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I come from a large family and from early childhood, my dream was to have a large family of my own. Well, some dreams come true but in a different way than you expect.

My name is Carol and I have always considered myself to be a resourceful woman. If the first plan doesn't work, improvise and try something else. That idea has served me well all my life and I have tried to teach that to my pretty young daughter, Emily.

Emily is quite a good-looking brunette with large green eyes which are nothing short of stunning. Her 36C breasts are shapely and dramatically define her 5'6" frame. Did I mention she has a set of legs to die for? She is 24 and lives two hours from here while she pursues a career in advertising. She is well aware of her good looks but she is not stuck up in the way some pretty girls are. She was a joy to raise and always helped out around the house and always did well in school.

During high school, she liked to date but never got too involved with any one guy, probably because she knew that one day, she could pretty much have her pick of any man she wanted, as soon as she decided to settle down.

I came from a large family with three brothers and two sisters. Growing up in that environment, I came to appreciate the warmth and support a large family provided and I always dreamed of having a large family of my own. Sadly, complications of delivering Emily into the world meant that I was destined not to have any more children. Emily was such a joy to raise that I mostly forgot the pain of not being able to produce children but I always hoped one day that Emily would get married and have a big, happy family with lots of grandkids for me to dote upon.

Emily's decision to delay marriage and motherhood became a source of contention between us. More than a few verbal fisticuffs broke out between us but our deep affection for one another quickly put an end to the hard feelings. Things got harder when Emily's dad had a midlife crisis and ran away with a younger woman and settled down in another state. Neither Emily nor I ever wanted anything to do with him again and I don't think he really cared.

During Emily's senior year of high school, I met John, the manager of a shipping firm and a really great guy. Always cool-headed, analytical and very kind to Emily and me, he was a great catch. He had one son, Sean, who was just starting junior high when we married. He and Emily got along fine for the time they both lived under the same roof but the age difference meant they did not have much in common so they hardly interacted. Sean is a good kid, good in school, average looking and painfully shy.

Life would have seen so simple except that both John and I had a strong desire for more children. If only Emily had stayed at home and found someone locally to marry, we would have encouraged her to have a big family. One day, John came home from work and found me the livingroom, sobbing uncontrollably.

"What's the matter, hon?"

Through my tears, I lamented about the sense of loss I felt because I never had the large family I dreamed of and that my one and only baby lived so far away.

"There, there, baby, don't you worry, there is always a solution to every problem, isn't that what you always tell me?"

I agreed but said I did not see a solution to this problem, except to adopt, which would be costly and take years.

John stood on his 6'2" muscular frame, pulled me up off the sofa and wrapped his arms around me so tight, I thought I would collapse but I did not want him to let up, I felt so loved and protected and at that moment, that is exactly what I needed.

I could not help myself, the tears gushed forth like a flood and I cried out "I want to have your baby, John, I want to give you a little baby boy."

I was hysterical. John kept giving me calming pats on the back and gentle kisses and after awhile, I quieted down, although he could still feel my heart racing a mile a minute. John calmed me with gentle strokes of his hand on my back and reassuring words whispered in my ear.

"Ok, baby, are you alright now?"

I managed to nod 'Yes' but that all. John then did what he always did whenever I had an emotional episode. He held me close again and directed me to go into the bedroom and quickly remove all of my clothes. As I did this, I was to remain silent and be very submissive. I walked into the bedroom and John followed and closed the bedroom behind him. He sat on a small chair while I stood a few feet way and unbuttoned my dress to reveal a black bra and a thong underwear and garter belt with black stockings. John forbad me from wearing pantyhose, which was inconvenient for me but I wanted to please him.

I then removed the bra and my large breasts flopped down. I have large, pear shaped breasts with large nipples. John could hardly conceal the erection that was poking up from his crotch area, so I know my body still turned him on. Next off was the garter belt and stockings followed by the thing panties, which revealed my thin landing strip of pubic hear, worn exactly the way John wanted it.

Now that I was completely naked, John stood up, erection still in full salute, and held me close to him. I felt my bit tits gouged firmly into his chest, which made be tingly.

My heart started to pound like a jackhammer and my pussy juices began to flow freely because I knew what was about to happen. John sat on the bed and pulled my arms toward him and down so that I was pulled over his knees. I felt his hand slap me with a loud report and I involuntarily jumped up from the sudden painful sensation. Again and again, his hand slapped my round bottom very hard and I cried out in pain. John ignored my screams of protest and kept spanking and spanking. At last he was done and ordered me to stand up. I caught a glimpse of my assaulted butt in the mirror and saw it was beet red.

John walked into our closet and came out with a thin rattan cane. He ordered me to bend over with my hands resting on the bed. As I did so, the cane flew into my already painful butt and I let out a loud scream. Before I could even recover, the next stroke hit home and I gasped. Again and again and again the strokes kept coming and I yelled out excruciating pain.

My tears were flowing freely again and John kept up the strokes far beyond what I thought I could stand.

"Ýou're doing fine, baby, just a little more. I know you can take a little more, honey" he reassured my in a calm, gentle voice.

The strokes continued for several more minutes and I thought I was going to pass out. Finally, he relented. He held my in his arms again and kissed me passionately. I could barely kiss him back because of the extreme pain but I did appreciate him holding me and reassuring me. John pulled back the bedcovers and ordered me into bed. I got in and lay on my side to take pressure off of my painful backside.

He quickly undressed and got into bed beside me and put his arms around me as the pain slowly eased. He kissed my sweetly and as he rolled his tongue around in my mouth, I began to lubricate and my pussy felt so warm and wet. I felt a finger go into my pussy, just past the lips. My pussy clenched around his finger and I began to lubricate even more. His thumb ran circles around my clitoris and an electric sensation ran though my vagina and I began to squirm.

The severe spanking had exactly the effect intended. It calmed me down and redirected all that manic energy away from my problems. I felt his mouth on my left nipple and he sucked it hard. As he did so, his tongue ran circles around the nipple, which got rock hard. The other nipple got the same attention and I felt my body heaving with desire. I felt his hard cock against me and I wanted it deep inside of me. I did not have long to wait and he rolled me over on my back, which felt painful because of the spanking. That sensation was soon replaced with the intensely pleasurable sensation of his stiff cock being rammed deep into my willing and submissive cunt.

He made no effort to please me. I guess he figured I had enough sensory overload for one day. He soon shivered as his ball sack slapped against my cunt lips. Just as he shot his load, he pulled out and shot his cum all over my tummy and my throbbing titties. With the last spurts completed, he straddled me close to my face and shoved that beautiful spent cock in my mouth and ordered me to clean him. My willing tongue swirled all over the head and shaft and I gave his manhood a thorough cleaning.

"Give me a few days to think about your problem, honey. Until then, promise me you won't worry. Will you put your faith in me?"

Of course I put my faith in him. After all, he just took control of me so completely and so reassuringly. I don't know if I would have ever let any other man spank me like that, but coming from John, it was perfect and I appreciated him being such a strong man and taking control of me when I needed it.

"Oh hon? Be sure to put some aloe lotion of your butt. You need to heal up fast because tomorrow when I get home, I'm going to use the wooden paddle on you and its definitely going to hurt."

Normally I went weeks between spankings but this was John's way of telling me my behavior was troubling and he was going to keep a close watch on me for awhile.

The next few days passed uneventfully except for that wooden paddle spanking that I received, as promised. It hurt more than words can say but was again followed by a really nice lovemaking session. This time, I was able to receive John's sweet, warm cum into my vagina instead of having it showered all over my body.

Sean was his usual quiet and steady self. He never spent much time at home. He studied in the library after school and had a bunch of friends he hung around with. I don't imagine any of those friends were female, he was too shy to hit on girls but he got along great with his buddies. On the weekends, John and Sean generally did things around the house. Sean's responsibility was to mow the lawn and take the trashcans out to the curb, which he always did without John or I having to ask him.

Friday night, John and I want out to dinner at a really elegant place. John looked so handsome in his dark blue suit and I wore my usual black dress with the plunging neckline that displayed the contours of my breasts to perfection. I did not wear a bra and my nipples protruded through the fabric of the dress, which was a turn on for the both of us.

Over dinner, broached the subject of children again. John smiled and said, "I was talking to Bob Reston yesterday. Remember him? An OB/GYN with an excellent reputation to boot. I told him what was going on and between the two of us, we just might have a solution."

"Now wait, there is no way medically I can have more babies," I protested quietly.

John reached over and took my hand in his and smiled a knowing smile, "Uh, uh, uh.. Now don't go jumping to any conclusions. I am not talking about any miracle cure here. Just suspend your judgment for a minute and let me explain."

Over the next half hour, John unfolded the idea he and Dr. Reston concocted. At first, I was in disbelief but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If we could pull this off, it would solve a multitude of problems. I agreed to go along and left it to John and Dr. Reston to make preparations.

I didn't hear much from Emily until she called one night just to check in and let me know how things were.

"So, how is my career girl making out in the big city?"

"You know me, mom, its all good in the 'hood. Workin' hard on several projects but its great and the agency likes my work."

Emily paused, "it just that, well..."

"Anything the matter, Em?"

"Its just this damn PMS thing again. It sorta' comes and goes but last month it really laid me low for a few days and I almost missed a deadline because of it."

"I know you've had that problem for years. I was hoping it had gone away because you hadn't mentioned it for awhile"

"Yeah, well some months are better than others so I never went to the doctor just for that reason, but now."

"No worries, hon, when you come home for the holidays for a visit, there is an OB/GYN here in town with an excellent reputation. He won't give you a lot of hot air, only straight answers., ok?"

"Sounds like exactly what I need, mom, and thanks. Can you set me up with an appointment with him for when I get home?"

"Consider it done, Em"

I could not resist getting in my usual zinger, "Soooo...Em, what's the latest on the love life? When are you going to make your poor mama a grandmother?" I had to suppress a laugh when I said it, Emily always groaned and said, someday, mom, someday.

Before she rang off we finalized plans for her visit for the holidays. I think she was ready for a break and the end of the year was an ideal time. It was still September so there was plenty of time to plan a nice holiday party to welcome her home.

The time passed quickly and soon everyone was in the holiday spirit and I busied myself with work and preparations for Emily's visit. We got her room ready for her and I got my last minute shopping done.

John and Dr. Reston were still working on the project to get me a baby and I helped with the planning as well. I just hoped everything would work out well. I did not mention any of this to Emily lest she think her ole mom was crazy.

The day of Emily's arrival finally came. She drove directly from work on a Friday evening and she was tired when she got home but seeing her old home again and her mom revitalized her. She said hi to John and Sean and we all sat down for a late dinner.

After she helped me clear the dishes, I asked her how she was feeling these days. She was ok and had another bad episode last month. I let her know I made an appointment for her to see Dr. Reston. I hoped he could help Emily with her problem the way I hoped he could help me with mine.

The day of the appointment arrived and the time was set for late in the day, 5:30, which was late but I told Emily the doctor was fully booked this time of year and we were lucky he could fit her in at all.

Since Emily did not know where the office was, I drove her there. As we walked in, we noticed how quiet the place was. The building was off by itself and not part of a medical building. Since it was late in the day, the lobby was empty but one of the nurses greeted us and handed Emily a medial questionnaire on a clipboard for her to complete.

Emily was ushered back to the examination room by the assistant and told to disrobe and put on the medical gown that was open in the back. Dr. Reston greeted me and told me to go into his office to wait for the exam to be completed. The office had a small window that allowed me to look into the exam room. There was a curtain over the window but the fabric had such a loose weave that I could see every detail of the room but I did not think that anyone in the room could see me.

Em quickly got out of her clothes and lay on the exam table as directed. My, what a beautiful young woman my darling Emily had become. I could see her beautiful tanned legs and tight body. I felt so envious of her charms.


When I changed into the exam gown, the nurse directed me to the exam table. She went over the questionnaire with me briefly then left. I waited a few minutes then in walked Dr. Reston. He was tall, about 6'4".with salt and pepper hair and a trim mustache. I couldn't say I was attracted to him, but he did cut a striking figure.

"Hi Emily, I am Dr. Reston. I hear you have been having some issues with your period."

"Yes, lately the pain has been less intense but I still thought I should get checked.."

"I see by your questionnaire that you have been off the pill for over a year. Is that when the pain began initially?"

"No, I have had this problem off an on for a couple of years. It seems to come and go. Some months are better than others.

I explained about the pain and he listened intently, occasionally making notes. He explained that he would examine me and then give me some options. I agreed and the exam began.

As the assistant came back in, he told me to let the straps of the exam gown fall away. My breasts were now exposed and he began the breast exam. His large, strong hands pressed against my boobies, and he poked and prodded as per usual with this type of exam.

That being done and finding nothing wrong, he had me lay down on the table. He then bent down to bring up the leg stirrups and put each bare leg into the stirrup. He put the back of the table up and an angle to support my back. He told me to scoot my butt to the edge of the table.

He put on a pair of rubber gloves and squirted some lubricant onto his index finger and inserted it into my shaved pussy. I gasped slightly from the sensation and I felt embarrassed. Dr. Reston did not seem to notice and continued inserting his finger deeper and deeper into my hole.

"Ok so far?" he asked.

I nodded agreement and he continued. He got out a speculum and readied it for placement. As the did that, the assistant cranked a small wheel on the side of the table and the let stirrups moved farther apart so that I was now completely open. Even though this was a medical exam, I felt very vulnerable with my genitals exposed like that.

The speculum went in and I squirmed a little from the discomfort. The doctor shined a light in there and poked and prodded some more.

"Ok now, I am beginning to see what the problem might be. Emily, you have an obstruction which causes your menstrual blood to back up. When you have a period, this puts pressure on a cluster of nerve endings. Don't worry, this is not something that requires surgery."

Thank heavens. The last thing I wanted to hear was that I needed some kind of surgery. I remember all the agony mom went through about not being able to have more babies because of a medical condition.

"I think all I need to do is get a probe in there to move the obstruction away from the nerve cluster and that should do it. The only way to know for sure is to monitor your periods for the next several months."

He called for something from the nurse and as he did that, he put some kind of shin guard looking thing over each of my ankles and strapped them to the stirrup.

"I am securing your legs as a precaution. I need to give you a muscle relaxant to do the procedure and I don't want your legs to go flopping around, especially when I have medical instruments inside you."

The assistant brandished a syringe and unceremoniously jabbed in into my right butt cheek. I let out a loud "OWWW"

I soon felt a numbing sensation which made me feel a little light-headed. The doctor said he would wait a few minutes for the injection to take effect then we would proceed.

The numbing sensation quickly wore off and was replaced by a hot sensation coming from my pussy. I felt myself lubricating and I really felt horny. I began to squirm a little and I felt like I could climax with just the slightest touch. I made sure nobody noticed how I felt.

Next. the nurse swung around an arm support on each side and my arms were placed on them. I became alarmed when the doctor and the assistant secured my arms with straps and buckled them shut. I now had both arms and both legs secure on the exam table. My legs were splayed far apart and I was sitting at a 45 degree angle.

The injection was at full power now. I felt a strong sensation in my pussy and I was light headed but fully conscious. The doctor dismissed the assistant then stepped out of the room himself for a moment. When he returned, he had a small cart with some medical instruments on a tray.

"Ok, Emily. I think we are ready to proceed. I'm going to insert a medical probe into you in order to reposition the obstruction. Once that's done, I'll take another look to make sure it's been repositioned correctly."

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