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Fantasy Golf


It was Friday, my husband's golf day, and I was feeling a bit frisky. It started in the shower that morning, just after he had left to meet his golf buddies. I was standing underneath the hot water when I noticed my thighs were involuntarily rubbing against each other. I investigated the situation by sliding my index finger between my pussy lips and into my pussy. Sure enough, I was dripping wet. I stuck a few more fingers in my pussy and started moving them in and out making myself come before finishing the shower. When I stepped out of the tub I decided I was way too horny to simply make myself come a few times and be done with it. It was going to be the kind of day where I indulged in my nastier side. . .

I decided that "slutty/sporty" would be the theme of the day. I dressed in a tight white polo shirt, short white skirt and thin white cotton panties and I set out for the golf course.

I did not know any of my husband's golfing buddies - they had been playing together regularly for over a year now. I knew they were a bunch of horny men, though; information that inspired me on this particular day. When I got to the golf course, I found the girl they refer to as the "beer wench" - the cute girl who drives around and sells cold beverages to thirsty golfers. With a wink, I told her that I wanted to "surprise" my husband on the course - she gave me a knowing look and happily complied, handing over her golf cart, grateful for the break.

It didn't take long to find my husband - I had noticed before he left the house that he was wearing his favorite red golf shirt. He and his three buddies seemed very intent on their game, but I could see their interest shift as I approached. I pulled the golf cart over to where they were all standing - my husband was busy concentrating on his swing. I waited. He turned around and noticed me with a start - he took one look at my outfit, though and knew exactly what I was up to. He decided to play along. The four men took a break from their game and came over to buy drinks from me. They really came over to look at my tits; the drinks were a fringe benefit. I made a show out of bending over to get the coldest beers out of the cooler. I had planned it so that each time I bent over, the men would see my panties. And I had conveniently worn panties that were almost sheer - I certainly wanted them to see my pussy hair, and with any luck, they would also see where my pussy juice soaked through. I caught my husband's eye and winked. He gave me a small smile and a wink back - I knew he was very pleased with my decision to come out and visit him today.

Knowing I was within earshot, he started egging the other guys on to flirt with me. He knew that would make me wet. He bet his buddies that I was a nasty slut who would probably do anything. They laughed nervously, a little embarrassed by him. I took my cue and bent over with my ass facing them, pretending to look for something in my golf cart. At this point, I knew my pussy was sopping wet and that they would see the wetness through my panties.

Sure enough, they all stopped laughing and just started staring. Then my husband started to put ideas into their heads. He challenged the most outgoing of his buddies to approach me and see what I would do for them. Sure enough, the loudest of the four men casually walked over to me, seeming very interested in my selection of imported beers. He chatted me up for a few minutes trying to summon up the courage to proposition me. It was really quite amusing, actually; if he only knew what was really going on! Finally, he cleared his throat and started.

"My buddies over there seem to think you are a bit of a, um, 'nasty' girl. . ."

I looked him straight in the eye and smiled. I asked him what he would like me to do. He looked startled and glanced back at the three remaining men. Suddenly he looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I told him to invite his buddies over. He motioned them over - my husband was grinning - he knew what was in store for them.

"So, you boys think I'm a nasty girl, eh?" I said.

The four men were silent.

"Would you like to see my wet pussy?" I asked. Again, silence.

"Aw, c'mon. There is no need to by shy. Here, let's go into this grove of trees."

I led them a few yards out of the way where we were slightly masked by trees. My pussy was really aching by this point - it was practically screaming to be fucked - it was so wet. I glanced at my husband's pants and saw the telltale signs of his familiar hard-on. Then I surveyed the other three men and saw similar sights. I looked at the man who had first approached me. He was still holding one of his golf clubs. I smiled for him and gave him my best "nasty girl" look.

"How would you like to slide the handle of that golf club into my pussy?" I asked. His jaw dropped to the ground. But I could tell that he was so turned on he would have done anything I asked. I sat down on the grass and spread my legs apart, arching my back so that my tits were sticking out. I slid a hand down to my panties and pulled them aside, exposing my pussy. I stuck a finger inside and pulled it back out - I wanted all four men to know just how wet I was. I encouraged the golfer. He crossed towards me, knelt down between my legs. He looked at the handle of his golf club. He seemed hesitant.

"I wouldn't be sitting here with legs spread wide open showing you my wet cunt if I didn't want that golf club buried deep inside it. Go ahead. I want you to fuck me with it."

He touched the handle of the driver to my clit. My body quivered - I was so horny. He seemed encouraged by this - he started to slide the handle into my dripping pussy. My hips started moving back and forth as I started to fuck the golf club. I looked up and saw my husband and the remaining two golfers; they looked like they just couldn't believe what they were seeing. A cute girl appears on the golf course, shows them her pussy then begs to be fucked with a golf club while they all watch. I was going at it - I couldn't' get enough of that golf club - I wanted the golfer to ram it into my cunt hard and deep. The next time I looked up, two more groups of golfers had joined the festivities. Twelve men surrounded me. One of them was my husband who was enjoying the show immensely. Another was kneeling between my spread open legs, fucking me with the handle of his golf club. All twelve of them had their dicks in their hands. At the height of the collective fervor, another golf cart approached. It was the course's Ranger. He stepped out of his cart, ran up to the group of preoccupied men and loudly cleared his throat

"What exactly is going on here?" he interrupted.

The group of golfers parted to let him through. He proceeded and came to a dead stop when he saw me. I was still on the ground with a golf club in my cunt. The man had let go of the club due to the presence of the Ranger, but I wasn't going to let him spoil my fun. I had started fucking myself with the golf club. I looked straight up at the Ranger. He took off his sunglasses and stared at me.

A small smile started spreading over his face. He wanted to be in charge of the situation. He sank to his knees and took control of the golf club. He started fucking me with it hard and fast - I was already on the brink of a monumental orgasm. He started rubbing my clit while fucking me and I knew it was just moments before I would come. The men continued to jerk off, except for my husband, who was standing back watching the show - and one by one they started coming. Most of them came all over my spread thighs, some came on my tight polo shirt, some came on my face - They all came while watching a golf club being rammed into my tight wet hot pussy.

When it was all over, I stood up, smoothed out my short skirt and returned the golf club, still covered with my pussy juice, back to it's rightful owner. I gave my husband a wink, hopped into my golf cart and drove off. I knew that within the hour my husband would meet me at home and would spend the rest of the afternoon fucking me. My pussy was getting wet again just thinking about it.

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