tagInterracial LoveFantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 01

Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 01


It was a hot day at the beach. My own private beach in the Caribbean in front of a house we rented for the week. When I looked down the beach it looked nearly empty. The nearest person was at least half mile away flying a kite. Occasionally people passed walking on the beach. But, needless to say it was nearly empty. It was perfect.

So, today it was just my day to relax! My husband had taken the kids to a water park. Work was far, far away. All my responsibilities were washed away with the noise of the beach. I spent some time reading. I only had two books - one New York Times bestselling fiction book and some trashy novel I picked up at the airport because I needed a backup book.

I looked at the trashy novel and decided to save that for when I needed to get in the mood for a quicky with my husband after all the kids have gone to bed. It was a good read. Your basic fiction book that appear on the bestseller lists. Occasionally, I would set the book down and look out over the ocean on my private beach. It was perfect.

I don't know what it is about the islands and speedo suits, but it seems most of the men wear them. Except for Americans, of course. But, I think this island had a heavy European influence so the men passing by had speedos. Frankly, some of them should not be wearing one because it just does not fit to see a middle-aged man with a beer gut wearing a speedo. It was time to read my book again...

The next time I took a break, I saw two men walking up the beach carrying a load. Both wore speedos, but this time they looked like they belonged in those suits. From a distance, it looked like two native islanders. As I was watching, they turned and started walking towards me. I was a little nervous because I was nearly alone and we were warned about the potential dangers of renting a private house on the beach in the islands. I was relieved that there was people that I could see down the beach that definitely could hear me with a scream. And, I settled my mind as they looked like they were selling something. As they approached, I could make out their physic. One was tall, lean and muscular while the other was a bit shorter but thick and very strong. Both were wearing white speedos that definitely contrasted their deep black skin. It also helped they were trim and sporting solid six-packs like all men wearing speedo suits should. But, what really caught my attention was the bulges in their speedos. They both were huge and you could see the faint outline of their massive members coiled in those suits...

"Hi, would you like a drink, ma'am?" in a wonderful island accent snapped me out thoughts as they approached. At first I thought they might have seen me crotch watching, but I quickly dismissed that since I was wearing sunglasses.

I finally said, "Oh Hi... Yes. I am so hot right now. What do you have?"

After a list of beers, one of the men said, "Coconut Island Special!" which caught my attention. I love coconut drinks. "I take one of those, please."

"No problem, ma'am, one Coconut Island Special coming up!" The really built man reached into the container and pulled out chunks of fresh coconut and started to shave it. His muscles rippled as he shaved the coconut for my drink. The taller man, pulled out rum. I could not get any better, a rum and coconut drink being prepared by two big muscular black men in speedos on a beach!

Again, I was snapped out of my wandering thoughts with a question, "Are you here alone, ma'am?" as the man prepare a shaker with ice and rum.

"Well, um, yes. My husband took all the kids to the water park so I get this day to relax. It is my day! This beach is wonderful here!"

"Yes, it is wonderful. This is a really nice beach and quiet. You were lucky since we are on our way to the main resort to sell drinks. And, you looked like you needed a drink...", as he smiled with perfect nice white teeth. What a contrast.

"You got that right, a coconut rum drink on the beach is perfect. I am very lucky!" The taller man held out the shaker to the built man with the coconut and he scooped it into the shaker and went back to preparing a cup with a chunk of coconut and what looked like a coconut leaf. The taller man put the lid on the shaker and I noticed how large his hands were. They made the shaker look small and insignificant. He stood about four feet in front of me shaking the drink shaker vigorously.

I watched as his crotch as it bounced up and down. I had my sunglasses on but something tells me he knew what I was looking at. I was just guessing, but it looked like soft he was 8 to 9 inches long wrapped into a tight speedo. My crotch was getting very wet just looking at this sexy, tall man shaking his massive crotch right in front of me. The built man walked over in front of me also. I noticed he also was hung like a horse but much thicker. I could see the outline of the head of his penis and it looked like a plumb inside his suit.

The taller man poured the drink into the cup and handed it to me. "Here you go, ma'am, it will be $10 for the drink". I was lost in the thought of those two big speedos in front of me. "Ma'am?" He said again. "Oh, yes, thank you. Very nice presentation" as I looked at the cup and then to the two men in front of me. They both smiled a devious smile and winked at each other. I smiled back nervously.

As I rolled to reach into my bag, I realized my swimsuit was soaked around my crotch from the show I just received and it was showing directly to the two men right behind me. I was immediately embarrassed but decided to play it cool so not to draw attention. I reached in only to find a $20. I produced a $20 and handed to the taller man.

He looked disappointed and said, "Ma'am, I do not have change yet since we just started. I will be back in about an hour when we have to reload. We'll give you change then, cool?" and he smiled.

I hesitated and said, "Sure, I might need another in a little while. It is hot out here..."

"Great, I'm Ajay and this is Omindingo and we'll be back in about an hour."

He was so nice and polite. I excitedly said, "Thank you Ajay and Omindelgingato!" I mangled his name and knew it.

The built man just laughed and spoke in the deepest voice I ever heard, "Everyone calls me Big O," and smiled. I just glanced at his crotch and he seemed to know exactly where I was looking... I thought of that massive thick cock trapped in that suit and realized Big O was a perfect name.

"Ok, Big O it is! My name is Laurie." We all laughed and they quickly packed up.

Before they left Ajay said with a big smile, "Enjoy your drink and I am glad you liked the presentation."

My mind raced, I almost came when watching them make me a drink. My crotch soaked and on fire. The tone of Ajay's voice told me he knew it. Damn! "Thanks Ajay and Big O, this should cool me down some". Double damn! It was a stupid thing to say given what just happened and what I think the two men just saw when I fetched the money to pay them. I just smiled and they walked down the beach...

I was so steamy right now I could die. Without any touching, I about came while watching them make me a drink! I sipped my drink. It was delicious, smooth and strong! I just thought about what had happened and placed a towel over my midsection.

I set my drink down and closed my eyes. I pictured Ajay and Big O in front of me again shaking. I was thankful I was wearing a bikini again after having kids. All my hard work in the gym was paying off and I felt more comfortable and sexy wearing one again. I reached down below the towel and pull down my suit bottom. As my hand reached down, my clit was very swollen, my lips were wide open and I was soaking wet! Slowly I rubbed thinking about me lying on my stomach with my hands out front while Ajay's rubbing my shoulders in front of me and Big O rubbing my feet in behind me.

I imagined Ajay's speedo glancing my hands and realizing he was so long I would never be able to take it all. And Big O was working on my feet and legs. When he worked upward toward my butt, I felt him rub against my foot. He was thick and long! He was soft and it must be over two inches thick in his suit! I secretly glanced forward at Ajay's crotch slightly touching my hands and see he was growing larger. His suit was starting to bulge out as blood went into his massive cock. It was definitely over 10 inches now as it started to grow. And the contrast of his white suit on his dark skin was driving me crazy.

I touched myself more wondering what it would feel like to have two big black men sucking on my nipples on each side of me while their massive members got harder and harder. I imagined reaching down and touching the big black cocks with my hands as their huge hands rubbed all over my body.

Both men were speaking between pinching and sucking on my nipples, "You like this hey!" says Ajay.

Big O says in a husky voice, "You want huge black cock don't you girl?" I moan and whisper in my thoughts, "yes!"

My hands clamp around both their massive members. My hands are not big enough to close around them. Big O is so big there must be at least an inch between the tips of my fingers. And, he is half hard! I think about what it would be like to be penetrated by that monster cock. As I worked my clit under the towel, I get very close to an orgasm and stop. I put two fingers into my soaking slit. I barely feel it.

At 45 with four kids, it is not the same as I was in my twenties. I can accommodate a lot more than two fingers. My mind drifts back to Ajay and I stick three fingers in my slit. Again, barely any resistance because I am so wet and open. Who needs lube when you are this turned on! I reach my other hand down and stroke my clit while working four fingers into my wide open vagina. I can't hold back anymore, I think of Ajays big cock rubbing on my clit while sucking on Big O thick black cock.

I let out a muffled scream and come hard in waves. I cum and cum in waves as the ocean keeps crashing. Finally, after some time, I am spent. I hear the sound of gulls in the distance and open my eyes and look around in paranoia. Did someone see me? I look around, no one. Good! I need a drink for sure now! I reach over and sip on my "Coconut Island Special" thinking about the excellent presentation...

I pick up my fiction book again and start reading again. What a great day I think...

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by Anonymous

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by vahe0010/09/17

An Excellent Start....

Very good start to what looks like a great story.....Please continue!

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by Vagabondx10/08/17

Great so far

Looking forward to part 2 when they return!!!! Very hot!!!

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by Anonymous10/08/17

Love the direction

Looking forward to the next chapter.
I wonder if she will keep this secret from her husband or cuckold him

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