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Author's Note: In answer to the requests I have had both on the public comments board and privately through feedback, this story is an adjunct to the "Fun For All the Family" series and in which I have introduced, as requested, the families of Mark and Paul. I hope this will be the start of a series, too, but shall see how things go. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first story featuring the sons of Mark and the daughter of Paul.



Julie steered the car down the lane, her daughter Jenna next to her and her brothers Mark and Paul in the back.

"Which one of you boys wants dropping off first?" Julie asked, as she slowed the car down to a snail's pace.

"Drop us both off at mine," replied Mark, "Paul's gonna pop in for awhile. What about you and Jenna?"

"Oh yeah, mom," said Jenna, "we haven't seen Michael and Robert for a long time," she went on, referring to Mark's two horny adult sons who were twins and only a year or so younger than Jenna.

"Nor Janine, neither," said Paul, referring to his daughter. "She'll be here, too, she didn't want to spend the evening at home alone when she could come round here and get some good fucks from her cousins."

"Go on, mom," urged Jenna, "I could do with getting fucked by my cousins, too."

"I don't think so," replied Julie, as she stopped the car outside Mark's house. "David, Mark and Shirley will wonder where we've got to."

"I shouldn't worry about that," said Mark, "David's probably too involved in a threesome with Jack and Shirley as we speak to worry."

"What about your wives?" asked Julie.

"They won't be home yet," said Mark, "once they go out for the night, it'll be dawn before they get in. Anyway, I wish you'd all make your peace, why are you so down on each other?"

"I'm not down on them," said Julie, "I just get the impression they don't like me very much, knowing what we sometimes do together. Jealousy, I suppose."

"On whose part?" asked Mark.

"It's no more or less what we get up to with our lot," said Paul, not giving his sister a chance to reply to his brother's remark. "I bet my nephews are inside now, just a few feet away from us, having a good time with my daughter at this very minute, just like your husband is probably right now fucking his mother."

"Or father," laughed Mark.

"Please, mom," said Jenna. "Michael and Robert really know how to fuck and Janine is as big a slut as I am, we could have a lot more fun tonight."

"Well," said Julie in the kind of voice that meant she was prepared to give way, "I ought to phone your father first," she continued, reaching in her bag for her mobile. "He and his mom and dad won't mind if we have some fun with you but I think it's fair to let them know we'll be a bit late. Don't want them worrying we might have had an accident."

"Great, mom," said Jenna, "I knew the thought of some more hot sex would get the better of you." She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at her uncles. "I think you spoke a bit too soon, uncle Paul," she giggled, "when you said that fuck you gave me back home might be the last for some time."

"Yeah," said Mark, "but I think I'm next in the queue, don't you, you little vixen!"

"Greedy, aren't you, uncle Mark?" said Jenna, "you've already given my pussy a good going over once this evening."

"Yeah, and it was beautiful to watch," said Julie, beaming at her daughter.

"Do I have to have an excuse to fuck my gorgeous slut of a niece's lovely tight oussy again, then?" said Mark, grinning at his sister's offspring.

"'course not," said Jenna, "and maybe those hunky sons of yours will give me a good shag, too."

"I'm sure they will," said Mark, as images of his sons' big pricks, balls and asses appeared in his mind's eyes and memories of the many times he'd been incestuously fucked by them himself came back to him. Both Michael and Robert had taken after their father in the cock sakes, having two impressive schlongs that many a male porn actor would die for, and they both knew how to use them, whether in their male relatives' asses or their ladyfolk's cunts.

Mark, Paul and Jenna climbed out of the car, leaving Julie behind to make her phone call. When she joined them at the door, Mark turned a quizzical eye in her direction.

"Everything OK?" he asked, inserting his doorkey in the lock.

"Yes," replied Julie, "Shirley answered. David's rewarding Jack at the moment, fucking his dad up the ass, she said to us to enjoy ourselves as much as they are."

"There you are, then," said Paul. "But hold on a minute," he added, as Mark stepped across the threshold, "let's surprise the others. Why don't you and Jenna hold back a moment?"

Paul followed his brother into the house and, as Paul had predicted, the grunts and groans of pleasure were clearly audible as soon as they stepped into the hall. The door to the lounge was ajar and the brothers had a clear view of their naked adult offspring enjoying a very hot threesome. Janine, Paul's daughter, was on her hands and knees while her cousins Michael and Robert, Mark's sons, were standing in front of her with their hard throbbing cocks in their hands, their cousin treating them to alternate blowjobs. From their vantage point in the hall, Mark and Paul had a good view of the action and of Michael and Robert's bare clenching asses.

The hot scene was so intense that Mark and Paul almost forgot that Julie and Jenna were waiting outside as they feasted their eyes on the incestuous shenanighans. "We're still here, boys," Julie whispered as Mark and Paul started to rub the bulges that were tenting out their pants and which had appeared as if by magic.

"Well," said Mark, "what have we got here?"

Michael and Robert spun their heads over their shoulders and smiled at their father and uncle. "Hi dad, hi uncle Paul," they both chorused, "glad you could join us."

"Yeah, hi dad, hi uncle Mark," said Janine, "did you have a good time at aunt Julie's?"

"Sure fucking did," said Paul, rubbing the now formidable bulge in his pants.

"Yeah," said Mark, doing likewise, "so good in fact that we've got a little surprise for you." He turned his head back to the door and signalled to his sister and niece to step forward. Julie and Jenna, who had started to think they would never be asked, advanced into the hall and stood next to Mark and Paul in the doorway to the lounge, smiling and their eyes widening at the sight of the three young naked bodies which greeted them.

"Hi everyone," said Jenna, "bet you didn't expect to see us, eh?"

"Fuck no," said Michael, hurrying over to the cluster of people in the doorway, Robert following closely behind, their hard cocks leading the way and feeling no guilt nor embarrassment in their nudity. "What a surprise!"

Michael folded himself into Jenna's arms and kissed his other cousin hard on the lips while Robert did the same with his aunt Julie. Janine wasn't going to be left out and, scrambling to her feet, hurried over and wrapped herself into her father's arms, likewise feeling no shame in her full frontal nudity.

Paul kissed his daughter on the lips, then Janine turned and kissed her uncle Mark in the same unproprietous way. Michael and Robert had swapped places and Michael was now snogging Julie while Robert returned the compliment on Jenna. Janine dropped to her knees in front of her father and uncle and gazed lovingly at the bulges in their pants as Mark and Paul started unbuckling their belts. She reached out with her hands first to her father and started fumbling with his fly and then did the same with Mark. As the brothers' big cocks and their shining balls were released from the constraints of their pants, Janine gasped as if she had never seen them before.

Across the room, Jenna and Julie had likewise dropped to their knees and had started to suck hard on Michael and Robert's cocks respectively. Mark smiled as he watched his sons getting blowjobbed by his sister and niece and then turned his attention to the view immediately below him as Janine took her father's cock into her hot little mouth.

Mark stood back and removed his clothes and went over to stand next to his sons so that Julie and Jenna now had three hard pricks standing erect and proud in front of them as the men formed a semi-circle. As Janine sucked long and hard on his fat rod, Paul divested himself of his shirt and dropped his pants and shorts where they languished around his ankles. He kicked off his boots and removed his socks so that he too was now completely naked, leaving only Julie and Jenna still dressed.

But not for long. As Mark and his sons stood wanking in front of them, Julie glanced at her daughter and smiled at her. "I think we ought to get undressed too, don't you sweetheart?" said Julie, "I'm starting to feel quite overdressed."

It took only a moment or two for Jenna and her mother to get rid of their clothes and then all the relatives from the two branches of the family gathered round naked together to enjoy a perverted family orgy.

Ten miles away, David was soaking up the euphoria of the threesome he had enjoyed, indeed was still enjoying, with Shirley and Jack, feeling immensely proud at having fucked both his parents that evening. Shirley had told him and her husband what Jenna and Julie were up to and that had spurred David on to fuck his parents even harder. David was so lost in his love for Jack and Shirley that he didn't even question how it happened that Julie and Jenna had stayed over after taking Mark and Paul home, knowing the situation with their wives, as he shot another big load in his mother's cunt to a loud round of applause from his father ...


Janine lay back on the sofa and lifted her legs in the air as her father Paul dropped down in front of her, her gaping pussy in his direct line of vision just an inch or so away from his face. Janine was the whole world to him, he was so proud of his beautiful daughter and how she had inherited the family's intense love of sex. Her pussy was beautifully trim and Paul remembered the first time he had gazed upon it, when it had been unsullied and untouched by anyone other than herself, and he had first kissed and licked it before taking her virginity. Paul had sucked, licked and fucked Janine many times since then but he never tired of it and neither did Janine.

"Lick my pussy, dad," Janine pleaded as she spread her labia with her hands, "I'm so fucking horny and I really need to feel your nice hot tongue working its way round my clit."

The other members of the family gathered round to watch as Paul placed his head in Janine's hot steaming muff and breathed in the heady aroma as his daughter's love box grew moister by the second. Mark and his sons Michael and Robert were wanking furiously as they watched Paul stick out his tongue and begin to run it up and down the long sweet groove of his daughter's cunt. Paul simply adored licking Janine and his talented tongue soon located her swollen clit that was sticking out in true pornographic style through the folds of her pussy skin.

"That's it, uncle Paul," Robert said, "lick her cunt nice and hard."

"Yeah," said Jenna, fingering herself as she watched, "my pussy needs some attention, too. Which one of you horny hunks wants to do me the privelege?"

Michael didn't wait for his father or brother to reply, he quickly moved in and, taking Jenna by the shoulders, placed her on her back on the sofa alongside Janine. Then he knelt down next to his uncle Paul, who was still hungrily lapping away at Janine's love box, and stuck out his tongue to treat the cousin he hadn't seen in months to some nice hot incestuous cunnilingus. Indeed, it was such a long time since Michael had seen Jenna that he felt as if he was licking her for the first time and he was determined to show her just how much he had perfected his cunt-licking skills.

"Ooh, Michael," Jenna squealed, "you are so much better at this than last time."

"He's been practising on Janine," Mark answered, his pride overwhelming him as he watched his son licking his niece. Julie was starting to feel a bit left out of the action and was determined to put that to rights as she moved over to Mark and Robert and dropped down in front of the father and son pricks.

"Let me see you kiss while I suck you off," said Julie, now well into her stride and only too pleased that she had allowed herself to be persuaded to come in for what passed as a nightcap in this particular family. As Mark and Robert began an incestuous gay snog, Julie engulfed Robert's cock in her mouth while Mark, still in the throes of kissing his son, began to touch him up the ass.

"Wow!" said Janine, inbetween writhing and squirming to the continued onslaught of her father's tongue, "look at uncle Mark and Robert going gay with each other."

Paul looked round and smiled at his brother and nephew and also his sister who still had her mouth wrapped around Mark's prick. Michael, too, momentarily suspended his licking of Jenna's cunt to turn his head to smile at his father and brother.

"Go for it," he said, "this is a fantastic family gangbang. Wonder what mom would say if she could see us?"

"Let's not worry about that, lad," Paul said to his nephew as the two of them went back to licking out Janine and Jenna respectively, "this is too much fun to think of things like that."

After alternating between Mark and Robert's pricks, Julie rested back on her haunches and smiled up at her brother and nephew. "I want to lick both your asses," she said, "and I want you to carry on kissing while I do so."

Mark and Robert exchanged bemused glances as they turned their backs on Julie to show her their naked father and son buttocks. "Spread your cheeks, boys," Julie said and Mark and Robert eagerly complied, both leaning forward and clasping their buns with their hands and exposing their assholes to Julie's eager ass-besotted eyes, their heads turned towards each other to carry on snogging as they waited for their bumholes to be rimmed.

"Oh yeah," Julie said, having not had the pleasure of Robert's anal canal for months, "your bottoms are so beautiful." She reached out and ran her warm hands over the two sets of male ass cheeks, her left hand exploring her brother's and her right her nephew's while Mark and Robert continued exploring each other's mouths with their hot incestuous tongues. Julie's gaze lingered on the two firm rumps for several moments until she could sense the men getting impatient, then she quickly opened her mouth and fired her long wet tongue like an arrow deep into the gash between Robert's buns.

Robert gasped as his aunt began the rim job with the expertise of the real ass fetishist. "Yeah," said Mark, breaking the kiss with Robert and looking down to watch his sister's tongue working its way along the long crack of his son's backside, "lick my boy's ass."

"Oh yeah, aunt Julie," said Robert, lasciviously, "your hot tongue feels so great in my ass."

Across the way, Janine and Jenna had been thoroughly enjoying having their pussies licked by Paul and Michael but the grunts coming from the other side of the room were impossible for any of them to ignore. Like the mind readers they were, Paul and Michael withdrew their tongues from the now sodden twats and hauled the young ladies to their feet.

"Let's go and watch the rimming," said Paul, taking Janine by the hand and leading her across the room to where Julie was alternately licking Robert and Mark's assholes. Jenna moved in close as well to get a better look as Julie once again went back to rimming Robert. Michael started to walk over to where the rimming was taking place, too, but was waylaid by his father on the way.

"I think its high time one of my sons got a nice hot paternal blowjob," Mark said, dropping to his knees in front of Michael.

"Yeah, go on, uncle Mark," said Jenna, "let's see you suck Michael's cock."

Mark and Michael didn't need any encouragement, they were family perverts of the highest order and as Michael slid his thick rod into his father's mouth, Jenna, Janine, Robert and Paul began to wish they had eyes in other parts of their bodies as well, instead of having to dart them back and forth between the two sets of scintillating hardcore action ...


Paul stood in front of his daughter and niece as Janine began to suck on his stiff pole while Jenna went down on his balls. Julie needed to come up for air and rested back on her haunches as she removed her tongue from Robert's asshole. Robert moved over to stand next to his brother so that Mark now had the two rock hard appendages of both his sons staring him in the face.

"Suck Robert, dad," Michael said, pulling his cock out of Mark's mouth, since there was no competition between the family members and, even though he had been enjoying his father's administrations, Michael didn't think it fair to hog him to himself. Julie started to finger her fanny as she watched her brother in action with her nephews while, on the other side of her, her other brother was still enjoying the oral attentions of her daughter and niece.

"This is what you call a gangbang," Julie mused to herself. A momentary feeling of guilt that David, Shirley and Jack were not with them came and went very quickly when she thought of the threesome her husband was undoubtedly still enjoying back home with his parents. But, she pondered secretly, how wonderful it would be if she could get them all together for the biggest taboo orgy ever. Quietly to herself, Julie resolved that she would try to see her idea come to fruition.

"You ladies are fucking fantastic," said Paul, his genitalia now almost completely vanished from view with his cock in his daughter's mouth and his balls in his niece's. "What you doing sitting over there, Julie? Come and lick my ass like you did Mark and Robert."

"The three J's" said Michael, masturbating in front of his father and brother, Robert still being deep-throated by Mark, "that's what we'll have to call you girls from now on."

"Yeah," said Robert, glancing over his shoulder as Julie shifted herself until she was kneeling behind Paul with his bum in her face, "funny you should all have names that begin with J."

Paul was in a complete and utter world of his own now as he received the amorous attentions of all three lady family members. Julie's tongue, fresh from swiping Mark and Robert's assholes, now made its snake-like way along the gash between Paul's buns and Paul knew he wouldn't be able to refrain from shooting his load for much longer.

The sight of Julie licking Paul's ass was a real turn-on for Mark. He let Robert's cock slide out of his mouth and signalled with his eyes for his sons to turn round. Michael so far had not had a tongue up his ass that evening but he knew that that was about to be rectified in the next few seconds.

Michael and Robert were both true incestous male sex sluts, ever since they had been eligible to take part in the family orgies from their eighteenth birthdays onwards. Now fully experienced in just about every aspect of sex, they knew what their father wanted and didn't need to be told by him to bend over, they simply leaned their bodies forward and spread their cheeks so that Mark now had the two twitching assholes of both his sons gaping wide open in front of him.

"Lick Michael's ass first, dad," said Robert, glancing over his shoulder as he pulled his buns as far apart as nature would allow them to go, "mine's had a good long lick from aunt Julie."

Michael too spread his cheeks as far as they would go and pushed his ass back into his father's face. Mark didn't waste a second as he sent out his tongue for a long hard lick of Michael's sweaty fuck hole. The scent and taste of his son's ass was intoxiicating in the extreme, the ladies watching the father and son rimming out the corners of their eyes as they continued their hungry consumption of Paul.

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