tagRomanceFamily Responsibilities Ch. 03

Family Responsibilities Ch. 03


Upon waking up the next morning I can sense right away that something is different. It seems that it is unusually quiet in the house. I normally hear the servants going about their work, but I don't hear anything right now. Quickly I get up and I am not surprised to see that I am not clothed. I go over to the closet and get the easiest dress to put on. Quickly I put it on and a pair of loose shoes before I go out in search of any people.

Upon passing William's room I cock my head to the side for a moment, but I don't hear anything coming from there. When I reach the bottom of the stairs I hear a low murmur of voices coming from the study. Without stopping to listen and find out who was there I open the door. William turns toward me and who is standing next to him, but the vicar. My heart sinks. I can see that I should have stayed in bed, but I am here now, so I may as well face the consequences.

Smiling as if nothing in the world could possibly be wrong, William reaches out a hand to me. "Maranda, I was hoping that you were going to be getting up soon, love. I was just telling your uncle here that once I saw you working so hard as a scullery maid I just couldn't have it. Having promoted you to the status of fiancé I could not have you sleeping in the servants quarters any longer. I had your things moved at once, and last night we went out and celebrated our engagement by spending it with the gypsies, which is why we weren't here when he came last night."

I can see that William wants me to go along with this, so I do. "That is right, Uncle. We would have spoken to you about it, but since you are always so busy with the vicarage and all of you parishioners we decided that we would wait until we had told Joshua first. After all, he is the one that I was trying so desperately to save from debtors prison, so we thought it was only right that he should be the first to know about us." My uncle is growing more and more upset by the minute, this is very evident by his face.

Pulling me close to his side, and letting his hand wander familiarly over my waist, William leans over and gives me a hard kiss, right on the mouth. Placing my arms around his neck, I respond to it more than I normally would have. Breaking apart, William looks down at me and in a voice only I can hear he whispers one word: Later.

My uncle finally clears his throat. "Well, if you would have given me some notice of this decision yesterday when I was here I would not have come to the conclusion that I did. When my parishioner told me that you were seen carrying my niece to a coach and putting her inside I got the wrong idea. You should definitely be married post haste so that there will be no scandal attached to either of you. In regards to Maranda's betrothal, I shall just have to see what can be done in the way of breaking it. You are a very lucky man, if I have to say so myself, Sir William. Her wedding announcement was set to take place in two weeks time, and it was going to be Robert that she would have been marrying, not a gentleman such as you. I hope that she knows how fortunate she is."

"I do, Uncle. Ever since I first came to work here, I have known that Sir William is a very unique gentleman."

With his arm still around my waist William clears his throat in embarrassment. "I will be getting in touch with you in the next few days to set up when the happy event should take place." At my uncle's look of disapproval, William continues: "I can't ask my wife-to-be to get married in these old dresses that she has. I have to allow her to get a new trousseau. That in and of itself will take some time. As I said, I will be getting in touch with you soon." With that tone of voice, my uncle really can not argue any further. Almost as if he has nothing else to do or say, he turns and walks out the door. By the way he is walking I know that he is burning with anger.

When the door slams behind him I turn into William's arms. Almost immediately he is undoing the closures on my gown. "Maranda, you don't know how much I wanted to slowly wake you up this morning with gentle kisses and tenderly make love to you. Unfortunately I had an unexpected visitor." Taking me by surprise he pushes my gown all of the way off. "Maranda, I need you. It is up to you, though, how you would like it. I could do you over the desk, or here on the floor in front of the fire. It is up to you."

I glance over at the desk, because I know that he likes it that way. "Over the desk, William. I know how you like it that way."

William groans and grabs me to him. While he is guiding me over to the desk I can tell that there is something that he wants to say. Finally, when he has me bent over the side of the desk, he casually starts to talk. "Maranda, you know that you now have to marry me, don't you?" I turn and look up at him in shock. "I was not bluffing when I told your uncle that. I do want to marry you. I was just waiting for the right time to ask you." Casually he presses his manhood into me. "I was going to ask you last night, but that was a lot better than I could have hoped for instead." Slowly pulling out he presses back into me just as relaxed. When I don't respond to what he is saying, William pulls all the way out of me. "Stand up, Maranda, and look at me." Standing I turn to look at him. I see something different in his eyes today. Something that wasn't there yesterday. "Maranda, I am asking you, standing here naked as the day I was born, to marry me. I think I started to fall in love with you that first night when you presented me with such a spitfire of a girl that was ready to do anything to help her brother stay out of prison. I knew then that you were the right one for me, but as time went on and I have seen your unwavering loyalty to me and to Joshua, I have come to know that I want you with me at all times. I want to have you be the mother of my children. I want you to be the one that warms my bed every night and lets me have her when ever and where ever I want her. Please say that you will marry me."

I slowly, but boldly, reach down and caress his manhood. "Does this mean that there will be no public compromise?"

Grabbing me up to him roughly, he kisses me hard. "Not until you answer my question, wench." I can see a smile on his face that takes the sting out of his words.

"Then for goodness sake, yes, I will marry you. If you think that you are doing the right thing."

"I know I am, now, assume the position." I lean over the desk again and before I expect it he rams himself into me. "I am getting the best person that I could have ever dreamed of in marrying you." Slamming into me harder he continues. "If you still want the public compromising, then by all means, let us get to it." With one final thrust into me he lets out a shout and presses hard up against me. "I am not going to let anyone else have you though. They may watch, and if you will allow it, they may touch, but no one shall have you but me."

"What are you planning?" Slowly I stand back up and face him.

"We are going to go to the local pub, and you are going to be wearing only my cloak. If you would like to do it at a pub that is a little further away, that would be okay with me."

"No, the local one is fine."

"Good. Now, once we get there, you will service me right outside the carriage, and then when we get inside I will get a private room. However, I will not shut the doors, only the windows. As soon as we get inside I will take my cloak from you and make you get on your hands and knees. I will take you immediately, and then you can put on my cloak to get us some refreshment. While you are walking through the common area of the pub, you will let the cloak open and close as it will, you will not hold it closed. If anyone talks to you, you will not answer them. You will just get our refreshment and come straight back to me. Is that understood?" I nod without hesitation. "You know that Robert will more than likely be there, don't you?" Again I nod. "Is that why you are doing this?"

"Partly, yes. Partly though, is because I know that you like to make a statement, and I know that you need to make sure that everyone knows that I am yours. So, today, before my Uncle has a chance to tell anyone, make me yours in front of everyone. I know that will be the only way that you indeed know that I am yours for all times."

Helping me into his cloak he reaches out and gently runs his fingers through my long dark hair. "Maranda, how could I have known that the woman that I was searching for all my life was less than a mile away from me, growing up right under my nose. I have no idea what I would do without you." Walking with his arm around me we go out to the enclosed coach that we used last night. "You are as insatiable as I am, and I know that I could never find another that is more equal to me in every respect as you are."

Handing me into the coach he climbs in after me. As we take off I know that this day will forever change my life, and I know that it will change for the better. William has never been anything in any way, shape, or form, abusive in the handling of my person, and I know that he never will be. However, he will, from now on, have the right to handle me all the time. From now on I know that the servants will look at me different, for now they just see me for what I am, but soon they will have to look at me as their mistress.

Lost in my own thoughts I don't even realize that we have pulled up at the pub, until I hear William talking to me.

"Maranda, this your last chance to get out of this. As soon as we get out of this coach, you will be forever branded as the scandalous one that somehow got me to ask her to marry him. Is that what you want?"

"William, I don't want there to ever be any doubt that you are the man that I love. I will love you in front of anyone at anytime. You know that. This will be the best way for my betrothal to Robert to be concluded, for I know that he would never want a scandalous hussy like me for a wife." I am smiling as I say the last part.

Smiling his slow, sensual smile that never fails to make me squirm he corrects me. "You are no one's hussy. You are my one and only wench though. Now, enough talking. Let's get on with this."

Climbing down out of the coach, he reaches up to help me down. Gathering his cloak tightly in front of myself I slowly exit the vehicle.

Glancing around at the other conveyances I notice that my Uncle's coach is here as well.

When I step onto the ground William loosens my hands from the cloak, and picks me up, pressing me against the side of the coach. As he lowers his mouth to mine he whispers that yes, he sees my Uncle's coach and to not be nervous. As he kisses me I reach down and let his manhood free. Lifting me a little more he lets me down onto his fully engorged member, making me gasp for air as he drives hard up into me. I wrap my legs around his waist as he works his magic. Finally, as he presses hard into me one last time I cry out as innumerable stars burst behind my closed eyes.

When we can both stand again I swallow and glance over his shoulder. My Uncle is the first person that I see, and the rage that is in his face is incomprehensible. I lower my head and William turns around, after having straightened out his clothing. Placing an arm around my shoulder he gently guides me into the pub, right past my Uncle. Once inside, he asks where the private room is and heads over in the direction that he was pointed. I keep my eyes glued to the floor until he opens the door to the private room.

"Maranda, look at me." Whispering he guides me inside as I look up into his eyes. "Robert is here and I must say, he looks none to pleased. I think that if you were his wife right now, he would very easily kill you. I can see why you want to get away from him. Right now you have a choice to make. Do you want to get our refreshments, or do you want me to take you? It is entirely up to you."

I swallow. Slowly I answer him and I do not know where the words come from, but they are out before I have a chance to stop them. "I will get us some refreshment, Milord." Smiling up at him I curtsy as best as I can. Turning from him, I hear him laugh out loud as I walk across to the open door. With one quick look back, I gather my courage, let the cloak fall open, and walk across to the bar that has several men sitting by it. Shaking my hair back out of my face I quickly think about the fact that it must be a mess, since I had only barely brushed it this morning. By the time I reach the waitress every man in the pub is staring at me and has quit talking, drinking or eating.

"Milord William requires two draughts of your finest ale." My voice seems to break her out of her shock for she quickly gets the two tankards and hands them to me. Walking back, I feel every eye in the room upon me.

Stepping into the private room, and before William can say anything, I place the two tankards on the table and kneel down in front of him. I can see that his manhood is straining to get out, so I let it out. I never hear him summon for the rest of the men to come in and watch, for I am to eager to take him into my mouth and suckle upon him. Shortly he has his fingers entangled in my hair and he is holding my head still as he rams his cock into my mouth further than it has ever gone before. Looking up at him I see him questioning me with his eyes. I close my eyes in response and he interprets it correctly that I am in agreement for what he wants. Swallowing, I feel him press his manhood further down my throat than I ever knew anything could go. Before I have a chance to gag, however, he pulls out. After only doing that two more times, he pulls out of my mouth. Quickly I take off his cloak and stand up, only to bend over the table. Looking back at him I see that the room is, indeed, packed with men of all ages and class distinction. I see Robert and a shiver goes through my body because he looks like he could commit murder. I look a little further and see, to my embarrassment, Joshua is standing there. In his eyes I see a look that I never thought I would see on him: regret. Before I can say anything to him, William rams his cock into me as hard as he can. Remembering what he said about the more noise I make, the better the audience will like it, I scream in -- what everyone would assume would be -- pain. In reality it is a scream of pleasure. As he rams into me harder and harder I moan and plead with him until I finally feel him press hard into me one last time. With a shout and a scream from me we both collapse.

Getting his clothing back in place he looks around at all of the patrons of the pub that have jammed into this little room. "Now, not all of you know me. I am William, and I have placed my mark upon this young lady. She is mine. We will be getting married in a few weeks time, and I expect you to give her the respect that is due her as my wife."

One voice in the crowd shouts out: "Wife? It looks more like she is your whore! If she was a lady before, she certainly is not one now."

Turning to face Robert, for he was the one that spoke, William pins him down with an icy stare. "Are you willing to question me? If you are, then let it be known, here and now, that I will defend Maranda against all of you. This show was put on for the benefit of all of you, and to show you that what I say goes. As I said before if anyone so much as insults this lady, you will be dealing with me."

Turning to me he smiles and hands his cloak back. "Now, let us depart." Turning to Joshua, he motions that he should come too. "I think it is time that we let your brother in on our plans, my Dear, don't you think?" I nod.

Getting back into the coach I have a slight moment of discomfort as I realize that everyone has followed us for one last glimpse of my naked body. Seeing this, William picks me up and cradles me against him as he climbs into the coach. "This was the only time that you will have to endure that. You were very brave, my Dear. I am very proud of you."

Turning to Joshua he speaks in a much firmer tone of voice. "You, young Sir, have a very wonderful and brave sister here, and I do not think that you realize that. The show that we just put on at the pub was so that your family did not have to come up with the money to pay for the broken betrothal. Robert was her betrothed, and I doubt that he will want her after that. You are now out of debt, and your home has been repaired. Stay or go, it makes no difference to me, but I will not have you worrying your sister any more. She will be staying with me, and we will be getting married, as I stated."

Joshua looks at us with a stunned look on his face. "Everything is paid off?"

"Your sister has paid the highest price. She has given me her love. If I ever catch you gambling again though, I will take every pound of it out of your flesh. Is that understood?" Joshua nods. "Good. Now, we will contact you as to when and where that ceremony will take place. Until then, behave yourself." Leaning forward he opens the door and I realize that we are stopped in front of my family's home. I did not recognize it because of all the repairs that had been made to it. Joshua climbs out of the coach and stands at the stairs watching as we pull away. Holding me closer, William looks down in my face. "I hope that I didn't hurt you to bad at the pub. I couldn't believe that you were hurt that bad."

Reaching up I caress his cheek. "William, that was just for the show. You didn't hurt me a bit. I was just doing what everyone expected." Chuckling, William leans down and kisses me. Getting serious again though, he looks down at me. "You know that from now on, all your family responsibilities will be with me."

Looking up at him, this fiercesome man that I love, I know that I could never or would never do anything to harm him. My forever lies in his capable hands, and they hold nothing but good for me.

The End

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