tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFantasy Come True

Fantasy Come True


It has been an ongoing game of truth or dare. Kay talks to Mark all the time on the internet, and they enjoy it. Both of them are married to people who aren't willing to try anything new so they tell each other of their fantasies. They met in a chat room around the beginning of the year and have chatted ever since. The advice they give to each other is also a given in their marriages. Both of them want to be with each other, but it doesn't seem to happen.

The truth or dare game is how they reveal their feelings about each other. Mark is a very naughty man with his dares. He so badly wishes that Kay would do all the things he dares in front of him (as does Kay). They started with simple little truths and then moved on to the dares. Kay tries to give Mark some dares to try with his wife to help her with exploring her sexuality. He always comes back with a remark that his wife isn't interested in trying new things. So Kay gets Mark to play with himself while thinking about her and what they could do if they ever met and then tell her the details of the fantasy. Mark always gets Kay to masturbate as well.

The fantasies get to come true at last. Mark has a meeting in a city near where Kay lives, so she goes there for the day and meets Mark for the first time. He takes her to dinner and out dancing and they run into one of Kay's girlfriends. Mark knows that Kay is bisexual and has always wondered what it's like with two women. Kay and Melissa ride with Mark to his hotel, and on the way they tease Mark way too much. He can't handle it anymore so he pulls off on a dark a lonely road.

The moon is bright so that gives plenty of light. Kay and Melissa take turns sucking on Marks hard cock. While Kay is sucking his cock, Melissa is sucking his balls. It doesn't take long before Mark cums on their faces. They continue the drive to the hotel and finally get there. Upon entering the room the women are already stripping and kissing. Poor Mark is walking behind them rubbing his cock so hard. He wants to join them so bad, but at the same time he wants to watch.

Kay lays on the bed and Melissa proceeds to lick her wet pussy and finger her until she screams. Kay gets up so that she can lick Melissa's sweet juices. While Kay is fingering and licking Melissa, Mark gets behind Kay and proceeds to stick his hard cock inside her. He has waited a long time to do this to her. Kay loves the way he feels and starts to moan as does Melissa.

Melissa puts a strap on onto Kay so Mark can keep fucking her. She tells Kay to stick it in her. So there they are, Kay is behind Melissa fucking her and Mark is behind Kay. All three of them are moaning so loud. None of them have ever tried it this way before, but it is worth it. Mark pulls out of Kay and moves around to Melissa so that she can suck his cock with the sweet juices Kay has left on it. Kay pulls out of Melissa and gets under her so she can lick her juices as she cums. Melissa starts cumming and makes her suck even harder on Marks cock.

He is almost ready to cum again so he pulls out and gives it to Kay. Mark likes the fact that Kay has a tongue ring and he wants her to use it. Melissa is licking Kay's juices as it's Kay's turn to suck Mark. Kay starts out by licking the shaft with her tongue ring and Mark starts to twitch. Kay deep-throats Mark and he starts to moan. Melissa is moaning as she fingers herself while licking Kay's wet pussy. Kay moans really loud while she's cumming and sucks harder on Mark. He holds Kay's head steady so that he can cum on her face. Kay licks Marks cock as he cums all over her face. Melissa gets even more excited and is moaning. She sees Marks juices drip off of Kay's face and moves up to lick it off of Kay's breasts.

Mark has made it a point to come back to the area at least once a month to visit Kay. Sometimes they invite Melissa, but the fantasy is between the two of them. Every time he comes the area they always get together and have the greatest sex.

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