tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFamily Secrets, I Know All Ch. 01

Family Secrets, I Know All Ch. 01


There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18.


I'd like to thank Steven for giving me the inspiration to write this story.

Christine, a voyeuristic and exhibitionistic new neighbor moves in next door.

"Michael! You're home! I missed you baby," said Tiffany throwing her arms around her husband's neck and giving him a deep, wet kiss, while reaching down to feel his emerging erection through his pants.

Rubbing his penis with her hand through his trousers while applying just the right amount of pressure to the head of his cock with her fingertips, she knew just how to excite her man.

"I missed you too sweetheart," he said returning her passion with his kiss with one hand on her back and his other hand cupping her sweet, round, firm ass.

"This was such a long absence Michael. I feel as though you were gone forever on your business trip this time. I missed your cock baby," she said giving him a sexy look. "I'm so horny for you lover," she said kissing and kissing him while rubbing him through his pants and leaning into him to blow in his ear.

* * * * *

With their sexual flames still burning brightly, a couple who had been married for more than twenty years, their romance and their sexual passion was still red hot with sexy adventures and kinky, public sex. Not shy about publicly sharing their passion for others to watch, something they've always done, even before their Honeymoon, it aroused both husband and wife for others to see them naked and/or having sex. Nude beaches in Clearwater Florida or in Key West have long been their preferred vacation spots with hotel rooms where they could make love in front of the open windows for others to see.

With Michael always traveling for his work, they vacationed less and were separated more and for longer periods of time. Now they had to be content pushing the sexual envelope of exhibitionism and voyeurism by flashing where they weren't expected to flash around their neighborhood. So long as they made their flashes appear accidental, none of the neighbors complained that they were given a nightly, sexy show. Even though they talked about swinging, satisfied for others just to watch, they weren't yet comfortable or ready to share one another by having sex with others. Still just an erotic conversation that's sexually arousing, they whispered their secret, sexual desires for others during their private, pillow talking sessions.

"Sorry but it was important that I stay the extra couple of days to close the deal. I love you Tiffany," he said kissing her again and again as if he was on his honeymoon. "I have eyes for only you. You are the love of my life," he said kissing her again and again while feeling her abundant breast and fingering her big nipple.

She pulled away from him to look at him with excitement while running her fingers through his chestnut, brown hair.

"I have a surprise for you," she said unable to contain herself while laughing with glee.

"You do? I like surprises," he said closing his eyes. "What is it?"

"You don't have to close your eyes for this surprise. You can keep them wide open Michael because you won't believe what I'm about to show you."

Caught up in her excitement, he opened his eyes to look at her.

"Is it a surprise that I'll like?"

"Oh yeah," she said with a sexy look while laughing. "You're going to love this surprise."

"Is it something to eat?"

"It could be," she said laughing again. "It depends how far we're willing you go with it and how far I'll allow you to go," she said giving him a sexy look.

He returned her look of excitement with his own.

"Is it a sexy surprise?"

"Yes," she said jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

"What? Tell me. What's the surprise Tiffany?"

* * * * *

She looked at her husband with baited breath. Obviously enjoying the moment before telling him the surprise, she's been excited for nearly a week to share the sexy surprise with him.

"We have a new neighbor. A cute little, sexy thing, she's a living doll," she said holding his hands in hers. "You're going to like her. I've already met her. Her name is Christine and are you ready?"

"What? Tell me," he said getting just as excited as she was.

"She's Asian."

"Asian? No way. In this uptight neighborhood," he said laughing. "Who allowed her in this closed community?"

"Being that I know how you've always had a thing for Asian women, I knew you'd be just as thrilled as I am."

"A new neighbor? An Asian woman? Wow! Seriously? We do?"

"Oh yeah, we do," said Tiffany. "I can't wait for you to meet her. I can't wait for you to see her and for her to see you, if you know what I mean" she said with a giggle.

"Oh my God. Wow! Christmas has come early," he said laughing.

"Merry Christmas in October," she said.

"So tell me, is she Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or—"

"She's Japanese and she's from Tokyo. Very submissive," said Tiffany winking, "she's wicked nice. Take a breath and then, when you're ready to see her, look out our bedroom window."

As if she had been watching them and watching their loving exchange, Michael turned to see a beautiful, Asian woman with long, dark, blue black hair, wave to him, before bowing to him from her bedroom window, from the house next door. Their houses were so close to one another, merely twenty feet apart. With their windows free of blinds, shades, and/or drapes due to the exhibitionists and voyeurs that they all were, as if she was sitting at the far end of his bedroom instead of across the way, he could almost reach across and touch her. He waved back to his new neighbor with his best welcome to the neighborhood smile.

"Hello Christine," he said mouthing the words before focusing his attention back to his wife. "She seems friendly," he said with a dirty laugh.

"Friendly is a gross understatement Michael," laughed Tiffany. "Very demur and passively subservient, albeit extremely sexual, she's already like one of the family," said Tiffany with a laugh.

"She is? Why do you say that she's one of the family already? And how do you know that she's extremely sexual?"

"Better than telling you, I can show you," said Tiffany.

Michael looked at his wife with confusion.

"Show me what?"

* * * * *

"In the same way that we do," said his wife pausing for effect before standing on her toes to whisper in his ear, "she likes to watch."

They looked at one another and laughed as if they were school children having shared a secret or won a lottery prize.

"Knowing you as I do," he said with a dirty laugh, "tell me, what have you been showing Christine and what has she been watching? Moreover, what has Christine been showing you?"

"She's been watching me change my clothes," she said with sexual excitement. "Returning the favor, I've been watching her change her clothes too," said Tiffany stepping back to look at her husband, obviously to see how he reacted to her voyeurism and exhibitionism news before confessing the rest. "We've already seen one another naked numerous times. She has an exquisite body."


"Naked," she said.

Michael looked at his wife with shocked, sexual excitement. She was always shocking him sexually. In the same way that he looked at her when she told him that she went walking naked on a beach that wasn't a nude beach, he looked at her now for stripping naked in front of their new neighbor.


"Yes," she said.

"Totally naked?"

"Yes. Naked is naked, Michael," she said laughing. "We've seen one another naked several times."

"Wait, too much sexual information for me to process all at once," he said while laughing, "lemme wrap my brain around this. You've been undressing in front of her and she's been undressing in front of you?"

"Yes," she said this time with me sexual excitement in her voice.

"Wow, that's a first for you, undressing in front of a woman instead flashing a man. That's so hot," he said.

"With me giving her a show, she's been giving me a show too. What are the odds of having a neighbor who not only likes to watch but also who likes to play," she said leaning into him.

"It sounds like we've hit the sexual jackpot," he said.

"I'm just hoping she's not a lesbian. Being that it would be so much more fun if she was bi-sexual so that we both could enjoy the voyeurism and exhibitionism experience, I'm hoping she goes both ways," said Tiffany. "This is so exciting" she said whispering in his ear again as if she thought that her neighbor could hear her when she couldn't.

"Just so that it's not my horniness putting words in my brain, when you say she's been giving you a show, do you mean that she's been undressing in front of you too? Yes? Am I right to think that?"

"Yes, already I told you that," said Tiffany nodding her head and laughing. "Obviously you're in shock," she laughed. "Just as I've been stripping myself naked for her, she's been stripping herself naked for me too."

"Wow! Oh my God. That's even hotter. I can't believe it," he said. "We not only have a new neighbor but also we have the perfect neighbor."

With his curiosity getting the better of him, hoping not to frighten her away by staring, Michael turned to look at his new neighbor again. Knowing that his wife was an exhibitionist, he was obviously more surprised that not only was Tiffany playing with another woman but also that Christine was giving his wife a striptease show. What are the odds of having two exhibitionist women who were both voyeurs, as well, living next door to one another in view of a voyeuristic man?

Seemingly, without a doubt, this was the perfect voyeurism and exhibitionism storm. With a perfect wife and now a perfect neighbor, in the sexual excitement that he showed, it was difficult to tell if he was more surprised that his wife suspected that Christine was bi-sexual or that she reciprocated Tiffany's striptease show by stripping herself naked too. Life doesn't get any better than this. If he didn't know better, he'd question his wife's motives in stripping herself naked in front of her female neighbor. A first time for everything and an encouraging prospect, now he wondered if his wife was thinking about having sex with another woman.

Maybe Christine titillated Tiffany's lesbian curiosity enough that she'd have sex with her. How hot would that be? He'd like for his wife to have sex with Christine. So long as he could watch and so long as he could participate later too, he'd be agreeable to his wife having some extramarital fun with another woman. She's always been bi-curious but other than just talking about having sex with a woman and whispering about a threesome while they had sex, they've never done anything about their sexual fantasies to include others. Perhaps now with such a sexy, voyeuristic and exhibitionistic neighbor living right next door, that's the erotic magic they both needed to take the next step in trying the swinging lifestyle.

Being that he's always wanted a threesome with his wife and her best friend, Susan, now he thought about having a sexy threesome with Christine. How hot would that be just to walk next door to have three-way sex? How hot would that be to have threesome sex with an Asian woman as his wife's lover and possibly his lover too? Only, when opening up Pandora's Box and never again able to close it, he wondered if he'd feel the same way if it was another man watching his wife undress and another man stripping naked in front of his wife. Suddenly feeling possessively jealous, willing to share his wife with another woman, he wasn't ready to share his wife with another man.

* * * * *

"Touching herself as if getting ready to masturbate, she never removed her eyes from me when I stripped myself naked," said Tiffany. "As if I was stripper on stage, in the way she looked at me and watched me slowly undress, she made me feel so sexy and so beautiful. Then with her reciprocating by undressing in front of me too, watching her strip naked was so hot. Never have I been as aroused while watching another woman undress. I only wish you had been here to see her too," she said. "I swear, with her making me so horny, had you been here yesterday, I was ready to go over there and do her."

"Wow," said Michael again, the only word that he could utter.

Totally shocked, he turned to look at his neighbor again who was now sitting in her bedroom chair while pretending to read a book. Every now and then, her eyes would look over the top of the book before she'd lower the book low enough for him to see her smile. Was she teasing him in the way she teased his wife and in the way that he hoped she'd tease him too? With her chair positioned directly across from his bedroom window, she had a bird's eye view of their bedroom. Moreover with her windows uncovered in the way that their windows were uncovered with no blinds, no shades, and no drapes, he had a bird's eye view of her bedroom too.

"If you don't believe me, see for yourself. Go ahead. I dare you to undress in front of her," said Tiffany with a dirty laugh. "With Christine sitting there watching you, I double dare you to strip yourself naked. I'm curious to see her reaction to seeing you naked too. Besides, I need for you to get naked anyway. Away from me for too long and no doubt backed up with cum, I need to milk you anyway baby."

"Here? Now? Seriously? You want to milk me in front of her?" He turned to look at his new neighbor. "She's right there Tiff," he said without pointing. "She can see us. If she can see me undressing," he said with obvious sexual excitement, "she'll definitely see you sticking your finger up my ass to milk me."

"Yes," said Tiffany. "So? Duh? That's the whole point of you stripping naked Michael. Give her a show in the way that I gave her a show and maybe, in the way that she gave me a sexy, naked striptease show, she'll give you a sexy, naked striptease show too."

"Wait, this is so exciting but I have to pee first," he said. "I haven't peed since before I got on the plane."

"Why didn't you pee on the plane?"

"I hate their bathrooms. They're too small," he said.

With the mirrored, bathroom door wide open, Michael disappeared in the master bedroom bathroom with Tiffany in tow. Typical of what they do in private, they now did with Christine as their audience. As if he was king and Tiffany was his personal penis holder, his wife unzipped him and pulled out his cock for him to pee. Holding his cock while he peed was her concession to him not giving her a golden shower, something he always wanted to do was something that she wasn't willing to try.

Now only giving Christine a mirrored reflected view of his cock but also a golden shower show, he was excited to flash his new neighbor his cock in that perverse way. Something he always wanted to do with his wife, pee on her, he was afraid to force the issue after she turned him down several times before. Just a sexual fetish to him, a fetish or not, she took him urinating on her as defiling her. He wondered if his new neighbor was into golden showers. Maybe instead of golden showers she was into butake. Giving her a real cum bath, he'd love to masturbate all over her face in the sexy way that his wife allows him to cum all over her face.

"Perhaps when you eat my pussy when I'm menstruating," she said laughing while knowing that Michael had an aversion to blood, "I'll consider you peeing on me." Pee for period, this was her way of not being urinated on by her husband.

Able to see her through his peripheral vision staring at his cock and at his pee stream, he wondered again if Christine was into golden showers. How hot would that be if she was? He'd love to pee on her. He'd love to try some new sexual things with his new neighbor that he'd never dare try with his wife.

Still holding his cock for him, after he finished peeing, she shook it for him while squeezing it forward, once, twice, and three times. In anticipation to her sucking his cock, no doubt, Tiffany wiped him with toilet tissue. Then, while still holding his cock in her hand, she moved him to the sink where she washed his cock with warm water. With his cock clean and at the ready to have sex with his wife, he zipped himself and returned to the bedroom with his wife to play more with Christine.

Beyond bizarre, a new sexual fantasy to explore with the neighbor conveniently right next door, this was so forbidden, kinky, and yet so sexually exciting. What if she called the cops to report that he was exposing himself to her he wondered? Yet, undressing in his own house, the most the police would tell him to do is to pull his shades. It's his house after all. He could walk around naked if he wanted to walk around naked. If she didn't like seeing his cock, she could pull her own damn shades.

* * * * *

Nervous with sexual anticipation as if he was about to have sex with the woman for the first time, Michael stood in front of his bed that was positioned ten feet from his open window and in full view of his new neighbor. Sexually excited about getting naked in front of Christine who he had yet to even meet, normally, he'd never strip naked in front of his neighbor, especially one who live right next door. Any time he flashed himself to a woman, in the way his wife did too, he always made it appear accidental.

Besides, stripping naked in front of a man was Tiffany's typical role to play while Michael watched and perhaps masturbated. Sometimes, depending on the man and with Michael watching his wife expose herself from a distance and with the man not knowing that Michael was there watching too, the man would masturbate too. In was one thing to voyeur someone but it was so much more exciting when adding the two together, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

This was the first time that he'd be so brazenly stripping naked in front of a woman while knowing that she was right there, practically sitting in his bedroom and watching. Yet, cajoled, coerced and double dared by his wife to strip naked, using that as his excuse to expose himself, he immediately and submissively obeyed his wife while stripping himself naked. Giving him a blow by blow account of Christine's actions by hiding herself to the side to peep out the window, Tiffany kept watch of her new neighbor while Michael stripped himself naked.

"She's watching you Michael. Don't be obvious. Don't look over at her," said Tiffany. "With this all just a game of voyeurism and exhibitionism, pretend that you don't know that she's there watching you."

"Oh my God Tiffany. I'm so excited. Can I look? I want to see her watching me," he said.

"No don't look Michael. Pretend that you don't know that she can see you undressing. She's watching you undress baby. She's watching you Michael. This is so hot," said Tiffany. "Oh my God this is so hot to watch another woman watching my man undressing and getting naked."

"I can't believe I'm doing this Tiff. I'm shaking, I'm so excited," he said kicking off his shoes and removing his shirt and pants as if he was on fire. "Beyond just flashing a woman, I feel as if I'm a male stripper," he said with a laugh. "Other than to flash her my cock while peeing, I haven't even shown her my cock yet and I already have an erection."

"Let's not disappoint her. Let's give her something to see. When you remove your underwear, turn to the side and flash her your cock. Show her your cock Michael," said his wife. "I'm dying to see the look on her face when she sees that monster fully erected."

Even though he's already given her a preview of his cock when he was peeing, now that he has an erection, it was shock and awe time. As if removing the shroud from a new and much anticipated sculpture, Michael pulled down his underwear to show his neighbor his still growing erection. Released from his underwear, immediately his cock sprang to life and bounced up and down as if it was held there by a tight spring.

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