tagGroup SexFantasies Can Become Reality

Fantasies Can Become Reality


Once again I'm indebted to midnightfalcon for his assistance in putting my ideas in to words, and generally being very supportive of my contributions on the site.


My husband was in England for the week and last night he called and told me he had offered a buddy from school to stay at our place. All he would say is that he was very special. It wasn't a major inconvenience but I was a little upset that I had no real warning. Apparently he would only be staying the night so I wasn't terribly upset. The next morning he called on the phone to confirm that it was all right, he told me he would be over about five and he suggested that we go out to dinner together. That was great, I thought, but that wasn't the best of it.

When you showed up I felt my heart do a double beat. I wasn't expecting anyone like you. My husband never mentioned anyone in his past named George, much less how handsome you were. I showed you to the guest room and you stowed your luggage while I went to the kitchen to make us drinks. We had time to kill before our reserved dinner time and we sat in the living room and chatted a bit. When you mentioned the restaurant you had made reservations at, I knew I would have to change clothes. It was very chic, and required something special in the way of evening attire. Two drinks later I was feeling very friendly and quite frankly, a bit too cozy with you. Well I guess it would best be described as a flirtatious sort of cozy.

To add to my interest in you, I must confess, I had was developing an unusual infatuation with that package bulging in the front of your rather snug slacks. From the size of it I assumed that it was something you must be very proud of. When it came time to change, I excused myself and went to my bedroom. That's when I got this crazy idea. I was going to spend the evening with you and I was going to tease you unmercifully. That's why I dressed the way I did. A mini skirt that was so snug that it had a slit down the side so I could walk in it. I had this sexy set of lingerie that was a simply adorable. A pale blue lace shelf bra, matching garter belt with lace thongs, and matching, very pale light blue net stockings. I decided against wearing the thong. Probably hoping for the opportunity to give you a glimpse of what my body held in store. Adding four inch spike heel shoes to my outfit and I was ready to go. You had changed into a cream colored dinner jacket and black tie and snug trousers that almost appeared to be made of spandex. We were quite a dashing couple.

You called for the cab and we were off. By now I was fighting the temptation to put my hand on your arm, or on your thigh. As we chatted about nothing in particular on the way, something in my mind kept bringing me back to that imagined I had pictured of you standing nude before me in some dimly lit room, and saying something to me in your seductive voice.

In my imagination you would be walking towards me, intent on throwing me down and fucking me. Unfortunately I had omitted the thong of my ensemble and now my pussy had become uncomfortably damp and was beginning to make my thighs a bit sticky. Sexy suggestive thoughts are my weakness and this often happens.

As we entered the restaurant I met a casual lady friend of mine and as we passed she paused to look at you and asked me. Oh mon Adèle, il est si beau. Avez-vous pris un amoureux? I had to politely tell her no; George is just a friend of my husband who asked me out to dinner. I almost blurted out that you were staying the night at my place though, just to peak her appetite, but I kept quiet. I had narrowly escaped her trap. But now my thoughts became more intimate and when the piano player began playing background dinner music, I let my mind fantasize.

Sometime during dinner our hands closed over one another's atop the table, and I found myself squeezing yours. We ate a bit more and now feeling the wine take effect, I dared put my hand on your knee. That must have been taken up as a minor invitation because soon you had your hand on my exposed thigh. I was playing a dangerous game but it was a game that I thought I could control. I smiled at you when your hand moved up my leg higher and I waited as you paused almost as if seeking my reaction. I answered by sliding my hand up from your knee to your crotch.

Finally when I rocked my ass invitingly, you again moved it a bit further, but now your fingers crept down the soft inner surface of my thigh and made contact with my weeping pussy. I lost my smile and stared blankly at you. The sensation was overpowering me and I opened my mouth to draw a breath. My nostrils flared, and I realized that I had to be satisfied tonight. Like sweet candy, a little is never enough. I became more brazen and moved my hand to assure myself that you were as excited as I was.

Clutching the fabric of your trousers I was amazed at what I had created. Now my eyes moved to yours invitingly...suggestively promising that I had more to offer.

You looked at me quizzically and asked: "Do you have any idea where this is going to lead Adele? You have me panting right now and if you keep that up I'm going to throw you on the floor right here."

I smiled and answered..."Now that's something I would welcome, but here, on this cold floor with all these people watching. Do you dare that?"

If I had you hot, you had no idea what I was going through. It was getting late and I wanted you home with me. It was about ten that evening when we returned and opened a bottle of champagne. That always makes me a bit heady but I had a purpose. I wanted to remove any remaining hesitations I may have had about what I intended to happen. I put on some CD's and I invited you to come with me. The night was warm so we danced just outside the patio doors. Your first kiss on the cheek led to another on my lips but you didn't let it go much further. It was a friendly not very intimate sort of kiss. I sensed that you wanted more but that you were trying to stay in control. I had to break you. Now I began dancing closer than would probably be call discrete, and I was really getting wet again. I think you were becoming embarrassingly aroused at that point and it was working on me too. I could feel your cock growing as I forced my thigh between your legs and I was actually arousing myself rubbing my pussy against your leg. You had already discarded your jacket and tie and I reached up and undid the top three buttons of your shirt.

For some reason, I dared slide my hand in and across your bare chest. I felt you momentarily pause as if I had done something wrong. Then you backed off and asked: "Would you like another glass of wine? I need to take a break or I'm going to throw you down and screw the hell out of you if this keeps up."

I was disappointed, but maybe it was best. I was getting very aroused at that point, and as you returned with two glasses, I couldn't tear my eyes from the obvious bulge in your pants. I ran my tongue suggestively around my lips, wanting you to notice my interest, but you only stared into my eyes. Were you reading my mind? Could you see my hunger?

The wine was making me more brazen and now my little game was more than just that. I wanted to go further. That's when I asked..."what would you do if I told you that I was getting very horny and really wet? Do you think we should go in and discuss our choices?" You nodded and we moved into the living room and I lowered the lights. I claimed to be very warm and asked if you would mind if I got more comfortable. I had already discarded my shoes. They had been impossible to dance in. You smiled and answered with a question. "Just how comfortable do you mean?"

I opened my blouse and reached down and unfastened my bra. My breasts were now fully exposed and left no doubt as to how comfortable I meant.

Again you smiled and sort of whispered. "Oh that comfortable."...

We were sitting on the sofa, only inches apart, when I again put my hand on your upper thigh. "Don't you think it would be better if we let that thing out for a breath of fresh air?" Not waiting for an answer, I tugged your belt and released it. Then unzipped your fly and slid my hand in.

You leaned over and held my cheeks in your palms and pressed your lips to mine. Now there was no denying our kiss. It was deep and with our mouths open, we let our tongues duel. My hand was clutching your cock but still I hadn't had a chance to look down. My mind was whirling. I thought to myself...".I can stop if I want. I won't let it go too far. I can control myself."

But when our kiss ended and you head bowed, I took a deep breath. I knew what was going to happen and I leaned slightly back and forced my bare breasts up. Your hot breath gave notice that you were going to take my nipple in your mouth, and as your lips closed over its taunt and swollen surface, I let out a little gasp. I pulled your face to my breast even tighter, and I felt your teeth gently raking my nipple. I tossed my head back and allowed my hand to slide up the length of your erect cock.

I paused, suddenly realizing what I was doing, and I did the unthinkable. I pushed you away and asked for another glass of wine. I had to catch my breath and get control again. I was panting by now and you gave me pause while you went to fetch our drinks. I had to mentally giggle a bit when I saw you return.

I had unzipped your fly and belt and your trousers began to drop. You couldn't stop and pull them up because you held the two glasses. By the time you were in front of me, your trousers were hobbling your legs and now I got a real good look at your cock. You took your seat next to me again and we said nothing. I was regrouping my thoughts and fighting for control, but with you sitting there and your cock so available I couldn't resist.

With one hand on your chest, holding you at bay, my other hand reached out and clutched your thick shaft, then began sliding my fingers up and down its length. It was unbelievable. So thick and long.

It was like nothing I had ever held or even seen before. There was no softness; it was just rigid and hard. Not supple or soft as my husband's, but so turgid and immense that I couldn't keep my eyes off what I was holding. I had to ask....

"You're proud of this aren't you?"

You just smiled, knowing what I as insinuating, and answered. "Well, now that you have me up and ready for something more, what do you think?"

I tore my eyes away and looked into your eyes and heard my own voice ask...

"Undress all the way for me...Please? Would you? There's just you and me and ....well, I just want to see all of you. Take your shirt off too."......My voice trailed off as you unbuttoned the remaining closures and shrugged out of it. I got up and unzipped my skirt and undid my blouse.

Now I sat there in just my garter belt, bra and lace hose. My pussy was completely exposed and when you turned to face me, I couldn't help but gasp.


With each passing moment you seemed to get larger.

Although you stood several feet in front of me I fought a losing battle. I wanted to have it. I wanted to hold it and I wanted you to hold me, and I was losing control. I thought we might just pet and be able to stop ourselves, and though that was my plan in the beginning, it had changed somewhat. I reached out and you sat down next to me. You leaned over for another kiss and as our lips met, I reached for your cock and grasped it. I held it in my hand, my fingers barely meeting the base of my thumb. My instinct was to put it in my mouth and suck, sliding my pursed lips up and down, seeing how much I could take, but your hand began by fondling and massaging my breast.

Shortly it was replaced with your lips and your hand moved down to my willing pussy. You began to caress it. I had my free arm around the back of your head as you began to suckle me. The sensations melded together. Those of your mouth on my breast and those of your hand stroking my pussy. I began to moan softly. I was being seduced and I was helpless to stop you. I wanted it, but I knew I was out of control. Each moment I lost ground. The things you were doing to me were overpowering my will to stop. The game was over.

I was squeezing your cock, and now my hand was coated with your precum. My slippery fingers slid the full length from its base up to, and over its head. I was milking it, wanking it slowly, as you continued to massage my puffy, swollen pussy, and then I felt your fingers enter.

My mind said "NO," but my body screamed "YES." It was a struggle and I was losing it. I had your cock in my hand and I was jerking you off, ever so slowly, while you were bringing me closer and closer to a climax.

"Mmmm you taste good Adele. Is this what you expected? Did you expect me to play your game and be able to walk away? No my seductive little princess, you're going to go all the way and nothing will stop me. Now you're my little slut, my little toy for the evening, Adele."

Perhaps I thought that if I did something different I could save myself, but my choice of a diversion was not a good one. I twisted my body so I lay full length on the sofa and tugged your cock to my mouth. I intended to suck you off, while I got control, but now you lay next to me in a sixty nine sort of position, and you took advantage of it. I had your huge cock in my mouth. A sort of pacifier, if you will, but now I felt your fingers between my thighs and they were creeping within the puffy outer lips of my womanhood.

That's when I felt the sticky wet membranes being parted, and your hot breath. I went frantic. You began lapping up and down, pausing now and then to stab your rolled tongue deep inside my pussy. Sometimes drawing wet circles around and over my clit, and I would shudder each time you drew your warm tongue over it, lapping at it. When your fingers began probing inside me I couldn't stop myself any longer.

What I had started, had gotten out of control, and I didn't want you to stop. Your mouth and lips pursed and sucked on my clit. Your two or three fingers were deep inside and your wrist was rocking rapidly back and forth. My pussy was making salacious wet slurping sounds and I was getting closer and closer to my end. Your fingers curled and spread. They sought and found my g spot and your index finger began massaging it until I thought I would scream aloud.

I thought, perhaps we could be satisfied if I made you finish with my mouth and I let myself go in yours, but no matter what I did I couldn't be distracted from what I was feeling. I just let my body surrender, and when it took over, I began to shudder and make embarrassing moaning gasps of satisfaction. I orgasmed, crying your name aloud.

"George........ Oh my God George.

Keep going. I want it. I need it. Oh my god darling, don't stop."

I quaked and my legs spread wide then clamped together tight, trapping your head. And still you continued using your mouth and fingers to abuse my pussy. I thought it would end there, but still you kept it up and I was determined to make you finish too. Even if it meant taking you in my mouth and sucking you off and swallowing, but I couldn't concentrate on what I was trying to do any longer. Something in my mind snapped and I knew we were going to consummate our love making tonight.

I wanted you to have me completely. I released your cock and gasped. "Oh god George. Don't stop! Keep going....it's close now. Keep going, more, it's coming now.... Yes, oh god YES! Keep going until it's over!"

I barely had finished and yet you kept going and I still wasn't completely satisfied. The room filled with the musky scent of my weeping pussy. You continued to lap at me and I could hear the distinct sounds of you sucking the petals and folds within. You would suck on them and then release them momentarily, only to again suck them into your mouth. You were breathing the scent of my hot pussy and devouring me.

"Put it in. We need each other tonight. For the love of god put it in me and fuck me! I really want it. I have to feel your cock moving in me. I want to be your slut tonight!"

You hesitated before pausing and standing. In the dim light I stared up longingly at your strong body and at the shaft wavering erect and menacingly above the heavy sack of your balls. I discarded my bra and corset and you helped me take off my stockings. Now you picked me up and carried me to the spare bedroom and lay me down. This room was pitch black and I never knew what was going to happen from moment to moment.

I felt the bed move and I responded by spreading my legs wide in expatiation, and waited. I heard you breathing hard and then your warm strong hands found my ankles and you lifted my legs up and folded them up over my shoulders. I reached up and ran my hand down your broad chest and then held myself up, and open. I felt your knees touch the globular cheeks of my ass, then the sensation of your cock probing the slippery valley of my pussy.

"Last chance my pretty little slut. Tell me to stop now or tell me to fuck this tight little pussy of yours. Tell me which. Come on say it!"

I practically screamed my need.

"Put it in and fuck me. I want cock. I want your cock. I want to feel it sliding in and out and I want to cum for you. I want to take all of it and be your whore. Give it to me!" No answer but there was a pause, and then I felt the pressure.

Suddenly I was being entered. The inner lips of my pussy were stretched apart and something soft, but very large, was being forced in. I let out a moan of satisfaction and breathlessly gasped:

"Yesss, deep like that. More... give it all to me. Like that...Keep going, I love it. Oh god George I want you to fuck me forever like this."

I let my knees spread apart even further, offering less resistance, but still that wasn't wide enough, to blunt the sensation of being stretched apart. I held my breath and then felt you pause. You were trying to be gentle, but even at that, I knew you were splitting me apart and filling the void with your cock. You made your way in.

Each gentle nudge gained inches, until finally I felt your balls pressed against my ass. I never felt so full in all my life, and then we began. It almost felt as if a vacuum were created each time you drew six or seven inches out before returning your shaft to where it now belonged.

In the darkness the room began to resound with noises of our love making. Softly I moaned, and the soft thump- shush, thump- shush, as you drove your cock deep, pounding against my ass with your thighs. Then I felt it begin. I held my breath as long as I could, feeling it build until waves of ecstatic sensations rocked my pussy. My tummy began to ripple as I contracted. My legs shot up and out as I unfolded, and my body bent forward. My arms wavered in the dark seeking to grab onto you. Finding your shoulders, my hands formed talons and dug in as wave after wave of sensations swept thru my body. My mouth opened to moan your name...

"George...... Oh God George.........What's happening? I'm Commmminnnngggggg again and again. Oh dear god, don't stop..... Don't ever stop fucking me! Keep...Going! Give it to me! Give me spunk, George shoot your spunk in my pussy. Give me spunk, I want it. Give it to me in my tight little pussy! Don't pull out, Oh yeah fill me up. Give it to me. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I like that baby. I love it. Give me that spunk, give it to me. Oh yeah....Coming, coming...coming again."

You kept pounding that cock in and out until finally your voice joined mine. "Adele...God you're tight I can't stop it. Adele, my little slut I'm going to cum! ... Oh baby here it comes. I can't hold back any longer."

I was afraid you might pull out, and I couldn't stand that. "Keep it in me. Don't take it away. I want to feel it. Let it go George. I want it now. Fill me up with your spunk honey. Give it to me."

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