Fantasy Not Reality


Carol lay motionless on the table until I pulled back. She stood up and proceeded to sit on the edge of the table with her legs spread. I could see my seed oozing out of her now swollen pink cunt as it dripped onto the table.

"Come over here" she motioned with her finger. "I need you to finger my clit until I get off again" she said pulling me to her kissing my lips.

I finger fucked her, massaged and pulled on her clit while I sucked on her now elongated nipples; she was in fucking heaven. To her credit, Carol lasted for almost ten minutes before letting loose with a scream, telling me to rub her clit harder. "Who was this fucking women and what had she done with my wife," the words echoed in my head; but I didn't listen to them, I was just enjoying myself too much to fucking care.

We never ate dinner and even fucked two more times that night. I fell asleep out of shear exhaustion for the first time since our honeymoon and woke up refreshed ready to do it all over again this weekend.

So my life went on until Thursday night. Carol called me about 9:30 and asked that I be home at 5:30 pm sharp. "Jim pickup some whip cream and another bottle of Beranger's wine on your way home tonight" she told me. Don't be early and for sure, don't be late tonight; I'll have a warm surprise for you when you get home tonight" she said with a little laugh.

Shit how I made it through the day I'll never know. I just kept on thinking about the surprise my wife had waiting for me tonight. "I wonder what she can possibly be planning for tonight, we've done almost every thing over the last month" I thought to myself. "What ever it is, I know I'm going to like it," I said with a smile on my face, looking at my watch and counting the hours down until 5:00.

Fedex didn't pickup on time so I volunteered to take the packages to the substation that was only a half-mile from my house. I dropped off the packages, hit the store and had all the necessary items for tonight's festivities by 4:50 and headed for home.

There were two extra cars in our driveway when I got home so I ended up parking in the street. I figured it was a few of her girl friends that were probably helping her with the preparations for tonight. I knew I was a bit early but figured she'd be glad to see me; how wrong I was.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen I knew something was wrong. "Oh shit, oh my god!" I heard Carol scream. "Damm, it's too big, god help me" I heard seconds later.

"Holy fuck, Carol 's in trouble was my first instinct" as I raced to the den and got my gun. I'd purchased it three years ago but had never even got around to buying bullets for it, but they wouldn't know that, as I headed upstairs. I tried to be so quiet walking up the stairs, not knowing who or what was going on; but they'd be fucking hell to pay if they'd hurt my Carol. I had my gun raised and was ready for anything as I turned the corner and walked into my bedroom.

"God damm I didn't thing I could handle you both, but you're going to have to hurry, my husband will be home in less than a half hour," Carol said as she rode the both of them. There on the bed was my beloved wife, with this wild look on her face, one cock in her pussy and one in her ass as she twisted her own nipples; I was fucking speechless, but not for long.

"Too late for that Carol" I screamed as all three looked to the doorway. Carol screamed and the two guys went nuts when they saw the gun.

"I thought you said he wouldn't be home till 5:30" one of the guys cried out as he reached for his pants while Carol tried to say something to him.

I was boiling over and swearing at all of them as I waved the empty gun. "Don't shoot Jim, it's not what it looks like Carol sobbed."

"Let's see, I come home and find my wife fucking two strange guys in our bed, what more is there left to explain" I shouted.

"Look man", one of the guys said. "She paid us to fuck her, that all I know" he said scared shitless.

"Ok, this is how it's going to play out" Jim said in a dead calm voice. "You guys have two minutes to get your fucking clothes and get the hell out of my house, do you understand?" I asked. "If your still here after that, you won't be leaving here alive; do I make myself clear?"

The two guys had started dressing before I'd even finished my last sentence. "Also" I continued, "take the slut with you."

At this a tearful Carol started screaming that it wasn't what it looked like and that she'd only done it for him. I stopped her by screaming that, "Carol if you don't get the hell out of here, I'm going to fucking kill you with my bare hands!" That surprised her and even myself, as I'd never even raised a hand to Carol before this moment.

A shocked Carol got up and started putting on her clothes that were scattered around on the bedroom floor. I was shaking so bad that before I did something really stupid, I had to get the hell out of there. No one saw me back out of the doorway; they were more than a little busy getting themselves dressed. I went downstairs and out the front door to my car. I drove around for more than twenty minutes before stopping at a corner bar.

By 12:30 I was so fucked up that the bartender had to take my keys and called me a cab. I barely remembers walking into my now empty house and passing out on the living room sofa. At 8:30 the next morning I was on the phone with work asking for the day off before throwing up and falling back to sleep until 2:30 in the afternoon.

With my head splitting, I went upstairs and looked into my bedroom. It was a fucking mess, but at least Carol was fucking gone. "How long has the fucking bitch been cheating on me" I asked myself. "I guess I now know where she learned all the new shit she'd been doing with me for the last month" I said in disgust. I was still mad as hell, but also brokenhearted knowing that my once great marriage was now over.

At about 5:00 I finally got dressed and took a cab to the bar to pickup my car. Checking my phone, I had twenty-two messages from Carol, which I deleted without listening to. However, the evening didn't turn out how I'd planned it, because I got loaded again and the bartender, for a second night in a row, ended up calling me a cab. This time however, I made it up to the guest room before passing out on the bed.

"I've got to stop this shit and get my head and ass wired together," I said to myself as I looked into the bathroom mirror and didn't like the reflection I saw. After brushing my skuzzy teeth and trying some mouthwash I threw on shorts, a tee shirt and headed down to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I could smell the coffee brewing before I even hit the kitchen; then I saw Carol. She looked almost as bad as me, with her eyes beet red from crying. "I thought I told you to get the fuck out, that I never wanted to see your cheating ass again," I said in an angry voice.

"Come with me Jim," she told me. "I need you to explain something to me before I leave" she said as I followed her into the den. Pointing at the computer monitor, she said, "Ok, now you can explain this to me."

On the screen was the website for The Dark Wanderer, showing the list of all of the stories I'd written over the past two and a half years.

"Well?" she said with her hands crossed in front of her.

"Well what" I replied.

"Are these your stories or not?" Carol asked him.

"Yes their mine, but their fantasies not reality Carol" I said in a loud voice.

"So in other words, these are stories about what you'd like to do, but not with me; right?" she replied.

"No, I mean yes, I mean their just fantasies, all men have them" I told her.

"So, when I read your stories and tried to make all your fantasizes come true for the last month, you didn't enjoy it?" Carol asked. "We were up to story twenty eight Friday night before everything got out of hand, I guess I should have told you what I was up to; but you never said a thing."

I looked at my list of stories; number twenty- eight, "My First Cream pie." "You've got to be shitting me," I screamed. "Their just fucking stories I wrote, not a play by play outline for our sex life," I told her.

"Well after reading your last story, I felt I was in danger of losing you and that you were looking for a new lover." "I asked you if you were satisfied with our sex life and if there was anything else you wanted to try" remember that night? "So when you said nothing, I assumed you were getting it else where." "I wasn't about to lose you to some cheap slut so I decided to make all your fantasies come true one way or another" Carol told me. "I guess I went a little overboard," she said quietly. "I do love you very much you know," she told me.

"Carol, why didn't you say something especially before Friday night, and who in the hell were those two guys?" I yelled.

"Male escorts I found on Craig's List." "They cost me $200.00 for the forty five minutes they were here," she told me. "There was no kissing, or playing with any parts of my body, they just got themselves hard and put their penises in me" she explained in a matter of fact voice.

"I don't believe this is fucking happening to me" I started yelling. "How could you be so fucking stupid Carol, to think that I'd let you fuck someone else just to satisfy one of my damm fantasy stories; why didn't you ask me if that's what I wanted" I told her.

"Well why did you hide all these stories from me, are you ashamed of them or just our sex life" she said with a tear in her eye. "I just wanted us to have a great sex life again so you wouldn't go looking for someone else" Carol said now crying and running up the stairs.

"Jesus Christ, I can't believe her" I said watching her run up the stairs. "How naïve does she think I am?" I said pouring myself a hot cup of coffee.

For the next hour I thought about the events of the last month. Why in the hell didn't I ask Carol about the sudden change in their sex lives? I knew why, I was afraid if I said something, it would go back to the once a week vanilla sex they'd had for the last two years. Had I enjoyed the last month, "hell yes" I said to himself. Walking into the den, I looked at the list, number twenty-nine, "Our First Threesome" it read.

"What were you going to do when you got to story twenty-nine?" I asked Carol as I stood in the doorway of our bedroom.

"You know Beth from work, she'd agreed to join us next Saturday" she told me. "I was going to talk to you Friday night and tell you what I'd planned to make sure you were ok with it" she told Jim. "And you know, you weren't suppose to know about the guys Friday and you were also going to get my ass Friday night" she told me as she sat on the bed not crying any longer. "Well I guess I really blew it, Jim where do you and I go from here?" she asked all cried out.

"First of all, we talk to each other from now on; no more surprises going forward" I told her. Second, no more stories unless we write them together, and finally, do you think Beth like Beranger wine" I said with a smile.

Like I said, I'm going to forgive her, but there are going to be a few changes around here from now on; changes I think we'll both enjoy.


If you liked it or not, give me your feedback.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/07/18

Can a wife really be that stupid?

Author makes her sound sincere enough, but geez! And who would be the bigger fool? Carol or hubby? Still, kind of liked the story. Keep writing please.

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by Anonymous01/19/18

Fantasies Are Not Reality

I fantasize about killing my boss and a few coworkers. That does not mean I really intend to kill them. I fantasize about robbing a bank; but I would never try to make that a reality. I fantasize aboutmore...

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by Anonymous11/27/17

Communication,, nuff said.

He should have been honest and talked to her about what was bothering him. Had he done that, then they could have cured the problems they had together. Carol was in the wrong, but he was moreso.

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by timriv11/27/17

👍🏻 👍🏻
Liked it she was stupid but so was he. Not a reason the BTB.

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by Anonymous11/05/17

Okay, I’ll list the mistakes I saw in this story. #1 was having an unloaded gun. #2 was not shooting the two guys who were raping his wife. #3 was not “accidentally” shooting his wife in the processmore...

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