tagSci-Fi & FantasyFantastic World Ch. 10

Fantastic World Ch. 10


Ethilathain re-entered the bedchamber as silently as he had left it. But this time he did not expect Callia to be perched on the bed glaring at him with her arms crossed and a stern expression on her face.

"Just where did you sneak off to?" She asked, her eyes blazing.

He tilted his head and gave her a pondering look. "I did not wish to wake you, my precious one. You were sleeping so soundly. I left because I was hungry. I needed to hunt. I had not felt the exhilaration of stalking my prey in many a long year. Would you deny me that? It felt good to be out in the open, to spread my wings and to soar amongst the clouds. Surely you did not believe I would abandon you here."

"No, but Jaz'rin alluded to it. He stopped in to check on me." Callia murmured as her face turned red. She had jumped to the wrong conclusion all because of Jaz'rin.

"He is jealous, my sweet. He wants you all to himself, but he fears bringing himself to commit to you solely." Ethilathain replied as he disrobed and sat on the edge of the bed. "He fears losing his freedom so he will do nothing until he can have both."

"Then it is his loss." Callia sighed. "I have no use for someone that indecisive. But I think it goes deeper. I think he fears what Amakiir would do to him for not fulfilling his mission the way he was supposed to. Jaz'rin was sent here to kill me."

"He will not succeed. He will have to kill me in order to get to you."

Callia smiled.

"Sweetest Callia," Ethilathain murmured as he moved over to her and embraced her. "There is something I wish to discuss with you."

"What is it, Ethi?"

"It has been a long span of years since I have spoken of this."

Callia turned around and cocked an eyebrow at him questioningly. What was he talking about?

"There is much about my kind of dragon that you could not possibly be aware of. Due to that fact, I'm not even sure where to begin. There are things you must know now that you have accepted me as your lover."

"Talk to me."

"I have the ability to scan a fairly large area for other dragons of my kind. I noted one. Its lair is in this very ruin."

"Yes, I was aware of that. Jaz'rin told me after he scouted the place. He brought me a jewel he stole from the dragon's hoard."

"It was the only one I sensed. I believe that was the last living offspring I had left." Ethilathain smiled.

"What did you do?"

"What do you think?"

"You killed it? Your own offspring?"

"Only the strong survive. I am the last of my kind. It makes me Lord of all Dragons."

"How does make you feel?"

"It is the way I want it to be. I would not have killed him if I did not want it to be so. His hoard is now mine." He smiled that hungry predator smile and flicked his eyes over Callia.

"Ethi, why are you looking at me like that?"

"There is more that you need to know. Have you ever wondered why my eyes are tri-colored?"

"Yes, I have. I have never seen a dragon with eyes like yours. Most have slitted reptilian eyes. Why are they like that?" Callia asked.

"My kind, the Obsidian, is the only one to my knowledge to have eyes like this and there is a reason for it."

Callia cocked an eyebrow, but said nothing. She wanted to hear this.

"When my kind takes a mate, there is a ritual of sorts that we perform. Since I was imprisoned for all those long millennia and had no contact with anyone, the need was suppressed. Now that I have taken you as my mate, my lover, the need has surfaced again and the longer I hold out against it..." Ethilathain's words trailed off as a tremoring shiver visibly coursed through him. Beads of sweat broke out on his brow. "I can not delay much longer."

"What kind of ritual? What does it involve? And how does that concern the color of your eyes?"

"I have been through this ritual three times, hence the three colors. The colors signify my draconic mate. One was cerulean, another was turquoise, and the third mate was golden. It has always been through the ritual that has caused the color rings in my eyes."

"What does the ritual involve, Ethi?" Callia repeated.

"To reach the next apex I must mate with you while in my natural form. It is something not spoken of to non-dragons. I must mount you." His soulful eyes pleaded with her.

"You want to...MOUNT...me...Ethi...you can not. It is not possible! You are far too large and we both know I am not healed!!!!!!! You could kill me!" Callia shrieked.

"I have no choice, sia itov. To hold back is to die." A shudder coursed through him once more. "Do not fear me, my sweet. You will see that it shall be possible. I can prepare you for the mating. You will not die!"

Callia shook her head, not knowing what to think. "Is there no other way?"

"For me, no," Ethilathain shook his head, his blood beating heavy in his veins. It pulsed through him in an ancient, expectant rhythm. The mating of which he spoke to her was a mystical transformation to the Obsidian. He knew Callia could awaken him fully. Their passions were so closely matched, closer than any mate he had ever taken. He knew she would be the catalyst for him to bring true power into passion.

And he would share this renewal with her. He would give himself to her completely, and he hoped, she to him. His fate was in her hands.

"And what does the mating do for you? How do you reach the next apex?"

"My innate abilities become more powerful. If the mating succeeds as well as I hope because we are so closely matched in our passions, I may be able to bestow upon you some of my draconic abilities, but only for a short time. You well may able to soar amongst the clouds with me. I have never attempted this mating with a non-draconic female. Furthermore, I have not known of it ever attempted with a non-draconic mate, but I swear to you I would not see you harmed. I would willingly sacrifice all that I am in order to keep you safe. This is something I must do."

"May I have some time to think about it?" Callia asked.

"Yes, I can give you that. I shall hunt some more. That may delay the need until you are ready to commence the preparations for the mating."

"And will you explain to me in finite detail what all the mating involves? I need to know. I know my body will need certain preparations, but so won't my mind."

"Anything for you, my sweet," he murmured.

"Do you know of any way I could achieve a dragon form, through perhaps polymorphing...or something along those lines?"

A thoughtful look crossed Ethilathain's face. "Not to my knowledge. I don't think it would work. We must be in our natural forms. You are not of draconic blood."

"Dragons are magical creatures, am I not correct? Elves are highly magical beings. The magical weave sings to us, at least the ones that are inclined to listen."

"And your point is?"

"That magic may work for us."

"It will not, my sweet. You must trust me on this." Ethilathain replied, "I will give you time to think."

Ethilathain produced a small red orb from the leather haversack he'd brought with him from his cave. "This is a summoning globe. Smash it upon the ground and speak my name. I will come to you then," he murmured before heading to the door. He gave her one last longing glance before opening it and then he was gone.

Callia let out a sob as her tears burned her eyes. She hadn't been aware of them until he turned to leave. She didn't know what to think anymore. "ETHI!" She bellowed as she bounded of the bed and threw open the door. She ran to the stairs and peered down at him.

"Yes, my sweet?" He smiled up at her.

"How am I supposed to think about it if you haven't explained it to me? How can I decide when I don't know what's going to happen? Please, Ethi, talk to me." Callia pleaded.

Another shudder visibly coursed through Ethilathain. His hands shook as he reached up to her. He drew in a deep breath and slowly released it. Callia took his hand and lead him back up the steps and back into the room.

"Keep hold of my hand and I will show you what the mating involves. Look deep into my eyes and behold." Ethilathain whispered, staring deeply into the blue pools of hers.

Callia gasped as a vision took hold of her. It was like nothing she'd ever witnessed or felt. Was this magic? It was if she had stepped back into another time and place. Ethilathain opened his mind to her, allowing her access to his memories.

The dragons circled each other, a pleasing kaleidoscope of black and gold locked together in a slow and graceful yet utterly mesmerizing dance. The shimmering black one had to be Ethilathain. The black nipped the gold on the flank and together they soared into the skies. They twisted and entwined with sensual grace. Their movements flowed in time with the gentle whooshing of the wings. Higher they soared, swirling around each other, until they landed together upon a windswept mountain. The golden one winked at her lover and lifted her tail, beckoning him forward. A magical aura seemed to surround them, passing back and forth between them as they achieved each apex. Then at long last, the two took on an almost ethereal metamorphosis, together in harmonious bliss.

She noticed that the shimmering black dragon took on more on a powerful presence and his eyes which had been two different shades of blue sported a third ring of pure gold. Finally it seemed the dragons were at ease with one another, drifting into a restorative trance. Callia shook her head as the vision faded away, leaving only the tri-color of his eyes.

"Do you understand it better?"

"I think so," Callia murmured. "But please explain to me what you showed me."

"That was Myanth you saw in the vision. She was my mate for over a thousand years. That was the longest time I have ever spent with any of my mates. The wizard who imprisoned me here killed her to spite me because I refused to surrender. Never have I witnessed a creature of such splendor destroyed so brutally. One spell was all it took." He shook his head forlornly, "The mating is a blending of souls. Through becoming as one, we strengthen the feelings we have for each other. The mating is complex. It is beautiful, but is very exhausting."

"Ethi, I want to help you with this, but you know I am not completely healed." Callia whispered, as a single tear flowed down her cheek.

"I think I will be able to help you with that. It will be a part of the preparations we make for the mating."

"Alright, then I shall think on it."


Callia quickly donned some clothing. She needed to take a walk to clear her head and make her decision. She quickly exited the ruin and headed in the opposite direction in which they had arrived. She rounded the rear of the crumbling structure and noticed a patch of woods in the distance. It beckoned to her and she happily answered its call. To be surrounded by nature again, to let her feet fall upon the primordial heart of all that was green and fertile again. She longed for that.

She took off in a sprint, her powerful legs eating up the distance and as she entered the tree line, the sound of buzzing insects filtered to her ears. This stand of woods was alive. She noted small animals scurrying about as she ventured deeper into the heart of it all.

Callia inhaled deeply, smelling raw earth and fragrant scent of wildflowers. She twirled about, playfully frolicking, giving freedom to her Elven heart. Laughter flowed from her lips. If only Verrshaun were here to romp with her. He would enjoy this place.

Then she became awestruck as she moved through the trees and stepped into a large clearing. Lush warmth permeated her very being. A crystal clear blue lagoon dominated its center while dense foliage and leafy green fronds made for pockets of tempting privacy. Callia approached the water and sat down at the edge. She glanced around, reveling in the sanctity of this beautiful paradise.

She stripped of her clothing and tested the water. It was warm and inviting. She waded in and let out a throaty sigh. The aqua water caressed her as it lapped against for legs and thighs. How marvelous it felt and the view...It was utterly breathtaking. Off to her right, a small waterfall cascaded into the lagoon; its flowing sound was a soothing balm to any troubled spirit seeking peace.

She reached down into the shallow water and scooped up a few pebbles, awed by their color and smoothness. They were all bright blue. Never before had she seen anything like it. Idly, she tossed a few back into the water, watching concentric rings spread across the surface. The initial simple action of the stone hitting the water always caused more complex aftereffects. An analogy of my life, she thought.

The stone hitting the water was much like her first meeting with Ethilathain. Their coming together had been a quick, decisive action. The ripples of consequence were still reverberating through her heart and soul. So much had happened. Amakiir's betrayal and Jaz'rin's seduction... It seemed for her there was always a male at the heart of all her troubles.

And Ethilathain... Deep down to the depths of her soul, he had filled her. She had never sought such complexity. Yet she was in over her head. It had found her and wound its way around her, penetrating her to the very core. In her quest for complete independence and wholeness of spirit, Ethilathain had brought to her more enrichment of her feelings and made her even more entangled than she had ever thought she would be.


It always came back to Ethilathain. He had lived for centuries. He would continue on for centuries more even after the long span of her elven lifetime was spent. He would carry on. Full of memories of their life together. Memories...wasn't that all he had of his past mates?

Callia choked back a sob as she smacked the water with her hand. She wanted him and wanted to be with him. But she knew it was not that simple. He needed her to get him through this pivotal point of his existence. He needed her...

Could she go through with the blending? Was she strong enough to withstand it? Did she not want him to be her mate? Need him, yes. Want him, yes. Crave him, yes. Love him... yes oh yes...Even when he was apart from her, she could still feel him inside of her, as if he was part of her. Ethilathain had grown within her like another seed of herself.

Callia had never put much stock in destiny before, but now she wondered. Were they truly meant to be together? She could not deny the pull he had on her or that it felt so right when she was near him. Nor could she deny the strange closeness between them. She could not deny the way they came together like pieces of a puzzle made whole, the way they fit.

A rustling of underbrush and the splash of water interrupted her thoughts and alerted her to the fact that she was no longer alone. She spun about, the water rippling more fiercely and watched as Jaz'rin waded in toward her. Rage flared within his blazing crimson red eyes. What had angered him so?

"Jaz'rin..." she softly murmured.

He embraced her forcefully; a tiny cry escaped her lips before his ascended upon hers in a most cruel way. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back brutally, and kissed her hard, making her lips hurt against her teeth. Forcing her mouth open, Jaz'rin shook her violently, commanding her to kiss him back. Callia growled out a fierce 'no', forcing him to pull her hair harder with his left fist, her full right breast gripped in his right. She cried out in pain for a brief second before attempting to break his hold on her.

"Callia, please...I don't wish to hurt you," Jaz'rin murmured as he loosened his grasp on her. "Usstan ssrig'luin dos."

"I can't...," she whispered.

Yet Jaz'rin assailed her with long passionate kisses, tenderly loving her breasts, and teasingly rubbing her pussy. Then he pulled her with him to the bank of the sparkling blue lagoon and gently laid her upon the soft green grass. He kissed her again, probing his tongue deep into her mouth. "Usstan ssrig'luin dos. I need you...need you."

"Jaz'rin...I can't..." Callia shoved him away and stood up. "I have made my choice."

The dark elf sneered at her, following her actions. "You are a whore, Callia, a whore to power."

She drew back her hand and slapped him soundly. "How dare you!" She screeched. "You are the whore, Jaz'rin. Amakiir bought you and has used you however he has seen fit. You are the one who toadies to the more powerful ones. How pathetic!"

His eyes turned red again. The glint of a knife flashed as it appeared in his hands. He barreled into her, knocking her to the ground. Callia grunted as the back of her head smacked against a rock protruding from the ground. It dazed her, disorienting her momentarily. That was all it took for Jaz'rin to straddle her torso, pinning her arms to the ground, holding the knife at her throat.

"Die, bitch!" He growled, as the blade took on a sickly green hue as poison oozed down the length of it.

It was in that moment the air became thick and heavy with the crackle of magic. It permeated every pore of their bodies, sinking in firmly. Callia screamed as the knife the dark elf held pierced her throat. His cry echoed hers as he began to shake, abandoning his hold on it. A seizure gripped him and he collapsed onto her, still firmly pinning her beneath his weight. He felt heavier somehow, as if changing. The long white hair took on a more silvery hue as his skin changed from dark to light. He lifted his head as the magic receded and glared deep into her blue eyes.

Callia gasped in horror. "Amakiir..."

A laugh so evil it sent shivers down her spine erupted from his mouth. "Ignorant fool...," he taunted her as a globe of crackling white hot energy gathered in his hand. "DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE..."

His eyes flashed with heat as he aimed his hand at her heart and she froze as she felt it tug violently at her very life-force. It sucked at her soul, devouring her resistance. She was unable to move, unable to scream, and was utterly powerless against him. Her will dissolved, opening to the foul magic beseeching her.

A vision sprang into her head, a vision of days gone by. It sucked her in, claiming her fully.

The moon had risen high in the starry sky. Callia shifted against the warmth encapsulating her body. Intense desire that bordered on pain enraptured her. Her round firm breasts throbbed; her pointy dusky nipples tingled while her skin hummed with pleasure, dampening the mound at the vee of her thighs.

Amakiir was the architect of her arousal. He surged over her, the moon surrounding him with a halo of muted light. His handsome elven features were starkly sensual and starkly resolved.

She wanted him so much that she ached for it. "What have you done to me?" Callia moaned.

He did not speak. His fingers delved into her hair to capture her in his possessive, feral hold. His eyes did not leave hers as he sank his cock deeply into her honeyed snatch. Amakiir growled, pounding into her, reminding her who she belonged to. His possession of her became hot and determined, causing her to throw back her head at the sensual torture that was at once pleasure and pain. Pleasure from his skilled touch and pain from needing him so.

"What have you done to me?" she gasped once more as he silently answered her with ecstasy of his body.

The vision broke off as Callia cried out, her wail full of grief and want. Her eyes widened as the magic skittered over her skin, its sizzling heat engulfing her completely. It claimed her, taking total possession of her.

And then darkness was all she knew...

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