tagInterracial LoveFantasy Man Ch. 04

Fantasy Man Ch. 04


Sorry for the long break between submissions. Now that the summer is upon us, I should be able to write with more frequency. Thank you for reading my story. As always, comments and feedback are welcome...not to mention votes. Let me know what you think.


Zack opened his eyes to see Terri standing next to his head, smiling down at him in a manner that screamed sweet and seductive. It was barely morning, what was she doing in his room? And if she was in there for what he hoped she was in there for, he wished that she would get to it. "What's up, Buttercup?"

She giggled. He loved the way her eyes lit up when she laughed or giggled. He also loved the way she looked at him when he called her Buttercup. It was a look of confusion, but there was a sort of warmth beneath it that let him know that she liked it when he used his special nickname for her. Amanda didn't even get a nickname and they were actually dating...but not for much longer, that was for sure. Zack was sure Terri wondered why he called her Buttercup. The answer was pretty simple. She reminded him of the feeling that he got when he sat in the field of buttercups behind his grandmother's house. The bright yellow flowers had always comforted and soothed him whenever he was upset. Terri had the same effect. She made him feel warm, comforted, and safe. Zack was so glad that he had found her in that little coffee shop. Now if only he could convince her that they were made for each other....

"Not the thing that I want to be up, that's for sure...but don't worry. I'll rectify that real soon." Zack's eyebrows shot up as Terri brought her lips slowly towards his forehead.

Zack could feel his heart begin to race. Her lips, pressing softly upon his brow, were enough to make his blood boil. He wanted her so badly. "Terri...," he uttered her name on a sigh. She was so beautiful.

Slowly, Terri made her way down his face, planting soft kisses as she went. By the time that she made her way to his nose, Zack was hard enough to break ice. He wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her closer to him. Terri raised an eyebrow before moving her body to straddle him in the bed. Both of Zack's hands flew to Terri's curvy hips. She was so soft, more so than he could have imagined. He loved the way she felt in his hands and on his body. Zack never had such a feeling of contentment. Terri was obviously made for him, it felt so right. It was in this moment of clarity that Zack realized that Terri was completely naked and he could feel her moist snatch on his stomach. Her tits were swinging freely in his face, just begging to be licked, sucked and nibbled.

Zack reached up with one hand and buried his fingers in her hair. He used the grip in her hair to bring her face to his. Their lips met and Zack and Terri shared their first kiss. Zack was on fire. It felt as if her lips were pure heat and she was branding him as her own. And there was no doubt in his mind that he was hers. He pressed forward, applying more pressure and deepening the kiss. He was trying his hardest not to flip her over and drive his aching cock between her thighs. Somehow, he doubted that she would appreciate it, despite the fact that she was the one seducing him. He brought up his other hand to press a thumb on her chin. He wanted to taste her. Her lips parted and allowed his tongue access to her sweet mouth. Zack's tongue dueled with Terri's for dominance in their little game. After long minutes of caressing her lips with his own, Zack decided that he had had enough.

He pulled Terri's body close and rolled over in the bed, leaving Terri underneath him. She looked up at him with both lust and surprise in her eyes. He captured her lips in another soul searing kiss that had Terri moaning in the back of her throat. He doubted that he would ever be able to get enough of hearing that sound, or any other sound that Terri made while they were together like this. Zack couldn't wait to hear more of her cute little pleasure induced noises. It was enough to drive him mad. She was so sexy; she inspired him to new heights of passion. He didn't know what he had been missing, but now that he had her, there was no way that Zack was going to let Terri go. This was a feeling that he wanted to keep with him for as long as he could, forever even.

Zack moved and came to rest on the bed on Terri's right side. He didn't want to crush her and his position also allowed more of Terri's body to be subject to his attentions. His right hand, which had previously been idly stroking up and down Terri's side, decided that it was high time that it widened its explorations. Zack's hand moved up Terri's body until it made contact with her breast. It was so soft and supple, he needed more than just one handful. Growling low in his throat, he repositioned himself, kneeling in between her legs, and let both his hands run free. His hands moved sensuously over her soft globes, teasing the nipples until they hardened. Once his hands had their fill, Zack's mouth decided to take its turn to feast on Terri's scrumptious tits.

He lowered his mouth to the breast that had teased him earlier in the night. It was going to get what was coming to it for taunting him and keeping him from sleeping. He traced the outside of her breast lightly with his tongue, making Terri shiver. He began to make his way towards her nipple by gradually decreasing the size of the circles his tongue made around the perimeter of her breast. Terri's periodic moans kept him going, pleased that he was bringing her pleasure. Her hands had balled into fists, gripping the sheets tightly and when he looked into her eyes, he could see the passion burning right beneath the surface. If she let herself go, he would be in for one heck of a ride. Smiling to himself, he continued his journey towards Terri's chocolate nipple. Terri began to try to move so that his tongue would be on her nipple. She wanted it so bad, he could tell, but she was going to get it at his pace. Every time she moved, Zack nipped the side of her breast and stopped until she calmed down again. Terri looked like she wanted to kill him, but she didn't say anything as he continued his slow progression towards his target. When he finally made it, he engulfed her nipple with his mouth and bit down lightly. Terri's body jerked and she closed her eyes, calling out breathlessly, "Ohhhh...Zack."

Zack continued his assault for what seemed like hours, kissing, teasing, touching and devouring every inch of her breasts. There was a lot of ground to cover, but he was more than happy to do it. He had switched breasts earlier, not wanting to neglect her other round globe. Terri's hands had long ago made their way into his hair. She tended to pull his hair every time he did something that she really liked. She had cried out his name, telling him that she was coming, at least twice since he had begun, which impressed him because he didn't know too many women that could cum just from having a man suck on her tits.

Zack had even taken the time to leave a hickey on the side of Terri's left breast. He grinned smugly as he looked at it. He had left his mark on her and she would think of him whenever she took off her shirt...at least for a while. Zack hoped that by the time it faded away, Terri would think of him every time she opened her eyes in the morning and every time she went to bed at night, because he'd be right there by her side. He wanted to be with Terri more than anything. She had quickly become his world and now he had her right where he wanted her, in his arms writhing from immense pleasure and begging for more. And Zack was more than happy to oblige.

Terri was absolutely stunning in her post-orgasmic haze and it only made him want more of her. Zack decided it was time to make her scream. He slowly and sensually kissed his way down her body. Terri was intent on looking at him during his journey downward, with passionate fire in her eyes, but Zack decided that it wasn't what he wanted. He looked around, trying to find what he needed. Terri whimpered softly at the broken contact, but Zack just smiled at her and planted a quick kiss on her nose. Terri's nose wrinkled up, and he chuckled. Terri really was too cute sometimes. Zack hopped off of the bed, seeing what he was looking for hanging up on a hanger in the closet. Terri had a selection of multi-colored scarves tied around the bottom of a hanger. He had seen her wear a few as a sort of headband. It was just what he needed to get her going. Zack chose the darkest one and returned to the bed.

Terri gave him her 'you have lost your damn mind' look, which made him smile. Even in bed she was sassy, but he wouldn't give her the chance to tell him off, it would ruin the mood. He captured her lips with his until he felt her once again being consumed with passion. It took a few minutes, but after a bit of coaxing, Terri decided that she trusted him enough to know that he wouldn't hurt her. He placed the scarf over her eyes and tied it in the back of her head. When he was satisfied, he sat back and watched as she tried to figure out what his next move would be.

He resumed his place in between her legs and leaned forward. He placed his hands on either side of her body and moved down so his mouth was inches away from her belly. He blew on her gently, causing her to jump slightly, sucking in a quick breath. He moved his head, careful not to let his hair give away where he was going. He planted a kiss just above her belly button and Terri gasped. He licked her on her side, right above her hip, and nibbled the skin on the inside of her thigh. He continued this for long minutes, driving Terri crazy. There was no rhyme or reason to his movements and the unpredictability excited Terri to no end. He could smell her arousal and he wanted to bury his face in her pussy. 'Great idea, Zack,' he thought to himself. It was time to taste his Buttercup's sweet nectar.

Zack blew on her pussy, making Terri jump once more. Her soft sigh urged him to get closer. He pressed her legs further open and took in the sight of Terri's beautiful pussy. The brown of her body melded into luscious pinks and reds and Zack felt his cock twitch at the sight. He laid himself down on the bed, lining himself up with her pussy. He began by lightly touching his tongue to her outer lips. Terri let out a long moan to let him know that he was doing something right. Zack covered every inch of her pussy, leaving nothing unlicked...except for her clit. Zack had caressed her insides thoroughly with his tongue and enjoyed the release that accompanied her orgasms. His face was covered in her juices and how sweet they were. Terri's pussy tasted extraordinary and it was something that he wouldn't mind feasting on everyday.

Terri was moaning loudly and muttering incoherently by that point, her hands shoved into his hair, tightening when he did something she loved and loosening when she wanted him to move on and do something else. He finally decided that it was time to give Terri the big release that she had been begging for.

Zack settled down and began to make his way up her pussy, starting from the very bottom of her sweet snatch. When he reached her clit, he took it into his mouth and sucked it. Terri's hips left the bed as she started buck with the impending orgasm. She was so close, he could feel it, despite having to concentrate on keeping his mouth on her juicy cunt. Terri settled down slightly, so Zack made his next move, softly nibbling her clit while thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy. That just set Terri off. She came so hard for him and Zack loved watching her body contort in immense pleasure and hearing her call out his name along with some choice profanity. He looked on in complete rapture while Terri came back down to earth, panting and limp, like her bones had turned to jelly. Zack was totally smitten with Terri and he couldn't be any happier. If she gave him the chance, he would have her screaming out in pleasure everyday.

Zack got up to lie next to his worn out lover. He took the makeshift blindfold off of her eyes and gazed down into them. "You taste so good, Buttercup."

Terri mumbled something, but she was still out of it. Zack chuckled to himself and snuggled up to her, burying his face in her neck. It took him a few seconds to realize that Terri was still saying something. "Yes, dearest?"

"I hope you don't think this is over, buddy. I'm going to make this night worth your while. I just need a moment to energize." Terri moved her head back so that she could look at Zack. His blue eyes stared back into hers and Zack felt like there was nothing more perfect in the world than the way he was feeling right then. Content, safe, warm, and loved...she definitely was his Buttercup.

"Oh, it's far from over, my dear. I am going to take you places you've never been." Zack gave Terri a self-satisfied smile, daring her to say anything to the contrary. He was ready to pounce.

Terri just laughed. He could be pretty arrogant at times, but this was one time when he had unquestionably earned the bragging rights and she knew it. "Let's see what you've got."

Zack just continued to smile as he positioned himself on top of Terri. His lips met hers in a kiss that conveyed his intent. She was going to get fucked, good and hard, and she was going to love every minute of it and beg him for more. Zack wanted to show her just how good he could be before he blew her mind with slow lovemaking that would have her turning to mush. He was far from done with Terri and he had the next few nights to show her.

He reached a hand down between them and thrust a finger into Terri's slick channel. He added another finger and felt Terri shudder beneath him in a mini-orgasm. If her slickness was any indication, she was more than ready for him. The size of Zack's cock was nothing to shake a stick at. He was long, thick, and ready to plunge deep into Terri.

Terri's hand grabbed his throbbing member and placed it at her opening. Zack looked into her eyes as he began to ease the head of his cock inside of her. She was so tight and so hot. It was an amazing feeling, kind of like he was going home for the first time in his life...how cliché was that? Inch by inch, Zack made his way into her sweet pussy. Terri's cries were music to his ears. When he was completely inside of Terri, Zack took a moment to savor the feeling. And then it was time to fuck her brains out and leave them all over the floor. If they never made love again, Terri would remember this time; Zack was going to make sure of that.

He pulled his member out of her slowly, delighting in the feel of her hot, wet snatch. When just the head was left inside of her, he thrust hard and rammed his entire length into her. Terri's mouth opened in a silent scream. Oh yes, she was in for it now. He began to pound away into her pussy, making the bed shake. Terri's breasts jiggled wildly as he drove his hard cock home over and over again. It drove him absolutely wild, the pace of his thrusts increased as Zack lost control. Her screams of pleasure were accented by his grunts and moans. She began calling out his name as she came, her insides squeezing him tightly. It had never been this good with anyone.

He rode her through her orgasm, prolonging it and increasing its intensity. When she had come down from her high, Zack pulled his cock, dripping wet with her juices, from her pussy and rolled her over. Zack took in the round globes of the ass that teased him every time he watched Terri walk away. With a growl low in his throat, he smacked her ass cheek and raised her up on all fours. Zack ran his cock up and down her slit before slamming it into her pussy once again. Terri was making the most delicious sounds and he loved it.

He commenced fucking her again, this time watching her ass bounce as his hips smacked against it. He could see her tits bouncing around and he reached around to grab one while he continued his assault. Zack played with her nipple, pinching and pulling it, drawing sweet mewls of pleasure from Terri's lips. Her cries of pleasure were building, getting louder and louder and Zack loved it. She was so wet; he flew in and out of her so easily and so rapidly. Zack couldn't get enough of her and then he felt it building...

Zack wanted to look in her eyes as he came, so he pulled out and flipped Terri over again. He placed her legs over his shoulders and set out to reach his climax. The sounds of their skin meeting, his balls slapping against her bottom, turned him on to no end. "Terri...," her name was a moan on his lips. She opened her eyes, which were clouded with pleasure to look into his. Her soft whisper reached his ears, "Zack...."

It was at his name, whispered breathlessly, that he lost it. He came hard, feeling spurt after spurt of his cum filling up Terri's hot snatch. He never wanted to pull out and the look in Terri's eyes told him that she felt the same way. He collapsed on top of her, his chest heaving, before rolling off to her side. Zack pulled Terri into his arms and held her close. "Buttercup...you're so wonderful. That was amazing."

He leaned in to kiss her softly, but felt nothing but air. His eyes flew open and she was gone. Zack sat up in bed, confused. Where had she gone? Had he fallen asleep and given her a chance to escape? Why would she want to escape? Was it all a mistake? So many questions raced through Zack's head. He started to call out to her. "Buttercup? Terri? Terri? Terri!?!"

He felt a hand shaking him gently. "Zack?" the voice that called him out his slumber was thick with sleep. "Zack?"

Zack opened his eyes, taking in Terri dressed in the pajamas that she had gone to bed in. Zack smirked with the knowledge that she was still braless under her shirt. So, it had been a dream? He was definitely awake now and the extremely hard cock that tented his sheets made it clear to him that he hadn't cum deep in Terri's pussy as he dreamt he had. The way he felt about Terri during the dream hadn't changed, though, he was crazy about her and wanted nothing more than to grab her and act out his dream for her. He was sure she would love the...climax...of the performance...but he also did not want to scare her away.

"Buttercup? What are you doing in here?" Zack wasn't about to let her know that he had a pretty good idea why she was there.

"You were shouting out in your sleep. I was just coming to see if you were ok." Terri decided that she wasn't going to let him know exactly what he was shouting. It was quite flattering, having an extremely attractive man calling out your name in his sleep and then finding him with an extremely hard cock, no less. She sat down next to him on the bed.

Zack's lips quirked into a half smile. "Thanks, Buttercup. What would I do without you?" He let out a long yawn that soon had Terri doing the same.

Terri just shook her head. "What were you dreaming about anyway?"

'What I want to do to you right now,' was the first thought that popped into Zack's head. What passed through his lips was something a little different. "The future." It wasn't a lie. It was what he wanted more than anything. He wanted to show Terri just how much he cared for her. He wanted to touch, tease, and taste every inch of her body. And he wanted to look into her eyes as he came...over and over again. Terri was his future, he was going to see to that.

After he made up his mind about her, he decided that the first thing he was going to do the next day, after buying more mace for Terri, was going to be to break up with Amanda. He didn't even know why she was still around, but she wouldn't be anymore, that was for damn sure. Terri wouldn't stand for being the other woman and to Zack, she was the only woman. He needed her. He wasn't going to jeopardize what could be for something that wasn't even remotely satisfying to him anymore.

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