tagLoving WivesFantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01


Sexy with my wife has always been great. Soon after we met we lost our virginities together and from then on were at it like rabbits any place and any how. One of my biggest problems was keeping her quiet, as she was extremely vocal during sex especially as she orgasmed, which she did frequently and easily. This noise could be a problem if we were shagging in her bedroom with her puritanical parents downstairs!

A couple of years after we started going out we got married. The sex continued to be great and released from the need to be quiet she became even more vocal and rampant. We sometimes got strange looks from the neighbours after a particularly good night.

When children came along things had to calm down and as they got older and stayed up later sex almost disappeared, much to my frustration. Jackie would not do it if there was even the remotest chance the children would or could hear.

I am not sure where the solution came from but it was brilliant. Once a fortnight we arranged for the children to stay for at least one night with one or other set of grandparents. We would have liked it once a week but this was unfair on the kids and the grandparents wouldn't do it.

Initially it was just a night of rampant sex, but then we both wanted a bit of variety. We decided that we would take it turns and one of us would organise the evening. They would be in total control of the evening be it a romantic evening to wine and dine the other or a kinky evening aimed at fulfilling one of their own fantasies. There were a few ground rules, not many. Firstly the night would always include intercourse at some stage, this meant that the none organising partner could enjoy the evening knowing he/she was definitely going to have sex at some point. The only other rule was no anal sex. This disappointed me but Jackie was quite insistent.

The first evening under the new regime was Jackie's to organise. She made it very simple she told me that I had to clean the house, a bit unfair I thought, and organise a romantic candle lit dinner at a local restaurant. I did as asked and when she came in the house was spotless I led her upstairs to the bedroom where I had laid out an elegant dress and a complete, new set of sexy and expensive underwear. She then had a long soak in the bath I had already prepared, dressed and joined me downstairs looking stunning. My cock was straining at and threatening to burst out of my trousers but it had to wait till after the meal.

The meal was beautiful and very romantic. Jackie was in a very relaxed mood as we took a taxi home. She leant against my shoulder and I wrapped my arm round her. I thought about a quick grope, but decide against it as Jackie obviously wanted to be wined dined and looked after romantically.

As soon as we got home I like a gentleman led her straight up to the bedroom. Where I put my arms round her and kissed her passionately. She responded and our tongues entwined. After a few moments we fell back gently on to the bed still entwined and kissing passionately. I began to let my hands caress her body. She stopped kissing me and enjoyed the sensation on my hand caressing her body through her silky black dress. As I cupped one of her breasts her back arched, her hips began to move slowly and she began to groan. I moved my hand slowly down her body and began to run it over her mound. This brought further moans. I then slipped her dress off her shoulders to reveal her large breasts barely concealed in their black lacy bra. I quickly undid the front fastening and let them fall loose. I gently nibbled her ear and kissed at her neck as I massaged her naked breasts. Initially I paid no attention to her erect nipples knowing how sensitive they were and that she would be desperate for them to be caressed, but I wanted to build the sexual tension. Finally I lowered my head and kissed one nipple whilst caressing the other. By now Jackie was incredibly turned on her breathing was fast her hips were moving and her exposed skin had a slight pink glow and a sheen of perspiration.

I then gently started to kiss my way down her chest across he flat tummy slowly pushing her dress down as I went. I paused to pay attention to her belly button. I kissed and licked with the tip of my tongue almost as I would her vagina. At the same time I finished pushing her dress down and let it fall to the floor. She now only had her tiny lacy black knickers on as I continued my kissing down her body. I stopped just above her knickers and moved so that I was now kneeling between her legs. I then continued my kissing over her mound but through her knickers. I could smell the delicious musk and feel the heat emanating from her lower lips, my was she wet and turned on. I then began to kiss and lick her crotch her hands began to caress her breasts. She was close to orgasm despite the fact I hadn't even got her knickers off yet! I then stopped kissing for a moment and began to pull her knickers down. Jack lifted her hips to help me. Soon her stimulated snatch came into view. I rapidly renewed my kissing and licking. Shortly, Jackie's hands left her breasts and grabbed the back of my head forcing me tighter into her dripping, pulsating cunt. She began to grind herself against my face. I was finding it difficult to breath but valiantly kept licking and nibbling. Jackie's moans were as load as I have ever heard and then, more by luck than judgement, I began to nibble gently directly on her erect clit. That was enough to send her over the top and she cam with an almighty scream. Her legs clamped on to my head so hard I couldn't of escaped if I had wanted to I only hoped her orgasm wouldn't last too long as I couldn't breath. Finally she flopped back on the bed and I was able to catch my breath.

"Crickey! That was... the best... orgasm...ever," Jackie panted as she lay there recovering. "Fuck... Fuck Me NOW! I need that big cock of yours!" I didn't need asking I rapidly removed my clothes almost ripping them in my eagerness. Jackie lay there, legs akimbo and cunt still twitching. I knew time for gentle romance was over all she wanted/needed now was a good shafting. As soon as my clothes were of I moved on to the bed and began to nudge my 10" cock against her cunt. The heat was amazing and as she was so wet that despite my large girth I slipped in easily. I wasn't going to last long so rapidly began to hump her hard and fast. Having just cum she rapidly began to respond again soon she was screaming and cumming again I couldn't hold on much longer so after a few more strokes and one final thrust, as deep as I could, I emptied a weeks worth of pent up spunk deep inside her that was enough to send her over the top for a third and final time.

We lay there recovering for a while then I rolled off to one side. Then to my amazement Jackie did something she had never done before. She took my semi hard cock into her mouth and licked it clean of our combined juices. She had always refused before and had never let spunk get near her mouth. I hadn't even suggested it this time. She saw the look of pleasure and amazement on my face.

"Well after amazing sex like that you deserved a special treat,' She said smiling, 'I have never cum before you took any clothes off before or twice in one fuck. It was great. I cannot weight till it's your turn to organise things"

"Neither can I," I replied.

I organised carefully for my night of fun and couldn't wait to enjoy it. I brought her a sexy new outfit and booked a table at a Chinese restaurant about

Minutes drive away that recently opened and I had been told was very good.

Eventually the evening arrived I laid out Jackie's new clothes and some black seemed stockings and suspender belt but no knickers or bra. Jackie came out from the bathroom and spied the new outfit.

"I knew there would b no knickers as that has always been a fantasy of yours and I have never indulged you," she stated. "No bras either now you're really are being naughty." I didn't reply as she slipped on the white blouse and began to fasten the buttons. As I hoped it was translucent, in fact more so that I had suspected and her nipples were fairly visible along with the curve of her firm, 36c, boobs. I was worried that I had gone too far and she would refuse to wear it. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Blimey this is very revealing, but it is your fantasy and I am not allowed to be uncooperative." She then put the stockings and suspenders on. I loved the way that they framed and focused the eyes on her hairy mound and her surprisingly engorged and wet lower lips. She then put on the skirt, which was shorter than she normally wore, and only just covered he stocking tops. She was going to have to be careful if she had to bend or pick anything up I thought. Almost as if to prove the point when she bent down to get her high-heeled shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe I was treated to a wonderful flash of her naked gash. I then went downstairs, with an uncomfortable hard on, to phone for a taxi as she did her hair and make up.

Jackie came downstairs just as the taxi beeped out side. She looked stunning and incredibly sexy. As we strolled out to the taxi the cold air caused her nipples to harden and become even more prominent through her blouse. The taxi driver beamed as soon as her noticed Jackie's attire and made no attempt to hide the fact he was staring at her, only partially concealed breasts. I wondered what he would think if he knew that she had no knickers on. Jackie very carefully sat in the back and we drove off.

The meal was exquisite and helped down by a bottle of red wine. I generously let Jackie drink most of it; well I didn't want drink to spoil my fun later. All the way through the meal Jackie got admiring glances from male dinners and we seemed to have more than or fair share of attention from the waiters. AT first Jackie was tense but as the evening went on and the wine took its effect she began to relax and even began to enjoy the attention she was getting. Finally we finished our meal paid the bill and hey called us a taxi.

I wasn't surprised to see that it was the same driver as earlier. We climbed in the back and he drove off. Jackie rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arms around her and then kissed her cheek. She smiled and kissed me back. The kissed developed into a passionate one as her tongue slipped into my mouth. I let my hand wander and began to cup and caress her breast. I expected her to stop me but she responded my moaning softly. The combination of wine, the attention she had been getting and her sexy attire had obviously turned her on. I began to fondle her breasts more firmly and even tweaked their painfully erect nipples. She responded to the attention by kissing me even more passionately and then I noticed her hips were just beginning to move, I delicately managed to undo the top couple of buttons of her blouse and slipped my hand inside so that I could cup and fondle her by now exposed naked breasts. This brought more moans of appreciation.

I decided that it was time to move things on. I brought my hand down and began to caress her leg right at the top of the stocking. I then slowly began to move it up under her skirt, deliberately bringing the skirt up with it. I was again expecting to get stopped at any moment after all we were in the back of a cab and the driver would defiantly see everything. Instead she just parted her legs a little further and my hand found its way to her dripping cunt. I started to rub at her clit and she started to moan even more. Her hips began to move almost begging me to finger fuck her. I took the opportunity of her moving her hips up to slip her skirt up under her bum. Then retuned my attention to her cunt by slipping two fingers straight in she responded by spreading her legs as wide as she could and began to grind her cunt up and down on my fingers. As I took a nipple in to my mouth and nibbled it I inserted a third finger into her twitching sodden cunt. Her movements and moaning had now become frantic as she neared orgasm.

I suddenly realised that the taxi had stopped. A quick looked told me we were home and the crafty sod had parked right by a streetlight and was now watching intently. I took my hand away and sat up leaving her totally exposed to the cabby's prying eyes. , "No...No... don't stop I... I am almost there," she pleaded with me.

"You will have to finish it if you want to cum!' I said knowing that she regularly wanked at home, but never in front of me. One of her hands went straight down to her clit and the other began tweaking a nipple. Both the cabby and I had a clear view as she masturbated frantically, her skirt right up around her waist; legs wide apart and blouse wide open exposing her breasts and heaving chest. It didn't take long until she tensed and screamed out loud and had an intense orgasm then flopped back in the seat breathing hard.

After a few moments she came to her senses and realised where she was and that the cabby was leering at her. She flipped her skirt down pulled her blouse together, climbed out of the taxi and ran to the house. I went to pay the driver.

"Don't worry mate," he said, "after a show like that I should be paying you. I immediately got out and went to the front door and let Jackie in.

I expected her to be pissed off with me but in fact the opposite was the case. She practically ripped my clothes off. She then made me lie on the floor so that she could straddle me. She had never felt so hot and wet and was riding me like a woman possessed. I wasn't going to last long and after a few moments I shoved my hips up to meet her down stroke and came pumping 7 or even 8 jets deep into her. That was the final trigger for another immense orgasm to coarse through her. She then collapsed forward on to my chest as we took a few moments to recover.

"God that was the best sex ever," she said after a short while. "The evening being so exposed was a great turn on and I couldn't resist you in the taxi. The fact the cabby was watching turned me on even more."

"Well it was actually part of my wicked plan," I admitted, " but I didn't expect it to go so far I thought at best the cabby might get a quick flash. Anyway don't you think we should shut the front door!" In her hurry to fuck me she hadn't noticed or given me chance to shut the front door. I wondered what the young couple across the street thought of us bonking like rabbits just inside the open front door!

After those first two adventures I knew that these sessions were going to great fun. I couldn't wait for the next one. If you like this story please tell me and perhaps[s I can let you know about some of the later and even more daring ones.

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