tagInterracial LoveFantasy Meets Reality

Fantasy Meets Reality


Everyone has that one secret sexual fantasy, one that they are dying to have become reality. For most, it will remain a fantasy, either from shame or fear of being laughed at. For the few however, that ultimate fantasy will become reality. Fulfillment of the fantasy if married, is the reward given through trust from your partner. Love is not a requirement of fantasy, however making some form of love usually is. It could be with a total stranger, a friend, a couple, a group, a different ethnicity, same sex, or with or like, a couple of wild animals. Fantasy is only limited to ones own thoughts, whereas reality is real. This is a story about a couple who loved each other deeply, trusted each other completely, and shared their deepest secret with each other.

John and Pam had been married for twenty-four wonderful years and enjoyed a good life together. They had good jobs, he a fireman, she a first grade teacher. Living an upper middle class lifestyle in Pompano Beach, Florida, they were about halfway towards retirement, both in their mid forty's. They had an above average sex life, but there was something missing, something they both deeply desired. Their love and trust for each other was about to change their lives for ever.

John like a lot of white males, had a longing desire to see his wife have sex, with another man, a black man. This is however, most white males worst nightmare. John didn't want just any black male, but a large extremely well hung black male. He had visions of his pretty, sexy wife, having unbelievable unadulterated raw sex, being totally satisfied, being stuffed in every orifice and from every angle. How could he ever hope to get his lovely wife to go through with something so erotic?

One night after years of dropping casual hints, John got his wife to loosen her ambitions under the influence of alcohol and he asked her to reveal her sexual fantasy's. Pam denied having any at first, which is common among women. After a little coaxing from John she admitted to one of her lesser fantasy's. Like most males John revealed his to his wife. He figured if it didn't spark her interest, he could always say he was joking. It was suggested that they roll play, as fate would have it Pam was up for trying it out. They had incredible sex that night. In the weeks and months ahead they would explore their hidden desire, the desire each shared. John even went so far as to purchase black condoms, which turned them both on, but the novelty soon wore off. Next came a black dildo which they both enjoyed using to ream Pam's pussy with, again after several months they wanted more. All the while Pam would dress up in sexy lingerie. She loved to dress the part and had just ordered a new outfit through her friend Kristine and was on her way to pick it up.

Rounding the corner to Kristine's house she noticed a tall black man entering through the front door. She pulled over to the curb, stroked her long brown hair into place and approached the door. It wasn't closed tightly, and she heard moans and a scream coming from within. Was Kris being attacked by this black intruder? She rushed up the stairs to the bedroom where the screams had come from, only to hear the moans of joy. She peered around the door which was left ajar. Kris lay on the bed, legs spread wide, her blond bush being devoured by a huge black male, with the largest pink tongue she had ever seen. She stood quietly, frozen by shock and disbelief. Then the huge man rose from his kneeling position and reached for the belt on his trousers. Pam's heart was beating so fast she thought the sound might give her away in the quiet anticipation of what was about to follow.

Kris broke the silence, "Oh James, hurry I'm so wet, I need you inside me."

Pam could feel herself getting wet, the nipples of her perky little tits were starting to harden as the blood flowed freely throughout her body, which was in a voyeuristic trance. As James slowly unzipped his pants he smiled and said, "we got all weekend baby, you did say your old man was out of town didn't you?" With that his pants hit the floor exposing a fat jet black cock, semi hard it must have been eight inches long. Testicles hung like plums from a tree, waiting to be harvested for their sweet nectar. Kris got on her knees and grasped the massive mussel with both hands as she guided it to her eager mouth. As she licked her hungry lips, Pam instinctually moistened hers and her mouth opened in unison with Kristine's. The broad black head struggled as it stretched Kristine's lips as it made it's way into her mouth. Kris moaned as she now sucked and stroked the object of her desire. Her tongue, greasing the now ridged passion pole, worked in perfect harmony with her hand.

"Oh God give it to me James," Kris begged, as she laid back down, her legs spread invitingly.

"Get on your hands and knees baby, I wanna hit that pussy from behind" came his response.

Kris bounded into position, she could feel him between her legs, the head touching her belly button. She grasped hold of him, guiding him into her love tunnel. The meaty cock sinking deep, then deeper brought a scream from Kris and Pam as she become shocked and awakened from her passion induced trance.

"Oh my God Pam," Kristine cried out. "I can explain everything, I mean, I mean, oh God how could this happen?" she whimpered.

"No, no I'm to blame, it's my fault, I, I just stopped by to pick up the lingerie and I saw this man entering your house and heard a scream, oh I should have knocked."

"Well it's too late now, this is James, James this is my best friend Pam," Kris replied.

"Nice to see you, I mean meet you James" Pam said, shifting her eyes from the ebony bone to his.

"The pleasure is all mine, you're even hotter than I imagined, care to join us," he smiled.

"Oh, I don't know, wow, there certainly is enough to share, truth is I've never been with a anyone but my husband." "I never saw a man as large as you, as black, I mean I'm going to have to think about it, give me a rain check?"

"Ain't nutting to think about, you either want some of this or you don't, and I can tell by the way your peeping at my meat, you definitely want some of this, now quite your grinin' and drop your linen," James ordered.

Pam closed the door behind her, she approached the bed slowly her legs feeling weak, like that of a newborn calf. James was stroking himself as she reached for the top button of her shirt. Suddenly she turned and ran to the door. "I can't do this with both of you," she cried. "Call me Kris, when you get a chance," she shouted from the stairs.

Pam stuck the key in the ignition, she sat and reminisced about what had just happened. She noticed the license plate on the car in front of her, "Satisfier" no doubt who that was. Was she making a mistake by leaving like that, should she go back in? The thought of that big black cock had her mind spinning and her pussy soaking wet. The engine fired and as she pulled away she couldn't stop wondering what it would be like to mount a stud like James. To let him have is way with her, to be his little slut. The timing was perfect. John was out of town playing golf with Kris's husband. Hum, she thought, just maybe.

Pam's phone was ringing as she entered the house but stopped as she reached to answer it. She checked the message, "Hi Pam, it's me Kris, I thought I'd send James over if you want, I don't mind sharing, call me." Pam cautiously reached for the phone, her fingers trembling as she dialed Kris's number. "Hi, can James spend the night?"

Several hours passed. Pam was soaking in a bubble bath, having shaved her legs she was on her third glass of wine when the door bell rang. She had been daydreaming again, imagining what was about to happen to her, what she was going to do to that black cock James was packing. She slipped into her bath robe and headed for the door. Peering through the peephole she could see James, no turning back this time.

"Hi James, sorry I didn't have time to get dressed, I lost track of time thinking about you," she said coyly.

"Okay by me, what I got in mind doesn't call for any clothes," came his reply as he loosened the robe to reveal Pam's breasts.

"Where's the bedroom, I got something for you," and with that he whisked her up in his huge muscular arms.

"Top of the stairs to the right big guy," Pam whispered.

James was very black, around thirty and had the body of a tight end. He towered over Pam's 5' 7" slim frame by almost a foot. He stopped at the foot of the bed, set her down and as she stood before him she slipped off her robe. Her long legs and full brown bush was going to be his for the night. Pam reached for the belt which held up the trousers that hid what she had desired for years. Their lips met and their tongues explored each other in a passionate embrace. James cupped the cheeks of her tiny ass in his huge hands and pulled her into him. Her hands tugged at the zipper as the bulge it was holding back grew larger. Pam could feel a long fat finger enter her now sopping pussy from behind. They continued to fuck each others mouths with their tongues. James's pants fell to the floor and along with them Pam followed. His cock was so hard it looked as if it had a set of ribs of it's own. Pam looked into James's eyes as she stretched her lips to swallow the proud, sensitive head along with several inches of his silky black meat. She rolled her tongue around the head and sucked it as hard as she could while jacking the remaining eight inches with both hands. This was the cock she had dreamed of, longed for, and now it was hers. She ran the length of his manhood, her tongue darting, flicking, and licking on every centimeter.

"Oh James, you have no idea how long I've dreamed of this happening, it's been my ultimate fantasy," Pam giggled. "Please go slow James, and promise not to hurt me. I want every black inch deep in my tight, white pussy before this night is over." She then took his black balls in one hand and sucked each while not missing a stroke with the other on his magnificent shaft. She nibbled on his nut sack and tongued his asshole. Back to the dark chocolate cock Pam licked the pre cum from the head before standing back up and falling onto the bed. Spreading her legs Pam inserted two fingers into herself signaling to him that her eager pussy was on fire for him.

"Don't you worry none Pam, they calls me the satisfier for a reason," and with that James began to flick her clit with his tongue, like a snake ready to strike, sensing it's prey. Then he struck his prey driving his long pink tongue to the depths of her hungry pussy. Pam writhed to the tune of his pleasing, flicking tool, as her ass lifted off of the bed and became a platter, from which James dined. Pam was bucking wildly as she came several times on the three fingers he had inserted into her hot dripping hole.

"Oh God, I'm cumming James, I want that big cock of yours, fill me up with that big, black, beautiful cock. I need you in me, I want you deep inside of me, I wanna feel that hot cum shooting inside of me," she moaned.

James was ready too, his balls felt heavy as he placed the head of his massive cock at the entrance of her pleasure pit. He rubbed the length of his shaft on her mound as he leaned forward to choke her with his hot tongue. As their lips met, so met the lips of her pussy and the black bone she craved, as she steered it into the uncharted depths of her sweet pussy her legs wrapped in a strangle hold around his back. A feeling of euphoria over took her as the broad head blazed a path for eleven inches of dark black meat. Slowly it sank past the halfway point and she was cumming again. Now James was beginning to withdraw all but the head and teasing her with half of his swollen cock. Pam's ass rose to capture the retreating meat, a rhythm was beginning to develop as the black shaft sunk deeper.

"You like my cock baby, I'm gonna give it to ya slow and easy and get your hole stretched out for all of me, you tell James when you want some more."

"Oh my God, yes I love your cock James, it's fabulous, I'm cumming again, give me more, I want more please," Pam pleaded. James eased another inch into the tight pussy, and withdrew it slowly, the rhythm picked up and again Pam was begging for more, with two inches to go he fed her another inch. In and out slid his cock, up and down went Pam's ass, her pussy expanding and contracting to his thrusts.

"You ready for the rest of me baby," asked James.

"Oh yes lover, give me the rest of your strong black cock, I wanna feel your balls against the cheeks of my ass, I love the way you're fucking me, you're the best," Pam sighed.

James withdrew all the way out and drove the last inch into the well honed tunnel. With his balls slapping against her ass he began to saw away, in and out the glistening black cock went, Pam's ass reacting to every stroke. The more he pulled out, the higher her ass would rise from the bed in an attempt to hold the hot throbbing muscle inside of her. She was cumming now like she had not thought possible, a long continuos orgasm to the point that she almost passed out.

"Oh James, I want to taste your hot cum, I want that big load of yours in my mouth," she gasped.

"Not just yet baby, get on your hands and knees for James, I want to hit that pussy doggie style."

Pam rolled over and arched her back as James eased it in. He began to jam her side to side, shallow then deeper until she was convulsing on his black bone. This went on for about twenty minutes before he pulled out and offered her what she was now begging for.

"Yes, yes, shoot it down my throat, give me that hot load," she said as she latched on to his cock, like a dog would a bone.

At last James erupted like a volcano, swelling her cheeks and choking her to the point she gaged, dislodging him from her dripping mouth and splattering her face and hair. They collapsed in each others arms unable to speak. Pam now knew why he was called the satisfier. They dozed off for close to an hour before Pam was ready for round two. James awoke to her stroking and cleaning his cock.

"I want some more of this James, are you up to it?"

"I am if you're ready for it in that tight little ass of yours baby," he whispered.

"Oooh, yeah I'd love to try that," and she immediately swallowed half his cock and slid her index finger up his ass.

His cock was becoming easier for Pam to handle now, she stroked it and chocked it, kissed it and bit it, smacked herself in the head with it, but there was no way to deep throat it, though she tried. It was hard now and seeking action, she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. "Grab hold of those checks and spread that ass for me" James demanded, as he hovered over her and let the spit from his mouth drool onto the head of his cock and her ass. He spit again and greased the length of his dark chocolate manhood. The huge head pushed at the opening and Pam pushed back as it began to disappear.

"Oh, easy there big boy," Pam whimpered, "let's not rush it, we got all night."

For the next ten minutes James eased and retrieved half of his massive cock, from her tiny ass. In and out it slid to the joyful moans coming from his excited partner.

"Oh God, I'm cumming James, I'm cumming, give it to me a little deeper."

"How's that Pam, is that enough for ya," and he gave her a couple more inches of throbbing tube steak.

"That's perfect, I love it, do it a little faster, yeah just like that, oh that's good."

"You about ready for the rest of me, just a couple more inches Pam and I'll be spanking your cunt with my balls."

"Yes, yes give it to me, I want every fucking inch, fuck me with that black cock, fuck me hard."

They were humping against each other now, with James's cock sliding in and out like a piston in an engine, the sound of his big balls slapping against the lips of Pam's pussy sounded like someone clapping, as if to cheer them on.

"Oh James, here I go, I'm cumming again, I want to feel your cum in my ass, cum in my ass James."

"Ahh, her it comes Pam, ohhh, can ya feel it, I can see it oozing out of your sweet little ass."

"Yes, oh yes, it's hot, I feel it running down my pussy, I want every drop," and with that she bucked on his bone like a wild horse being ridden in a rodeo.

When it was over she collapsed and the ebony bone became dislodged.

"You James, are definitely the satisfier, that was incredible, thank you."

"Well baby I'm glad you liked it, but I got a real treat for you tomorrow, now let's get some sleep."

Pam's mind was working overtime as it cataloged the the vivid details of the evening's events. What did James have in store for her? How could it possibly be more satisfying then what she had just experienced? Her mind wandered as she lost consciousness, exhausted she fell into a deep relaxed sleep.

James was up by 11:00 the following morning and had the afternoon all planned out when Pam crawled out of bed. He had found the coffee and was in the process of making an omelet, a pair of Bloody Mary's set on the table.

"Good morning lover, thanks for last night, it was incredible," came her greeting, as she hugged him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"It was my pleasure, how you feeling this morning Pam?" James replied.

"A little sore, but wanting more!" "So what's this big surprise?"

"After breakfast I want you to soak in the tub, and put on something sexy for me."

As they ate breakfast she wondered what James had planned for the rest of the day. Then she was off to the tub, as she soaked she sipped on another Bloody Mary and thought of what she would wear. She hadn't worn the new outfit yet, it was light blue, the color of the sky. It left little to the imagination due to it's see through quality. The bra made her breasts look a little bigger, the panties had an opening in the crotch, and her brown bush looked ever so appetizing through them. The mid sleeved neglige barely covered her luscious cheeks. A light blue garter belt with stockings to match would go well with the black heels. She was getting aroused, her nipples started to swell, and an ache in her pussy prompted her to get dressed. She dried her hair and put on lip stick, slipped into her attire, and sprayed on her favorite perfume. As she reached for the knob on the bedroom door she was startled as it opened at the same time.

"Surprise," came the trio of voices, from the naked men before her. "This is your lucky day Pam," they chimed in, each with cock in hand.

"Pam, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of friends, this is Shawn and Jamal."

"I, I don't know what to say, I wasn't expecting company."

Shawn was light skinned with a shaved head, probably around 6' 2" and 200 pounds, very muscular and quite handsome, she thought. His cock was long and lean and the head peeked out at her from it's foreskin. She had never seen an uncircumcised cock. Jamal was clean shaven and wore his hair in corn rows. He was slightly taller, with a few more pounds, and a shade darker. His cock was just as long only fatter and was also uncut. They both appeared to be in their late twenty's or early thirty's.

Pam was beginning to feel the effects of the drink's that James had made her. The thought of being with three well hung black studs had awakened her inner most desire. She could feel her nipples hardening against the restraints of the new bra, a moistness in her crotch, a tightening in her stomach and a dryness in her mouth. She was becoming dizzy with desire as she reached out and took hold of the new play toys and guided them by their cocks to the bed across the room.

Upon reaching the bed Shawn took her in his arms and as they embraced she could smell his young hard body. Still holding his cock she thrust her tongue into his mouth and felt it harden in her hand. She slowly jacked it in rhythm with their dueling tongues. Shawn's fingers found the buttons of her neglige and it was soon discarded. He fumbled with the snaps on her bra showing his inexperience but finally released her from it's constraint. Her nipples were hard and became further aroused as he sucked and pinched them. "Hey, I want in on this too, lay down on the bed bitch," Jamal ordered. Pam lay on the bed, Shawn on his knees to the left of her head offered her his cock. She took it in her left hand and began to stroke the chocolate shaft, the head playing peek-a-boo with her until it became fully ridged. The pink color of her lip stick matched perfectly the color of his blood engorged cock head as she eagerly began to suck it dry. Meanwhile Jamal was struggling to remove the garter belt, as he slid his tongue into the slit of her panties and coated his face with her juices. Frustrated, he grabbed the waist band of her panties and in one fluid motion she laid bare, her brown hair glistening in the sunlight from the window at the head of the bed. Now he dove between her legs with the gentleness and grace of an Olympic diver. Moistening the crease Jamal teased her clit, then sunk the length of his tongue into her. He took Pam by the legs and lifted her at the knees and raised her ass from the bed, exposing her hot slit and back door. Now he began to rock her, licking both cracks and tonguing each hole indiscriminately.

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