tagSci-Fi & FantasyFantastic World Ch. 12

Fantastic World Ch. 12


Callia came awake in Ethilathain's arms as a cold shiver slithered down her spine. She carefully scanned the room, actively searching for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. Something did not seem right. She did not know what it was, but something within her urged caution. She softly nudged Ethilathain, skimming her hand over his flesh. He snuggled into her touch and growled low in his throat. He opened one tri-colored eye, a smile curving his lips. He gently pulled her to him and pressed her flat to the mattress. He gave her his best predator smile and covered her with his body.

It is time, the sensual voice filled her mind as his lips covered hers. He bestowed upon her a needy kiss, his mouth feasting upon hers hungrily. Callia opened her eyes and pushed him back ever so slightly so she could gaze deeply into his. She felt the tremor course through him. She could see the film of sweat break out on his brow.

His blood beat heavily in his veins, pulsing through him in an ancient, expectant rhythm. He could no longer hold out against it. It was harder and harder to maintain the form he was in. He looked upon her with soulful eyes.

I can not linger, the voice pleaded with her, I can wait no longer.

Callia nodded. "Tell me what I must do."

Ethilathain smiled his wicked smile. "Come with me, my precious one," he pulled her from the bed as she was and led her outside of the ruined tower. Immediately he changed into his natural form, flapping his enormous wings. "Climb on and find somewhere comfortable to sit. We are going on a journey."

She did as he had directed and climbed upon his back. Ethilathain took flight as she held on for dear life. He climbed higher and soared through the fluffy white clouds. Callia shivered and cuddled against Ethilathain. She hoped this flight would end before she turned into an ice cube. She mentally cursed him for not allowing her to slip into some clothes. He may not notice the cold, but it coursed through her in body wracking chills.

She kicked him to get his attention. He looked back at her, annoyance in his tri-colored eyes. What is it, my sweet?

"I am freezing!" she cried out.

He smirked and pitched himself into a nose dive, descending rapidly until he reached a lone mountain peak. He circled it before landing on a large grassy ledge. It was warmer here, almost tropical. Callia slid off his back and gazed in awe at the brightly colored flowers, lush greenery, and sparkling pools of water.

"I remember this place," Callia gasped in awe. It was in the vision he had let her behold the day she implored him to tell her about the ritual.

"Yes, this is a sacred place for me. It is where I have experienced all of my ritual manifestations."

Callia nodded her head. "You said if the blending goes as you hope it will that you might be able to bestow some of your draconic abilities on me? Will I be granted the power to speak in your mind as you do mine?"

Ethilathain nodded, "Perhaps. To do so you must direct your thoughts at me. If all is compatible between us, I shall hear your thoughts as you do mine... if only for a little while."

"Then I am ready, my lord." Callia smiled at him as she dreamily strolled towards a sparkling pool. "Tell me what it is I must do?"

He sucked in a deep breath at the simple words that meant so much. She had called him her lord and in doing so had acknowledged not only who he was, but who he was to her. "The blending, my lady, is meant to be highly spontaneous and unimaginably intimate. I will lead you through it. In the past, I have been known to make love to my mate for days on end. My kind is extremely passionate and revels in the extraordinary. Whether or not you will be able to submit to the rigors this particular rite demands remains to be seen. I promise you, my sweet, I would sacrifice myself before I see you come to any harm."

Callia carefully weighed the matter at hand in her mind. She had not thought to become so entangled with Ethilathain, yet he had captured her. She knew his true nature; he could not have done less. He had been undeniably honest with her about himself and what he needed. He had stolen her heart and wound his way into her very soul.

He was true power. He was the raging storm at midnight and the gentle nourishing shower. He was the hunter who had stalked her bit by bit, zealously guarding what he had seized until she dwelt completely inside him.


It was then he simply offered her his heart, had offered all that he was.

How dangerous this DRAGON was and how undeniably breathtaking, she mused. Callia wanted him, needed him. She craved him. He had made her feel more alive than she ever had.

There was so much she wanted, so much she feared. She wanted to know what it was like to be whole together, to be alive in each other's arms.... to love for an eternity. That truth frightened her in many ways. She would not, would never, know the long lifespan that Ethilathain had known or would continue to know. She would never know the thrill of soaring amongst the clouds as he had. Riding upon his back was certainly not the same. It was a freedom unlike any she would ever experience. Old fears resurfaced with her. Would she be enough for him? Could they find exalted peace and happiness together?

Callia bent down before one of the shimmering crystal clear pools and gazed into its depths. Was this meant to be?

Her heart told her the answer and her eyes raced to meet his. Yes... she knew in her heart of hearts... Yes. All she had to do was believe. For Ethilathain had shown her the meaning of this infinite love they shared, a love that was ever-growing and ever-changing.

A love that was untamed.



"I love you, Ethilathain, and furthermore, I trust you with my very life."

He changed momentarily and embraced her, bestowing a scorching kiss upon her lips. Then he metamorphosed in front of her very eyes. The form he took was not the obsidian haired elf she had come to know so well nor was it the enormous dragon in all his supreme glory. This draconic form was a few inches taller than she. His flesh was obsidian scales and he retained his wings. She perused him thoroughly. Instead of the dragon head she was used to, his face took on the features he wore while in his alternate elven form. Her eyes slid slowly down the rest of his body and she giggled with delight when she noticed that one certain part of him had not changed at all. She no longer feared the mating ritual. She did not have to fear that he would rip her to shreds with his draconic member.

"Do you approve?"

Callia asked as she pressed herself into his embrace, "Yes, Ethi, yes, but how? Will you find the success you need like this?"

"We shall have success, my sweet. I meditated while you were gone and sought the answers to the questions that needed to be asked. I did it for you, so I would not hurt you. I could never hurt you."

Callia nodded and kissed him softly. She knew deep down that this was meant to be. Happiness thrummed through her body and she moaned low in her throat as she felt his claws rake tenderly over her flesh. He had captured her and she belonged to him. Pulling back from her, he held out his hand to her. She took it and allowed him to lead her to a low platform of sorts strewn with exotic flower petals. His arms wrapped around her waist, bringing her body in contact with his. He dipped his head to brush her lips in a satin caress. Light touches of his hands accompanied by lighter touches of his mouth. Tender caresses of impassioned flesh. All designed to tantalize her senses. Callia purred as he stroked her skin in his oh so possessive manner. She muttered something incoherent as she lightly nipped at his neck.

He lifted her into his arms and placed her gently upon the silken platform, as if she were being placed upon an altar before him. He blew upon her body, the barest caress, from her shoulders to her dainty toes. His heated breath enraptured her. Her skin tingled everywhere it had touched.

"Ethi..." she purred as her hands coursed down his chest, feeling the cool texture of his obsidian scales. He winked at her and removed her hands from him, placing them gently above her head. He had his reasons for not wanting her to touch him just yet. It must have to do with his control.

He perused her as she laid spread out before him, a banquet meant solely for him. She was a feast for his senses. He sat back on his haunches, memorizing her scent. The feel of her silky skin. The taste of her heady desire. He watched her, observing her beautiful face, committing to memory the tiniest nuances of her expression. Then he kissed her; a full, deep contact with his mouth. He licked at her lips, suckling the top then the bottom ever so gently. He slid the tip of his tongue at the seam of her mouth, as if he begged for entrance. Callia drew him inside, taking all he had to give her. He growled low in his throat as he held her, rubbed against her, nuzzling her body with his in his very own playful way.

In the very same manner, he explored her head to toe; refamiliarizing himself with every inch of her delectable body - from the soles of her ticklish feet, the rim of her navel, to the gentle sweeping curve of her pointy ears all knew the sweet velvety caress of his lips.

Their breathing grew deeper and he penetrated her as deeply as he could. She cried out at the suddenness of it. He held her down with his weight as his thrusts took on an edge of immediacy. Somehow she understood his need and began to rock her hips in rhythm with his frantic strokes.

Ethilathain glared down at her, delivering a stinging slap to her thigh. "Don't!" he cautioned before soothing her with a gentle kiss. Callia moaned and bucked her hips in spite of his warning. He growled and nipped at her shoulder, sinking his claws into the thigh he had slapped. "Behave, little one, and do as I say. You will have your chance to participate."

Callia pouted up at him and moaned as he hit her inner pleasure spot in just the right way. She instantly soaked his thrusting member and screamed out her pleasure. Ethilathain pulled out of her and slithered down her body, plunging his forked tongue between her lower lips, breaching her with sensual abandon as his breath fanned out across her dampened, sensitized flesh. He grabbed her hips from underneath and pulled her closer, raising her pelvis slightly to his waiting mouth. Before Callia knew what was happening to her, she felt the tantalizing touch of Ethi's tongue against her most sensitive spot and cried out audibly at the contact.

Ethilathain smiled, attacking her senses with gentle laps of his tongue between the petal-soft lips of her pussy. She bucked beneath his mouth. He held on tightly to her hips and descended once again to tease the hardened little nub at the apex of her pussy. She moaned loudly into the tropical air and dug her nails into the fleshy part of his shoulder. Ethilathain continued the assault, lapping at her juices and teasing her clit until she was pressing down on his head with her hands and raising her pelvis up to reach every expert thrust of his tongue. He peered up over her body, his mouth sucking delicately at that most-sensitive bit of flesh only to find her deep blue eyes locked with his, her face lit with pleasure.

With his eyes locked on hers, he licked one last time up her moist cleft, punctuating it with a long, hard suckle at the end. Callia cried out while grinding her mound into his face as she fell, unheeded, into the waiting arms of release. He watched her climax and felt a thrill that he could bring her there. The urge to bury his cock inside her came quickly and powerfully. He wanted to flip her over on her stomach and drive his cock into her pussy. He wanted to fuck her with all the finesse and grace of his draconic ancestors. He wanted to pour his seed into her while biting her neck and tugging her long hair, inviting her to join him in orgasm as their bodies became one.

He crawled up her body. His hand traced up her smooth skin from her stomach to her breasts. He lowered his head down to her breast and flicked at the nipple with his forked tongue. Callia could only moan in pleasure as she felt his hand drift to her other nipple.

After his gentle ministrations left both her nipples erect, like little thimbles of flesh. Ethilathain opened his mouth and his forked tongue came out. It reached for her nipple then wrapped around it and snaked to the other one. As it traveled his tongue tweaked the nipple it was already wrapped around. Callia could do nothing but arch her back toward the pleasure and gasp for air. Her breathing became ragged and labored. She gasped and tried to reach out to pull his head to her, but he pushed them back over her head.

Callia purred and trembled. Her pussy had become so wet that her juices were dripping onto the silken platform. She squeezed her eyes shut feeling her climax approaching, reaching from her nipples down to her pussy. Ethi growled low in his throat and pulled back from her.

"Patience, my sweet. Let it build." He kissed her softly, savoring her sweetness.

Ethilathain lifted his head and smiled tracing a clawed finger down over her breasts to her abdomen and her waist. Repeatedly he traced her waistline but never going any lower. Callia could feel the heat growing in her nether region and she knew that he could smell her arousal in the air. Her musky sweet scent that flowed from her as freely as the blood in her veins.

Callia screamed as she felt two slender fingers rubbing up and down her slit. She screamed, her back arching with pleasure, begging him to enter her. Ethi stayed his hand, just rubbing within the lips of her cunt, without fully entering her. It was sheer torture! She cried out in frustration, twisting her hips.

Ethilathain simply looked at her and smiled. To tease her further he brought his wet fingers to her mouth. He traced her lips with his fingers, giving her a taste of her juices. Callia opened for him and took them into her mouth, gently sucking upon them. She could taste herself on him and found it to be pleasing. Yet as he withdrew them, she whimpered and bucked against him. He shifted his weight, moving to cover her completely. His touch was so light that it sent shivers of delight racing through her. His weight pinned her down and she reveled in the feeling of her large breasts pressed against his scaly chest.

He looked down upon his lover and when he gazed deeply into her eyes, he knew she was supremely his. He only had to take her to heights she had never experienced before. She would never want to leave him. The beautiful elven warrior was his.

Callia looked up into the burning bright tri-colored eyes of the dragon and lost herself in their potent depths. She unleashed a moan and arched into him once more. This teasing had to stop! She could take no more! Her body ached to be filled once more. She writhed beneath him, clutching at his shoulders, her nails digging in.

Her dragon shifted ever so slightly and she could feel something large poking at the lips of her dripping channel, and then spreading her apart. She knew it was his thick cock pressing into her. Its tremendous size stretched her tightness to its limit and her moans only became louder. He slowly filled her to the brink. Never before had she felt so complete and so whole.

He filled her with inch after inch of hot pleasure until it bottomed out at the depths of her channel. She let out a cry of pleasure. His cock had reached so deep that it actually touched her womb. He looked down at the writhing woman under him. Never once had she broken contact with his eyes as she screamed her bliss. Faster and faster within her he moved. And he probed every inch of her depths. His tri-colored eyes burned brighter as his passion increased along with her moans of pleasure. All too soon her body was shuddering beneath him in the throes of a surge of orgasmic fury. Her enjoyment urged him on. He kept pounding into her faster and faster. His hips were a blur as his cock retreated and then was swallowed repeatedly by her gushing cunt.

Callia squirmed and writhed below him. Her passion building within her. She was soaring on a cloud of pleasure that seemed to have no end. When she thought it was receding and that she was coming down another more powerful orgasm would hoist her back up into her flight of passion. He stopped moving within her, allowing her to come down a bit. She moaned in disappointment as his cock retreated again, nearly all the way but she screamed out one final time before her voice failed her. His cock started pulsing within her. This new sensation sent her soaring again. She screamed and tried to pull him in deeper. Her most powerful orgasm yet shook through her entire body and she bucked and spasmed endlessly. It was then in that highly intimate moment as she went limp, basking in the afterglow of this indescribable pleasure. He pulled back, completely disengaging himself from her body before he surged within her again, penetrating her as deeply as he could manage. Callia bucked and screamed. He became dominant yet tender, the combination of his strength and sensitivity his true power. The depth of his strokes varied with the pace of his thrusts as he followed the instinctive ancient pattern. The highly stimulating movements enraptured Callia. It was then he began to shift her position, as if performing the steps of an intricate dance.

He bit her shoulder and placed her beneath him so that she lay on her stomach. Sliding over her, he thrust into her from above and behind. Callia writhed and screamed, gripping the silken coverings tight in her grasp.

He encouraged her to be wild as well, manipulating the sensual rhythm that flowed between them. He gripped her hips and urged on the movements that brought her the greatest pleasure. He flooded her senses. He became the prowling predator and the sensuous pleasure giver. He was the raging storm out of control and the gentle rain that quenched her desires. He was growling dragon and demanding lover.

He rode the crest of her orgasms, luxuriating in the sensations crashing over him. He captured her completely. He showered her with undulant rippling pleasure their union had produced. And then he simply surrendered himself to the passion he had unleashed within her.

Wild and free.

He wrapped himself around her, held her, and thoroughly loved her. And not once did she shrink away from his feral thrusts, his untamed possession of her, his wild impassioned roars of pleasure.

She screamed out as she rolled onto her back, struggling to regain some resemblance of control. Yet he sat back on his knees and directed her, raising her legs to his shoulders. He pulled her onto his lap and penetrated her fully with long deeply piercing thrusts.

She thrashed against him, causing him to throw back his head. A deep growl escaped his throat. Not to be undone, she pushed him down to the platform, bringing him beneath her. He grabbed her hips, bringing them flush against him and surged within her with a further breath-stealing penetration. Her hands rested on his chest as she leaned over him, moving her hips frantically. She writhed, shaking madly as he grazed her inner pleasure spot. She wasn't sure how much more she could take as she reached another peak, one that sent her soaring into revered oblivion.

Ethilathain's eyes narrowed in approval as he watched her. Though he was deep in the thralls of the blending, he allowed her this moment of dominance before he sat up with her in his lap and sank his clawed fingers into her hips.

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