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Fan Appreciation Ch. 02


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again.

Author's Note: Just a quick heads-up, the story is based in Sydney, Australia around the time of Armageddon Expo 2011. Also, since they spell things in the British mannerisms, I'm going to do it too :P

Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Laura Vandervoort, Kristin Kreuk

There was a thin beam of light that peeped through Ethan's curtain. As those rays of light always manage to do, it seemed to focus on the sleeping lovers who lay on Ethan's bed. Laura was the first to stir, rising off the bed she looked up at the sleeping fan that she had slept with not twenty-four hours ago. Smiling, she brought her right hand up and stroked the side of his face. He stirred but didn't get up. Laura slowly pulled herself off his dick that had somehow still been left inside her body.

Carefully climbing off of the bed, she walked into Ethan's bedroom's en-suite bathroom and quickly used the facilities. She walked back into the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed, looking to find her bathrobe that had been discarded at some point during the evening.

"You're not going are you?" Ethan asked, sitting up just behind her. She cast a glance over her shoulder and smiled sweetly at the young man who moved a little closer to her.

"No sweetie. I just wanted to cover up."

"Why?" He asked, wrapping his arms around her waist with his right arm he used his left hand to brush away a loose strand of blonde hair and lightly kissed her right shoulder blade. Laura groaned and reached behind her, lightly ruffling his hair, she pivoted on her knees and play tackled him to the bed.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Laura planted several soft smooches on his well toned stomach. Kissing her way down his body, the beautiful blonde planted kisses sporadically until she got to his left knee. Jumping across to the right knee, she sexily kissed her way back up to his body, conveniently ignoring his now rock hard cock.

Kissing her way up to his neck, she lightly kissed her way up from his shoulder to his collar, Laura moved her way back down until she felt goosebumps erupt on his skin. Her hands lightly stroked his skin, rubbing and massaging his toned body Laura smiled when he groaned at her touch.

Laura moved up to her knees and knee walked over to his crotch, ready to ride him again she smiled down at him as his eyes opened. She was about to impale herself when he wrapped his arms around her waist and threw her to the bed. Her legs spread eagerly and moaned aloud when his knob rubbed up against her pussy. His hands ran through her soft hair, keeping his right hand tangled in her blonde locks, his left hand roamed over her body. He lightly stroked her arms and neck as she rubbed her pussy against him.

"Please Ethan... Fuck me..."

He nodded and did so, untangling his hand from her hair he reached underneath himself and pushed his cock against her folds. Keeping it in place, he lightly pushed forwards with his hips and entered her. They both moaned lowly as he filled her up with his hard cock, her pussy walls started to squeeze at him as they held each other gently for the first time.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, stroking the side of his face gently she was smiling as he had his eyes shut. He started to drive himself in and out of her at a slow pace.

"Ethan... Why do you have your eyes shut?" She asked, she had to know why.

"I don't want to forget this." He answered slowly, as he started to build up a pace.

"Shouldn't you have your eyes open then?" She asked, as she lightly squeezed her tits as he thrust into her.

"Oh Jesus... I'm just trying to remember it Laura." A sly smirk crept across his face as she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him closer to her. Laura reached up off of the bed and pressed her lips against his, lightly kissing him as he thrust into her. Ethan's mouth parted to moan and Laura took her chance, slipping her tongue into Ethan's mouth.

It was Laura's turn to moan as their tongues slipped against each other and slowly, sexily rubbed up against the others. His hands that had been bunching up the bed sheets quickly moved onto her chest, with Laura's hands and sexily squeezed her soft breasts.

"Ethan... Suck on my tits!" She commanded, Ethan's eyes opened up and looked down at the blonde Canadian who was squirming on his shaft. He nodded and moved his lips down her body, kissing every possible part of her skin as he reached her chest. Taking her nipple into his mouth, Ethan lightly sucked on the hard buttons, his free hand came up to the spare breast and lightly groped the tit. Laura gasped in pleasure as her legs quickly wrapped themselves around Ethan's thrusting hips. Keeping his left hand above Laura, he started to build up a swift rhythm of pushing his cock in and out of Laura's folds. His moans soon joined hers as he cried into her tit flesh, his teeth lightly bit down onto Laura's nipple making the blonde-haired woman in the bed giggle and moan outwards as well.

Her hands soon ran up onto Ethan's body, rubbing her hands over Ethan's back they quickly slid under his pits and onto his chest. Her fingers lightly traced his dark chest hair before tweaking his nipples. To her surprise, he squealed at her actions, smiling from ear to ear Laura moved up and planted a kiss on his lips. Her tongue lightly lapped at his lips, softening up his that had hardened during intercourse.

With his dick sliding in and out of her warm, wet cunt Ethan groaned at Laura's actions. He felt her tongue lick at his lips and while they had previously been chapped, they were soon full with life as she sweetly lapped at him.

"Do you like this Ethan?" Laura asked sweetly as her legs lightly squeezed his invading hips.

"Ngh. I love this Laura!" He admitted as Laura squeezed him one more time with her legs. She giggled and nodded her head, but the giggle quickly turned to a groan as he squeezed her succulent breast one more time. Leaning up off of the bed, Laura's hands soon joined his in squeezing the soft flesh. Laura's soft, sweet moans joined his as he fucked her harder and harder.

"You going to cum soon sweetie?" Laura asked as her eyes flickered.

"Ugh. Soon yeah..."

Laura smiled and nodded her head. "OK, I'm close too. Can you hold out until I cum?"

"Shit... Shit yes." Ethan admitted as he slowed his thrusts a little bit to fend off his orgasm.

"Good. I'm sooooo close! So close Ethan you're going to make me cum again!"

Ethan groaned and nodded his head; sweat started to drip off of his brow and ran down his face as he went back to fucking her. Taking his hand and mouth off of her chest, Ethan placed his hands on either side of Laura's head and started to fuck her with upwards thrusts stroking her elusive g-spot.

Her right hand slipped down to her groin and she started to slowly stroke her hard clitoris. Tweaking the button, Laura started to rub little circles bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm. She watched Ethan fuck her through slitted eyes, as he fucked her harder and harder she pleasured herself harder. Gasping, she started to grind herself against Ethan's invading cock, collecting some of her wetness she brought her hand up to his mouth and sweetly offered them to his hungry mouth.

"Mmmmm they taste good don't they?" Laura asked rhetorically.

"Yeah they do." Ethan admitted as the fingers slipped out of his mouth. She smiled and stroked the right side of his face as she licked her lips and watched him fuck her. Groaning, she wrapped her arms around his chest and to his back. She pulled him closer to her and moaned sexily into his ear. Gasping, she shoved herself against him and came. Her pussy squeezed down on his cock, she squealed out in sheer pleasure, her walls clamped down, and she came.

Ethan grunted as she moaned directly into his ear, the sound of her pleasure took him over the edge. Crying her name out one more time, he quickly pulled out and just in time too. His load exploded and spilled out onto her stomach, rope after rope splattered against her tight, toned tummy. Laura opened her eyes and watched as he came on her stomach; smiling up at him, she wrapped her hand around his slick, wet dick and brought it down to his load.

Rubbing his cock against his own load, she smiled sweetly as his dick both leaked his load and collected it too. She gave it one last tug as one more rope spilled out onto her; she could feel his warm load on her tummy. When his dick softened, despite her best efforts, Laura let his cock fall away from her grip. She scooped up his cock with her right index finger and slowly slurped on the salty load.

Sucking her finger clean, Laura watched as Ethan grinned while she ate his cum up.

"You like watching me eat your cum?" Laura asked as she finished licking his cum as if it was the last meal on God's green Earth.

Ethan groaned and nodded his head as the blonde-haired woman giggled and sucked her fingers clean.


"Coming from the girl who came in here and seduced me!" Ethan retorted playfully as Laura climbed off of the bed. She walked over to the room's refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher of water.

"Not complaining are you?" She teased, pouring herself and Ethan a glass of the cool liquid.

"Absolutely not!" He replied, taking the glass from her and sipping on the water.

"I don't know. That sounded like a complaint to me!"

"If I had a complaint it's that I didn't knock on your door last night!" Ethan said with a smile. Running a hand through his hair, he lifted his arm sneakily and took a quick sniff of his armpits. "I could do with a shower... Care to join me?" He asked, hope living in his voice.

"As fun as that sounds... I need to go meet my agent. I've got a couple of interviews today... What are you going to do today?" She asked as she gathered her bathrobe up and slipped it on.

"I dunno. Was going to hang out in the harbour." Ethan replied, climbing to his feet and walking her to his door.

"Could you do me a favour? I've got a friend who's coming in a little later. We were going to go out tonight but she's getting for the middle of the day. Can you hang out with her for a bit? She's staying just one floor up from us. Room fifteen oh five."

"Sure! I'd be happy to. Fifteen oh five?" Ethan asked, confirming the room number.

"Right! She should be here for about one p.m so could you head up there for I don't know... Half one?" When Ethan nodded his head, Laura put a hand on his chest and stepped a little bit closer. "Just be careful with her. She's a total flirt. I mean... We're not together or anything but I'd like to think of you as mine. So, if she tries anything... Just say we're together OK?"

Ethan nodded his head, a little puzzled as to why he would have to. But, her lips on his quickly took that away. She smiled and nuzzled against him for a brief moment before breaking the kiss and making for the door.

"Oh! I've already got a key card for her room so I'll see you when I get back OK?"

Ethan nodded his head, albeit slightly puzzled by her actions. Shrugging it off, it was not the strangest thing that had happened to him in the past twenty-four hours. He stepped into his bathroom and started to run himself a shower.

Outside his hotel room and in Laura's bedroom, she was on her phone frantically jabbing at the touch pad, typing out a message.

"He's ready. C U soon xoxo xoxo"


Walking up the flight of stairs, Ethan had never been described as lazy; he found the room of Laura's friend and casually knocked on the door. He waited for a brief moment before the door was opened and he got to see who was inside the large room.

"Hi! You must be Ethan!" Kristin Kreuk beamed at him as she opened the door and invited him in. He nodded his head, a little dumb struck, walking in her got to admire the large suite of the hotel.

"Uh... Yeah! Yeah, that's my name... I mean that's me!" Ethan stammered as Kristin giggled and guided him to the large couch opposite the bed.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Kristin."

"Yeah I know! I love Smallville! Damn, I wish I had my DVD's now... It wouldn't be annoying to get an autograph would it?"

Kristin raised an eyebrow and looked at Ethan. Closing the gap and sitting on the luxury couch, she smiled and crossed her legs. The pants she was wearing were skin-tight and showed off her well-toned muscular legs.

"Wouldn't you like something else?"

"Like what?"

"Like... Pussy."



Kristin looked over at Ethan and smiled sweetly, but not before putting her hands at the bottom of her shirt and swiftly hoisting the grey fabric off of her body and dumping it on the floor next to the large couch.

"Kristin what are you..." Ethan started but was soon silenced by the sexy mixed race actress taking his face in her hands and pushing her lips against his. His eyes were soon closed in pleasure as she sucked on his face, trying to at least stay faithful to Laura in a no touch rule he kept his hands at his sides. Kristin soon noticed this and straddled his lap, taking her hands off of his face she gripped his arms by the wrist and placed them on her sultry body. She then guided them up her body by laying her hands flat on his and moving them up to her tits. As a typical man, Ethan's morality and faith was only tested for so long when tempted with a nice pair of tits.

Moaning into his mouth, Kristin started to slowly grind her groin against his as his hands cupped and groped her bra-covered chest. Taking her lips off of his, she slowly kissed her way down to his neck. Soft kiss after kiss landed on his wind pipe and slowly she made her way along to his collar. Repeating the process, Kristin kissed her way back to his windpipe occasionally flicking her tongue against his skin. She could hear him groan and the second she felt him squeeze her chest, she knew she had him.

"Kristin this is wrong. I'm with Laura." Ethan tried to reason with her but it was to no avail. He had a rock hard erection and was softly squeezing her chest, massaging the flesh as Kristin's hands started to unbutton his shirt. One by one, the small white buttons slipped out of their cotton holes and his hairy chest came into view. She grinned and ran her hands over his stomach and pecs as she looked up at him.

"If it's so wrong then why are you still playing with my tits? Come on Ethan, don't you want to have a little fun?" Kristin asked with a big grin on her face. She planted another set of kisses on his face as she reached underneath the two and started to unbuckle his belt.

"I... Uh..."

"That's what I thought. Now come on, how about I suck your dick and we'll see what other fun we can get up to!" Kristin reasoned, reaching behind her she undid the black satin bra and shimmied the piece of underwear down her arms. Ethan's eyes lit up when he saw her nipples stand to attention in the cool air of the hotel suite. She gripped hold of Ethan's belt and ripped it from the loops of his khaki shorts. Her fingers quickly found the large button at the top of his fly and she soon undid it, Kristin's hand then unzipped his fly and pulled it down. Her right hand then moved into Ethan's boxer shorts and soon tugged his erect cock out of his underwear.

She slowly jerked his cock up and down, watching the skin tighten and loosen as she pumped him. Sliding off Ethan, Kristin got onto her knees in front of the comic book lover and beamed up at him. Licking her lips slowly, she opened her mouth and almost cautiously flicked her tongue at his cock. When he groaned in pleasure, she smiled to herself and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. Opening her mouth again, Kristin moved up on her knees and took his knob inside her oral entrance. Closing her lips around his cock, she flicked her eyes up at him and smiled sweetly when he looked at her and then groaned and shut her eyes in pleasure.

Bobbing her head up and down on the first couple of inches, Kristin closed her lips and then released them applying pleasure to his cock. After making a few passes, Kristin lightly squeezed her hand on his knob making him gasp in pleasure. Cranking up on the pleasure factor, Kristin closed her lips around his knob and closed her teeth to press them against his cock. The added sensation of her teeth scraping against his shaft made Ethan gasp in pleasure and his eyes shot open. He looked down at her and grinned when he saw her remove her hand and then slide down deeper on his cock.

Taking nearly all of his cock in her mouth, Kristin let out a low, long sexy moan as his cock lodged itself in her throat. Pulling her lips up off of his cock, Kristin sexily bashed her tongue against the underside of his cock bathing it in her spit. Pulling her lips off of his cock, Kristin collected her breath before spitting on his dick. Her saliva ran along the head of his cock and as it slowly made its way down the top of his shaft. Holding his knob in both her left and right hand, Kristin brought the curved part of Ethan's flesh down from its near upright position so she could lean in and collect her own spit.

Getting a naughty idea, she moved her face a little closer to his dick she brought it upright and let it fall down smacking against her pretty face. When his dick bounced off of her face for the third time, Ethan simply had to look at her. His eyes widened as her own spit was covering her face and her soft, plump lips. His eyes shut in pleasure again as she opened her mouth and took his cock into her warm, wet mouth again. Producing more and more spit, the clear but warm liquid started to spill out of her mouth and ran down his cock as she sucked him harder and harder.

Ethan's hands ran through her long, black silky hair and started to tangle around his fingers as she sucked on him. Her spit collected at the bottom of his cock, resting on balls. She took her mouth off of his cock and started jerking him off as her tongue lashed at his ball sac collecting up all of her own spit that had ran down his cock. Her hand started to jerk him off more feverishly as she heard him groan aloud.

"Shit Kristin... Shit! I'm going to cum!"

Grunting, he lifted his hips up off of the couch and started to let out short, primal moans as pre-cum started to ooze out of his dick's slit. Gasping, he lifted his hips up off of the couch and exploded in orgasm. His cum shot from his knob and tore through the short gap between him and her. His load hit her right in the face and started to collect on her face, some landed on her forehead and another rope landed across the bridge of her nose with two last shots hitting her on the left cheek and the final rope hitting her in the corner of her mouth and then moving across to her lips.

Grunting, he fell back to the couch and admired his handiwork as Kristin grinned and started to collect his cum. She was about to say something when the door opened and the light from the hallway came in.


There stood Laura Vandervoort, gob smacked as she looked at the erotic scene in front of her.

"Oh shit." Both Kristin and Ethan said under their breath as Laura shut the door behind her.

"What the fuck!?" Laura repeated, as she stepped inside the room and dumped her large, expensive black handbag on the table near the front of the door. Kristin was the first to her feet and padded over to Laura, Ethan's sperm still dripping off of her face as she did so.

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