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Fantasy Airline

byKozure Okami©

The final day at Mt. Aso had arrived. You still insisted you had to return to your work so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I prepared carefully. After long periods of meditation, I called the kami to assist me.

The grappling was furious, only my preparations allowed me to prevail, for I knew, when you swallowed, you would go multi orgasmic. If, in that short time, I could recover from my own orgasm, you would be totally helpless. The time came, you held my cum in your mouth, eyes closed, savoring its essence. Smiling dreamily, you tilted your head back to allow it to slid down your throat and went into shuddering convulsions. Groggily I grabbed the plastic zip ties I had hidden near the bed, slipped them over your wrists and pulled them tight. Still deep in orgasmic contortions, you failed to notice and by the time you came around, I had you securely bound and gagged. You looked at me questioningly, though I could see a dawning of understanding and the first glints of anger in those beautiful black eyes.

"My darling," I began, "You obviously don't know what's best for you so I had to make this decision for you."

I picked you up and carried you gently to your travel box. You struggled futilely, still weak, and I managed to get you inside and close the laps.

The trip to the airport was uneventful. The sun was out and my spirits were soaring, as they had been literally and figuratively for the past several days.

The inspector at the baggage counter looked at me inquisitively, curious at the fleeting glimpses through the air holes of your beautiful nude body and wild angry eyes. I explained that my fiance needed a lesson in humility. Being a man, he understood immediately. High five, low five, stamp on the box. Us guys have to stick together against those powerful female wiles.

I boarded the plane in trepidation. Would you be OK? Would you be warm enough? My heart ached at the thought of you being alone. I took my seat on the aisle. The preflight video came on, displaying the selection of condoms that would be available during the flight. The stewardess popped one in her mouth and displayed its deployment on a large yellow prop. I settled back into my chair and tried to read my book, my mind still on you. Would the takeoff be too bumpy?

"Sir, would you care for a condom?" A voice broke into my thoughts. The lower edge of a skirt had appeared at the periphery of my vision. Silky blonde hair protruded from beneath, barely concealing a fragrant set of lips and accentuating tanned thighs. I looked up, past the thinly covered mounds, to the smiling face of the oriental stewardess.

"No, Thanks." My thoughts were too occupied with my beloved. She moved on to the next passenger and soon I heard the sound of a condom snapping as it was deployed and then the slurping and sucking of a wet blowjob in progress. This did little to help my state of mind. My mind kept drifting to thoughts of your warm lips wrapped around my cock, your black eyes looking into mine as you lovingly took me deep into your throat. Of course, we never used a rubber and I recalled every nuance as I slid into your moist mouth. These images brought the response you always aroused in me and the front of my pants formed a tent as the plane lifted from the runway, echoing my yearning for the heavens.

"Sir, are you sure you wouldn't like a condom?" The watchful stewardess appeared at my elbow, eyeing my crotch in triumph. She licked her lips suggestively and displayed the assortment of wildly colored merchandise.

"Very well." I said resignedly, my cock straining to the bursting point.

Living with you was going to be hell, you provoked this incredible horniness in me over and over. The stewardess popped a condom into her mouth, opened the Velcro of her uniform to expose her well rounded breasts, and assumed her position between my legs. She undid me and fitted the condom over me, applying the correct suction as she slowly deployed the protective equipment. She took the length of my throbbing member into her throat. How I wished it was you there instead! As her head bobbed in my lap, the pilot announced that we were approaching Okinawa.

Hearing this, the stewardess released my cock with an expert pop and, raising the armrests, straddled me in my chair. The little blonde bush hovered momentarily as she positioned me to part it. It slowly engulfed me until our pubes met and then began sliding up and down my length, squeezing and massaging the cares of my anxious tool. She rubbed her firm breasts in my face, hoping to ease my preoccupation. As we approached Okinawa and I neared my climax, I began to make plans for your release. I knew some intense omeko licking was going to be in order if I hoped to survive the rage of my samurai beauty.

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