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Fancy That Series: Taking a Fancy



The campus was deserted save for one figure. Willow could see him standing alone there in the moonlight beneath a tree. He had an imposing presence, looking like some fierce and unforgiving god come to life. His fair hair was highlighted by the glow of the moon, giving him an ethereal air. His face was shaded by the gentle light, all she could make out was the outline of his sharp cheekbones. As always his lithe form was encased in tight black jeans and t-shirt, covered by his worn leather duster. It gave her a thrill that she was intimately familiar with his body. Her hands had touched the supple muscles of his thighs. She had scraped her nails lightly along the wide expanse of his back. Her tongue had tasted the shell of his ear. She shivered.

Spike was still unaware of her, as she watched him carefully from the shadowed entryway of her dorm. His blue eyes were fastened on her room's window, searching for the darkened interior for her . Spike was so intent, his yearning for her so obvious , that it startled Willow. Being the focus of that much desire and attention made her dizzy, made her feel powerful yet weak at the same time.

She moved into the feeble light of a lone lightbulb, her footfall sounded obscenely loud on the cement stairs in the quiet night. Spike's eyes flew from her window to pin her where she stood. Like a predator sensing its prey, he began to stalk her. Spike moved slowly across the grass. She could see the craving clearly in his face, his jaw tightened and his eyes flared with lust from merely the sight of her clothed body. She idly thought that he could consume her whole with just a look. She shivered again. Willow could only imagine what he was going to do her tonight. But she knew that she would love every second of it.

"Willow." Spike said, his voice was raspy with suppressed passion. His hand shot out and grabbed a handful of crimson hair as he pulled her close against his chest and bent her back over his arm. He held her gently, taking care to not pull too hard, using only enough force to immobilize her. The position left her neck completely exposed to him. Spike nibbled at her neck before he placed his mouth a hair's breadth from her lips. "Who do you belong to?" He demanded.

"Spike," she breathed. Willow wasn't exactly afraid. Her adrenaline was going though, causing her heart to beat fast in her chest and a flush to come to her cheeks.

"Who is the only lover you've ever had?"


"There won't be any others, Willow." His eyes locked on hers, demanding a response. She nodded. As if she wanted any others! " I don't share with anyone, tonight you become mine. Completely. Understand? "

"Yes," she murmured. His mouth descended, tongue plunging deep inside the warm cavern of her mouth. He held her arms at her sides with his body, compelling her to give in to him. Spike's hand shook as he finally released his tight hold and walked her to his car. He wanted her right now, wanted to throw her to the ground and sink into her right there on the lawn. It had been far too long since he'd fully tasted all her body had to offer. But, she deserved better than some wild coupling in the grass. Tonight, he would worship her, claim her for all time. Nothing would stop him now. No one, either. She sealed her fate when she had whispered `I love you' to him.

When they reached the vehicle, Spike pressed her against the cool metal and kissed her once more. "Do you trust me, pet?"

Willow looked up at him, eyes shining. "Yes. Absolutely."

"Do you remember our first night together?"

"Yes," she ducked her head, still blushing. Then, her eyes met his with a teasing glint in them. "Master."

"Did you like that, pet? Being able to give control to me?"

"Yes." She admitted.

"Would you like do that again?"

She met his avid gaze, warmth spreading through her body. "Yes."

Spike clenched his jaw. He could smell her arousal. It was taking all of his control to not take her here against the car. His voice was harsh with desire as he spoke. "Then, we'll play another one of those games. But, tonight you will only call me Spike. Not master. I want to hear my name on your lips." He took in a superfluous but deep and steadying breath. "Pick a safety word."

"A safety word? "

She was still innocent. He chuckled before sliding his arms underneath her neck and knees and placing her deftly in his car. He started the engine and roared out of the parking lot in record time before he began to explain. "Safety words are what couples use when their playing control games with one another. That way the other partner will know if he or she has gone too far. So, pick a word that you don't say too often."


"Rainbow it is. You'll say `rainbow' if I go to far tonight and you'd like me to stop."

Willow was a bit nervous now. "Just what exactly are you intending to do tonight?"

"I'm only going to test your limits, luv. I promise that it'll be pleasurable."


Inside the mansion, Spike had once more made the minions scarce. It was just the two of them. Spike led her into the living room. Inside the hearth, a fire crackled. "What's you're safety word?"


"Good girl. Use it if you need to, pet."

Then, Spike knelt at her feet and untied her shoes. He slipped them from her feet, along with her socks. He brought cool fingers to her neck and began to slide the buttons from their holes on her shirt. Willow was curious to see what was going to happen. Before, when he'd `played a control game' with her, she'd been a bit afraid he was going to kill her. Now, she trusted her lover. She hoped he'd take it beyond what had happened before. A secret place inside of her acknowledged that it excited her to be dominated by him. He pulled the shirt open and slid it off her arms. Next, he went to the waistband of her skirt. He pulled the small tie open and it pooled at her feet in a heap of satin. He reached around her and expertly opened her bra. It too joined her pile of clothes at her feet. Then his hands slid down her body to her panties. He drew them off slowly, sensuously sliding them down her body. She was now gloriously naked.

Willow thought that she might have been ashamed by this before she knew Spike. But the way he always looked at her body and touched it so reverently made her feel proud. She felt beautiful and proud of her body, proud of the reactions she always provoked in him.

Spike circled her, delighting in her bare body. She was like an exquisite little statue, pale and perfect. He slid a cool hand down her back and cupped her shapely derriere. "S-Spike?" Willow asked hesitantly, unsure of what she should do.

The hand that had caressed her drew back and smacked her milky bottom soundly. It wasn't painful, just startling. "Don't speak unless I tell you too, pet. Or unless you want to say your safety word." He paused a moment, but she merely nodded. "Good girl."

Spike slid off his duster and pulled a black silk scarf from the pocket with a flourish. He folded it into a two inch wide band and snaked it around the back of her neck. Willow nodded at him when he asked her a question with her eyes. Smiling at her acquiescence, he tied a firm knot behind her head. He moved his hand back and forth in front of her eyes but she didn't acknowledge it. She couldn't see at all. "Now, tell me what you want."

Willow bit her lower lip. What *did* she want? With a simple question he had freed her to give life to one of her most private fantasies. "May I speak?"

"Of course, pet."

"What you did before." She felt the blush tinging her cheeks. "I-I've always wanted to be spanked."

"Then come with me." He led her to the couch and placed her bare bottom over his lap as she climbed across him. Willow could feel his erection under her thigh. He stroked her bottom as he asked her another question. "How many smacks, pet?

"However many you want to give me, Spike."

Spike grinned. She was a natural. His hand began to slap her, each smack designed to only enhance her pleasure. It stung, but it created a fire in her loins .

Spike wasn't unaffected either. With each slap, she wiggled on his lap or sighed. His erection was straining against his jeans as if it could penetrate her on its own accord. He needed release badly. Spike smoothed his hand over her cherry red bottom. Beautiful. Spike slid his hand between her legs, finding her slick and swollen. He groaned.

Willow rocked against his thigh, a fierce rush of lust running through her body. Spike slid her off his lap and onto her nearly boneless legs. He stood up and swept her up in his arms, nearly running upstairs to his bed. With care, he placed her in the center of the black silk sheets. They felt so good against her naked skin that she writhed against them and moaned. "Glad you like that, pet. But how do you feel about chains?"

Willow grinned. "I new you'd have something like that here."

"I'm a vampire, pet. Of course I've got a bit of iron in my `naughty' bureau drawer. "

Without further ado, he quickly shackled her arms to his headboard. Then he pulled two more silk scarves from the drawer and padded her wrists, not wishing to permanently mar her tender flesh. He pulled back to survey the results. She was blind and bound, helpless to any demands he made upon her body. "Know what the most wonderful thing is about being robbed of your sight?" It was a rhetorical question. "Increased sensitivity." Spike went to the small refrigerator he kept in his bedroom and took out the tiny ice tray. He removed an ice cube and moved to the end of the bed. He slid the cold cube up her instep and Willow shrieked.

Spike smiled wickedly. He then ran it up her leg and across her hip to rest against her stomach. The square of ice was rapidly melting, leaving a trail of cool liquid on her overheated skin. He swirled it around her belly button , delighting in the breath she sucked in. He then moved it back down, to the apex of her thighs. With a small grin, he teased her honeyed curls with it. She hissed, hips bucking against his hand. He parted the engorged lips and rubbed it against her clitoris. She whimpered. He took pity on her, with a careless motion he tossed the ice cube over his shoulder and in the small trash can by the window. He applied pressure to her clit once more, causing her to buck her hips as she came against his hand.

He brought his hands to his mouth and licked every trace of her from his fingers. She was spicy and sweet at the same time. He needed closer contact with her. Now. Spike made quick work of his shirt and jeans, until he stood at the foot of the bed naked and aching for her. He leaned forward and plucked the blindfold from her eyes. He wanted her to see his need. Willow's green eyes bathed him in their sparkling fire. He had never seen her like this before, she was released. In control of her desire.

Spike was in agony. He wanted inside so badly. He slid one finger inside her, she arched against his hand. The need for him began to build again. He thrust another finger in, pistoning them. "Spike." She moaned, game forgotten. "Please, inside me. Now!"

Spike removed his fingers to press his throbbing shaft against the tight opening. He began to murmur the Latin spell that would bind her to him forever. Willow was too far gone to comment. "Spike, inside!" She lifted her hips up to increase their contact.

Spike howled at the situation. The spell almost finished, he gritted out. "Say it again, Willow."

"I love you, Spike."

"I love you too, Willow. We are now as one." The spell was done, she was his. He sank into her and nearly came from the sensation of her slick, heated flesh. "Mine, mine, mine." He chanted each time as he slid in and out of her. She wailed, wrapping her legs about his waist. He angled his body so that her clitoris rubbed against his pubic bone on the downward thrust. He knew she was close. "Look at me!" He cried, she did so, wondering at the fierce love she saw in his eyes. She arched her back as she came again, shouting his name. Spike let himself go, filling her with his seed. He sank his fangs into her neck, needing the benediction of her blood.


Willow trailed kisses against his pale chest as they both lay together in his bed, exhausted. She had been throughly debauched. Spike had made love to her so many time, many ways. Her body was pleasantly aching everywhere. "Spike?"

"Wanna have another go already, pet?" He teased, an idle threat now. They were both too sated. For now at least.

"No, not that. You wore me out, Spike. But, what were you saying last night?"

He knew what she was referring to but decided to play the big dumb vampire. "`Don't stop, pet?' Or was it `God, yes, yes, YES!'" She giggled again but slapped his chest playfully. "No, the Latin words."

"Oh, just a spell pet." He said softly but she wasn't buying his nonchalance. Damn, he knew that her clever mind wouldn't let go of this. Better be honest. "For us."

"What kind of spell?" She asked curiously.

"I. . .bound us. It's kind of vampire wedding ceremony for humans and vampires."

Marriage? Woah! She loved him but a. . . vampire marriage? She was only 19, far too young to get married. He didn't even ask her! "Why did you do that without my permissino?"

"Don't you love me?"

"Of course, but binding us-"

"If you love me it shouldn't be an issue. You are mine, I am yours."

"Yes, but because I choose to, not because you bound us together."

He sat up and pulled her into his arms, fighting to control the demon that was howling to show her, put her in her place. "You're mine."

"I don't think I like your tone."

"I don't think I like yours, little girl."

"I'm not a little girl!"

"Then act like one!"

"I'm not the one that-"

"Silence! You are my mate,Willow, there will never be anyone else in your life."

"That's it. I'm out of here, Mr. Chauvinist. " She pulled away from him and yanked the bed sheet around her. " I knew the from the first time we were together that you have a lot to learn about relationships! I'm not your possession!"

This was not how he envisioned this morning. He had hoped that she wouldn't remember the spell. "You're mine, Willow, except it. You love me anyway, it was only a commitment spell. Just get into bed." Where I can shag all your misgivings away.

"Not a chance! You should have asked me to do this. I would have done it anyway!"She threw open his bedroom door, clad only in his sheet. Spike scrambled into his jeans and ran after her.

A male minion wolf whistled at her as she made her way down the stairs. "Go to hell!" She yelled at him, pissed at the male species. His eyes widened as his master came running down right after the human. spike hit the impudent puppy in the jaw for even looking at his Willow. The minion fell to the ground, nursing his wounded mouth. Meanwhile, Willow plucked her clothes from the carpet of the living room with as much aplomb as possible.

Spike ran a hand along the back of his neck as he watched her dress. She didn't even acknowledge his presence, she was coldly furious. "Can't we talk about this?" No respoonse. Spike wasn't ready to apologize, he was master vampire. He didn't ask, he told people what to do! She still didn't answer. He decided to give her space, she needed rest and time to think. "I'll be here, when you want to talk, luv." Willow, now dressed, turned to the front door. She slammed it behind her, running into the bright sunshine.


Willow sat down on her dorm bed, watching Buffy slowly rouse from sleep. The Slayer blearily focused on her best friend. "Hey, Wills."


"Why so glum?" She stretched and yawned watching her carefully. Then Buffy froze as she noticed Willow's neck. "You got bit!"

Willow slapped a hand to her neck. Dammit! She'd been so upset she didn't think to cover Spike's `lovebite'. Spike. . she began to cry. She was in over her head with Spike. Two parts of her were warring with each other. One said that she was too young for this pressure. What did she know about being bound to someone? The other part was rejoicing that Spike wanted to make her his. She needed Buffy's help, no matter how displeased the Slayer would be. "S-spike, he -"

"Spike's back in town? And he bit you?"

"Uh, yeah."

"How did you get away?"

"Because he doesn't want to hurt me."

"Riiiight. That's why he bit you on the neck."

"He did it to bind me to him."

"Binding? What the hell is going is that? Why did he do that to you?"

Willow took in a deep breath. "I've been seeing Spike. He's the guy I told you about."

"WHAT?!?!?" Buffy screeched. She stood up. "We're gonna go see Giles. NOW! You're possessed or under a spell or something." Buffy grabbed Willow's hand to drag her too the Watcher's apartment.

Willow gulped, she was really in for it now.

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