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Fantasy Fulfilled


I watched intently as your lithe body swayed on the dance floor. Lost in the moment, your pretty head flung back, I could see you laugh. Your partner leaned in close; Jim could really move, and it seemed his body was glued to yours. Behind you, Donna’s soft hands slid playfully across your back as she whispered in your ear, the obvious source of your amusement.

It had almost been a year now since we met Jim and Donna. I could only marvel at how comfortable you had become with them. When I first approached you about the lifestyle, you were nervous, concerned that you would not enjoy the intimacy with others, that it would somehow hurt our relationship. Meeting another couple, a special couple, had transformed that concern into genuine affection, and no small measure of lust.

Donna deserved the credit for bringing you to a new realization of yourself, your sexuality. You had confided in me early on that you would ‘someday’ want to make love to another woman. I could tell it was a curiosity that remained despite the deeply satisfying sex life and relationship that later developed with me. I knew you would not act on it alone, so it had to be as a couple, and from some prior experiences, a ‘swing’ club might be just the place to fulfill your fantasy.

I knew I loved you as I had loved no other, and I was satisfied and content in our relationship. But I wasn’t beyond having some fun, and I knew you to be the same. Our first visit to a club was simply to get you into the atmosphere, see what it was like. As I had expected, your arousal quickly got the better of you, and we ended up together in a private area having great sex while other couples wandered past.

The second time, I convinced you to be prepared to meet someone. We talked at length, I knew communication was important. I wanted you to be comfortable, to be able to relax and enjoy what I felt would be an incredible experience. This was a time when you could shed all inhibitions and give in to desires without concern. I had succeeded in ‘awakening’ you sexually, now I wanted you to explore your sexuality, to know the joys and pleasures of being a hot, sexy, desirable woman.

I know we got lucky. Jim and Donna were experienced in the lifestyle. They knew how to meet new people, circulating throughout the bar area. When they introduced themselves, I watched your reaction as Donna looked at you. Your face reddened slightly, a flush of excitement and heightened arousal. We talked for awhile; they were an unassuming couple, casually but tastefully dressed. Jim was tall and slender, not overly handsome but not unattractive, and his personality unpretentious. He was a confident, successful executive as I was to find out over time, but somehow hadn’t developed the often accompanying arrogance.

Donna was clearly the extrovert. Her fine features, dark hair and chestnut brown eyes gave away her Latino roots from her mother’s side. She knew how to dress, choosing patterns that accented the curves. As I scanned down to her legs I noted the muscles; clearly she was fit, and probably into sports like tennis or golf. Her manner was effervescent, yet not annoyingly so. Both she and Jim kept us both in the conversation, ensuring no one was left out.

It was a pleasant conversation, and only after some time did I become aware that we had slowly moved to a quieter corner of the bar. Jim and Donna invited us to join them at a table, where we could watch the dance floor. Voyeurism is part of the experience, and I knew you loved it so we followed them to a table.

As if on cue, the conversation shifted to sex shortly after we were seated. I knew we had advanced into a qualification phase with this couple, and was pleased at how smoothly and naturally they had handled it. I had no clue as to their preferences, but it was time to be open about ours. It might make or break the relationship, but better to find out now. Donna took the lead in the questions, and was careful to get both our opinions. I nodded at you when you indicated your interest in another woman, but was unsure you wanted a male partner. Donna showed no expression, and Jim had simply smiled. He had one eye on an interesting couple on the dance floor.

Finally, I asked Donna about she and Jim. Their story was remarkably like ours, only it had happened two years ago. Donna had concerns at first, but really enjoyed the freedom of the club, and had overcome inhibitions to a point where she never felt more comfortable about herself, her sexuality, and different sexual situations. She didn’t elaborate on the latter. Jim interrupted by indicating it had been difficult at first getting to meet couples they enjoyed being with, but over time had met good friends. From time to time, they would either arrange to go to the club together or meet at one of their homes. It had become a social pastime, which they enjoyed along with a very strong and healthy sex life with one another.

As Jim was talking, the couple on the dance floor who had caught his attention earlier, were joined by another male. What was unfolding in front of us was the not so subtle seduction of the young woman. If she had any reluctance, it was being stripped away, as were articles of her clothing. She was down to her sheer bra and matching thong by the time the music changed and, to the chagrin of those watching, decided to resume the rest of the dance elsewhere in a more intimate setting.

I looked over to you and your glance told me something was happening. Donna had moved closer to you, her arm over the back of your chair. During the dance she had begun playing with your ear lobe, tracing her fingers down the side of your cheek. You look startled, but not disturbed. Leaving her arm around your neck, Donna leaned back toward me.

“I’m going to ask your wife to dance, is that okay?”

Almost involuntarily I replied, “Yes…of course, enjoy,” and smiled.

“Let’s go,” Donna motioned you to the dance floor. It seemed more of a command than a question; however, you were on your feet and heading to the floor in an instant.

You had always liked to dance, possessing a musical appreciation and sense of rhythm. The first was relatively fast tempo, the two of you dancing individually yet together. I could see you looking around the floor, watching those around you. Donna did the same, but after awhile, looked only at you. Her stare was hypnotic and, by the time the music changed, you were looking only at her. The change took the music slower and Donna moved closer. Her body gravitated up against yours, brushing and touching you as you danced.

Donna kept her eyes on you. She moved seductively, dancing in front, then to your side, then behind your back. Her hands slid down your shoulders, tracing down your arms. Her hips bumped yours lightly, then rubbed against you. You hesitated slightly, then fell into the rhythm, letting the music take over. I saw Donna gesture, then nod. Another woman danced over toward you. She moved in concert with Donna as they alternated around you in a tightening circle. The song approached the end, Donna slipped in front of you, and as the music changed kissed you full on the lips. The other woman pressed you into her from behind.

Donna’s tongue slid between your surprised lips. Her hands moved up under your breasts lightly squeezing them. She maintained the kiss for only a brief moment but I could tell you were completely entranced. Donna could have had her way with you, right there on the dance floor, and I doubt you would have objected or even cared. When she broke off the kiss, she hugged you. Your other dance partner moved away. Donna grasped your arm and led you back to the table.

I could tell by your florid complexion that you had been deeply affected. Donna had your pussy tingling, and I knew you would want more. Donna looked approvingly at Jim, then at me. I could only smile; there was no doubt in my mind she was in control. As you sat down, Donna’s arm draped over your shoulders. You looked at her and she kissed you again, a kiss that said, “Let me show you the time you have so desired. I can make it happen.” Less startled than before, I saw your tongue flick out and engage hers. Yeah, you were into it, the tightening in my crotch signaled my arousal. You were going to get your fantasy fulfilled, I was delighted, and horny as hell.

The next fifteen minutes were a voyeur’s delight. The dance floor was alive but the action was at our table. Donna was making her move and I could tell she knew instinctively how to bring you to a frenzy of desire. She had moved closer, her arm draped over your far shoulder pulling you closer to her, then slowly traced her fingers down the side of your face and neck. Her other hand had disappeared, unbuttoning your dress just enough to slide it underneath. You shifted in your seat, enough to spread your thighs, and allow Donna access to what I knew was a very hot, wet, swollen pussy.

Donna kissed you, her tongue penetrating deeply, assertively swirling and twisting. I noticed her hand drop from your neck, down beneath the top of your dress, and into your bra. You let out a spontaneous gasp as her fingers pinched your nipple. Donna whispered to you, but all I could hear of your reply was an emphatic, “Oh, yes!” She pulled her hand back to your neck, turned your head toward her, and kissed you again, long, deep, and passionate. As she kissed you, I could see the rising urgency in your eyes. Donna’s expert fingers had found their way to your clit and as she slowly increased the pressure of her strokes, you were succumbing to the wonderful sensations it brought.

Jim looked on attentively, occasionally glancing at me to gauge my reaction. I was simply getting harder by the second. It was more erotic than I could ever have imagined, seeing you with another woman, being seduced by her. And Donna seemed so perfect with you, knowing your every desire, and going with it in a way that had transformed tension into excitement.

Donna played with you for what seemed an eternity. She knew when you were getting close, and backed off slightly, only to resume at just the right moment. Your face and neck were a deep red color, a telltale sign of your arousal nearing orgasm. Finally, Donna pulled back from you, looked into your lust filled eyes, and asked you softly, “Are you ready to come for me?” You nodded your response and then she drew you to her in a tight embrace.

Seconds later you grimaced, your body twitched in her arms, and your deep moans were muffled against her shoulder. It was as if you were suspended in time, Donna finger fucking you to wave after wave of orgasms. Finally, you pulled back slightly, exhaling the word, “Enough,” as you slumped in the seat.

Donna smiled as you recovered, licking your slippery cum off her fingers. She looked over to Jim who subsequently turned to me. “Would you care to join us in the private couples area?”

I glanced at you, your eyes met mine, I could tell you wanted more. Donna had teased you, brought you off, but it was too brief to be over. You wanted to get fucked, hard, here, and now.

I smiled at Jim and said, “Yes, of course, our pleasure.”


The next hour with Jim and Donna was among the hottest sexual experiences I ever had, and I was primarily a passive participant. I was with you, enjoying every moment of the time, as Jim and Donna masterfully played with you.

Seated on cushions, facing each other, you looked at Donna with anticipation as her skilled hands slowly worked the way up your dress, unbuttoning it, revealing your sexy black bra and panties. Your nipples were erect, their beauty and definition revealed through the soft fabric. It was too dark to see the stain in your panties, but I knew there would be one. Jim moved in behind Donna and began stoking up and down her sides as she worked on you. Neither seemed in a hurry, though the bulge in Jim’s pants betrayed his arousal. He looked approvingly as his wife continued.

Donna swept the dress from your shoulders, then began kissing your neck lightly, her hands moving under your breasts, rubbing then squeezing them. An audible sigh escaped your lips. Small beads of sweat were gathering in your cleavage as Donna’s hands pushed up from underneath revealing part of your abundant nipple as the cup strained to retain it. Then she dropped her hand to your pussy and lightly ran her fingers along it, feeling the heat of your arousal through the thin fabric of your panties. My cock stiffened as I heard the sheer emotion and pleasure in your gasp. Even Donna turned briefly to Jim, who smiled broadly at her and whispered, “Don’t stop now.”

Donna sensed that you enjoyed being slowly undressed. She unhooked your bra but did not remove it. Her hands returned to your breasts, rubbing them through the soft fabric, then pushing them up from underneath until your nipples were fully exposed. She then grasped one nipple at a time, pulled it up and shook it lightly as she pinched and rolled it. The bra cups fell away as your breasts trembled and you visibly shivered in reaction. Donna dipped her head and took each nipple in her mouth and sucked on them, drawing the taut flesh deep into her mouth.

Slowly the bra fell away as you moaned and shuddered each time Donna drew a nipple into her mouth. She sucked harder each time, slowly releasing your flesh as her tongue teased your erect nipples. Your head fell back as you let the sensations pour over you. I’d brought you to orgasm before by sucking your tits, but usually with my cock inside you. Donna sensed you were getting close and sucked harder still, her mouth on one breast, while her fingers pinched and rolled the unattended one. Her free hand slipped down your torso and disappeared under your panties. I could see her fingers begin vibrating your clit. You had to be close.

Donna waited for that precise moment, when she abruptly stopped, releasing all stimuli. You stared at her with a look of surprise and frustration. Then, just an instant later, the orgasm took hold. You slumped backward onto the soft cushions as your body twitched. Your face was contorted with pleasure. “Oh yes…” was all I could hear as Donna muffled your voice as she bent over to kiss you. Donna seemed pleased with her timing and I could see her smile as you shivered when her tongue flicked one of your sensitive nipples.

As you recovered Jim slid off your panties while Donna undressed. She moved to her knees and leaned over you, whispering something to you. I stroked along your arm just to let you know I was there. I felt you tremble as Jim’s finger playfully rubbed your clit. Donna kissed you one last time and then repositioned herself between your legs. Her long fingers spreading apart your soft, swollen, pink lips. Her tongue probed deep into your hot core, tasting the light saltiness of your abundant juices.

She proceeded to make the sweetest love to your pussy. Flattening her tongue to lave slowly and luxuriously along your opening and using her tongue as a soft but flexible probe she elicited from you some of the deepest and most passionate sighs and moans I have ever heard uttered. Their erotic power and emotion energized the already charged atmosphere of the room…human sex drive in its highest gear.

Donna slowly worked her way to your clit, lightly flicking it at first, teasing it to make it swell even larger. She them positioned her mouth over it and began sucking it as if it were a tiny cock. “Oh yes, like that…suck on it,” you commanded. Donna’s hands reached up to yours and guided them to your breasts.

“Pinch them for me, pull on them,” Donna said to you, pausing for just a second before she buried her face in your pussy. You lightly pulled on your swollen nipples. Donna looked up disapprovingly. “Harder,” she said. At that point, Jim got involved. He slid in behind you and guiding your hands with his, began pinching and rolling your swollen nipples. At this point you were completely distracted by Donna, who had picked her spot and was alternatively licking and sucking your clit. I couldn’t believe how swollen it was. Donna would suck it, then lash it with her tongue. Her intensity was increasing as Jim pulled and pinched your nipples.

Despite the dim light of the room I could see you were building to yet another powerful orgasm and Donna wasn’t pulling back this time. Her tongue concentrated on your clit and licked furiously. A low, passionate moan signaled you were there and your body shuddered as the orgasm took hold. Donna persisted, pressing her lips on your clit even harder. Your hips twitched and jerked upward as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through you. I counted at least four orgasms in succession, each one of them causing you drive the slick cum out of your pussy.

Donna finally stopped and drew her face away. She smiled broadly. “That was a good one,” she said as she leaned over you kissing your neck and side of your face. Her hands softly caressed your entire body and you shivered from her touch and the aftershock of the intense orgasms. Eventually she kissed you on the lips and positioned her face so you could taste your cum, it glistened on her chin.

Jim caught my attention as he drew his finger along Donna’s swollen pussy as she bent over you. He withdrew his finger, covered with her juices. He began fingering her asshole, using the slippery liquid as a natural lube. He rimmed around it then pressed his finger in lightly, burying it to the first knuckle. Donna’s butt twitched but she stayed intent on caressing and kissing you as you recovered.

Your kisses with Donna grew more passionate. Reaching out, you drew her to you, finding her dark nipples you sucked on them, drawing them into your mouth as you flicked your tongue on them to make them hard and taut. Donna lifted her head up to look at me. What I saw was a mix of sheer pleasure and anticipation. Jim was playing with her asshole, and you were sucking her tits. She nodded at me and suddenly I realized what she wanted.

I rose to my knees and moved closer to her. To my surprise and delight I felt your hand grasp my cock, stroking it from the base to the tip. Pre cum dripped from the glistening head as you offered it to Donna. Her tongue flicked out eagerly licking it off. Her mouth enveloped my swollen manhood, sucking it as her tongue playfully swirled around the engorged head. I thought I was going to explode.

Donna was straddling you, and moved up to give you access to her pussy and clit. She certainly knew what she wanted, and how to get it. I looked down to see your pretty face buried in her pussy, licking hungrily, and sucking on her clit. You were intent on your work but I noticed the glint in your eye as your noticed Donna gasp and lose concentration. She was soon completely distracted from my cock. Then I looked over to Jim, he had two fingers buried in Donna’s ass and was stretching her open.

As Donna’s attention waned, I moved back slightly. Your hands were up on her tits, squeezing her taut nipples, and your tongue lashed her clit furiously. Jim had lowered his face to her asshole, rimming then penetrating it with his tongue. Donna’s body trembled and shivered. Her moaning grew louder and higher pitched. I watched as the two of you brought her to an absolutely thundering orgasm. She literally screamed as her body convulsed and she fell forward toward me. She ended up in my arms. Still breathing heavily, she whispered to me, “so good, so intense.”

Jim looked pleased, he turned to me and said, “Time for some cock. I suggest we both have a little quality time alone with our ladies. You stay here, we’ll meet you back at the bar for a nightcap before we leave.” I nodded in agreement. He then extended his hand to Donna, who moved over to kiss you before she left.

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