Diana lifted the miniskirt and exposed a not so impressive cock, but a cock nonetheless. The boy looked surprised, but Kevin was even more surprised when the boy didn't slap his girlfriend. He merely stared at her with a question mark all over his face.

"Nadine!" Diana said, working slowly through the syllables. "Na-dine." She let go of the miniskirt and slapped the bubbly butt. The boy nodded and motioned them to follow. "A girl, huh, Kevin?"

"Helen was right," Kevin said.


"There is something very wrong with your brain."

"Fuck off."

"Even if you can treat someone like he's a doormat, it doesn't mean you should, Diana."

The boy-girl led them through a door in the back into a more standard sized room. This room felt more like a space where actual humans live compared to the other rooms' cold, haunted mansion aura. There was a standard dining table with a single diner, a tall brown-skinned futa that looked very familiar to Kevin. An identical twin of their naughty French maid escort stood by the table, holding an empty tray.

The small room opened to a living room area with sofas. A young futanari was sitting cross-legged on a bean bag in front of a massive flat screen TV, watching cartoons.

The futa dining at the table rose when she saw them. She had exotic Middle Eastern features, and was tall and curvy, with smooth caramel skin. Her eyes were her distinguishing feature. Big, dark and almond-shaped. Smokey without the use of makeup. Last time she and Kevin met, she wore a sexy mini dress, but tonight she wore a dark business suit.

"Diana," the futa kissed Kevin's girlfriend on both cheeks. There was tension between the giving and the receiving side. "Ahlan wa sahlan. Hello, Kevin," she gave him a warm smile, and Kevin blushed.

"We've met," Kevin said.

"Where?" Diana tensed.

"In Comfort Zone 13's bathroom," Kevin said and blushed again. Last time they met, she asked him to hold her giant cock while she lit a cigarette.

"I seemed to have left a big impression," Nadine said.

"How big?" Diana said

"You can see it from the moon," Kevin said. "That and the Chinese wall. That big."

Nadine laughed. "You were a bit shyer when we met in the club, or at least you pretended to be."

"Pffft..." Kevin waved his hand. "That's so last week, get over it already."

Nadine laughed again. "Iman, could you please turn the sound down just a little?" She said to the young girl watching TV. The girl turned and nodded, but didn't change the volume.

"Nice help you've got here," Diana winked in the direction of the twin French maids.

"You like?"

"Are they good as the real thing?"

"Don't flatter yourself, darling, you weren't that good," Nadine said. "And they're awesome. Got them on a bargain sale. Two for the price of one. They're twins."


"So, you do like."

"I wouldn't mind, you know..." Diana stared at the twins then back at Kevin. "Doesn't mean I'm gonna let you try mine."


"Like it didn't cross your mind."

"Do you think that's why I called you today? Because of Kevin?"


"I saw him in the club, and I just couldn't contain myself because he's so sexy?"

"Well, yeah? "

"Jesus, Diana, you're so full of shit. Unbelievable. Wait, it's not about Kevin, It's about Liam. You're still mad about Liam."

"Why the hell not, bitch? I don't recall you ever saying you're sorry."

Nadine sighed. "I really must apologize, Kevin, but I'm afraid that I'll have to be a bad host and leave you on your own for a while. Your girlfriend and I need to have a heart-to-heart that we've postponed for too long."

"Take your time," Kevin said.


After both Diana and Nadine left him alone, taking the twin boy-maids with them, Kevin found himself drifting aimlessly. The dissonance between the cold mansion and the plain homely living room intrigued him. He tried looking for clues. Hanging on the wall were pictures from a faraway place. Dunes in some pictures and a busy bazaar where women wearing hijabs and burkas did their shopping. Another photo showed a smiling woman wearing a white wedding dress and a white veil. He looked closer and was surprised when he realized the woman in the picture was Nadine. She was much younger, but you couldn't mistake those fantastic eyes. The images didn't solve any puzzle, just added another riddle.

The young futa that was watching TV gave him shy stares from time to time but said nothing. At first, Kevin thought that she was in her early teens, because of the way her hair was tied in a red ribbon, the flowery dress she had on, and because she was watching cartoons. However, up close she appeared to be in her late teens or maybe even early twenties. She looked like a less ripe, slimmer and younger version of Nadine, and was missing the rough edge of the elder futa, or any edge at all. The girl gave Kevin an innocent smile as he drifted near, and kept watching the movie, mumbling the lines along with the animated people on screen.

"What are we watching?" he said.

She turned to him and smiled again. "Elsa."

"Oh, you mean Frozen."

"Yeah, do you like it?"

"I haven't seen it."

"I've seen it a million times," she said. "You can watch it with me if you like. I can start over."

"That's okay," Kevin said.

"But you didn't see Elsa magicking the blue dress."

"The one that she's wearing?"

"Yeah," she beamed at him. "I have a dress just like that. Nuni gave it to me."

"You mean Nadine?"

She nodded. "Nuni says the dress is for Halloween," she whispered, "but yesterday after the shower I put the blue dress on, and I went to bed wearing it." She giggled. "Nobody noticed."

"I won't tell anyone." He smiled. "Cross my heart."

"You're nice," she smiled again. "What's your name?"


"I am Iman. Do you want to see my Elsa toys?"

"Ahh... Yes?"

The girl ran out of the room only to return a minute later with a massive box brimming with toys.

"This is Elsa," she took out a doll and gave it to Kevin. "This is her sister, Anna. This is Olaf."

"He's a funny looking guy," Kevin said.

"He's a snowman."

"I should have guessed, "Kevin laughed, "Because of the carrot nose."

"You can pop the head and take his arms off, and then put it back together, but don't do that because the pieces might get lost." Iman looked a bit sad, perhaps remembering an Olaf that wasn't as fortunate as this one.

"I won't pop his head off," Kevin said.

As Iman pulled more and more toys out of the box, Kevin had a feeling they were not alone. He turned around and saw Nadine watching him with a quizzical look on her face.

"Impressive," she said when she saw him turn. "Iman never shows her toys to strangers."

"She's your sister?"

Nadine nodded. "Sweetie, it's almost nine o'clock, and you haven't showered yet. It's really getting late."

"But I haven't shown Kevin all of my toys."

"Leave something for next time."

"I don't wanna!" The young futa stomped.


"Hey, maybe you can take Olaf to the shower with you," Kevin said. "He looks like he could use a bath, and he already took all of his clothes off."

"He doesn't have no clothes, silly," Iman said. "He's a snowman."

"Even better. That way, the next time when we'll play with him he'll be clean."

"Okay," Iman said. She gave her big sister a kiss and surprised them both when she kissed Kevin's cheek too, offering her own cheek to him.

Kevin stood on his tiptoes and kissed her tenderly.

Iman giggled and clapped her hands. She then ran off, hopefully to the shower, taking the smiling snowman with her. Kevin watched her go, then turned and saw Nadine again staring at him, assessing. You could almost see the wheels spinning in her head.

"How old is she?" Kevin said.

"Twenty," Nadine said. "We call it 'touched by the Gods' where I came from."

"And where I come from?"

Nadine shrugged. "Diana, for instance, calls her 'your retarded sister.'"

"Diana's the one with a deficiency," Kevin said. "She can be..."

"Nasty sometimes. Don't I know."

"I wanted to say that she can be nice now and then. Speaking of which, where is my girlfriend?"

Nadine looked at him but didn't answer.


"I'm trying to figure out the best way to answer that question," she gave half of an apologetic smile.

"I find that telling the truth works best in most situations."

"That's because you're young and innocent. Diana had to... She had to do something."

"Like what?"

"I didn't lock her up in a dungeon, Kevin, if that's what you're thinking. She felt like she had to do something, so she can forgive me and put the past behind us."


"Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear any lies."

Kevin shrugged. "It's not like I give a crap."

"You and Diana...? You're not really her boyfriend, are you?" she said.

"It's more of a financial arrangement than a real partnership."

Nadine lifted both eyebrows. "That's a twist."


"You don't look the type that trades sex for money."

"Said the woman who has two Chinese immigrants working for her. Both don't speak a word of English, and both are dressed as French maids."

"I wasn't trying to insult; I stated a fact, Kevin."

He nodded.

"And they wear whatever the fuck I want them to wear. Both work for an escort service called Lace Boy."

"Oh. So, they're like hired help?"

"They cost tons of money to hire, but I didn't pay a single dollar. Ask me why."


"Because I own Lace Boy."


She placed her hands on her hips. "So now each of us knows a little more about the person standing in front of us. You were amazing with my little sister. It's not your first time with someone who has special needs?"

"I had a little brother," Kevin said. "Down syndrome."


Kevin nodded but didn't offer explanations. Nadine didn't ask.

"What was that thing between you and Diana that you had to say sorry for? If you don't mind me being nosy?" He said.

Nadine snorted. "Some bullshit. She thinks I played 'boyfriend-stealing ho' with Liam, her last boyfriend."

"Did you?"

"The little toad did come to me after she dumped his ass, but I wasn't interested. Not that it matters to Diana. You know how she is when something gets stuck in her head."

"Tell me about it."

"Liam wanted a revenge fuck, or some shit like that. Not that I cared too much about Diana's feelings, it's just that he wasn't my type."

"I see."

"But you are, Kevin. Very much."

"I didn't ask."

"In case you wondered."

"I didn't." He stared at her, wondering if his big mouth might have mixed him up with something that he wouldn't like.

"I get the feeling you're a little bit intimidated by me," she said.

"A little? Ha! You own an escort service. You live in a fortress with armed guards, and I saw a big ass gun peeking under your suit when you leaned against me, Nadine."

She pulled her gun out and placed it on the table. The grip was decorated with green gems. "I don't need to carry the 45 around the house. Just a nasty habit."

"Why are we really here, Nadine?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why did you invite her?"

"I wanted to make amends with Diana."

"You don't give a fuck about Diana."

Nadine stared at him again. She had a way of looking without blinking that made Kevin wish he could be anywhere but under that gaze. "You're not half as dumb as I would expect of Diana's boyfriend," she finally said. "How exactly did you two get together?"

"I owe her sister a great deal of money."

"The plot thickens."

"No. There's nothing more to it."

"Okay then. I wish I could continue this conversation, but I have an event to attend. You can stay here and watch Disney movies while you wait for Diana, but I would love it if you would escort me."

"What kind of event?"

"A fight. Big Daddy Vs. Madame Hulk."

"Big what against who?"


Helen inspected her image in the Next Restaurant bathroom's mirror. She brought shades instead of the eyepatch. However, she got too many curious stares for wearing sunglasses at night, and she went back to her usual look.

"No guts, no glory," she whispered to her image.

She arrived at the Next Restaurant half an hour before the designated time and waited in the shadows. The Next sat on the marina's pier, with a magnificent view of the bay. The crowd of people around her was mixed. Many people in casual short dress, mostly families enjoying the hot day on the water and the nearby beach, but also people dressed up in their best suits and evening dresses. The area was a hub of luxury restaurants. She saw a divers' boat coming up from the sea, back to a diving club and thought of Kevin and what their new cease-fire meant.

When the time was almost up, she told herself that Dennis must have bailed on her. Then she figured that she might have missed him somehow and he's waiting inside. She entered the Next; then she noticed Dennis coming from the parking lot.

The Next Restaurant was all about the natural greenhouse look. Real ferns coved the walls and circled every column. Helen hid behind one of the massive columns when Dennis passed her by. A hostess noticed her, so she mumbled a quick apology and ran to the bathroom.

He looked older than his image on the site. His profile claimed he was thirty, but he was at least thirty-five, maybe edging to forty. Doesn't matter; people always try to squeeze a few years. She knew she shouldn't, but she compared him to Kevin. He wasn't as good looking as the young boy sharing her apartment. Not by a long shot. However, Dennis dressed up in a tailored, elegant tan suit, which accented his blue eyes and blonde hair. He was handsome in a confident way that was the opposite of Kevin. She told herself that confidence was what a skittish hare like herself needs right now.

A tiny elderly woman in a mousy grey suit entered the bathroom holding the hand of a young girl. The kid smiled at her, but the elder woman eyed her critically. Helen fixed her makeup and tried to ignore her.

"Are you sure you are in the correct bathroom?" The woman said.

Oh, great, one of those.

Helen was six feet four. Because of her height and shoulders, people assumed she was a futa even though she didn't manifest most of the futa chromosome facial characteristics.

"Are you sure you are in the correct bathroom?" The woman repeated.

"Sorry?" Helen said.

"This is the ladies' room," the woman said.

"Then you shouldn't be here," Helen said and turned to the little girl. "Promise me, when you'll grow up, that you won't be like her." She exited the restroom, ignoring the women's deadly stare.

Dennis was all smiles when he saw her, and that took the edge off the nasty incident.

"Helen?" he said.

"Hi," she said in a high voice.

He stood up and kissed her on both cheeks, which made her heart skip a beat.


She nodded, too afraid to talk.

"Me too," he said, though he didn't look the part. "Nice place. Do you come here often on dates?"

"Yes, I mean no. I mean my company conduct business meetings in here. So often, but first time on a date."

"Elegant. Not too posh. I like the jungle feel." He thumped his chest like a gorilla. "I'll have a tequila soda, double," he said to a surprised blonde waitress, stopping her in mid tracks. "The lady would like-" he turned to her.

Helen used to drink beer when she served in the Marines, which was almost mandatory. However, she never dated and never felt the need for a buzz.

"She would like an Espresso Martini," Dennis said when he saw her struggling. "So... Helen," he smiled. "How was your week? Mine was great, by the way, because I knew this dinner was waiting for me at the end of it."

Helen had been running date scenarios in her head all week, planning what she'd answer in each hypothetical situation. She was supposed to be smart and funny. Now was the moment of truth, and the most intelligent thing she said was 'Hi.'

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