tagSci-Fi & FantasyFantastic World Ch. 05

Fantastic World Ch. 05


Callia awoke much later to find herself bound to the crystalline posts, but unlike with Ethilathain she was upright on her knees facing away from him. She loosed a throaty moan as she realized he meant to return the favor. Tugging at the silken bonds that held her, she caught sight of a very arrogant Ethilathain standing at the edge of the bed. His piercing eyes bored into her. His cock jutted out from his groin, hot, hard, and brutally immense.

Callia sucked in her breath. Just what had the dragon planned for her? She knew he was highly aroused. His rich musky scent permeated her senses, readying her for him. The naked skin of her back felt his as he moved onto the bed behind her, his rapid, scorching breaths on her shoulders.

She swallowed her breath as the first heated touch of his lush lips upon her shoulder blade caused her to jump. She gasped as his talented lips and blazing tongue traced a determined path from her shoulder blades to the base of her spine. Callia wriggled against her restraints to escape that teasing tongue. The dragon in an elf's form had her trapped completely; there was nowhere for her to go. He chuckled as he thought of how their situations were reversed. Now she was the one bound before him.

In response, he dragged his claws up the front of her thighs. This was followed by the edge of his teeth grazing the side of her throat. And once more he traced the path down her back, his talented tongue flicking mischievously. Ethilathain was on a mission. He was focused and all the more dangerous because of it.

He crouched on the bed behind her. His long hair brushed along the back of her parted thighs. Callia quivered as the shimmering black strands lightly passed over flushed skin. Gifted hands firmly clasped her hips, rigidly holding her in place. Without warning, the tip of his tongue ever so lightly flicked its way down the centerline of her ass. A tremor coursed through Callia and she cried out. When he rounded the curve of one smooth ass cheek, he bit her sharply. Callia let out a hissing moan prompting a resonant growl from Ethilathain.

Then he pounced.

Ethilathain's broad shoulders wedged between her legs, forcing them wider apart; his upper body slipping through the vee in her stance. In a fluid motion, he stretched out on the bed beneath her, allowing his long shimmering mane to spread out.

Glancing up at Callia, he locked her eyes with his intensity, before sweeping his passionate visage down the length of her. He let his burning gaze scorch the length of her inner thighs up to the hairless mound at her juncture. From his vantage point, he had quite a view. Sweeping back up in the same deliberate manner, he leveled his penetrating gaze to meet her dead on. He gave a low rumble as his tricolor eyes grew hazy with dangerous passion.

So intense was his azure stare that Callia could feel it igniting her passions even further, and could feel her own wetness pooling for him. The commanding hands on the backs of her thighs pulled her forward as he pushed himself up to meet her. The position brought his mouth and her dripping pussy into perfect alignment. The first touches of his tongue brought a hefty groan from her throat. Swiftly, he buried his tongue into the moist cleft sheltering her swollen clit with a long, deep lap. He twirled his tongue around the engorged nub, drawing gasps and moans from her. Ethilathain grew increasingly masterful in his seduction of her senses. There were no hinting touches or hesitant movements. He stroked and surged inside her, tasting and teasing, initiating a relentless pattern that soon had her screaming for more. He mercilessly licked and sucked and grazed her with his teeth. He caused her entire body to shake from his exotic touch.

"Grrrrrrr...," he growled against her soaking wet snatch, the tips of his claws raking along her ass. Then he slipped her tongue inside her and growled low in his chest.

Callia unleashed a scream as the erotic vibration assaulted her core as she exploded in an orgasm that shook her violently. Ethilathain greedily lapped her juices.

With amazing agility he slipped from between her thighs to move in front of her. Insolently, he lifted her chin with the flick of his finger. He kissed her deep and hard. It was a kiss of ultimate possession. She moaned against his lips as she tasted her own juices.

And just as quickly he broke off the exchange, moving behind her once again. A strong arm encircled her waist, bringing her back against his hard body. He wedged a toned thigh between her legs.

"Tell me now, are you sure you wish to tangle with a dragon?"

Callia's breath came in rapid pants.


"Ethilathain..." she whispered.

The dragon hitched her into position and slid completely into her. As far as he could go...all the way to the hilt.

Callia let loose a feral scream at the full, throbbing impact. He was so deep inside her. Deeper than ever before. Behind her, Ethilathain snarled, unleashing a hot puff of air against her flushed skin. He then bit her shoulder, a quick, sharp nip designed to bring a higher arousal. His next target was her ear. He licked and nipped along the pointy edge as he snaked his hands around her to capture her breasts in his palms. Squeezing the soft mounds, he caught the hardened tips between two outstretched fingers, tugging and rolling.

Callia arched back against him, and thrust her breasts forward, further filling his hands and letting her head fall against his shoulder. For a moment, the dragon opened his eyes to glance over her shoulder to watch their reflections and shadows flickering across the crystals. A voracious smile curved upon his lips. He slipped his right hand down her body to cup her soaking wet pussy mound. He teased her now ultra-sensitive clit, rapidly yet lightly flicking the swollen nubbin. Callia cried out, her pussy tightening around him as she began to crest.

But Ethilathain wasn't through with her yet. He flexed against her, thrusting even deeper where he was so tightly embedded. It felt like thunder rumbling through her nether depths.

"By The GODS! Ethilathain, please!" Callia howled, as she erupted and soaked his cock. He switched the rhythm of his thrusts, bringing her with him as they rocked in a swaying back-and-forth motion. Callia's eyes widened and she clutched at her silken bonds as he swelled even larger, feeling the full brunt of his engorgement. He moved inside her, stretching her even more, as he sent wave after wave of heart-stopping sensation streaming through her.

Ethilathain grew untamed, wild, and extremely feral. He unleashed his true draconic nature and his animalistic cries rose with hers. His thick long draconic cock surged within her causing the mingled sounds of their fucking to shatter some of the crystals on the wall. With each and every violent thrust he took her higher and higher. Deeper and deeper. Unable to hold back any longer, the dragon dug his claws into her soft flesh and threw back his head. He roared for all he was worth as he slammed himself into her with reckless abandon. The force of his orgasm exploding inside her beckoned forth one of her own and she joined him in the eruption of passion.

In the aftermath of their brutal fuck, Ethilathain collapsed to his side and Callia sagged against her silken bonds. She whimpered as he pulled his cock out of her. It had felt so good. Once his labored breathing had subsided, he quickly untied her and laid her upon the bed.

He had proved his mastery over her and had claimed her as his own. He promptly covered their bodies with one of the silken sheets and fell asleep beside her.


It was unclear to her how long she slept, but when she finally awoke she found herself alone on the silken bed. She glanced around, looking for Ethilathain, but he was nowhere to be seen. She stretched thoroughly, extending her tired muscles and scooted to the edge.

She could hear the faint tinkle of shifting coins and knew where Ethilathain had gone. Standing up, she made her way into the main cavern and found him resting upon one large mountainous heap of gleaming jewels and glittery golden coins. She let out a soft sigh and ventured forth toward him. Agilely she climbed the mound and traced her hand up his tail as she moved along the line of his massive body.

"I see you've awakened." The voice called into her mind. "Did you sleep well?"

She reached the end of his body with his head and snout. They rested upon his massive front paws. His tricolor eyes glittered and gleamed mischievously.

"Yes, though I had hoped to find you next to me."

"As I would have liked to, but you see, staying in that form takes much energy, especially considering the amount of energy I expended pleasing you. I had to revert to my true form and rest. My energy levels are back to normal now."

"The realm from which I come, black dragons are never so inclined to be nice. Why are you so different?"

"I am not a black dragon. Though my scales are blackest pitch, I am called Obsidian. Can you not see the charcoal flecks amidst the blackness? Can you not see the traces of deepest blue here and there? A myriad of colors blend to make up the color of what I am. I know it is hard for your elven eyes to see, but it is there."

Callia nodded as she traced her hands across his snout. She explored the horns on his head and the spiky appendages that flowed down the ridge of his neck. Climbing up on his back, she rested her body above his wing joints and leaned down against him. She pressed her nude body into him, tantalized by the coolness of his scales.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Ethilathain asked, craning his head back to see her.

"I've never been on a dragon's back before."

"You called out a few names in your sleep. You thrashed violently and let out the most vicious of curses. I can easily say in all of the long millennia's I have lived, I have never met someone as passionate as you. Could you tell me of these names?"

Callia slid from his back and walked back up to face him. She let out a long sigh, unsure of where to start. "And what would be the names?"

Ethilathain repeated them as he had heard them. Callia drew in a deep breath. "I will tell you, but it may take a while."

She soon launched into the story of her life, telling him of her clan, her brother's, her world, and a good portion of her adventuring career. She delved deeper as she came to the most recent events involving Amakiir, Delilah, and Jaz'rin. She explained how she had fallen in love with Amakiir and had hoped to spend the rest of her life with him, loving him, and serving the best interests of her clan. She described Amakiir's crushing betrayal and the role that Delilah and Jaz'rin played in it. She went on to detail how she had left her clan and settled elsewhere, which lead her on this quest to this world and to this place. She let out a sigh as she spoke of all that had happened so far, how Jaz'rin had followed her and had first tried to kill her. She confessed her feelings for the dark elf and how they had made a pact to help each other retrieve the treasure.

"And you trust him?"

Callia looked up into his eyes, "Yes."

"I knew when I heard you call his name repeatedly that he meant something to you. Not many a dragon would envy a lesser being so, but in that moment, I felt much. Perhaps it is simply due to the fact that you are the first contact I have had in countless ages. You have pleased me greatly, little one called Callia. I shall grant you the key you seek," Ethilathain scooped up the bejeweled key and presented to her. "I ask of you another boon."

Callia cocked her in askance, wondering what he wanted this time.

"I ask that you allow me to leave my prison at the same time you go. I find myself intrigued by your words. I am sure I can be of assistance to you. I shall willingly protect your interests in this quest, if the dark elf should decide to turn against you."

Callia considered his proposal. "What's in it for you?"

"I cannot leave by any means of my own. The seeker of the key is the only one who can set me free. I wish to be free. For that, I will grant you one item from my vast hoard."

"I must admit that the offer is tempting. Your hoard is vast and worth a considerable amount in my world, but you need not set forth a bribe. I would willingly free you. I know whoever caged you here meant well, but it was wrong of that person to steal a good portion of your life from you just to protect his greatest treasure."

"Then we have an accord?" Ethilathain questioned, eyeing her head to toe.


The dragon smiled.

He quickly altered his great form into the one she knew so intimately. He made his way back into the other chamber and after a few minutes returned wearing a suit of obsidian dragon scaled armor. He quickly produced a wand and fired it at his vast hoard, shrinking it to an eighth of its size. He then pulled forth a rather worn-looking backpack and scooped the small piles into it.

"I will not leave my fortune behind for someone to plunder. No dragon worth his salt would do such a thing."

Callia made haste slipping back into her silken armor and led him to the blackening void that barred the exit of the chamber. Ethilathain stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She spoke the very words that had brought her into the cavern and felt the same strange pulling sensation.

It yanked her through to the other side, where she and Ethilathain stumbled to the stone floor.

"By the gods, I do not like that feeling," she whined, disentangling herself from Ethilathain and helping him to his feet. She looked back into the painting and noticed the changes to it. It depicted an empty Cave of Brilliance. "Wow!"

Ethilathain glanced at the painting as he rested a possessive hand on the small of her back. "Did you think it would remain the same? I believe it is a measure to show that the guardian has been defeated, so to speak. It should prevent others from seeking the treasure."

Callia turned as she heard a deep cough. She caught sight of Jaz'rin standing on the stairs, eyeing her closely. He raised an eyebrow as he took in the familiarity presented by Callia and the black haired elf. Slowly he walked over to them, sizing up the other male.

"What have we here?" Jaz'rin demanded, his cerulean blue eyes changing over to bright glowing red. He stormed towards her.


"Dos zhahen alus whol llar tangin! Xunus dos tangis' talinth nindel Usstan xal tlu ezsakil bauth dos? Vel'bol zhahen dos xunin whol llar tangin? Xun dos inbal l' mrim'ol? Lu' vel'uss zhah uk tlu xta'rl dos (You were gone for three days! Did you even consider that I might be worried about you? What were you doing for three days? Do you have the key? And who is he to be touching you?)?" Jaz'rin growled, his red eyes flashing at her.

"Calm down, dos wael! This is Ethilathain, the dragon from the portrait. It was he who guarded the key, which I have in my possession. He asked that I free him and I agreed. He has offered to help us in our quest. I accepted. And I am sorry I gave you cause to worry. Time moved differently in there. I did not realize I would be gone so long." Callia explained. "Usstan tlun taudl, ussta ssinssrigg (I am sorry, my love)."

Jaz'rin bowed his head. "I am sorry, too, that I yelled at you. I should not have."

Callia stepped forward to Jaz'rin and embraced him. She nuzzled her head into his neck and planted a small kiss behind his ear. "Dos hass'l ji mzilt ulu uns'aa. Usstan xunus vel'bol Usstan inbalus ulu xun ulu kku udossta quarthas (You mean so much to me. I did what I had to do to complete our duty)," She whispered.

He pulled back from her, his eyes back to normal, and nodded at her. He bowed to Ethilathain briefly. "You are most welcome to join our mission, great one. To have a comrade of your magnificence on our side is greatly appreciated. I am called Jaz'rin. I am pleased to greet you."

Ethilathain nobly nodded his head. "Likewise," he simply offered, noting the body language of both the elves. He remained on guard, his senses telling him there was more than met the eye to be seen here.



"dos wael!" ...you fool!

"Usstan tlun taudl, ussta ssinssrigg." ... I am sorry, my love.

"Dos zhahen alus whol llar tangin! Xunus dos tangis' talinth nindel Usstan xal tlu ezsakil bauth dos? Vel'bol zhahen dos xunin whol llar tangin? Xun dos inbal l' mrim'ol? Lu' vel'uss zhah uk tlu xta'rl dos?" ...You were gone for three days! Did you even consider that I might be worried about you? What were you doing for three days? Do you have the key? And who is he to be touching you?

"Dos hass'l ji mzilt ulu uns'aa. Usstan xunus vel'bol Usstan inbalus ulu xun ulu kku udossta quarthas" ...You mean so much to me. I did what I had to do to complete our duty.

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