Family Vacation


Pulling her sucking mouth off her she scooped the remaining juice in her mouth and sighed, "Yummy pussy juice! Go ahead Dave fill her ass baby!"

He squeezed her tits pinching the nipples until she screamed and moaned for him to stop then he started to pump his cock deeper and faster in her ass until he slammed it in and held it, "Unnnnnnggghhhhhhh!" he grunted dumping a big load of sperm deep in her bowels.

When his orgasm subsided she tried to get off him, but Marlene stopped her, "Down on your knees honey and clean up that nasty cock!" she giggled and forced her to lick him clean of his cum and dirty discharge from her ass off his balls and dick.

When she had finished she ran into the bathroom to throw-up, retching and spitting could be heard from the living room, "Poor little thing can't take a little loose stool with her ass cream juice."

Coming back in Veronica sat down on the couch catching her breath, "That was disgusting, you pigs! Try that again and I'll scratch your eyes out, sick fuckers!"

Marlene came over in front of her smiled and slapped her face hard. It made a cracking sound and everyone jumped. Grabbing her chin she bent down to stare in her eyes, "If I tell you to eat a still steaming turd as it drops from my ass you'll do what I tell you sweet cheeks. Or maybe we need to show you what we mean?"

Shaking her head quickly with tears coursing down her cheeks, "No, no I'm sorry."

"That's better, now just sit there and watch while mommy gets taught a lesson in manners," Turning away she smiled and raised her eyebrows to Don who winked at her, "Ok fellas time to make a wish!"

Larry and Dave were washing their cocks at the sink. They both grinned and took out some more rope from the bag. Throwing two pieces over the beam they tied Shannon's ankles and pulled her open so just her arms and shoulders had her weight, it had to be uncomfortable but wouldn't kill her.

Larry took a turn licking her pussy then moved aside to let Dave do it. They took turns and soon had her squirming ready to cum.

Don's cock had drooped a little but seeing his wife get her pussy licked he came back to full attention, "Marlene baby take little stinky ass here and get her cleaned up will you? I don't want her to start smelling up the place when we all fuck her.?"

"Sure, I'd be glad to! Mind if I get her warmed up for you?"

"Good idea, keep her juicy. I like a juicy cunt!"

Grabbing her hand she pulled Veronica into the bathroom and stood her in the shower turning on the cold water full then added hot a little at a time. She liked the way the girl screamed and how her nipples turned rock hard.

Larry and Dave had let Shannon down a little so they could get their cocks in her easily. They didn't lower her legs so she was stretched forcing her to push her ass back. Larry slid his long thin cock deep in her cunt with a forceful thrust grunting as he hit bottom.

Dave went around behind greasing up his shaft and when his partner stuffed her full he slammed his cock deep in her asshole making her squeal around the ball in her mouth.

She had never been fucked in the ass before; her husbands cock was too big. She had never felt this full as the two guys pushed up in her at the same time. They could feel the others cock as it slid in separated by the thin membrane between her ass and her vaginal walls.

Moaning around the gag she had her eyes closed. Her orgasms came in a flood, one right after the other. The sensations were overwhelming her senses. Passing out several times she would come around only to succumb to unconsciousness all over again. Her humiliation was complete and she promised herself never to cheat on Don again if he would let her go.

Looking at her going off and on like a light he smiled and after the guys dumped their loads deep in her cavities he had them let her down. Pulling the gag out of her mouth he bent closer, "Well dear anything to say?"

Nodding she moved her jaw and whimpered, "I'm sorry honey I was such a slut. I promise never to do it again!"

"Just because you say it doesn't make me believe sweetie!"

"I'll do whatever you want me to do baby, anything. Anything at all!"

She kept her head lowered while she talked afraid to look at him, "Ok, I believe you mean it, but the proof is in the actions I say. Untie her fellas and we'll try a little test."

The guys had sat down on the couch so getting up they helped him get her loose then tossed the ropes on the floor.

"Shannon, lick Dave's cock clean since he corn holed you first."

Getting on her knees she proceeded to lick all over his cock and balls sucking up the cum and ass funk. When she was done she sat back on her calves again looking down in submission.

"Good job baby! Now clean up poor Larry here."

She moved around and did the same to him then resumed her position. Her face was a mess of dripping spunk and ass juice.

"Good girl. Take a rest guys and have some snacks to keep your strength up," reaching down he took her hand and pulled her into the bathroom where Marlene was scrubbing Veronica's body with a bar of soap, "Here Marlene another smelly woman to get cleaned up."

"Sure, just a minute," she was rinsing between the girls legs running her fingers in her pussy and up her ass then when she started to moan she would stop and use the hose to rinse her off, "Shit Don this little slut is still horny! Every time I touch her between the legs she practically humps my hand."

"Good I like that, keeps her ready. Ok let's switch baby." Veronica came out letting her dad dry her off. She kept looking at his hard cock swaying in front of her dripping his pre-cum on the floor.

Shannon stepped in the shower and let Marlene wash her from head to toe moaning when her fingers slipped in her cunt and asshole just like her daughter.

"Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She's still horny too!"

Don laughed, "Shannon was always oversexed, weren't you darling?"

She nodded and smiled enjoying the pother woman's hands on her body.

Veronica couldn't stand it any longer so she reached out with both hands and wrapped them around his cock stroking the length of it, "Oh daddy, I love your cock! It's so big and hard. Bigger than any one I've ever seen."

Looking at his wife he grinned, "Thank you honey, why don't you lick it for me?"

Quickly she dropped to her knees and tried to engulf the head and several inches of the swollen shaft in her mouth. He thumped her on the head, "I said lick it not suck it!"

Pulling it out she used her tongue to lick him along the length milking his pre-cum onto her tongue.

"Lick my balls baby!"

Running her mouth along the shaft she held him against his stomach and licked him from his asshole to where they met the shaft moaning as his juice ran down it on her hand.

"Can I suck on your balls daddy?" she looked in his eyes smiling.

"Yeah honey, suck my balls in your mouth."

She took turns sucking and lathering his balls and sack with her mouth and tongue.

"Hmm, that feels real good honey, suck my cock now so I can cum in your mouth!" he could feel his balls tighten and knew he wasn't going to last long.

Pulling him down she again engulfed his meat trying to swallow it down her throat, gagging she kept trying until finally she was able to get it all the way in and down her throat. Her mouth felt like a pussy as he placed his hands on the sides of her head and fucked her face gently letting her swallow him to his sack.

She was proud of the fact she could deep throat him and couldn't wait to feel his spunk run down into her belly.

Grunting he fucked her a little faster until his orgasm started. Holding her close enough but not close enough to choke her he let loose with a long thick rope of cum which shot down her throat. Surprised she pulled him deep in her mouth sucking his seed from his cock directly down her throat. She could feel her own orgasm coursing through her pussy when he squirted out the last onto her tongue.

"Oh shit baby that was fantastic! Even your mom can't swallow me that deep, but she will by the end of the week."

"Oh Don we tried that and I just couldn't do it!"

Smiling at her while Veronica licked the head of his cock, "Yeah I know, but after you get to practice on the other guys you will!"

Moaning Shannon leaned back against the wall letting Marlene finger her pussy, "Oh that feels good!"

"Never had a girl do this to you before have you?" she shook her head and gasped, "There's lots more to girl sex honey besides just fingers!" bending down she sucked one of her nipples in her mouth nursing on it making the nipples hard.

Don was enjoying his daughter gently sucking his cock while he watched the women in the shower. Standing up he disengaged her form his dick, "Ok ladies lets get dried off before she cums!"

"Not yet Don I'm almost there, almost!"

He stepped over and pulled Marlene from her tit, "Hard of hearing? I said now!"

Shannon almost collapsed when the intruding fingers were pulled from her cunt, "No, not yet! Please Don?" she whined and started to finger herself.

Taking her arm he gently slapped her face making her let out a small scream, "What was that for you bastard!"

Taking her arm he pulled her into the other room dripping water, "I guess a lesson is in order," roughly he pulled her across his lap and started to slap his hand across her ass cheeks. He could feel his cock getting hard under her, reaching between them he slipped it onto his stomach where she could feel it but not get to it. The slaps sounded loud in the room and her screams made him want to stop, but she deserved it for being such a slut and bitch.

Whack, whack, whack, "What did I say in the shower?"

"Ouch, ow! Stop it your hurting me!"

Whack, whack, whack, "I didn't hear you, what did I say in the shower to you?"

"Ahhhhhhhhh, shit! You said to stop! You said to stop!"

He hit her ass one last time and let her up, "That's right and when I say to do something you do it! Any questions?"

Standing up she rubbed her ass which was bright red from her spanking, "No honey, no questions. I'll do what you say I promise!"

"Good, ok guys which one wants to help her practice deep throat?"

They both raised their hands grinning; apparently they got hard again watching her get spanked.

Dave got the nod and came over and sat on the couch his cock standing straight up. Stroking it he motioned her over, "Come her darling and swallow some meat!"

Veronica had come in while her mom was getting spanked. Marlene stood behind her and had reached around to caress her breasts while rubbing her own into her back.

Turning around she kissed her on the mouth then stepped over next to her mom, "Daddy can I show her?"

Nodding he felt his cock twitch, "Sure honey show mommy how to take it deep."

Pulling her mom down on her knees she reached over and stroked Dave's cock milking out some of his pre-cum. Bending down she licked it off the head and slowly dropped her mouth over him until she could stick her tongue out and lick his balls. Slowly pulling her head off him she wiped her mouth, "You just have to get by the gag reflex mom. When you feel you're going to gag pull back and then take a little more, pretty soon you'll get it all. It feels great having a cock down your throat too. The best part is when it fills your throat with cum! Here I'll hold it for you."

Shannon could feel her pussy getting wet as her daughter told how to swallow a cock, but when she grabbed it and jerked him waiting for her to eat it the juices started to really flow.

"Take your time mom. I'm sure Dave won't mind, will you Dave?"

He laughed, "Mind? No I don't mind a good looking girl jerking my cock while she feeds it to her mom. Sure take your time baby," he slid his ass onto the edge of the seat so his balls hung down.

She caressed his sack while her mom licked and sucked on his swollen cock, "That's it mom get used to the size first, suck a little more in. That's it now a little more, suck more of his cock. Oh yeah your getting it! Just a little more and you'll have it all!"

Dave didn't have the biggest cock in the room but his balls were big, almost as large as extra big eggs. They filled his ball sack hanging down onto the crack of his ass. When he used his muscles to swell his cock up they pulled up towards his cock bunching them together.

With her mother going down the full length of his cock she got between his legs and licked his balls, sucking one at a time in her mouth as they would drop down. He gasped when she stuck her tongue in his asshole reaming him his testicles hanging down on her nose.

"Yeah, that's good baby! Lick my ass, uhmmm, damn that feels great!"

Shannon was concentrating on trying not to gag and after several minutes she didn't even notice she didn't have to worry about it anymore. She really started to enjoy swallowing his dick and the way it felt as he slipped past her tongue into her throat. When her nose touched his pubic hair she stuck out her tongue and tickled the base of his shaft making him groan and open his legs more.

Veronica felt him open up and wet her finger slipping it in his asshole to stimulate his prostate. Getting her mouth around both of his balls she sucked them in her mouth and fingered his anus.

Shannon felt his cock swell even more in her throat so she started to fuck her face on him like a pussy, slobbering on the shaft to drip into her daughter's mouth as it ran down across his balls.

She wanted to please him, but she wanted Don to be proud of her skills more. Picking up the pace she grunted and slurped him moving in frenzy as he humped her mouth.

Letting his balls slip out of her mouth Veronica stuffed two fingers in his ass and fucked him quicker and quicker, "Come on Dave fill mommy's mouth with your load. Shoot her full!"

He felt like his ass was spasming as he pushed his cock deep down her throat and shot out a thick snake of cum making her cough and sputter until she could swallow the full load that filled her mouth.

Using her finger she wiggled it across his sphincter and he shot another one across her mom's tongue.

As they calmed down and Shannon let him slip from her mouth Veronica got on her knees and planted her mouth on hers licking and sucking her lips and tongue making Shannon gasp and groan against her.

Grasping her breast she squeezed and pinched her mom's nipples then let her hand drop between her legs to finger her slit.

"Ok that's enough you two, for now. Larry gets a turn at the practice mouth, ready buddy?"

Marlene had been licking him and keeping his cock ready while he fingered her pussy standing next to the chair while she bent down to get to him, "Oh yeah, I'm ready thanks to Marlene here!"

He got up and changed places with Dave who staggered over to sit in his chair. Marlene immediately dropped down and sucked his softening in her mouth. She took his hand and forced his fingers in her pussy, "Hurry baby Larry only got me warmed up!"

Shannon looked at Larry's long thin piece of meat standing straight out of his patch of pubic hair like a flagpole. The head was swollen red and shiny from Marlene's saliva. His balls hung down past his asshole but were only half the size of Dave's.

Wrapping his hand around it he stroked the length smiling at the girls, "Hurry up ladies, I'm almost ready to pop, and I want to feel your tonsils as I shoot baby!"

She knee walked over and started to engulf him like her daughter had shown. Slowly she dropped down letting him slip past her gag reflex spot until he slid down her throat like a thick greasy oyster. He didn't last very long when she slid her finger in his asshole and rubbed his prostate. As her nose touched his stomach she felt him shooting his cum down her throat so she kept her mouth on him until he quit then slowly sucked him on the way up. Releasing his softening cock she licked her lips and sat back on her calves waiting for the one she really wanted to swallow.

Veronica couldn't help her this time she had her face planted between Marlene's legs as she sucked Dave's cock back to life.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, "That's it my little slut eat my hair pie! Oh fuck, lick my slit baby, there, right there! Oh shit, shit, shit! Fuccccccccccccckkkkkk!"

Marlene was a squirter so when Veronica hit her clit she sprayed the front of her with a huge torrent of pussy juice. She tried to drink some down but her face was to far away so she had to settle for licking her after she came.

Shannon was amazed at the amount Marlene let loose. Not wanting to miss out she went over and started to lick her girl's tits dripping with the juice.

Dave was so spent he could only get to half mast so Marlene left him alone as she came down from her orgasm, "Holy shit! This little girl knows how to eat pussy! I haven't cum like that for a while, thanks sweetie!"

Larry was spent and his cock drooped down between his legs, still thick but no life left.

Don on the other hand was standing proud and watching his girls lick another woman and each other kept him that way. Stroking his meat he smiled at Veronica as she rubbed her mom's tits.

Shannon sat back and licked her lips then turned to see what she was looking at. Smiling at his throbbing cock she crawled over and sat between his legs gazing at it.

Veronica looked at it and licked her lips. She came over and squeezed next to her mom.

He sat there running his hand from his balls to the wet slit where his pre-cum was leaking out, "Will you ladies do what I want from now on?" they nodded their eyes never leaving his hand, "Then for a reward you both get to suck me off for a little while. But first sit next to me on the couch so I can get to those sweet pussies."

They got on either side of him and waited for their orders. Turning to his wife he held his cock and pointed it at her, "What do you want to do?"

Licking her lips, "I want to drink your cum, but first I want to swallow your whole cock down my throat!"

'Ok go ahead," putting his hand under Veronica he slipped two fingers in her pussy wiggling them around. "What do you want to do?"

She squeezed her nipples and pulled one to her lips and licked it then squatted down on his hand, "I want to help mom suck you dry daddy, but first I want you to eat my pussy!"

"Ok come up here and I will!"

She stepped over him and held her pusssy lips open as he jammed his tongue in her wet gash then sucked her clit in his mouth making her moan and press against him.

Shannon had gotten on her knees and was taking her time to get him down her throat. In just a few moments she felt his belly pressing against her nose. Pulling off him she laughed, "I did it!" leaning in she licked her girls' ass then went back to his cock and swallowed him down again.

Marlene couldn't stand it any longer; she came over and got her face between Shannon's legs licking her pussy and asshole.

Dave had gotten his third wind and got between her legs to lick her cunt.

Larry shrugged his shoulders and got between Dave's legs and started to suck his cock getting it hard in no time.

Dave removed his face from her pussy, "I knew you couldn't wait!" he pushed his crotch towards his long time friend's mouth that sucked him down.

Don was in heaven, his wife deep throating his cock, his daughter pressing her tasty pussy on his lips and tongue and his friends entertaining themselves. Life was good!

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