tagIncest/TabooFamily Secrets, I Know All Ch. 04

Family Secrets, I Know All Ch. 04


There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18.

I'd like to thank Steven for giving me the inspiration to write this story.


Erin and Brett sitting in a tree, brother and sister naked while kissing, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Brett, can I talk to you?" Erin called out to her brother when he walked by her room.

As if he was expecting her to be standing there in her bra and panty, topless, or naked, hoping to see something he shouldn't see of his big sister, he always looked in her room when walking by her room.

"Sure what's up?"

"I just want to talk," she said.

Usually wrong when reading someone's face, oblivious to the clues of body language, he misread his sister's facial expression now. Instead of seeing the sexual excitement on her face, he misread that as anger. A total bitch, she was always annoyed with him for some reason or another. What he mistook for annoyance was really sexual interest. A brother who wants his sister, especially at that age, is common but a sister who wants her brother, especially at that age is rare.

"Oh, oh," he said by the look on her face. He erected his 6'3" frame as if about to through a winning touchdown football pass down the field. "This sounds serious. What did I do now?"

Always something, figuring she was mad, especially when he laughed and she didn't return his laugh, he entered her room with trepidation. With her always being moody and bitchy, he treated his sister with kid gloves. She soothe his uneasiness when she gave him something to see. She flashed her bright white panty, when she moved her legs closer together, she was sitting on her bed when he entered her room and he wondered if her up skirt flash was deliberate of accidental.

Dressed in a short skirt, she displayed a triangular patch of her white panties over her shapely thighs even with her knees glued tightly together. Wishing she would, on the pretense that she wasn't aware that he could see and was looking, he'd give anything for her to spread her legs a little more to give him a better view of her panties. Wearing a low cut, button blouse that showed her abundant cleavage and more whenever she leaned forward or when he was standing over her, in the way he was now, he'd give anything to touch and feel his sister through her clothes while undressing her. He'd so love to stick his horny hand down his sister's blouse to feel her big breasts while fingering her nipples. Like mother like daughter, in the way that his mother was so very pretty and so very sexy, his sister was also so very pretty and so very sexy too.

"Close the door," she said. "I don't want anyone to hear."

Close the door? She shocked him when he asked her to close her bedroom door with him in it. Normally, always kicking him out of her room, she asked him to close her bedroom door behind him whenever he was leaving her room. Submissive to her, he always obeyed her but enjoyed teasing her at the same time.

"There's no one home," he said with a shrug while listening at her bedroom door and looking down the hall. "We're alone," he said closing the door to his sister's bedroom anyway.

With her bedroom door closed, transported to another place and time within a combination of flowery scents, he could smell her perfumes that she never left the house without wearing. As if he was in an upscale boutique instead of in his sister's bedroom, everything, her clothes, her knickknacks, her makeup, and hair accessories, even her stuffed animals and dolls, were all so neatly organized and displayed. Tossing his clothes on the chair or on the floor, before ending up beneath his bed, his room was a total mess. If it wasn't for his mother always cleaning his room, no doubt, he'd have bugs in his room. Weirdly enough in difference to his room, wishing his room was so neatly clean, he liked how neatly organized his sister's room was.

A first time for everything, in all the years they've lived together, he's never been in her bedroom alone with her and with her door closed. Immediately he felt as if he was doing something naughty or was about to do something wrong. Seeing her panties made him horny for his sister. Actually he didn't need to see her panties to be horny for his sister, he was always horny for his sister.

His way to get a prolonged look at her panties, he suddenly wanted to tickle his sister. Imagining her falling back on her bed with her legs spread wide open, he imagined cupping his sister's pussy through her panties while she beat the shit out of him. Maybe while she punched him, kicked him, and pinched him, he even get a groping feel of her big breasts. Certainly, it would be well worth a beating to hold his sister's cunt in the palm of his hand, even if it was only through her panties. As if an epiphany with a modicum of insight, now he knows why his sister never invites him in her room, especially with her door closed.

"I saw you last night," said Erin to her little brother while staring up at his face with her big blue eyes before looking down at the bulge he was unable to conceal in his pants.

"So? I saw you last night too," he said with a laugh. "We live here. We see one another every day. Duh?"

"What I meant to say was," she said returning his laugh while looking up at his face, no doubt, to watch his reaction to what she was about to say. "I saw you masturbating last night."

"Masturbating? Me masturbate?" With eyebrows raised with his palms facing up, he looked as if he was a petty thief accused of shoplifting. "You're mistaken. You did not see me masturbating," he said falling back on his heels instead of being his confidently annoying self.

"Don't even bother trying to deny it. I saw you masturbating Brett."

"I don't masturbate Erin. Never have and never will," he said defensively. Embarrassed as well as sexually excited that his sister not only knows that he masturbates but also caught him masturbating, he wondered where his sister saw him masturbating.

Suddenly as if he had put his finger in an electrical outlet and received a shock, he was sexually aroused. Wow! Erin saw him stroking his cock. Not embarrassed that she saw him masturbating, he more wondered what she thought about seeing his big prick before turning his thoughts to how, when, and where she caught him masturbating.

Thinking about where he was last night that he was masturbating and that she could see him playing with himself, as he was always masturbating, he remembered that perhaps she saw him hiding behind the tree in the backyard while watching his mother undress. Nah, he would have seen her if she was out back in the backyard. She must be referring to another time. Maybe she saw him masturbating when he left his bedroom door open for Susan to see him masturbating. Reciprocating her exhibitionism with his, whenever he's alone in the house with her, she undresses with her bedroom door open enough for him to see her in her bra and panty, topless, and/or naked. It's only fair that he should show her his cock too.

"Bullshit," she said with a laugh. "You're always masturbating."

"Being that I'm the star quarterback Erin on my high school football team," he said puffing out his chest, "my last year as a senior on the team, I need to conserve my energy. I don't waste my energy by masturbating during the football season," he said with assertiveness. "I do all my masturbating after the Super Bowl," he said laughing.

"Ha! You're a virtual masturbation machine," she said pretending she had a cock and was masturbating herself. "You're always masturbating. You make the whole second floor shake when you're pulling your prick," she laughed. "I can only imagine how much cum you've wasted jerking yourself off while thinking of God knows what," she said becoming flushed.

No doubt and according to the entries she made in her diary about her brother masturbating so much, she wondered how much cum he wasted. If there was such a way, she wished she could measure his cum to extrapolate her answer as to how much he cummed in a day, a week, a month, and a year. Being the cum slut that she is, she's written in her diary more than once that she'd love to measure her brother's cum in the hopes of getting him to cum even more in the way that her mother inspires her father to cum more.

"In your dreams Erin. I don't masturbate," he said denying his fondness of masturbation.

"Maybe you masturbate over Mom stripping herself naked or maybe you masturbate over me," she said ignoring his denial with speculation of her own.

"Mom naked? What are you talking about Erin? I don't masturbate and I don't masturbate while thinking about Mom naked. Gross," he said suddenly looking embarrassed as if she had caught him in a lie and she had.

"Maybe you masturbate over me, your own sister," she said again, while watching him squirm, as if wanting him to admit that he masturbated over her.

"You're the one who masturbates," he said pointing the finger of accusation at her to put her on the defensive.

"How do you know that I masturbate? Were you spying on me? Do you have a camera hidden somewhere in my room," she said looking around her room. "Are you watching me Brett dressing and undressing? Do you get off watching your big sister stripping naked? Eww. That's so gross," she said. "God you're such a pervert, an incestuous pervert, that's what you are."

"I don't have to spy on you to know that you masturbate Erin. I've heard you in the bathroom when you're in the tub. I heard you rubbing your legs together in your room as if you're a cricket," he said laughing. "You're not very quiet when having an orgasm," he laughed. "You thought you were home alone but, one day last week, when I came home early and you were taking a bath, I heard you masturbating," he said.

"Liar! You did not," she said unable to control her face from reddening obviously by the thoughts of your brother hearing her having an orgasm.

"When I heard you screaming, I thought there was something wrong. Then I heard your vibrator," he said laughing. "On the pretense of saving you from an intruder or a rapist, it took all the self-control that I had not to barge in on you while pretending that I didn't know you were taking a bath," he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, well, pervert, I saw you outside behind the big oak tree watching Mom strip naked," she said. "I saw you jerking off to Mom removing her clothes. You're such a pervert Brett to masturbate over Mom while watching her undress. What's wrong with you? That's so wrong," she said shaking her head. "That's just so nasty."

"I was not masturbating over Mom undressing. I didn't leave my room all night last night," he said lying. "Besides, I'd never watch Mom undressing. That's incest," he said. "I'd never do anything like that, watching my own mother undress, while masturbating. You must really have a low opinion of me to say that I masturbate over Mom."

"Liar. In the way that you leer at her and undress her with your eyes as if she's standing there naked, keep telling yourself that you're not sexually attracted to Mom. Liar. You're such a liar," she said. "I bet if I undressed right here and right now, you'd watch me. I bet if I stripped naked right here and right now, you'd pull out your cock and masturbate to my little, impromptu striptease show."

"I'm not a liar," he said gulping while imagining his big sister stripping off her clothes. Just by the horny thoughts of Erin standing before him naked, naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait to return to his room to masturbate. "And if you started stripping off your clothes, I'd leave your room and close your door behind me," he said lying again.

If only she knew that the thoughts of his sexy sister stripping off her clothes and standing naked in front of him made him dizzy with incestuous, sexual excitement and lustful desire for her. He wondered what he'd do if she was teasing him by slowly stripping off her clothes before standing there naked. No doubt, if she stripped off her clothes in front of him, he'd pull out his cock before forcing her to her knees to suck him. If she was standing there naked, he'd push her back on the bed to fuck her.

Oh yeah, definitely, he had no compunction stopping him from having sex with his sexy sister. For her to even suggest stripping naked, obviously she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Only, his bitch of a sister would never strip naked. She has an entire college dorm of boyfriends to entertain them with her beautiful body, her experienced hands, her hungry mouth, and her always wet pussy. Why would she strip naked for him when she has all of those others to sexually tease?

"You are so a liar," she said. "You were jerking off to seeing Mom naked," she said. "In the way that you were staring at her, leering at her little striptease show, I bet you'd have sex with Mom if you could. I bet you'd masturbate over her in the way that you masturbate over me."

"I do not masturbate over Mom, Erin. That's so gross. That's so nasty. I'd never do my own mother. Me having sex with Mom is just as bad as me having sex with you," he said laughing. "Even if you stripped naked in front of me and begged me to have sex with you, I'd never do you," he said as if he was waiting for her to strip naked and beg him to give her hot, incestuous sex.

"You'd do Mom in a heartbeat and you'd do me too if you could and if I agreed to have sex with you. Matter of fact, I bet your sexual fantasy is having sex with the two of us together."

"Gross Erin. That's just gross. You're sick. You really are sick to even think that about your own brother in that incestuous way," he said turning red with the thoughts of him in bed naked with his naked mother and his naked sister.

He wondered, in the way that he always wanted to do his mother, if his sister always wanted to do him too. Moreover, he wondered if Erin was just as sexually attracted to his mother as he is. Having already heard stories about her and with her only being a freshman or in her case, a fresh woman, he knew she's had lesbian affairs, threesomes, circle jerks, and a gangbang at college dorm parties. She's such a slut but, glad that she is, he wondered if she'd ever agree to have sex with him.

"Liar. In the way that you were masturbating over Mom getting naked, you'd—"

"Wait. Back up. How do you know I was masturbating?"

"How do I know you were masturbating? She gave him a smug look. "Duh? I saw you masturbating."

"Maybe you saw someone else masturbating while thinking it was me masturbating. Maybe you were just imagining someone masturbating because you're such a horny slut. Maybe you were just fantasizing over me masturbating because you want me," he said with a sinister laugh.

"You're crazy Brett. I'd never want my own brother. Unlike you, I'm not an incestuous pervert," she said seemingly becoming dizzy when she mentioned the word incestuous.

Steadfast in his verbal attack of his sister as if he was a defense attorney and she was a witness on the stand, he continued his conjecture.

"Maybe in the way that you're accusing me of always thinking about Mom naked, you're the one who is always thinking about Mom naked. Maybe you thought you saw me masturbating because you're always thinking about my cock. Yeah, maybe in the way that you're always so horny for men, you imagined seeing a man masturbating out back."

"Oh, it was you alright standing there in the dark," she laughed. "I'd know my own brother Brett."

"Tell me this then, where were you that you could see me masturbating?"

"I was right above you in the treehouse looking down and watching you pull your prick," she said laughing with vindicated validation. "Too focused on Mom stripping naked, I couldn't believe you didn't know that I was right there above you while watching you stroking yourself."

"You were?" He looked at her with obvious excitement that his sister was watching him masturbate. "You were watching me masturbate?"

"Yes," she said moving her hand back and forth as if she had a cock and was masturbating herself or as if she was giving him a hand job.

"What were you doing up in the treehouse?"

As if replaying what she saw in her mind, running a slow tongue across her full, red lips, she looked at her brother with incestuous lust and sexual excitement.

"I was watching Mom milking Dad before sucking him," she blurted immodestly with a sexy smile. "I like watching them playing their sexy games. They make me hot," she said running her manicured finger over the outline of her breasts.

"You're making me hot with what you're doing," he said beneath his breath and obviously too soft for her to hear him.

"It was when I was watching them flashing our new neighbor that I watched you creep out of the house to hide behind the tree to watch Mom undressing. You're such a pervert Brett. I can't believe you were masturbating over Mom getting naked."

"If I'm a pervert for watching and masturbating over Mom stripping naked, what are you for watching Mom suck Dad's cock," he said.

"Sexually curious," she said with a sexy smile. She held her chin high as if she was proud of her voyeurism instead of ashamed of it, in the way that she was trying to make her brother feel.

"Okay, okay, so you caught me spying on Mom while masturbating. So what? That was so hot to watch Mom undressing," he said making no excuse for peeping on his mother getting naked. "She has a wicked hot body for an old broad," he said laughing.

"She does," said Erin. "It's amazing that they still go at one another like rabbits. I'm surprised they didn't have more children than just the two of us," said Erin.

"Wow, I know, right? I wish I had a little brother," he confessed. "In the way they continue having sex is so hot," he said. "I hope that I still want sex from my wife when I'm their age," he said.

"Their age? They're not that old Brett. They're only in their early forties. You make them sound as if they're in their sixties," she said.

"Still it was exciting to watch Mom strip off her clothes to have sex with Dad," he said.

"So lemme get this straight. You were aroused enough by watching Mom undressing to masturbate yourself?"

"Fuck yeah," he said making a sour face at her. "Who wouldn't be aroused watching Mom undress? She's hot. She's a MILF."


"Yeah, definitely, Mom's a MILF."

"So you admit that you do want to have sex with Mom," she said as if she was a prosecuting attorney just winning her first court case.

"I didn't say that," he said.

"Actually, you did. You called Mom a MILF, a mother you'd like to fuck," she said laughing.

"I could ask you the same question. Why were you staring at Dad's cock? Maybe in the way that I think of Mom as a MILF you think of Dad as a FILF," he said laughing.

"A FILF? There's no such thing as a FILF," she said.

"There is in your case. You'd have sex with Dad if you could," he said.

Erin stared at her brother in the way that he usually stares at her, especially when she's wearing her short, sheer, low cut nightgown.

"I was just curious what his cock looked like, that's all," she said. "Just because I was looking at Dad naked doesn't mean that I want to fuck him or suck him. In the way that you're a voyeur, I am too," she confessed. "Inherited DNA from Mom and Dad, perversity runs in our family," she said laughing.

"Well, then, with that being said, I was just curious what Mom would look like naked too," he said. "So there. We're even. We're both incestuous perverts," he said returning her laugh.

With her being so open and honest, she was making him horny with all of this incestuous talk.

"The difference is Brett that I don't masturbate over Dad in the way that you masturbate over Mom," she said.

"How do you know how I masturbate over Mom? And how do I know that you don't masturbate over Dad or over Mom for that matter."

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