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Fantasy Meeting


You stand in the room nervously. It's our first meeting - and we've managed to get an evening alone in a nice hotel. A thought had crossed your mind when dressing; a fantasy half-remembered from however long ago. You had bathed in vanilla-scented water, letting your skin relax, then gently rubbed a delicately scented lotion into your skin, everywhere, until you could practically feel yourself glowing with relaxed pleasure. Then you had let your inner grin come out, and dressed very carefully. A tiny dark red thong, with tie-sides that rested right on top of your hip bones. Since it was tie-sided, you wrapped a matching dusky red garter belt around your hips and carefully clasped it, moving with slow, deliberate motions, smoothing the lace and satin over your skin. Then sitting down, you carefully rolled your stockings up your legs, smoothing and gently adjusting the fabric. A point you had been very clear about when you purchased them - they had a very bold, dark back-seam that you were careful to arrange on the very center of the back of your legs. Carefully affixing them to your garter belt, you gave everything it's final adjustment before reaching for your clothes.

Over this you had added a skirt that you were very proud of owning - dark forest green, with long, artfully arranged slit up one side, your left leg open from just below your mid-thigh to your feet. The skirt had lots of fabric, which meant that you could choose to let the slit fall open or not. A quick flip of the fabric had the slit closed, until you got to the hotel room. And on top, ahh - this was the pride and joy. A corset, boned in heavy braided steel, of green brocade matching your skirt, with garnet red and gold highlights woven through it's front panel. It was a flat-topped style, pushing your pale, smooth breasts together and lifting them. You'd had Tim's help fitting you for this a week ago, getting the laces just right - now it was only a matter of getting it hooked!

When you finally got the corset hooked properly, you turned and examined yourself in the mirror, made a few adjustements to your clothes. A few minutes with your paints and powders and you grabbed a midweight chocolate-brown celtic wrap to go around your shoulders and hide your figure.

Now you stood in the hotel living room, your exquisitely painted nails clicking on the little kitchen; your skirt had been adjusted to reveal the long, pale line of your left leg. Your makeup was flawless, lightly applied everywhere except your lips - there, a thick coat of dark red lipstick, highlighted over with a very slick, wet-looking shiny gloss, spread over both lips. The effect was dazzling as I stepped through the door and took you in for the first time. I could barely think. I just watched your nails move, watched your lips - oh, those delectable lips! - parting softly as if you were going to speak. I drank in the sight of you, from your hair to your tall black heels. I open my mouth to speak, then think better of it and walk over to you. I'm dressed in a black suit, with a dark gray dress shirt, and of course, my hat. My polished dress shoes click on the wood floor of the entryway as I walk over to you, slowly reaching my hands out. I can't believe it - you're actually here! We're actually doing this! Barely thinking, I move toward you, but stop, an inch away from touching you, still shocked by the physical presence of you. And you're wearing the outfit, exactly as I described it all that time ago. I move forward again and let my fingertips slide over your waist, feeling you shiver at my first touch. I lean in to press my lips to yours, a slow, ever-changing kiss. My lips lighten, barely brushing yours, my tongue tip teasing the underside of your lip. We kiss, again and again, letting lips and tongues explore and tease constantly. I can feel my body aching for yours, feel your delicate soft lips smearing their lipstick over mine. I kiss you anyway, delighting in the satiny, slick feel of gliding across your lips in their protective gloss, kissing it off of you happily. I can hear your soft groan as you feel your lipstick being kissed away - how long have we fantasized about this? Given each other the visual? - knowing that it turns you on to feel your lips moving on mine. At last, I cannot wait any longer - I have denied my body too long just by kissing you.

I step in again, pressing my entire body to yours, feeling you shiver, hearing the soft sound of pleasure that escapes you. I kiss you harder, then slowly pull back, turning you around. I step up behind you again, letting my hand wrap around your waist as I gently bend you over the table, watching your arms stretch out languidly above your head, see your face begin to curve into a smile. Without waiting, I kneel down behind you and flip your skirt up over your waist, rolling and pulling at it until your beautiful ass is exposed to me, with that deliciously sexy lingerie you're wearing. I can hardly resist it - I lean in and place a slow, wet kiss right on the curve of your ass. I can feel you jump, but you groan happily and I know you're anticipating, as I am.

I fold my tall frame down until I am at eye level with your heels, and reach out to gently kiss your ankle, right above the heel of your shoe. I kiss there, and lick the skin through your stockings, slowly working my way up, licking and kissing, sucking at your skin through the open material, leaving a hot, wet trail up your leg. I unfold slowly, taking my time as I explore your legs - how long I have wanted to caress them! How often they have filled my fantasies! - licking and kissing my way up, until my lips are brushing the lace top of your stockings. I move, side to side, licking and sucking, kissing and gently worshiping the line where skin meets lace, working around from the outer edge to the innermost I can reach. This close to you, I can smell your arousal, feel your legs trembling, but it's not nearly time yet. I slowly caress my way slightly higher, lips brushing your skin entirely, then drop down suddenly to start over at the other foot. Again, with almost agonizing slowness, I let my lips and tongue move over your backseam, creeping higher and higher, laving your skin and your stocking, again reaching that delicious dividing line between flesh and lace. This time, I let my lips creep higher, washing your skin with my tongue and lips, moving slowly higher, alternating on either side of your garter strap, climbing higher and higher, feeling you tremble more and more as I go. I can hear your breathing speeding up, getting softer and breathier, as I climb. Finally, I can place a kiss directly on the curve of your ass, sucking your skin into his mouth and letting his teeth slide just over your captive flesh. I hear you moan, a soft, breathy sound, and I release you, moving to the other side.

Again I bite your ass, sucking your skin into my mouth and sliding my hands over your thighs and legs, stroking you with fingertips and wide, heavy palm-strokes. I move my hands to the insides of your legs, gently spreading them. You adjust happily, your breathing hitching again as your thong tightens against your hypersensitive sex. I bring my hands up at the same time I bring my lips down, sliding my tongue under the backstrap of your thong, my hands climbing up to the tie-sides that I'd noticed. I make appreciative noises against your flesh, making you groan again, as my fingers untie your thong and gently pull it out from under your garter belt. Slowly, I let your sex bare to the air of the hotel room, watching your leg muscles tremble. When I can reach my tongue to your flesh, I lean in and press my lips to that sensitive skin between your ass and sex, licking softly and turning down, letting the tip of his tongue reach out to explore the very bottom of your nether lips. With a slow, deliberate motion, I slide my tongue through your wet, very wet nectar and into your entrance, hearing your breathy groan turn to a long, throaty moan, your head hanging down as I plunge my tongue deep inside you, swirling around against your walls.

I let my fingers climb up, gently brushing over the curve of your ass, my destination obvious. As I work my mouth over you, carefully plunging in and out, I let my fingers move in, sliding along my jawline until the index and middle fingers of my left hand are holding you open, your sex now fully exposed to me as I begin to slide my tongue up and down, over all of your exposed flesh, plunging into your canal and fucking you with my tongue, then sliding my tongue down to your clit, licking and kissing it, sucking it softly into my mouth. I move back, locking my lips over your entrance and fucking your canal with my tongue, curled in on itself and hard. I stroke over all of your inner walls, swirling around and feeling the tremors of your walls. You're just as hyped as I am - just as much longing - and it's taking its toll on your body. I can feel you shivering, your inner muscles clenching down on my tongue. I add the final ingredient - my fingertip brushing over your hard, needy clit. Again, the shock of it goes through your system and I can feel your body reacting - feel your canal flood with nectar, feel your trembling getting worse and worse. I keep stroking - a fast, light, circular motion directly above your clit, my tongue working in and out and all around your canal. I am lost in the sensation of finally feeling you, of tasting you. My lips are moving automatically, sliding through your wetness and stimulating all of your nerves.

With a sudden shock, your orgasm hits you. You pinch your eyes shut and whimper as your body is wracked by shakes, almost dislodging my tongue and finger - but not. As you come, I keep sliding my tongue through you, keep fingering your clit, and it seems to just prolong your orgasm, making you shake longer and harder. At last, you begin to relax and I stop, standing slowly, pressing my lips to your ass before standing upright. I lean you back, catching you in my arms and lifting you, carrying you to the bedroom. I lay you down on the bed fully clothed and carefully take off your heels before shedding my jacket and climbing in next to you. With instinct born of close and intimate familiarity, you roll over toward me, resting your head on my shoulder and draping an arm around my waist. I press a kiss into your hair and we stay like this, for a time.

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