tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 07

Family Life Ch. 07


Since Mom and Sue were still sleeping, I decided to shower before Dad and Uncle Bob arrived. I took a long hot shower. As I shaved to maintain the smoothie look, I got a hard-on thinking about how the three of us, Mom, Aunt Sue and I, had sucked, fucked and played with each other and with the toys and tools. It was difficult to keep from jerking myself off and blowing a load against the shower wall.

After showering, I looked in on Mom and Sue. They were awake. Sue was on her back. Mom was leaning over her. They were kissing. Sue had one arm and hand around Mom’ shoulders. Her other hand was cupping one of Mom’s breasts. I couldn’t see one of Mom’s hands. The other was rubbing Sue’s hairless pussy. I quietly closed the bedroom door and walked through the house to the patio doors.

The patio was covered with leaves and twigs and other debris. After stepping out and looking around the patio, I started up the trail to the grove. Just up the hill from the cabin, the trail was blocked with a downed tree. I wondered how many other trees were down. I returned to the patio and looked around it again. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought earlier. It was warm and humid, but the sun felt good on my skin and I was glad was able to be nude.

Since I was the only one who was moving about, I decided to start preparing lunch. I wasn’t sure what time Dad and Uncle Bob would arrive so I started putting together something easy. I heard the shower start as I was cutting up some cantaloupe and honeydew melons. I had diced up a bunch of ham and was getting ready to shred some extra sharp cheddar cheese when Aunt Sue walked into the kitchen.

“Whatcha making, Bud?”

I turned to look at her. She was wearing a light cotton robe. “I thought I would start getting something together for lunch once Dad and Bob get here.”

“That’s a good idea.” Sue moved closer and stood behind me. She put her arms around me and rubbed her hands on my chest, “When you get married, some young lady is going to get a very considerate guy.” Her robe opened as she stretched up to kiss me on the cheek. I felt her nipples graze my back as she flattened herself against me. Sue slipped a hand down between my legs and gently wrapped her fingers and thumb around my balls and cock, “And I hope she likes to fuck, because she’s going to get a very nice pussy stuffer too.”

She moved to stick her tongue tip in my ear, “Anytime you want, call me, I’ll meet you anywhere to fuck. She squeezed, “I like your big dick, big boy.”

Sue moved away just as Mom came into the kitchen, “What’s going on?”

“Dad called earlier while you were asleep. He and Uncle Bob will be here around noon.”

“I was just telling Bud that it was very considerate of him to start fixing something for lunch.”

Mom looked at me, “That is considerate. What are you fixing?” She was drying her hair with a towel. Another towel was wrapped around her hips.

Well, I’ve cut up some fruit and I was just getting everything together for a ham and cheese omelet.”

Mom put down one towel and hugged me. The towel around her hips fell away. “That is considerate.” She pressed herself against me from hips to chest. I felt my cock flatten against her belly. Her breasts flattened against my chest. I looked over at Sue. She had taken off her robe. Her nipples were hard and pebbly looking.

Mom stepped back, “Well, we need to brew some coffee and I’ll start some biscuits now.” Sue and I began to get dishes out to set the table as my naked Mom bustled about the kitchen. We had everything set up when the garage door opened and we heard a car drive in. Dad and Bob were here.

Sue met them at the door, “Get ready quickly. Lunch will be ready as soon as you’re ready.” Bobby looked his naked wife up and down. “What’s for lunch?”

“Ham and cheese omelet, fruit, biscuits, and coffee.”

“Oh, I was hoping for chicken.”


Bob smirked, “Well, I was hoping for some thigh.” He touched Sue’s tit, “And maybe some breast.”

Sue laughed as she swatted his hand away, “Oh, you!”

Mom turned to her brother, “Keep your hands to yourself. And get ready for lunch.”

“Yes, Ma’am. She always was pushy.” This is an aside to no one in particular.

Mom laughed, “Bobby, you know dessert always will be after the main course.”

Dad and Bob disappeared down the hall.

I began breaking eggs into a bowl. “Might as well start the omelet.”

I poured the eggs into a large pan. Mom added the ham. Sue had chopped some onions and green pepper. “Might as well make it a Denver.”

Dad and Bob returned. They were both nude. “It’s been a week since I’ve worn clothing and, boy, is it good to get them off.”

“Well, Bob, now you know why we live like we do when we are here at the cabin. It’s all about being free and comfortable with yourself.”

We sat down to lunch. “Any damage around here?”

I looked at Dad, “The trail to the grove probably has a lot of trees down across it. How were things in town?”

“We checked Sue and Bob’s house again. I guess the wind wasn’t as bad in town. Neither place had any damage to the roofs or any of the trees. It was mostly rain and neither place had any water damage either.”

“That’s good,” Mom looked at Dad. “I guess we were all lucky.”

“Yes, I think we were. Maybe after lunch, we can walk up the trail and see how much damage there is.”

“I wouldn’t wear any good boots. The trail is really muddy.”

After finishing lunch, we started up the trail. Dad took the lead followed by Bobby. Mom and Sue walked together. I followed along and just enjoyed looking at these four nude people whom I enjoyed fucking and sucking. Nice asses – each and everyone.

Dad stopped before we got to the grove. “I’ve seen enough. Bud, we’ve got our work cut out for us, but when we’re done we’ll have firewood for the next three years.”

Bobby looked at Dad, “We can start cleaning up tomorrow and we can come up and help on weekends. Right, Sue?”

“That’s right, Bobby, we can help each and every weekend.” Sue looked at me and winked.

Dad turned and led us back down the trail. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the patio and around the rest of the yard. Bobby grumbled about having to put on shorts to go out along the road in front of the cabin. We fixed a light supper before we slipped into the hot tub.

Once we were settled, Mom asked Dad, “How was your night?”

Dad looked at me, “I’d rather hear what was the cause of a mechanically induced sleep.”

Mom laughed, “You first. Then us.”

“Well, we decided not to go by our offices. Instead we went to Sue and Bob’s house. Everything was o.k., and we called our offices from there. Neither office was open – just voice mail messages that they were closed so everyone could go home to be with their families. We made sure everything loose was tied down then we drove over to our place.”

Bobby picked up the story, “We turned on the TV to check the weather. That’s when we learned the road back up the canyon to here was closed because of falling rock. That’s when we called you. The power was flickering off and on so we decided we’d better fix something to eat and get prepared for the night.”

“Bob thawed some bread from the freezer. He fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and soup while I got out a couple of sleeping bags and the camp stove and lantern. We also made sure there were good batteries in a couple of flashlights and the portable radio.”

“We found some extra batteries and got them out too.”

Dad laughed, “Just in time too. The power went off right after we got the kitchen and dishes cleaned up. We lit the lantern and brought everything into the family room. I bypassed the electric valve and igniter on the gas logs and lit them with a match.”

“We tried to read for a while but it was sort of difficult with the lantern. We decided to crash early. After checking the house again, we turned out the lantern and rolled out the sleeping bags. We undressed and turned in.”

“Yeah and before I could fall asleep Bobby started talking about how much fun he and Sue had when they used to screw on the carpet in front of their fireplace.”

Sue burst out laughing, “I haven’t thought about that in years. Remember how I’d get rug burn on my shoulders because you’d scoot me around while you were humping me hard.”

“Yes. And I remember rug burn on my knees from being in hot 69’s too.”

“Anyway, I told Bobby to relax and get some sleep because I wasn’t Sue. He kept tossing and turning. I asked him what his problem was and he said thinking about screwing in front of the fireplace had given him a hard-on. I told him that I had a hard-on too after picturing the two of them screwing in the firelight.”

Mom looked at them both, “So’d you go to sleep?”

“Yes we did,” Bobby replied, “but only after we sucked each other off in a pleasant 69.”

“And don’t forget, Bob, that a three o’clock you were still horny and as hard as a rock.”

“What’d you do then?”

“Bob was jerking himself off. I hated to see him waste a nice hard-on so I got up and found some lube so he could pretend I was Sue and screw me.”

“Did he screw you?”

“Yes. And very nicely, too. Bob finally blew his load and fell asleep.”

Sue grinned at them, “There seems to be something about fire light that makes people want to fuck.”

“We slept late – until after daylight. The power came back on during the late night sometime. We got up and showered and fixed breakfast and then checked the other house again before driving up here. Now tell us about the mechanically induced sleep.”

Mom and Sue took turns telling them about our afternoon and evening. I watched as they finished their tale, Sue moved close to Bobby. I watch as her hand moved around under water to grab his cock. “You’re as horny as I am. Let’s go to bed.”

“Good idea.” Bob stood up. His erection stuck straight out in front of him.

We watched as they ran to the house. Dad put his arm around Mom’s shoulder, “I think they have a good idea.” He stood up. He had a hard-on too. He pulled Mom to her feet, “Sorry, Bud. You’re on your own.”

I watched them go into the house. I soaked for a while then dried myself off and pulled the cover over the hot tub. I fell asleep to squeaking and thumping bed sounds coming from the two bedrooms down the hall from mine. About two o’clock I awakened and got up to pee. I saw a faint light coming from the living room. I walked to the doorway and looked in.

The fireplace was lit. Dad was screwing Mom and beside them Bobby was screwing Sue. They had spread a couple of comforters over the carpet so there would be no tattletale rug burn in the morning. I watched them for about ten minutes before going back to my room. I fell asleep thinking it was pretty neat that the four of them were fucking for fun. And I wished I could have been fucking someone alongside them.

Surprisingly enough, they were all up early. After finishing breakfast, Dad, Bobby and I loaded the one-wheeled carrier with tools and lots of water and sport drinks. It was warm and humid already and it promised to become hot and humid. We loaded a lot of hand tools – shovels, axes, bow saws and even an old two-person crosscut saw. Dad said he didn’t want to take the chainsaw since that met wearing chaps and gloves and goggles and hearing protection and, God forbid, a shirt and a pair of pants.

Just as we finished loading the carrier, Mom and Sue came out of the house. “Don’t forget the sunscreen.” We helped apply a liberal coat of sunscreen to each other’s back. Soon we were ready to go to work clad in boots, gloves, hats, and, as Sue said, ‘With our one button suits covered in sunscreen.

We started up the trail and soon reached the first downed tree across the trail. Bobby and I used bow saws to cut the tree into pieces. Dad stacked the pieces alongside the trail. Mom and Sue cleaned up the limbs. We did this with several other downed trees, but soon Bobby and I were just cutting out the part of the tree blocking the trail. We could cut up the rest of the tree later.

We also stopped to fill in and repair places where running water had damaged or, in places, washed out the trail. Soon we were all covered with dirt and mud and pieces of bark and sawdust. By the time we reached the grove, we were all sweaty and filthy dirty. We all groaned out loud when we saw the grove. There were trees down all around it.

We rested and all of us drank water and sports drinks. Dad looked at all of us, “I think we should call it a day. It’s getting too hot and we’ve already used up almost all of our drinking water.

Sue rubbed a dirty hand across her sweaty chest. She smeared the dirt and grim on her tits. “That’s a good idea. I’m fucking tired.”

Mom hugged her, “Or are you tired from fucking?”

“That too,” Sue laughed, “But right now, I’m too tired to fuck and it looks like the boys are too.”

We hadn’t packed a lunch, so after resting and drinking more fluids, we head back to the cabin. When we got back there, Bobby and I put the tools away. Dad hooked up a hose. We had extended a hot water line to the patio so we could mix hot and cold water and hose ourselves down with warm water.

We took turns hosing each other off with the warm spray. Dad and Bobby joked and played around with the nozzle and they kept changing from spray to jet and back again and warm to cold and back again. Sue did the same to them. We played in the water like a bunch of kids. It felt good after being so dirty and sweaty. Bobby was spraying Mom, Sue and me when Dad turned off the hot water.

Sue let out a shriek as the stream of cold water hit her. She started chasing Dad. She caught him as he tripped over the hose and fell on his back. She jumped on him and straddled his hips. She started to thump him on the chest. Dad began to tickle her sides. Sue started tickling Dad and soon they were both laughing. Bobby kneeled behind Sue and he began to tickle her too.

Sue tried to fend off his hands. Soon she was unable to defend herself and she was laughing and gasping for breath. “Come on, guys!. Stop tickling me!” They tickled her harder. “Come on, guys. ‘You keep tickling me and I’m going to pee!” Sue gasped. Dad and Bobby redoubled their efforts. Sue was laughing and gasping and wriggling.”

“Oh, gawd! I’m gonna pee!”

Mom and I had been watching them. Mom put her hand to her face as Sue released a stream of pee onto Dad’s chest.

Dad stopped tickling her. He stopped laughing long enough to say, “Son of a bitch! She’s pissing on me!”

Sue’s laughter and gasping was slowly coming under her control, but she was still peeing on Dad’s chest. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I warned you. I can’t help it.” Then she released another big gush of pee along with another gale of laughter.

Dad finally pushed her off of his chest. He stood up. Sue’s pee ran down his legs. “I’m going to get you.!” He laughed.

Sue got up to run. Dad and Bobby chased her. They caught up with her by the barbecue. Sue was still laughing and gasping for breath. She sank to a sitting position. Dad stood in front of her, “Here it comes!” He released a stream of pee onto her tits. She leaned back and Dad moved his stream down to her crotch. Sue spread her legs as Dad hosed his stream of piss across and around her shaven pussy.

Bobby stood beside him. He shot a stream at her tits again. Sue lifted her tits with her hands. Bobby hosed his piss stream across her chest and shoulders. Dad ran out of pee. He shook drops off his cock as he laughed, “How’d you like that?”

Sue opened her eyes, “I liked it. I liked it very much.” Then she pushed herself up onto her knees. Bobby was shaking his cock off. Sue gripped each of their cocks. Mom and I watched as she licked the last drops of piss off of them, then she began to suck Dad’s and Bobby’s cocks in turn.

Mom turned to me, “The mid-day sun does strange things to your family, just like they were mad dogs or Englishmen. Let’s go inside where it is cool. And somewhat sane.” I followed her inside.

I stopped at the refrigerator, “Would you like a glass of ice water?”

“Yes. please.”

I got two large glasses out of the cabinet and filled them with ice and cold water from the icemaker. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I placed the glasses on the table and sat down across from her. Mom sipped the water, “Ymm, that tastes good.” She quickly drank the whole glass. “I’m thirstier than I thought. Would you like another glass?’

“Sure. Thanks.” I handed my empty glass to her. We drank the second glass more slowly. Mom refilled her glass for the second time. She sat down back at the table. She ran a hand up her arm.

“I feel gritty. “ Then she ran a hand through her hair, “and my hair is filthy. I think I’ll shower.” She emptied her water glass and stood up. “Care to join me?”

“Sure. I’ll be along in a minute.” Mom started down the hall. I was still thirsty so I drank a third glass of water. I put both water glasses in the dishwasher then walked down the hall to the bathroom. Mom was getting some towels out of the linen closet.

“Let’s use the shower in the exercise room. It’s bigger.” I followed Mom through the house. When we got to the weight room, she looked at me in a strange way. “Do you need to pee?”

‘No. Why?”

“I don’t know. Sue has this fascination with being peed upon and peeing on someone and I thought. . .” Mom paused.


“Well, I thought if you had to pee, I’d let you pee on me before we shower and then maybe I might begin to understand what fascinates Sue.”

“I don’t know. One time she mentioned to me she wanted to try ‘water sports’, but Uncle Bob thought it was too kinky.”

“Water sports?”

“Yeah, that’s a name for pee and pissing games. Do you need to pee?”

“Well, yes. Those three glasses of ice water really went through me.”

“Standing barefoot on this cool tile floor doesn’t help either.”

“I know.”

I hugged Mom. “I’ll sit down in the shower. You straddle me and let fly. At least that way, you’ll get to pee on someone.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I sat down on the shower floor. I leaned back on my arms. Mom stepped into the shower and placed her feet on either side of my hips.

“You’re sure.”

“Yes.” Mom put her hands on her hips as she released a stream of warm pee. I was surprised at the strength of her stream. It curved out from her crotch and spattered against my chest. As her pee stream weakened, she drenched my crotch, cock and balls. I sat still as the pee ran off me and down the drain.

She looked embarrassed as she helped me to my feet.

“Guess what? That cold tile has done a number on my bladder. It’s your turn.”

Mom sat down on the shower floor. She leaned back as I did but she spread her legs. I noticed a shadow of fine hair covering her pussy. “Are you ready?”

Mom closed her eyes, “Pee away.”

I held my cock as I began to pee. I hosed her breasts then moved down to her belly button. Mom opened her eyes. She began to laugh, “No fair. You can aim.” I changed my aim and directed the stream at her pussy. Mom reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips. I aimed at her clitoris. “Oh, that’s not too bad, “ Mom smiled.

I finished peeing and helped her to her feet. She hugged me. “Thanks for humoring me, but I think pee games are an acquired taste and , at least at the moment, they aren’t for me.”

She turned on the shower. Both of us rinsed then we did some serious washing. I washed her back then reached around her and lathered her breasts. I rubbed and kneaded her breasts until she put her hands on mine and stopped me. I slipped my hand down her soapy belly to her crotch and cupped her cunt, “You’ve stopped shaving, Mom.”

“Just my pussy. I thought a woman my age looked a little ridiculous with a bare pussy like a girl. And I think hairless men look a little strange too. Although I do like kissing. licking and sucking clean smoothly shaven cocks and scrotums.”

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