tagIncest/TabooFamily Matters Ch. 04

Family Matters Ch. 04


Chapter one gives the background of this hot family. The other chapters get hotter as they progress. It will be easier to follow if you start at the beginning.

I took a step back and looked at my sister. She had closed her eyes and sat there with her head tilted back and my cum dripping off her face and on to her tits. It was the sexiest thing that i had ever seen, and i have seen a lot lately. As I watched she started to rub her delicate fingers into my cum. She touched her face and played with her tits, using my cum as lube. There was so much of it. I had never cum so much in my life.

She collected some of my cum with her fingers and my eyes followed her hands as she placed them into her mouth and licked them clean. Her eyes were locked on mine as I followed her every move. Soon, she reached down and removed her thong. I watched my naked sister as she moved back to the center of the bed and spread her legs for me.

I was frozen as I stared at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her outer lips were swollen and red. Her inner lips protruded slightly and were thin like a delicate flower. Her clit pointed to the sky and glistened from her moisture. That's when Leslie placed her finger in her cunt and started to stroke her pussy while I watched. First one finger then two as her hips rose to met her pulsing hand. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and held them up for me to see as she separated them to show me the slim that covered her fingers causing strings of liquid pearls to run from one to the other.

Using her wet index finger she motioned for me to come to her. I crawled up the bed and straddled her body. She inserted her wet fingers into my mouth and I fed on my sister's cunt juice like I had'nt eaten in years. Leslie then grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her as she kissed me deeply and passionately. I marveled at the feel of her tongue in my mouth. As I realized that I was now the last family member to cross over into a world of taboo and forbidden desires. Everyone in my family had done so and now here I was about to take my sister, in my own bed while our parents were downstairs watching a movie.

I made eye contact with Leslie and it was as though we could read each other's minds. She was asking me if I were ready for this and I mentally answered YES, HELL YES. Then I felt her hand reaching down between us as she found my hard cock. She pointed it down toward her pussy and made an adjustment to her hips and just like that, I was inside my sister. Her body went stiff as I slid all the way in. I just lay there and felt the warmth of our bodies and did not move for a while.

That's when I felt Leslie rock her hips and I realized that I should be fucking her now. Slowly and unsurely I began to extract and re-enter her. She started to moan and run her hands over my back. As my confidence grew, so did my rhythm as I began to fuck my sister in earnest. She encouraged me with her dirty talk and before long I began to feel like a king. Here I was fucking the sexiest girl in town. The one all of my buddies have wanted to fuck for years. She was not fucking them She was fucking me, her brother.


This was all so crazy and ohh so hot. I watched as dad had his enormous cock in Mom's cunt and she rode him like a pony, the whole time she kept her eyes on Paula and me. Before long Mom stopped moving and she just sat in Dad's lap and watched. Dad looked like he was ready to pass out as he slumped in the chair with his eyes closed. Paula began to slide down my body with her tongue tracing a path that I hoped would end at my pussy. Mom tilted her head to get a better view of the action when I got a nasty thought. I motioned for Mom to come over to the sofa. She did not need a second invitation. Mom rose from the chair as I watched dad's limp, wet cock slide out of her and landing on his thigh.

By the time my mother had sauntered over to the sofa, Paula had made her way to her prize and was lapping the juices that were flowing freely from my pussy. Mom was about to sit on the edge of the sofa when something exciting caught my eye. I reached my hand out to her and led her closer to me. She stood right in front of my face as i watched my father's sperm traced a line down her thigh. I place my hand between her legs suggesting that she should open them and she immediately took the hint and spread her legs for me. I looked up and saw Dad's load running out of her cunt. A small drop was about to hit the floor when I extended my finger and caught it just as it fell from her lips. I held the drop up so the she could see it on my finger then seductively placed it on my tongue and sucked on my finger like it was a cock.

Paula seemed like a distant thought, as I was only partially aware that she was licking my clit. My focus was on my mother and her wet pussy. I pulled my mother's hips to my face and she extended her leg to straddle me as I lay on the sofa. She stopped with her cunt just inches above my mouth. I saw her kneel as she pushed a glob of Dad's cum out of her pussy. I opened my mouth in anticipation and was rewarded with his sweet nectar. It tasted different than it did last night as I figured it was now mixed with Mom's cream. I delighted in the flavor as I raised my head to drink it from the source. Holding my mother by the hips I sucked at her cunt while extending my tongue as far into her as I could. Mom held on to my head as she settled down and faced fucked me while I consumed as many fluids as she could produce. I could not see anything as mom smothered me with her cunt.

I remember reaching around Mom's ass and feeling the bud of her asshole. It was wet with her juices and felt so inviting. I was not sure how she would feel about this but I could not resist the urge, as I pushed my finger into her ass up to my ring. I found out soon enough how she would respond as she fucked my face even harder and screamed out my name.

"Lisa, Lisa! Yes that's it my sweet. Fuck my ass! Fuck Mommy's ass while you lick my pussy,"

I thought she was going to go crazy, I added another finger and she seemed to love it all the more. I started to really work those two fingers into her ass, spinning them around as I penetrated her. Then Mom let out a very load scream and her whole body went stiff. She started to shake like she was having a seizure and that's when it happened. My face was flooded with fluid. At first I thought she was peeing on me, then I remembered what I had read about female ejaculation. My mom as a squirter. How cool is that? I sucked down as much as I could but most of it got away from me and ran out all over the sofa.

When Mom recovered she slid down on me and we kissed. She cleaned up my face with her tongue and we held each other passionately. I had never felt so close to my mother than i did in this moment. I felt truly loved. At some point I became aware that Paula was not eating my pussy anymore but I was not sure where she was. The only thing that I was aware of was the weight of my mother and the tenderness of her kiss.


From my position between Lisa's legs, I could see her mother riding her face, while Lisa had two fingers in her mother's ass. It was not long before Mrs. B had the most violent orgasm that I had ever seen. Lisa looked like she would drown as she stayed under her mother while Mrs. B let loose a flood of pussy juice in her daughter's face. I had long stooped eating Lisa's cunt, all I could do was watch, until I saw Mrs. B lay on top of Lisa as they kissed. The moment looked so beautiful and intimate that I felt like an intruder. I walked out of the room going to the rest room. As I stopped at the stairs I looked back to see mother and daughter enjoying a post coitus embrace while Mr. B lay back in his chair slowly stroking the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I remember thinking that Lisa was so lucky to have such a loving family. But before the jealousy could sink in I thought that I was pretty damn lucky myself to share this moment with them.

I went into the restroom and took a quick shower. It was hard but I made the extra effort not to play with my pussy while I was in there. The night was young and I did not want to miss out on anything. I dried my hair and wrapped it with a towel before leaving the room just as nude as I had entered. I thought about putting on some clothes then i had an even naughtier thought. I went down the hall to Robert's room to see what he and Leslie had been up to all this time. I knocked on the door and asked, "Can I come in?" Not waiting for a response I opened the door and saw Leslie and Robert intertwined on the bed. They were in each other's arms with their legs wrapped together. They were just as naked as I was. They appeared to be waking up from sleep and not fully aware that I was there. Then Leslie rubbed her eyes and looked at me.

"Paula? Wha, What are you doing here?" She asked realizing that i was nude in Robert's room.

"That's the question I should be asking you, although it's painfully obvious. Is their anybody in this family not fucking each other?"

Just then Robert looked around the room and realized that there were two naked girls in there with him. He looked back and forth from me to his sister as if comparing our bodies. I hoped that he saw something in me that he liked because his sister was so damn fine that it was intimidating. I watched as Robert's cock rose to full hardness and he climbed off the bed and walked over to me.

"Well, well what do we have here? Look Leslie, have you ever seen a naked dyke up close?"

I didn't appreciate being called a dyke and I turned to walk out when Robert grabbed my arm.

"Not so fast, you came in here all naked. You knew this was my room so you must have been looking for something. Maybe you're not all dyke. Maybe you came in here to get some of this dick." He said slapping my thigh with his hard cock.

I looked at his body. It looked perfect. He was lean and muscled, not all swollen like his father but hot and sexy like D'Angelo in that video a few years back. My eyes traced a line down his body looking at every muscle until I reached the muscle I wanted to try. I had never been fucked before. But in the last few days I had seen so many cocks and seen so many wild sex acts that I was game for anything. My tongue told on me as I stood there watching his cock sway I inadvertently licked my lips.

"AAAHHH, so that's what you want huh?" Robert said while proudly stroking his cock. Does my sister's little dyke friend want to suck my cock?

I did not like the arrogance of his tone. Why is it when a guy feels like he has an advantage he has to act like an asshole? That's why I stay away from guys. It's not that I don't like them. I just don't like how they get. I couldn't believe that I thought about doing it with this asshole. I turned to leave again when the shock of my life came.

"If you go now, you will lose out on this." I spun around to see Lisa on the bed with her legs spread and her hands pulling her lips apart. Shit, not Lisa that was Leslie, right? Hell they are identical no one can tell them apart. Her pussy looked so inviting as she started to play with herself for my amusement.

"What are you suggesting? " I asked not trusting the situation.

"I am suggesting that it is time I discover what my sister has already found to be true." Leslie said as she walked over to the door I had just opened. I watched her tits sway as she came closer. Her hands squeezed her tits together as she walked. She came over and rubbed her hand against my face and gave me a tender kiss. "You see brother dear, a lady likes to be treated like a lady." She kissed me again, this time our bodies melted one into the other. It was strange, so familiar yet so very different. She led me to the bed and we continued to kiss as we lay down. This was the second time today that I was having sex before an audience and I LOVED IT!

The kissing went on for a very long time. I think we were both scared to take it to the next level. Then suddenly Leslie inverted her body and presented me with her pussy. I wasted no time. I sucked at her pussy before she could change her mind.


I am not sure what came over me but when Paula came into the room nude I knew that I wanted to try her. Not so much for Paula's sake but after hearing about Mom and Aunt Gina I wanted to try it with Lisa and I was afraid. I figured if I could do it with Paula I could use her as practice so that I would be better when I tried it with Lisa. Besides, having Robert there made it seem less gay. (Well it made sense in my head) But now Robert was about to ruin it all. I had to think fast.

Taking control of the situation I led Paula back to the bed where we made out. I couldn't believe I was lying in bed with a girl. I kept looking for Robert to make sure that he was still there. I don't know what I was thinking; no guy is about to leave the room with two hot girls lying naked in the bed. The kissing felt so wonderful and tender. It was not like kissing a boy. Not better or worse just...different. I was terrified and didn't know what to do next. I kept waiting for Paula to take the lead. She was the one with experience after all.

I realized that if something was going to happen that I would have to make it happen. I spun around in the sixty-nine position and presented her with my wet pussy. Paula knew instantly what to do next and began to eat my pussy. I was not so confident. I looked up to see Robert stroking his cock. I wanted to try Paula's pussy but I was afraid. Instead I reached for my brother's cock and began to suck it while Paula pleasured me.

It was like I was in a trance as I sucked on Robert while Paula was eating my cunt. Her tongue felt so good. Her pussy was only inches from my mouth as I sucked on my brother's cock. I wanted so badly to taste her but I was afraid. Instead I pulled Robert's cock out of my mouth and aimed it at Paula's pussy. In the same motion as he had been fucking my mouth he slipped his cock into Paula before either of them knew what had happened.

Paula started to squirm has I locked my legs around her head and held her down with my arms. Before long she gave into the new sensation and continued to work on my clit. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her was driving me crazy. I began to lick his balls as he fucked her. My tongue came closer and closer to her pussy as I continued to lick and suck on my brother's balls. I could smell her and my nostrils flared as I enjoyed the scent of her. How bad could it be? I thought, as I tried to talk myself into licking my first pussy. That's when she started to chew on my clit. I screamed out loud and shifted my attention from my brother to the woman that was causing me so much pleasure I licked her clit as my brother continued to fuck her. And she instantly began to encourage me to do more.

"Yes that's it Leslie. Keep sucking my clit. I love it. I have never felt like this before. Your tongue on my clit while your brother's cock is in my cunt. I love this family"

"I love this family too." I thought as my brother and I brought my sister's girlfriend to a rousing orgasm.

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One of the best stories ever. Why did it end? The possibilities for a very long series are enormous. I look forward to many, many more installments. Please. Pretty please.

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