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Fancydress Tart


Claire and I were invited recently to a fancy dress party held by one of her workmates. The hosts of the party were a couple slightly younger than us, so we knew most of the guests would be late twentysomethings. This didn't bother us, in fact Claire was quite excited about the theme of the party, pimps and hookers.

On the eve of the party I dressed in my leather outfit and waited for Claire. When she came downstairs my cock stood to attention. Her make up was pretty heavy, black eyeliner, bright red lipstick. She wore a black see through blouse that showed her breasts supported in a half cup bra. Her blouse was tucked into a lycra miniskirt that literally clung to the tops of her thighs and stretched across her arse. The skirt was so short, her red suspender straps poked out. She had chosen black fishnet stockings and when she spun round to let me admire they had a wicked seam running up the back. Her outfit was finished off with a traditional pair of black stilettos. It was one hell of a slutty outfit and she knew it. She perched a heel on the sofa to adjust her suspender strap. She didn't need to but she knew the effect it would have on me. Her red knickers came into view, so skimpy that wisps of pussy hair poked out on either side.

"Do you think this will do?" she teased, "or do you think it will land me in big trouble?"

I walked over and ran a hand over her wet pussy mound. "I think you're guaranteed all the fucking you can handle tonight," I said.

She pushed her pussy against my hand. "Oh do you mean you want to watch me getting my pussy poked?"

"So long as you behave like a true tart," I grinned. "Let's go."

We arrived at the party and were soon mingling, drinking and chatting. People had gone to town with their outfits, stockings, heels, thigh high boots, tarty make up.

Claire and I mingled with the crowd and after a while I lost sight of her. It wasn't until I went upstairs that I found where she had disappeared to. She was on the landing chatting to two men from her office. I recognised one of them immediately as John, the guy she had fucked in her office. They were both admiring her outfit and telling her she was the hottest woman at the party.

"But I must be the oldest woman here, wouldn't you rather letch after the younger ones?" she teased.

"No way," John replied, "plus you've got the experience."

"And what experience would that be?" she asked.

"To satisfy both of us at the same time," John added.

Claire smiled. "Now that's a naughty proposition to make to a married woman, you know my hubby's downstairs. Anyway where are your wives?"

"We told them it was work colleagues only," replied John.

"And why would you want to do a thing like that?" asked Claire coyly.

"To get inside your knickers," said John cockily.

"You cheeky bastard, what if my hubby catches us?"

"So go and fetch him," the other man smirked, "I'm sure he'd get off on watching you fooling around."

"Hmm, I don't know," Claire said, "do you think you two could handle this?" She was in tease mode now and she slowly lifted the front of her miniskirt to reveal more of her suspender straps and the thin strip of her knickers covering her slit.

"I mean, do you think you're capable of making it worth my while?" she purred as she ran her hand lightly over the front of her knickers. John walked up to her and placed his hand on hers.

"If you want a thorough fucking, we'd be happy to oblige," he said and leant forward to kiss her. They started to snog, his hands roaming over her arse, her hand rubbing the front of his trousers.

At that point I decided to intervene. I was as horny as hell with the idea of Claire having these two men, but not on the landing.

"How about finding somewhere more comfortable?" I interrupted, coming into view. Claire smiled and led the way upstairs to the second floor, giving us a perfect view up her skirt, the thick band of her stocking tops stretched in a curve by her taut suspender straps. We found an empty bedroom and closed the door. Claire sat on the bed and crossed her legs. She patted the mattress on either side of her.

"Come and sit down boys," she purred. John and the other guy, Paul, sat down on the bed while I sat in the chair opposite.

"So what do you fancy doing?" Claire asked.

"I think we need to see more of that fantastic body of yours," Paul suggested.

Claire began to unbutton her blouse. "You like my outfit then? A horny wife dressed in lace and nylon. I feel a right slut dressed up, knowing you're going to fuck me stupid in front of my husband. Steve darling, can I play with their cocks? Can they suck my pussy lips and fill me with their meat. Can they maul my tits and stroke my stockinged legs? Can I suck their cocks until they spurt on my face and in my mouth. Can these two randy studs fuck your wife? Do you want to watch me be a slut?"

"I think you should show them just what a naughty girl you are," I replied. Claire opened her blouse to reveal her full tits supported by the half cup bra.

"I get loads of attention with these beauties," she said. When I go out with my girlfriends there's no end of men copping a feel on the dance floor. Have a feel boys, make my nipples hard."

John and Paul ran a hand each over her tits. They caressed her orbs making her nipples pucker up.

"Pinch my nipples, I love that," she cooed. They both pulled on her nipples, twisting them gently.

"Your tits are fantastic," Paul said.

"Thank you," Claire replied, "do you want a titty fuck a little later? I'd love to see your cock cream splatter all over them." Her hands had wandered down to the front of their trousers and she was slowly unzipping them.

"Get them out boys, show me what I've got to play with." Both men pulled out their cocks and automatically started to wank them, staring hungrily at Claire's body. They were both well hung with large helmets.

"Mmm nice. Keep going boys, I love men wanking over me." She uncrossed her legs and spread her thighs, making the skirt ride up. Her wet slit was clearly visible through the front of her knickers. Claire ran a hand over the front causing the wet patch to spread.

"You naughty boys, you've made me all wet, look." She lifted her arse and pulled the skirt up to her waist before laying back and spreading her legs even further. She ran her hands up and down her nylons, teasing us all with the sound of her stockings.

"Let me do that for you," Claire said and wrapped her hands round their meaty cocks. She pumped slowly while John and Paul ran their hands up and down her legs. Unable to resist, John leant forward and slipped his tongue into her mouth. They were soon licking each other's mouths, tongues sliding in and out while Claire continued to shaft both cocks.

Paul then lifted one of her legs up onto the bed and placed his head between her stockinged thighs. His tongue slid over the damp patch of her knickers, pressing it against her pussy lips. He licked her like this for a while until Claire pulled her knickers to one side, took hold of the back of his head and ground her pussy against his face.

"Oh fuck," she cried, "get me wet. Make my slutty pussy all slippery for your cocks."

John kissed her and then pushed her face down towards his cock. The three of them were now in a line, Paul's mouth glued to her pussy, his tongue slipping in and out, Claire's painted lips wrapped round John's cock sliding up and down. After a few minutes of this, they broke up and Claire lay back on the bed.

"Come on John I want it in my cunt. Show my hubby what a stud you are. Pump your cock into my fuckhole." She rubbed her pussy lips and held them open for him. He knelt between her legs and placed his cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. He teased the helmet around her outer lips making her pant and arch her back.

"Come on loverboy, fuck me, fuck my married cunt, drill me."

He continued to tease her, slipping the helmet in and then pulling out.

"Oh, Steve, tell him to fuck me," Claire begged.

"Fuck her John, fill her up," I said. With one thrust, John slid right into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah," he moaned, "your pussy. What a feeling."

Claire had hooked her heels round his back and was lifting her arse off the bed to make sure his cock went as deeply as possible. With his hands gripping her buttocks he started to fuck her with short, hard strokes while Claire thrust against him. Paul and I watched as their fucking intensified until they were both grunting, oblivious to anything else. They continued like this until John changed tempo and drove his cock in and out with long, slower strokes.

"Oh baby yeah," Claire cooed, "that's good. You like the feel of my pussy? Does your wife fuck like this? Does she wear sexy stuff like this for you? Is she a cockteaser too? You like my stockings don't you honey?" She rubbed her legs up and down his back to accentuate the point.

"I'll bet you look at my legs at work and lust after me. You know I always wear stockings and suspenders knowing that you're watching and wanting to fuck me."

"The whole office enjoy your legs," he replied, " even the boss."

"Mmm I know," she replied, "I've caught him staring. Perhaps it's time I let him get between my legs. What about that titty fuck Paul? Come and straddle my chest."

With John still plunging in and out of her cunt, Paul straddled her chest and rested his cock between her tits. She squeezed them around his shaft.

"Pump it baby, fuck my titties." As he slid back and forth, Claire licked the end of his cock everytime it came near her mouth. The room was filled with the noise of their licking, fucking and moaning. Claire was in seventh heaven judging by the panting she emitted everytime John slid into her. Her legs were now wide open, her heels pointing to the ceiling, giving John no obstruction to filling her pussy.

"I want to fuck doggie style," Claire demanded after a while. The two men climbed off and let her get on all fours. She stuck her arse in the air and wiggled it, knowing all three of us couldn't reisit the view of backside on display. Her suspender straps were stretched over her arse cheeks, framing her wet openings. She dipped a couple of fingers into her cunt and slid them in and out.

"Oh yeah John, you've made my pussy hot and slick. I think it's Paul's turn to bury his meat in my passage. Come on Paul fuck me from behind, mount me and fuck me like a slut. As for you John I want you to hose me down."

Paul knelt behind her and gripped her waist. His cockend nestled between her lips before he slid in making her moan more obscenities.

"Oh you bastard that feels good. Stick it in deep. Show my hubby what a stud you are."

While Paul fucked my wife hard from behind, John knelt in front of her fisting his cock in her face. The sight of my wife acting like a tart was becoming too much for him. His cock started to jerk.

"On my face honey, on my face. Cover me in your cream," she panted.

"Fuck Claire, you're insatiable," John moaned and fired spurts of spunk over her face. It landed on her cheeks, her hair and into her open mouth. He milked his cock before Claire leant forward and sucked him into her mouth. When she had licked him clean she looked over her shoulder at Paul.

"Come on loverboy, spunk up my pussy. You are a very naughty boy so you might as well do it properly. Cum in my cunt."

Her words had the desired effect. Paul gripped her waist and bucked into her wet hole.

"Oh yes, I can feel you spraying my insides, give me all of it."

When Paul had finished coming, he withdrew. His spunk dribbled out of Claire's cunt. The two men sat back while Claire lay on her back, legs open, dipping a finger into her sticky box.

"Oh fuck I want more," she said. "How about continuing this at our place?"

Want to now what happened back at our place? Let us know!

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