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Fantasy Come True


Gazing into the steamy swirls of her morning coffee she lost herself in another fantasy. The location and scenarios changed, but in her daydreams she always ended in a sweaty heap, spent from all the pleasure. 'How ironic that someone so horny will be spending Valentine's Day alone...' She was always self-deprecating in the morning. As if on cue, Drew, another recurring element in her naughty thoughts walked by. As he passed he curled his melt in your mouth lips into a grin that sent Sylvia right back to the table she was tied to in her fantasy. She sipped the hot coffee and imagined it was Drew she was swallowing. 'He's so damn sexy he probably has coffee flavored cum.' With a grin of her own she got on the elevator and hoped to pass Drew on the way to her office.

* * * * * *

The Next Day...

This time it was a camping trip. She was riding Drew's face in nothing but hiking boots while 2 men teased her nipples.

"Could you hand me that diaper bag?" Sylvia realized that her best friend had caught her spacing. She looked just like she did in high school, except for a much more flattering haircut and the baby on her hip.

"Sure, sorry." As she passed the bag to Jess a sigh escaped.

"Are you going to be alright this weekend?"

"I'll be fine, and you need to start focusing on relaxing! Ted spent time planning this Valentine's Day trip so you could enjoy it, not worry about me."

"I just wish I had found you some a-s-s before I had to leave." Just then the kitchen door swung open for Ted with Drew in toe.

"Has the spelling started already?" Ted chuckled at his own poor joke before he introduced Drew as a basketball buddy to his wife and Sylvia. He explained that Drew had offered to give him a ride from the parking garage where Ted dropped the car off to avoid parking tickets on his romantic getaway. "Oh, and Happy V-day everyone!"

Drew hadn't taken his eyes off of Sylvia since he walked in, and without turning his gaze he told Ted that they had met at work before. Then to Sylvia, "I'm actually really glad to see you out in the real world, I've been trying to figure out how to have you for dinner since my first day."

Jenn and Ted looked at each other, unable to resist an affirmation of the shameless pun they had just heard. They raised their eyebrows at the obvious sexual tension in their living room. Seeing an opportunity her friend needed badly Jenn chimed into the silent conversation they had been having. "Well guys, we're all packed up and ready, Drew it was nice to meet you. I want to drop this munchkin off at my mom's as early as possible, so Sylvia if you wouldn't mind locking up for me I think we're gonna fly." She pinched her husband and gave him the, 'I'll tell you later' look when when he opened his mouth to ask.

Still entranced by Drew's black eyes Sylvia agreed and wished her friends a happy vacation. After a couple more niceties and well wishes the door had closed and Sylvia and Drew were left alone, still staring at each other. In a blur they both took a step toward each other and smiled as if they were unsure of why, but both knew what was about to happen.

"So, um.." Drew felt around his head for anything to talk about besides how deliciously her blouse's buttons were strained by her bust, or how he secretly loved the type of shoe she wore because he glanced at her sexy feet whenever he could. She ran her fingers through her fresh choppy haircut and realized she had only done it because she wanted to touch any part of her body while he watched her. 'Oh fuck it', she thought. She closed the distance between them, licked her lips and said, "We're both adults here, do what you will."

He exhaled with relief because he thought that if he couldn't touch her his dick was going to rip through his pants. He reached out and placed his hands on her curvy waist, squeezing the extra flesh there. He loved how plump she was. He ran his rough hands up the sides of her torso and brushed her nipples before cupping the heavy handfuls. The subtle stimulation excited her more than anything else he might have done. They had now stepped over a line they had been flirting with for the past month, and it couldn't have happened at a better time. Her back arched instinctively putting her large chest directly under his chin. Her nerve endings were screaming for the full lips she had imagined on her so many times before.

Amazed with how much he enjoyed teasing her, he gave her only his warm breath and left her collar bone wanting more. As she hung in his arms, lips parted, she called up all the things she had pictured him doing to her and was suddenly very aware of the slippery state between her legs. He gripped her thick thighs where lace stopped and skin began. The sudden motion made the passion she had been brewing well up and she gasped in pure lust. The waiting became too much so she shoved him against the wall, she tore at his pants and he returned the same desperate effort by popping the seam between the cups of her bra. As her big tits fell into view he basically tackled her, and once he had her on the floor he squeezed and kneaded her breasts as if he could feel what she did.

She rocked her fat pussy into what felt like solid metal. Rising to her knees she brought him up with her and in the same fluid motion slid down to rest her weight on her elbows as she nibbled his cock through his boxers. She felt like a goddess, a porn star and she brought his dick out and slid her lips over the fat helmet shaped head like a pro. He let a low moan out as she took another inch into her wet mouth, and ran his fingers through her fun short hair while she sucked the tip closer and closer to her throat.

The moment was so intense that Sylvia relaxed her muscles and swallowed his dick with ease, something she had seldom done before. He was nervous about going too far, but when he took his hand away from her head she immediately put it right back, excited by the thought of him fucking her face. Without any further convincing he gripped the back of her head and proceeded to bob it up and down enjoying the sight of her brow furrowing when his cock went deep. She wanted to suck his dick for hours, she loved the fact that her pink tongue was making him feel so good. Wanting to know that he found her sexy she swiveled her round ass in figure eights and was pleased when he couldn't help but caress it. He pulled her panties tight into the crevice between her cheeks.

Despite how good her mouth felt he lifted her sweet face and kissed it. From her forehead to her cheeks, her chin, down to the soft skin of her neck he started his trail down to the lips he wanted to slurp and suck so badly. He could now smell her aroma and his nostrils flared with excitement. He wanted to bury his face in that smell, to feel the thin strip of hair she had left on her mound under his nose, and that was exactly what he did. It felt too good to ask, so she ordered him to swing his body around so that she could have that precious dick in her mouth again. They undulated there on the floor like one animal, and they felt as though they had melted into each other. The progression was a seamless medley of licks, nibbles, sucks, on skin and lips and tongues. It was hurried, wild sex at first. HE slammed into her open legs, his balls slapping against her ass, the sound of skin hitting skin echoed in the empty house. Then Drew slowed and looked into her eyes as he massaged the inside of her body. He bent down to her ear and with gravel in his voice he said one sultry word with each thrust, "...... Happy........ Valentine's......... Day......... baby......"

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