tagSci-Fi & FantasyFantastic World Ch. 03

Fantastic World Ch. 03


Two days passed before the pair of elves made their way out of The Sorrows. It was a place Callia was happy to leave behind. She did not find the feelings that the place stirred within her comfortable. She felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Although, it bothered her just as much that Jaz'rin seemed to be immune to the effects. Jaz'rin was certain it would take another two days to reach the ruins of the tower. Higher they climbed into the foothills of the Azure Mountains, heading towards their southernmost tip.

Comparing his map with Callia's, he noted a path that was on his, but not hers. It led close to the ruin, though it would be difficult to scale the crags that would lead them to the tower. Consulting with Callia on the matter, they both checked their packs for the climbing tools they would need.

Attaching the grappling hook to the rope, Callia gave it a mighty heave, throwing it upwards so it would catch on the jagged rocks. She tugged as soon as she was sure it had lodged itself in a secure spot. Here goes nothing, she murmured as she tied the rope around herself, braced her feet against the craggy rock face, and began her ascent.

The climb proved to be less difficult then she had originally thought it would be and after several minutes she had reached the top. She had discovered a few handholds and footholds on her way up and had made good use of them. She quickly untied the rope from around her body and tossed it back down to Jaz'rin, whom with her help made the trip look almost effortless.

With a smile, Callia embraced him and whispered something naughty in his ear. Her suggestion made him arch an eyebrow at her and produce a low moan. He nodded in agreement and set out to locate the path marked on his map that would lead them to their destination.

The track proved easy to locate after the pair cleared away a patch of rocky rubble and a swath of thorny bushes that stubbornly clung to the cracks in the rock. Jaz'rin bent to check for any footprints, but judging from the condition in the path, he quickly surmised it had not been trod upon in many a moon. He believed much of this particular area had been abandoned long ago.

Callia listened to the tale he told of what he knew of this world as she followed him down the rough-hewn trail. He practically skipped down the path, avoiding treacherous dips and rocky outcroppings that he could sprain an ankle on. The rocky ground gave under his boots as he loped along.

"It has been said that the folk who inhabit this land do not venture forth to these mountains. They are superstitious people who fear much that is unknown to them. They fear the monsters that dwell here, monsters who will drag them from their homes and boil them alive, using their bones for toothpicks." Jaz'rin scoffed. "They are also extremely wary of anything magical. Magic was banned as a whole after the conclusion of the Mage Wars several centuries ago. Those who possessed any magical abilities or even those who were accused of bearing such abilities were either stoned to death, or were sentenced to having their hands removed before entering a lifetime of slavery in the King's service. If we have to go anywhere near Azure City, we must not exhibit anything that can be misconstrued as magic."

Callia looked down at herself, counting the number of magic items she had equipped on her body. "I'll have to be very careful not to draw attention to myself then."

"We both will, sweetling." Jaz'rin extended his hand out to hers and slowed his gait to match hers. They walked hand-in-hand as he continued to fill her in on his knowledge of this world. "Most of the people live in Azure City, home of King Azure VIII and Castle Azure. There are a few smaller cities, Verde City, Crystal City, Ivory City, and Citrine City. Each of those cities are overseen by a large keep and an Overlord appointed by the king. From my research, I learned that a small group of Elves, known as the Elysian, inhabit Verde Forest and rarely venture beyond its borders. They seem to be fairly self-sufficient, which is typical of most surface elves."

Callia let out an 'hmpf', interrupting him. He smiled at her, his cerulean eyes sparkling. "Thou dost protest too much," he teased her.

She shook her head at him before reaching behind him to smack him on the butt.

"There are several clans of Dwarves, better known here as the Dwarthak, who inhabit the deep halls of the Azure Mountains. I don't believe any of those clans are this far south, though. The Dwarthak are far less reclusive than the Elysian. They openly trade with the humans for whatever it is that they can't produce themselves. There are a few lesser races, but this world is predominantly populated by humans, the Aezarians."

"Are there no such things as gnomes or halflings? Or dark elves?" Callia asked.

"There is a similar race called the Latroekas. They have similar characteristics of the fair halfling race, but no, there are no dark elves. I warn you now. If I am caught, it is likely they will kill me immediately. These folk tend to attack first and deal with the consequences later when it comes to things they've never seen." Jaz'rin warned her. "I do recall reading about a race of what we would call Giants. I believe they were called the Votharians. Most of them have been persecuted to the brink of near extinction. It is believed that small bands still roam free here in the mountains. There is another goblin-like race native to this world, but I could not find much information about them."

"Tell me, ussta 'chev, how is it you know so much about this world?" Callia asked.

"Research, ussta ssinjin. I had to know as much as I could about this place before I agreed to come here on this quest. I do not walk into dangerous situations blindly."

"Saph Usstan xunus...," Callia replied. "Like I did..."

"I did not say that nor did I imply that," Jaz'rin bestowed upon her a brilliant smile. "I am delighted that you are picking up on my language so quickly."

Callia returned the smile. "Usstan tlun galla. It's not entirely dissimilar from my own."

Soon the pair fell into silence as Jaz'rin scouted ahead, searching for a place to camp for the night. Callia walked alone, taking in the craggy scenery as she remained ever alert for any sign that something else was out there. She noticed the fog that had hung heavy in the sky was beginning to dissipate as not one but two suns peaked out from behind the clouds. As she stared off into the distance, she could make out faint traces of what looked like high desert plateaus and a vast rolling stretch of sand. She was thankful their travels would not take them there.

She traveled several more miles, her movements tracking that of the twin suns. She noticed that they didn't seem to be heating the landscape around her and surmised it must be akin to winter here. She figured if the summer season were in full swing, she'd be roasting in her own armor by now. Callia gave thanks to the Elven Gods for that and gave a low chuckle. Could the Elven Gods even hear her?

After a few more miles, Callia met back up with Jaz'rin, who came sprinting up the trail. He seemed incredibly vivacious as he skidded to a stop near her side. Callia arched an eyebrow at him in askance.

"I found the perfect spot for camp. It is a lovely clearing with sweet smelling plants and a few trees, even some grass to suit you, ussta to'ryll darthirii kaoveh. Follow me." Jaz'rin purred, enticing her further.

The twin suns began to dip towards the horizon as Jaz'rin led her over a warren of razor sharp crags and through the most peculiar wind carved arched monuments of freestanding rock. As they passed under a natural stone archway, a small stand of trees and clearing of native fauna came into view, beckoning them into its midst. Callia stood in awe of its beauty, as the setting sun cast deep shadows. "It's so breathtaking," she murmured.

"It pales in comparison to you, ussta ssin."

Callia's cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink and she bestowed upon her dark elf lover a deep passionate kiss. It held promises of the night to come. The two hurried to make camp and consumed a meager meal of dried meat and waybread washed down with a few sips of elven mead. Soon they settled into their bedrolls and welcomed a night of blissfulness.


The next morning....

Callia lay upon on her bedroll, slowly coming awake, feeling the cool wash of predawn air waft over her bare skin. Her brow furrowed a little as she realized her blanket had been removed. She realized she must've kicked it off. She felt around for it, also noticing someone else was missing. Where was Jaz'rin?

Callia's pointy ears picked up soft noises. She smiled as she realized what was going on. She remained where she was, half curled on her stomach and side, feigning sleepiness. The blue light that filled the clearing was evidence of the slowly lightening sky, translucent violet light, dark yet revealing. She could feel it on her eyelids, along with the chill air. Her skin tightened in anticipation as much as from the cool breeze. She felt the soft grass give beside her as Jaz'rin leaned over her. Aah, there he is! The heat from his bare chest became palpable. He leaned so close that his hair brushed her skin, causing it to tingle and her nipples to tighten at the subtly erotic sensation. Callia shifted, tucking her hand under her chin, still trying to maintain her sleeping presence. Yet Jaz'rin's small, quiet laugh, almost a breath, let her know that he didn't believe it. He knew very well that Callia was awake, but was willing to play along.

Jaz'rin tucked her hair behind one pointy ear from where it had fallen across her cheek and eye, and his fingers slid downward with the motion, trailing along the edge of her neck, over her shoulder and down across her ribs. Small waves of gooseflesh moved outward from his touch. It was all she could do not to twitch suddenly. He leaned even closer and she could feel his warm, gentle breath stirring the hair at her nape. The touch of his lips there was almost imperceptible, but the sensation stretched her nerves taut and she felt it, causing her entire body to tingle in response to his kiss.

Jaz'rin's fingers had wandered over her hip even as his lips nibbled over and down the side of Callia's neck, and he buried his mouth against the pulse hammering slowly along her throat. Callia suddenly felt a rush of arousal as well as a drop into sensuous languor. She felt lethargic and surreally aware of what was happening, almost disconnected. She waited in suspended silence and stillness for Jaz'rin's next touch.

Jaz'rin's mouth brushed across her ear, exhaling slowly and gently. His wandering hands has gone down the length of her thigh, pausing before beginning the slow journey back up, dipping forward to slide over her abdomen, and swirling gently around her navel in a slowly shrinking spiral. His tongue delicately traced the outermost edge of her ear, pausing on the lobe to pull it into his mouth and suck on it gently. When Jaz'rin's finger touched her navel, he placed his palm flat against it, sliding his strong hand up her belly, nestling it for a moment beneath her full breasts.

Callia shivered and moaned, now no longer really maintaining the illusion of sleepiness. She leaned back toward him, her shoulder pressing against his chest, her delectable breasts with their stiff nipples offered up, ripe for his caresses.

Jaz'rin didn't let the offer pass, dropping delicate little kisses on her eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead as his hand cupped her breast, squeezing slightly. She exhaled softly, her breathing deeper and slower, and turned her head even more slightly, hoping Jaz'rin's rain of kisses would quench the drought at her mouth. With a chuckle, he studiously avoided her lips, full and moist, tempting him. Instead, he pinched her nipple between thumb and forefinger, slowly applying increasing pressure. After a moment Callia could maintain her composure no longer...

She frowned slightly in frustration, gasping, turning her head so that her mouth caught Jaz'rin's. His tongue immediately plunged into her mouth, all pretenses at delicate kisses shattered. Jaz'rin's other hand came up from the bedroll beneath him where he had been leaning on it to tangle in her hair, pulling her mouth closer as he plundered its depths. Jaz'rin's fingers on Callia's breasts became slightly cruel, but her arousal was increasing in direct proportion to the fierce pressure of his touch.

The clearing, which had been full of the scent of dew-kissed jasmine, was now beginning to fill with another scent entirely. A pungent, musky aroma, vaguely salty. It was Callia's pussy, slowly swelling and filling with nectar, responding instinctively to the mastery in Jaz'rin's touch. Callia reached up to slide a hand into Jaz'rin's white hair, her hips rising slightly from the bedroll in an entirely involuntary response. Jaz'rin stroked down her belly, brushing past the smoothness of her mound, teasing as he trailed his fingers over her parted thighs.

His fingers slipped in between her legs, delicately tracing the swollen lips of her pussy, gathering the moisture that had collected there like dew. The long, slow strokes brought him closer and closer to the delicate core of her flower, slowly parting the petal like folds of flesh that hid that warm fleshy nubbin. The moisture drenching her made it easy to slide her lips apart, to stroke the hood of her clitoris until it slowly slid back, the engorged little nub standing flush and rosy in the cool air.

Jaz'rin's mouth left Callia's, fastening upon her breast and her tightly puckered nipple. He pulled it into his mouth, tugging hard on it, sucking deeply with each careful stroke of his fingertip over her hard little clit. Callia gasped, hands clutching Jaz'rin's hair, hips shoving against Jaz'rin's hand, wanting more, wanting to be filled. Her juices poured out of her pussy, creamy and sweet, the smell spreading around the two lovers like clouds of incense.

Jaz'rin's hand slipped down, his middle finger sliding along just inside her slit, and he gently slipped it into her tight hole. Callia gasped and shoved against him. Jaz'rin pressed his finger all the way in, his thumb coming to rest with unerring precision on her clit.

Callia moaned softly, pulling him back up by the hair to press her hungry lips to his. He growled a laugh deep in his throat, rolling her backwards so that he could slide over her, pressing her flush against the bedroll. Her legs spread wide, and he tucked one of his over her knee so she couldn't close them again. With a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, Jaz'rin slipped a second finger into Callia's pussy, his lips kissing a trail down her neck. He pressed his mouth to the thundering pulse at the side of her neck, and sank his teeth into her throat as he suddenly pulled his fingers back and thrust them into her pussy with erotic force. Callia gave a short, sharp cry, her voice rising briefly in the cool dark of the morning. Callia's nails sank into Jaz'rin's shoulders, and they unclenched as he pulled his teeth back, soothing the spot with a soft kiss. Callia was panting, a slight film of perspiration gleaming all over her body, making her tanned flesh milky in the light that was slowly turning from blue to rose-edged violet.

Callia could feel Jaz'rin's cock pressing into her hip. His turgid length rubbed against her as he ground his hips into her briefly. She wanted desperately to feel it inside her, but she knew to demand it now was futile. He would take her, give it to her, when he was ready, and only then.

He was now fucking her with his hand, slow hard strokes, just the way he knew she liked it. Callia surged against him, mad with desire. Jaz'rin broke off from kissing her, and knelt up above her, pulling his hand out of her snatch. Callia looked up at him, lips swollen and bruised, eyes wide and dark, hungry and desperate. Teasing her, he took his sticky fingers and smoothed her own cum over her parted lips like a gloss. His other hand slowly stroked his thick cock, rubbing the tiny drops of precum over the head. Pushing her legs further apart, he knelt between them. He leaned down, and took her mouth with his, licking at her lips, tasting her cum. His tongue weaved slowly in and out of her mouth, waltzing with hers, sending her dizzy with desire.

Jaz'rin pulled away and leaned down, sliding his hands under Callia, gripping her ass in her palms. He pulled her up toward him, kissing her mound, and then slowly opening his mouth, closing it over her completely, breathing hotly on the wet flesh. Then his tongue snaked out and gave her a broad, flat stroke, from the bottom of her hole all the way to her painfully swollen clit. Callia moaned, clutching the bedroll. Jaz'rin shook his head a little, left to right, burying his tongue deep inside her pussy, his lips closing tightly over her hard clit. He could tell she was on the verge of coming. To push her over the edge, he worked harder on her clit. Callia screamed as she grabbed his head and pulled it into her cunt. Her juices gushed out and covered his face as she came.

Before Callia could relax from her orgasm, he rubbed his cock head up and down her swollen lips to get it wet with her juices.

"By the Gods, Jaz'rin! Give me your cock. I want it NOW!" Callia screamed, her hips undulating as she tried to push his cock inside her.

Jaz'rin looked down at her pussy and saw her pussy swallow his cock as he pushed it in slowly. He still couldn't believe how tight she was as his head slipped past her swollen lips. He slowly worked himself in and out of her. Callia writhed beneath him with her eyes closed and moaned loudly. Jaz'rin looked down to where they were joined. His cock pushed in and out of her smooth pussy. Her clit was sticking so far out. He had no problem seeing it and started fingering it as he fucked her. Callia groaned again and tensed up. Her pants and cries came flooding out from her parted lips. The sounds were sweet music to Jaz'rin's ears. With his other hand he spread her pussy lips to give him better access to her swollen nubbin. He couldn't seem to get enough of teasing her and it was obvious by her moans how much she enjoyed what he was doing.

Yet he decided to take his teasing a little further. Jaz'rin started pulling his cock almost all the way out and slowly pushing it back in.

"Don't tease me," she begged. "Vith uns'aa DUBO!"

Ignoring her pleas, he began to fuck her very slowly savoring the sensation of her snatch's warm caress. Callia still felt very snug. She was very well lubricated but he felt each movement as he stroked in and out. He increased his speed slowly, as he enjoyed viewing Callia spread out in front of him. Her head went slowly from side to side as she cooed softly from her sexy lips. Her milky breasts bounced slightly as he hastened the tempo of his thrusts. Jaz'rin knew they both were getting close. She wrapped her legs around his back and matched his rhythm. Her body was shining with her sweat and her nipples were sticking out further than before. He was pounding her as hard as he could now. Soon it was too much for either of them to take. As their moans increased in volume, so did their urgency for fulfillment. Callia heard Jaz'rin's grunts before he threw back his head and let out a howl. He was all but slamming himself into her. Callia's cry joined his as his cock grazed her ultra-sensitive g-spot. Their orgasms rocked their bodies at about the same time, stunning each of them with their ferocity. Callia and Jaz'rin both unleashed feral cries and pounded their bodies into one another with a frenzy. They both lost control, trying to pump harder into each other and moaning while they did it. Callia lost track of time but finally Jaz'rin collapsed against her heaving chest, gasping for breath.

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