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Family Valentine's Day


Author's Note: No person in this work of fiction is under 18 years old. This is a story of mother-son incest and is my entry in the 2018 Literotica Valentine's Day Contest. I hope you enjoy it.


"What a stupid waste of time," Gary Mathews grumbled to himself. "Spending Valentine's Day with Mom when I could be out scoring with some hot chicks."

He didn't say it aloud because, as a 19-year old freshman in college, he needs his mother's support, financial and otherwise. In addition, he really loves his mother but, on this day of all days, single girls and women should be easily available to a handsome charmer, which he considers himself to be. Truth be told, he is not at all bad looking, tall and athletic with wavy, dark brown hair and a friendly grin. He has also had considerable success sexually, largely because of his amorous skills. Like many of his classmates and other young men, Gary believes unattached girls would be so morose over being in that state, especially on Saint Valentine's Day, they would hop into bed with any guy who showed any interest. He and more than a few of his buddies had graphically described their success with lonely girls and women such as those, and he hoped to continue his streak and emulate theirs.

Unfortunately for him and those morose females who would be deprived of his handsome face and sexual prowess, his mother, whose first name is Mary, although he had never called her anything but "Mom," had insisted he spend that evening at home with her. She is quite attractive too, with a sexily plump figure, large breasts and hair that is dark brown like his, except much longer, falling to her shoulders in soft waves Attractive though she is, her appeal has always been wasted on her son, who just thinks of her as his mother.

Mary had been only 18 years old when she gave birth to Gary and his father, afraid he might have to pay for the support of his child, had left town a few days later. She raised him by herself, working nights and weekends to support the two of them while she attended college, and eschewing any kind of welfare or government aid, although her family did provide her with considerable help, financial and otherwise.

The primary problem with her life for the last 19 years has been the lack of male companionship, for Mary wants no more children born out of wedlock. She has a few friends-with-benefits relationships, and has to settle for them, because the men involved have no interest in getting too close to a woman who comes with a built-in family, especially a grown son. She considers herself to be worth more than that, and attractive and intelligent enough that she should not have to settle for that. Earlier that month, when she was at the peak of her sexual needs, Mary arrived at a temporary solution to that condition. Her order to her son was the first part and was issued the next day.

Gary's college is not close enough that he can commute daily, but it is also not too far for him to drive home on weekends and for special occasions. Although he couldn't see Valentine's Day as a special occasion, at least not for mothers and sons, it was on a Saturday so he had agreed to come home for a visit with her. Gary hoped to leave when his last class on Friday ended, spend the night and part of Valentine's Day with Mom and go out and get laid that evening and probably on Sunday too, if the still unknown women he expected to meet were willing and horny enough. However, his mother had a different agenda in mind.

"This is a holiday, Gary," she had told him late Saturday morning. "So I expect you to spend it here with me. All weekend. Plenty of time to go out tom-catting next week. Besides, I'm fixing your favorite meal: roast prime rib, just the way you like it with mashed potatoes and blueberry pie for dessert, and I want us to share it."

"But, Mom..."

"No buts about it. Your college team is playing basketball on TV today, so sit down and watch and I'll finish cooking dinner. After that, I have a nice surprise for you."

"Oh, alright."

It was really not that much of a hardship for Gary because, as Mom had said, those were his favorite foods and a welcome relief from the uninspired fare at the University cafeteria. Besides that, he really does love his mother and likes to spend some of his weekends with her. On just about any other day of the year, he would have been glad to hang out with her that evening and the next day too, but he hated to miss out on the easy pussy he was sure would have been available.

His team won the basketball game and, when it was over, Gary ambled out to the kitchen where they always ate together. He had smelled the roast beef as it cooked, as well as the gravy and, especially, the blueberry pie and was really hungry. On the table was a bottle of red wine and there was a glass next to the place he usually sat and another was beside Mom's plate. Gary wondered if that was the surprise she had mentioned because he had never drunk at home before and only occasionally consumed a can or two of beer when out with his buddies, either those living in his college dorm or the guys he sometimes pals around with when he's in town.

The other, more subtle surprise was the way his mother looked, which seemed different from her appearance before the basketball game started. Gary is well aware his mother is a very attractive woman, even sexy, although he normally avoids thinking about that any more than he can help. He also knows she is fairly young, probably not even forty years old, but he doesn't give that much thought either. However, on this day in the kitchen with her, he was forced to contemplate both those facts. Mom was wearing the same light green dress as she had worn earlier, but it was cut so low, her ample breasts were spilling over the top. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra either and, until he looked away, Gary thought he saw the pink edge of at least one areola. Even during the brief period the young man was gawking at his mother, lustful thoughts came, unbidden, to his mind, and he half expected to be struck down by a wrathful God for even entertaining thoughts of something so unnatural and indecent and even revolting.

However, nothing of the sort happened, and he sat down across from Mom. She smiled and hitched her chair around to his side of the table until she was so close their legs were actually touching. The same kinds of disgusting notions crept into his mind again, and he slid over to the far side of his chair to flee from those thoughts and from his mother's unseemly closeness.

Outside of that, dinner was great. One thing Gary has always known about his mother is that she is an excellent cook and it was quite obvious she had made a special effort for that Valentine's Day dinner with him. She kept his wine glass full too, and he felt less self-conscious about her proximity as the meal progressed. He didn't even notice the hand that occasionally rested on his thigh and the way it seemed to be getting closer to his crotch.

With dinner over and the blueberry pie having been washed down by small cups of potent Irish coffee, which was something else to which the young man was unaccustomed, Mom spoke more of the surprise she had for her son. "I have a videotape that was made of me at the place I used to work right after I turned 18 years old," she told him. "I haven't shown it to you before but I want you to see it this evening."

"Okay, Mom."

He felt a bit wobbly and had some difficulty getting up to return to the family room where he had watched the basketball game earlier. His mother had no problem at all. The Irish coffee she had drunk had been lacking any whiskey and she had only sipped her wine and her son, as he did when drinking beer, had gulped his. In order to minimize the delay between the time she started to put the next part of her plan in action and the time it came to fruition, she had loaded the videotape early that morning. While cooking dinner, she had made some other preparations, such as adjusting her clothing, which would further facilitate that plan.

Gary didn't know what to expect. He is aware his mother works in middle management at her place of employment and that she had worked her way through college as an entertainer before that, but that was all he knew about either of her careers. He couldn't help wondering how a tape of Mom shuffling papers in her office, or wherever the other place was, could be of any interest, but he decided to watch with her. He was quite surprised when it started with the kind of music usually played at a strip club, such as the ones he frequently patronized, and that was followed by a very attractive, dark-haired young woman appearing and blowing kisses as she strutted onto a stage.

The shock was much greater when a close-up showed him the smiling face of his own mother! She was obviously much younger, but there was no mistaking her eyes and hair and her smile, even though it was more lascivious than he had ever seen it. By then, the dancer on the stage had already removed her short jacket and was naked above the waist except for a pair of pasties. Gary was almost mesmerized by the erotic sight of her big luscious breasts as they bounced and swung from side to side to the slow, heavy beat of the music. He was so enraptured by the sight he hardly noticed his mother's hands as they sneaked up from his legs and unbuckled his belt. A few seconds later, the beautiful dark-haired dancer turned her back to the camera, but was still looking over her shoulder with that same seductive smile.

The beat continued and Gary became even less aware of what was happening to him as he stared at his mother, the exotic dancer. She was doing a leisurely bump and grind and had started to slowly push down on the short skirt she was wearing, until the waistband was below the curve of her gorgeous white ass which, by that time, was covered by nothing but a G-string. She bent over to show herself off better then, and the camera panned in for a close shot of that truly captivating pair of hemispheres, just as his mother took hold of the zipper on his fly. Gary didn't notice the latter because he was so engrossed in the former, and it got even better when the dancer's ass began a series of slow circular movements and the skirt slid all the way down to the floor, showing off her succulent bare cheeks. A flick of one foot kicked that garment to the side and, still grinding her hips, the dancer slowly turned back to face the camera.

The skimpy G-string was the only thing Gary's mother was wearing below her waist, and soon it was the only covering anywhere. Once again, she shook her shoulders, causing her perfect breasts to swing and sway. As if to halt their erotic motion, her hands covered the twin treasures, but only very briefly and, when her arms were lowered again, both nipples were completely exposed. She tossed her pasties in the general direction of the camera. So intrigued was Gary that he didn't even notice the zipper on his pants being pulled down.

In fact, he was oblivious to everything except the incredibly erotic show on the screen in front of him, until he felt a hand grope inside his pants and pull his cock through the open fly of his underwear. He glanced toward his mother, but saw only the back of her head and, a second later, felt something soft and wet nestling the head of his semi-erect cock, which quickly became fully hard. Her tongue, for that was what he divined it was, continued its caresses for a few seconds and then he felt an even softer pair of lips moving down the shaft, applying the perfect amount of pressure. His mother's head bobbed up and down for a few strokes before she stopped and raised her head to make an offer which he could not refuse.

"Unzip my dress for me, Gary." Her mouth returned quickly to the cossetting of his cock, which had started to feel so good.

Without even thinking about it, he hastened to do as she asked, and Mom's dress fell open, showing off her smooth white back and, when she peeled her arms from the sleeves, her shoulders too. She didn't stop there, but slid the dress lower, raising her knees one at a time to take it all the way off and toss it aside. Gary was amazed when he saw his mother was completely naked, for she had been wearing no undergarments of any kind.

Somewhere in a hidden corner of his mind, the young man was telling himself that what was going on was not right but, in the front of his mind, it felt too wonderful for him to stop it. Instead, he stared at the image in front of him and saw how his mother on the screen had removed her G-string and, also totally naked, was playing with her pussy as she writhed in front of the video camera. When the real, live woman moved closer to him, he saw how she was doing the same thing to herself as she knelt in front of him, drawing his cock in and out of her mouth and massaging her pussy like her younger self on the screen.

"Mom, I..." he started to protest but, before he could complete the sentence, her soft, clever mouth went all the way down to his pubic hair as she started deep-throating his raging erection. Her lips and tongue fondling his stiff cock felt so fantastic, his half-hearted objection was driven from his mind.

It wouldn't have done him any good anyhow. Although he didn't know it, even before her hymen had been pierced, his mother had loved giving head and had provided blow jobs to all her boy-friends and even some total strangers under the bleachers at football games. She was certainly not going to stop sucking this one, big and hard and magnificent, with its shaft covered with smooth skin and belonging to her beloved son.

To keep him from standing up or moving away, Mary tugged his pants down to around his ankles, but she could do nothing about her son's Jockey shorts. To pull them down too would have meant removing her mouth from around his splendid cock, and she was loath to do that. She also briefly raised her hand from her clit so she could press down on his thighs with her arms, keeping him seated while her mouth continued enveloping and releasing his enticing organ. Increasing her appeal to her son and her own fun, the kneeling woman looked up at Gary with her warm, brown eyes and slowed the pace of her deep strokes to make their mutual pleasure last longer.

It worked. Although he still had some qualms about the rightness and morality of what he and his mother were doing in the living room of her apartment, he was able to justify his lack of resistance. "After all," he told himself. "This is about the same thing as I expected to be doing anyhow." He put out of his mind the flaw in that line of reasoning, the fact that he was doing that "same thing" with the woman who had given birth to him a little more than 19 years earlier.

Mary didn't think about that at all. She was too busy relishing the feel of her son's cock in her mouth and thrilling to the grimaces of intense joy dancing across his face and the writhing of his body on the sofa. For a long and happy period of time, sucking off her favorite man was all she could think about. The only other thought to finally enter her mind was when his thick shaft started throbbing inside her mouth, and she knew he was getting close to coming. Wanting to be sure she got all the hot juices he would soon be spurting, she stopped giving him deep throat and made sure the head of his cock stayed in position over her tongue. Mary sucked faster too and, when she felt him jerking and heard him gasping in delight, she tightened her lips and ceased the slow, repetitious movements of her face.

Her timing was perfect. Seconds later, a big flood of viscous fluid covered her tongue, pleasing her taste buds. Very briefly, the skilled fellatist swirled that first load inside her mouth before getting her tongue back into position to catch the second gush. She let this one stay in place and resumed sucking, but slowly and with very short strokes, until she was rewarded with a third burst of the stuff she loves. Mary still didn't stop, but continued slowly pumping the organ inside her mouth until she was sure no more of her favorite treat would be forthcoming.

Cautiously, she removed her son's cock from her mouth, holding it upright so nothing would drip out and be wasted. Mary savored the taste and texture of the three wads of cum, swirling them around in her mouth before letting it all slip down her throat. She still wasn't through, because there were fresh drops left on the cock, which remained erect, and which she continued to hold lightly in her soft hands. Like a small child with a lollipop, Mary licked everything off the outside and swallowed it.

She wasn't through yet. Carefully, she placed her thumb directly in front of his scrotum and her fingers on the opposite side of her son's cock, with the head resting on her tongue. Mom brought her thumb toward her mouth, catching all the leftover she squeezed out, until her hand was right at her lips. She moved this semen to the back of her mouth and lapped all the rest of Gary's offering from the head of his cock and under the ridge, until she was certain she had it all. This last mouthful was dealt with as the first had been, until Mary let it slip down her throat to join the rest of what she had loved so much.

With her son's blow job complete, Mary leaned back on her heels and grinned lewdly at him. "Well, Gary," she said. "That was really good. I hope you liked it too."

"Yeah, Mom. You're the best."

"Good. Now, how about you doing the same thing for me?"

He knew what she meant. "Sure, Mom. Do you want to get up here and me to move?"

"No, I want to lie down on my bed. I like to roll around a lot, and there isn't even close to enough room here."

Mary stood up then and started to walk toward her bedroom. The videotape had ended as she was sucking off her son, but the music was still running through her mind, and she was subconsciously doing a bit of bump and grind with her enticing and naked ass. Gary stood up too, and started to follow his mother, but tripped and fell back down onto the sofa. Before he made the attempt again, he finished removing his pants, left them on the floor, and decided to take off his socks too, before going to the bedroom. Clad only in his shirt and underwear, he hurried after his even more naked mother who was, he knew, headed for her boudoir.

By the time he caught up with her, she was lying on her back, a pillow under her head and another under her ass, but nothing else on the king-sized bed but a clean fitted sheet. She raised her arms in an unmistakable invitation but, when he answered it by lying down next to her and reaching out to hug and fondle her, she pushed him away.

"Take off your shirt, Gary. I want to feel your bare skin against mine."

He obeyed and reached for her again. Mom turned to face him and Gary bent down to start licking one of her precious nipples. The adorable nubbin felt so rigid against his tongue that he could feel the individual ridges and the pebbly texture of the areola. Abruptly, he realized it had been about 19 years since his mouth had been there and he wondered whether or not it had felt so great back then. He decided it hadn't, else he would have stayed there and never left.

Although Mary loved what he was doing, she had other and more urgent needs. "I really like that, and you can do it some more later but right now, I need you to go a lot lower on my body."

Her son knew what she meant and had no qualms about doing what she wanted. He had smelled the delectable aroma of his mother's dripping pussy and the scent was calling him lower anyhow. He kissed and nuzzled his way down her sexy form, noting how his goal had been shaved or waxed, probably that morning, and stopped when he reached her white Mount of Venus. Instead of continuing in that awkward position, he got off the bed, quickly got back on at the foot, and walked on his knees to where his mother was waiting with her body sprawled out for him.

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