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Fancy Dress Party


Nick had been invited to a masked fancy dress party by an old friend. Recently single and definitely in the mood for a bit of a laugh he had agreed to go. It was being held in a country house that had been converted into a hotel. He had booked a room and then begun looking for his costume. It was a fairy-tale themed fancy dress but his friend had told him that it was a bit more 'Brothers Grimm' than Disney so he had looked around for something that suited his slightly darker personality a bit better. It had taken some looking before he found what he was after: a 'nobleman' costume, tight pants, boots, loose silk shirt with laces down the front, a cloak, sword and he added the riding crop. Picking out a half face black and white harlequin mask he finished his order. Ordering had been a laugh but now he found he was looking forward to the night.

On the day in question he had set off rather early and arrived easily enough. He greeted his old friend then headed up to the room. It was early afternoon and the party wasn't due to start until around five in the evening with the first opening event. He left his costume and went exploring. The house had two main halls downstairs which were where tonight's events would take place. There was a small bar area and then a few rooms for the staff and kitchens etc. The two upstairs floors were guests and his was one of the larger rooms on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the gardens. He made his way outside enjoying the warm summer air - it was just starting to cool slightly which was nice as it had been sweltering the last few days. He walked round the house and admired the views - middle of the Lake District meant rolling hills and green valleys. The house had its own fields, woods and tended gardens. He went to the bar, collected a glass of cider and walked out into the gardens. At the bottom of the garden was what had held his interest the most - they had grown a full maze. Not overly large but big enough that the unwary could get lost inside. Might be worth a look later.

He headed back inside and up to his room he showered - enjoying the fact that someone had put some money into the place and invested in some proper showers - and shaved until he was clean and tidy, above and below. He then walked out to where his costume was laid out on the best and began dressing. The shirt slipped easily over his head and pulling the pants on found they weren't too tight though he had a feeling they could be quite revealing if he wasn't careful. The boots went on next, standing up he admired the view. Not bad - even if he did say so himself. Adding the sword to his hip and swirling the cloak around his shoulders in an overly dramatic fashion he finished the costume with his harlequin mask.

Looking in the mirror he saw a tall gentleman noble, face hidden apart from a slightly ironic grin and his glittering green eyes. Picking up the crop he tucked it under his arm and made his way downstairs. Luckily he wasn't the first person there and he made small talk to an ogre and a princess (someone had been watching too much Shrek) helping himself to a glass of wine he chatted and moved around the room. It was nearly five and the room was filling up quickly. Nick moved over to one of the edges of the room and stood near a group of women who seemed to be giggling about their costumes. Looking them over he quickly admired them however one stood out very clearly as the queen among them.

She was quite short, he guessed around five foot and a few inches, and had gorgeous blonde hair that fell around her shoulders. What caught his attention first were her sparkling blue eyes. They were filled with the sort of mischievous light that always aroused him. She was wearing a short, strappy black dress that showed off some incredible cleavage. She was wearing long, stiletto-heeled boots that went all up past her shapely calves and a long, black cloak. She was very obviously the wicked queen of the fairy tale and gorgeous as hell with a glittering crown styled into her hair. Nick stood staring for a minute before she turned and looked directly at him, grinned and then moved back to talking to her friends.

Nick sipped his drink again and watched her for a few moments more. He would have to keep an eye out for her tonight. The clock chimed and on the stage at the end of the room a spot light appeared whilst the rest of the room went dark. Their host and birthday boy appeared on the stage welcoming them all and explaining how the night would run. In this main room there would be a band playing for people to dance to, food would be served later and in the other main room there would be a variety of entertainments that people might enjoy - some more serious than others. At midnight there would be a firework display out in the gardens for everyone to enjoy and the revealing of people's faces behind the mask 9if they wanted to).

It sounded fun to Nick but he wasn't in the mood for dancing just yet so he decided to walk through to the other room and see what the entertainments were. Strolling through, he noticed that the 'Queen' had strayed away from her friends and was at the bar. He shifted direction to go and chat to her when he noticed the birthday boy stood next to her, obviously trying his luck. Nick grinned and left him to it - it was his birthday after all. Strolling through to the next room he began his perusal of the different entertainments available. The room was divided up into four areas. At the far right side was a 'Casino' with a poker table, blackjack, roulette etc. but instead of money they were using either sweets or shots, or both in some cases and some people had obviously made an early start.

In another area there was a photo booth set up with a lot of crazy props and other items that people were taking photos in groups and on their own - lots of memories there and as Nick watched one guy mooned the camera in the booth. Nick almost choked on his drink as he had just taken a sip. Some memories people might want to forget. He grinned at looked at the other half of the room. There was a large inflatable set up on one side with two podiums and what looked like inflatable quarter-staffs - two people were just putting on helmets as he watched. He saw them climb onto the podiums and then start trying to knock each other off. He lent against the wall sipping his drink and chuckling - it looked like fun - he might have to try his luck later. The final section of the room simply had a variety of very comfortable looking sofas where people were already sat relaxing.

His attention turned back to the people on the podium and he watched them with a smile as they slowly became more and more wobbly until one of them fell off. He raised his glass in salute to the winner and became aware of someone stood over his left shoulder. Turning, his breath caught in his throat involuntarily as he saw the 'queen' stood there watching the people on the podium. He grinned - there was no way this was an accident.

"Looks like a lot of fun doesn't it..."

She smiled back. "Yes but I am not sure I could do it in these..." She pointed down indicating her calf high boots with their stiletto heels.

"Probably not... But I could always help you take them off." Nick grinned back, his cheeky; mischievous grin that that made her blush as she caught his eye.

"I'd like that..." Suddenly her blush increased tenfold as though she had just realised she said those words out loud.

"I'm Nick, nice to meet you." Offering her his hand as she took it and smiled up at him. There was a mixture of mischievousness and shyness all rolled into one that he found alluring.

"Alice." She smiled back as he held onto her hand a little bit longer and she squeezed gently.

"Well Alice, do you fancy a walk in the gardens?"

"Maybe later Nick..." She grinned, winked at him then walked off, her hips swaying underneath that very short dress as she went.

Nick grinned and turned his attention back to the room. Deciding to try and take his mind off those hips (they featured very heavily in his thoughts) he made his way over the poker table and took a seat. He bought in with a few shots and sweets and began playing. It didn't take long before he amassed a pile of sweets and had drunk several shots. A few good hands and a few drunken opponents always made it fun. Grinning merrily he swept his sweets into one of the bags, picked up his drink and walked out of the hall. It was nearly nine o'clock now and he decided to take a stroll out into the gardens. He walked out into the warm summer air. It was still light though the sun was heading to the horizon at fast pace.

More relaxed than he had been in a long time, he sat on the bench at the top of the garden eating his sweets and sipping his drink. As he looked down the garden he watched Alice make her way down and into the maze at the end of the garden. Purposefully he stood, walking slowly down the garden he made his way to maze and entered it following her. He walked through the maze listening carefully. He could hear her boots crunching the gravel of the paths and wondered at how she could walk in those on the gravel. Turning a corner she was suddenly stood in front of him leaning against one of the benches placed in the maze.

"You took your time!" She grinned cheekily at him as he strode up to her but a flicker of uncertainty crossed her face as he pulled her close and kissed her hard.

Her objections were smothered as she melted against his powerful arms. He felt her surrender to his embrace as he kissed her passionately, pushing her back against the unresisting wood. One hand snaked up to take the back of her head twisting in her hair; the other dropped to slide up the outside of her thigh. She moaned loudly into his mouth as he took tight hold of her hair and thigh, his tongue flickering between her lips. He could feel the warmth of her skin under his palm and revelled in how flushed she felt. He slid his hand up under the edge of her dress and gripped the edge of what felt like lace panties. He pulled them quickly down dropping them to the floor around her ankles and slid his hand between her legs to trace the tip of one finger over her damp slit.

He pulled back from kissing her, giving her a chance to catch her breath and object if she watched to but all she did was gaze up at him with lust filled eyes and then push her hips forwards to his fingers. He caught the whisper of 'please' that escaped her lips and slowly pushed two of his fingers inside her. Pushing her back against the bench he finger fucked her tight pussy furiously as she wrapped her arms round him. Whimpering she clutched him close, clinging on for dear life as he quickly brought her to orgasm. Grabbing a handful of her hair he forcefully guided her to the floor, kneeling in front of him as he opened his pants. She looked up at him, her breathing heavy and eyes wide as he pulled the length of his cock out so the head rested against her parted lips.

"Suck it slut..." Was the single command that escaped his lips as he drove his cock into her open mouth and to the back of her throat.

She gagged but too it all, the full length filling her mouth, choking her, making her eyes widen. She rested her hands on his thighs as he slowly fucked his shaft in and out of her mouth. She groaned and ran her tongue over the underside of his cock, her fingers digging into his thighs as his hands twisted in her hair. Both hands on her head as he drilled his shaft in and out of her luscious lips. It had been a long time and she looked so hot with her hair twisted in his hands and those big eyes looking up at him. He felt his shaft swell and thrust it deep one last time before releasing what felt like a years' worth of cum at once. It flooded from his shaft, rapidly filling her mouth and escaping from the sides down her chin as she swallowed desperately.

Slowly he stepped back, his thick shaft slipping from between her lips as she greedily scooped up his cum into her mouth that had been sliding down her chin. Looking round quickly to see if anyone had seen them getting carried away he tucked his shaft back into his pants doing them up. Then he bent down and picked up her panties from the floor where they had fallen after he pulled them down and put them in his pocket.

"My room or yours?" He took her hand and helped her to her feet.

"Yours please Sir..." She said as she snuggled into his chest, looking up and kissing his chin as his arm snaked round her.

He took her hand and the next few minutes were a blur as they made their way back out of the maze and into the house, a few stolen kisses and hurried footsteps later and they were at his door. Swiping the key he opened the door and pushed her inside. He shrugged his cloak off as she did the same. Pushing her up against the edge of the bed his hands slid around her waist, pulling her into him, his mouth on hers as their tongues swirled.

He spun her round roughly and bent her face down over the edge of the bed. Kicking her feet slightly wider apart he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his throbbing shaft out again. Already hard and desperate for more he ran the head of his shaft up and down her wet pussy. He could feel the heat and moisture. With one hand on the small of her back keeping her in position and one wrapped firmly around his cock he guided the head of his shaft to her soaked lips and began pushing his way inside. She was incredibly tight as he split her open.

Flipping her dress up, he gripped her hips tightly and drove himself deep inside her. As he watched her fingers tighten in the sheets, gripping them to the point her knuckles went white as he filled her. He started to fuck her. Slowly and deeply. He angled his hips on every thrust, trying out different angles, finding which ones made her moan, which made her shudder and which made her gasp. Picking one he gripped her tightly, holding her in place as he speeded up. His thick shaft thrust in and out of her tight pussy. One of the things he loved the most was how wet her pussy was and the sound of their flesh slapping together as he drove into her over and over.

She seemed as surprised as he was when she came for the first time. One minute she was bent face down over the edge of the bed with his thick cock hammering into her, the next her knees gave way and she shrieked out her orgasm across the room. Only his firm hands on her hips and the bed catching her weight stopped them both crashing to the floor. He drew out of her and lifting her smaller form in his arms easily flipped her onto her back on the edge of the bed. Swiftly he lifted her ankles up onto his shoulders, found the entrance to her pussy and looking down into her eyes thrust deep inside her once again. She made a little half shriek, half moan as he entered her hard and her fingers raked down his arms until leaning forwards he grabbed them and pinned them either side of her head as he drove himself in and out of her.

His tight grip on her wrists kept her hands pinned although he could feel her straining against him. Her mouth opened and closed as she gasped for breath with every thrust in and out of her wet pussy. Her eyes never left his, begging him, urging him on. She came again. Her body practically lifting up of the bed as she came, almost a wail escaping as she tightened around him. It was too much and he thrust deep inside her exploding as he did. His cum blasted from the tip of his shaft filling her tight hole to completion. His body jerked and his thrust a few more times with the last of his orgasm spending his seed deep inside her. He slid out and collapsed on the bed next to her breathing heavily.

Laying next to her he slowly traced his fingers over her flushed skin. He caressed her gently and rolled onto his side to look at her and slowly reached down to unzip her boots slipping them off. Nick then slid his hand under her and undid the zip down the back of her dress. Standing he kicked his shoes off and slid out of his pants, pulling his shirt over his head he stripped and looked down at her on the bed. Her big blue eyes stared up at him, a mixture of lust and curiosity filled them as he reached down and slid her dress off her leaving her naked on the bed. Horny, already hard and ready for her again he took her hand and pulled her up.

"Come with me."

Nick led her into the ensuite bathroom and stepped into the shower turning the water on. He pulled her under the shower and grabbed the soap. Sliding his hands over her he quickly lathered her up and continued exploring her naked body. With one hand he teased her slit and slid his fingers in and out of her pussy. He pressed her firmly back against the wall of the shower and added a second finger into her, thrusting them in and out, keeping the pressure on her clit with his thumb as she closed her eyes. He leaned in against her, kissing and biting the skin of her neck as he teased her. He could tell she was close from her trembling and so instantly withdrew his fingers. Her eyes snapped open...

"Please..." Her voice thick with lust and yearning. "Please I need it..." She begged him, her eyes imploring.

He thrust his fingers back into her as he bit down on her neck; one hand slid up to grip a handful of her hair tightly. Pulling her hair, fingers deep inside her, biting her soft skin she exploded again - her body shaking and a loud wail as she clutched at him desperately her fingers digging into his skin. He slowly released her and stood watching her slide down the shower to sit under the pouring water. He stroked his fingers through her hair as she knelt at his feet. His hard shaft pressed against her forehead as she moaned and caressed his leg. He turned the shower off and helped her to her feet. Passing her a towel he helped her to dry him off.

"Get yourself dry slut, I will be back briefly... You will be naked and on my bed playing with yourself."

Nick dressed swiftly and went downstairs. Collecting a bottle from the bar and a couple of glasses he brought them back upstairs and opened the door. She was lying on the bed, her blonde hair spread across the pillows as her fingers furiously worked her clit. As he walked through the door and locked eyes with him she came again. Her legs spasmed and shot out as she came. Nick put the bottle down and strode over to her, grabbing her arm he flipped her onto her face even as she was orgasming. Raising his hand he brought it crashing down on her ass.


He proceeded to spank her ass hard and fast, slamming his hand down on her ass until it turned red. He could feel the heat of her skin under his hand as it glowed red. The outline of his fingers shone against her pale skin as he brought his hand down again and again as she squealed. Her orgasm kept going, multiple orgasms rocketing through her as he spanked her thrashing body.

The first firework exploded outside as he dragged her off the bed and over to the balcony doors. Throwing open the doors he pulled her out onto the balcony and bent her over the railing. Below them the crowds stood staring out down the garden at the fireworks. Nick dropped his pants as the next few fireworks went off and kicked her feet wider. His hand was bunched in the hair at the back of her neck keeping her looking down at the crowds under her as he gripped his cock and found the entrance into her hole. Her scream echoed as he drove into her and was luckily drowned out by the burst of crackling fireworks.

Nick fucked her hard and fast. His thick cock drilling and in and out of her soaking cunt. Her moans were loud as he slammed her against the balcony railings. Below her nearly a hundred people stood looking out down the garden as she was hammered above them, if anyone turned round and looked up they would see her large breasts shaking with every thrust, her eyes locked down on the crowd as she was hammered. She climaxed hard, she screwed her eyes shut as she desperately tried to keep her screams of pleasure bottled up inside. She leant heavily on the railings as Nick fucked her harder and harder from behind. He had released her head now in order to take a tight grip on her hips. Quivering under the assault on her tight pussy she came again as he finally exploded deep inside her. He thrust into her once more as deeply as he could and came, filling her with his seed again as she braced herself gasping on the railings.

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