tagIncest/TabooFarm Girl Ch. 1

Farm Girl Ch. 1


Yes, I am a farm girl; have been all my eighteen years. My life was pretty normal except for two things: First my mother, someone who hated the country life, up and left me and my father when I was a little over nine; Second was the morning my father caught me in the hay mow, my pants down and my fingers bringing me to climax. As I gasped loudly, I blurted out: "Oh, God, Don't stop Daddy, I love you." The next thing I knew was amazement to actually hear my father's voice in my fantasy. "I love you too, Nails." ("Nails" is his nickname for me. My name is Penny, but he says I am like an eighteen-penny nail, a new number for each year of my life). In an instant I knew I had been caught.

"Daddy," I shrieked, turning around to see him leaning against the wide door entering the stall where we kept a day's worth of straw or hay. "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." I stumbled around on my knees to turn and face him, my pants down to my knees

"Chores done?" He asked in his gruff manner, his eyes taking me in from knees to head, and then his eyes digging deep into mine.

I nodded and told him they were, now unable to look up from the straw-covered floor. It seemed like hours before I looked up- hours with my heart beating in my throat while I waited for him to come unglued. The deep sound of the Combine told me that he wasn't in front of me any more, and that he was headed out to the corn field to get in as much corn as he could before it started to rain, which looked to start any minute.

The rest of the morning I went from checking the moisture content of the grains being dried to starting dinner for us. Several times I had to sit down and cry my eyes out, knowing full well that I disappointed my father. To me, having been born a female was the biggest problem between my father and I, but he had gotten to rely on me so much since mom left that I just knew I had broken his heart. I knew he had wanted me to go to college after High School but, for my own needs, I just wanted nothing more to stay and help him run this three-hundred and sixty acre farm.

It started to rain hard as we sat down to the dinner table. Even though Dad didn't say a word about anything, I found myself staring at the table, waiting for him to "bitch" me out. Finally, as he kept eating like he always did, and I poked at my food, he asked me if I wasn't hungry.

"What," I shouted, angry that he was dragging this out. "Will you please yell at me and tell me how bad I am?"

He looked up from his plate, an unfamiliar gleam in his eyes. "What? Did you break something again, Nails?"

"You know what!" I growled, slamming my fork to the tablecloth. "About you catching me out in the barn this morning."

"Oh, that? What about it?"

"Tell me, would it have been better if it was your son you caught out they doing himself?"

"Frankly, Nails, I would have been upset to hear my son telling me not to stop and that he loved me. Guess it sounded better coming from a female."

"You mean you're not mad? You put me through all this for nothing?"

"Mad about what? Damn, you're growing up. If I yell at you for that you going to yell at me?"

It took a minute for it to sink in what he had just said. I looked at him, my mouth hanging open as he went back to finishing his food. "You mean. . . No. You don't mean you do it, do you?"

Looking up at me, he smiled his crooked grin. "Well, looks like one of those, 'like father like daughter' things, doesn't it?"

I was in shock. Pure, total shock. He had caught me with my fingers playing over my clit, then had gotten a real good view on my pussy when I had hobbled around to face him, and now he was telling me he whacked-off too.

"Looks like it's going to rain the rest of the day," he said, sliding his chair back and lighting a cigarette. "Tell ya what, why don't you go slip on a dress and we'll go to town. Want to?"

"For what?" I asked, bewildered by the fact that this gruff old man never went to town unless he had to.

"Get ya some clothes. I think you need to dress a bit more like the young lady you are and less like the son you keep trying to be."

"Are you serious?" I asked getting up from the table and heading to my room before he could change his mind.

"Yes, make sure you wear good nylons," he laughed after me. "And no panties."

"What?" I gasped at the thought.

Dad got his way, as usual, and soon we were headed to town in steadily increasing downpour. He told me to listen to the radio if I wanted to, something he had allowed only a few times since I could remember. He was acting very differently then I had anticipated.

"You okay?" I asked, looking over at him as the radio played out the rock music just above hearing level.

"Yeah, sure," he replied, giving me a weak smile. "You know, I did a lot of thinking today about this morning. I guess I owe you a lot of making up."

"For what?"

"For being my daughter. It does mean a lot to me."

"You mean you're not upset because I was, Ah, playing with myself?" I questioned, looking at the window at the passing trees, their leaves all but gone.

"Way I see it, if I were to yell and carry on about you doing it, you could do the same to me." It took a few moments for what he had said to sink in. My father doing that to himself? NO WAY. I could remember the times when mother was still here and how she told her friends about the "wild man" she was married to, but I had thought that had all passed when she walked out on us.

"You mean you. . . You jerk off?" I asked, feeling more mature now.

"Well, how many women you seen around the house?" He chuckled as we pulled up to a railroad crossing as the deep whistle of the engine interrupted my thoughts for a second. He was right, he had never brought a woman home for anything. Had just gotten on with his and my life as I thought he felt he had to, and that was without a woman to be with.

"What did you think when you walked in on me," I ventured, watching the rail move up and down rhythmically as the freight cars slowly passed over it.

"Wow," he again chuckled, but this time the chuckle was a bit deeper than I had ever heard before.

"Dad!" I exclaimed, my face turning red.

I was totally shocked. My father had not only not gotten mad at my little scene; he had stood and enjoyed watching me get off, moaning out my most taboo fantasy.

"Tell, me something," he said, pulling over the railroad crossing as the train moved on down the track, the light on the last car blinking out its warning. "Why did you say you loved me when you were... Ah, you know?"

"Because you're the only man in my life. God, I can't believe we are talking like this. Maybe its because you are always there, or maybe because..." I let the ending up to his mind.

To my surprise we didn't end up shopping at the local Wall Mart, but went into the Mall, a place that had always seemed magical to me. We window shopped for a while -something else my father was not known for- then we passed a shop that carried women's clothes that was a bit on the sexy side. I loved to go into the rows of "girlie" clothes when I managed to come to the mall with my friends, but I never thought I would be buying anything from it.

"My daughter needs some girl clothes," my dad told the girl behind a long, glass-fronted counter. "I have some shopping to do and she sure don't want me here. I'll be back in about a half an hour and pay for whatever she gets Okay?"

The girl looked up, then from him to me. "More like an hour," she giggled.

I smiled back at her. “Men don’t seem to understand time and clothes.”

"What is it you're looking for?" She asked, coming around the counter and leading me back into the fabric jungle.

"Girl clothes," I laughed, thinking I was dreaming. "No blue jeans or tee shirts, and none of those awful, little girl panties and bras."

"Oh, tired of being a Tom-Boy?" She giggled loudly as we entered the area where clothes were skimpy and the prices high.

Twice Cindy, the sales girl, shooed my father off as the pile of clothing started to fill one of the dressing room chairs. Cindy was good at picking the right clothes for me, she was also good at picking me apart as we talked.

"You're father tries to act so gruff," she observed as she helped me tightened up a bra as we stood in a dressing room. "Does he know you came without panties?"

"He told me to do it," I blurted out an instant before I realized what it must have sounded like.

"What?" She gasped.

"He said that everyone thought I was this hard working, sweet girl, but that I had to learn that I was still that girl even when I did off-the-wall things."

"You going to model this for him?" Cindy asked, a gleam in her eyes.

"That'd be a bit off-the-wall," I replied, my mind playing back some of what dad and I had openly said.

"God, I would in a heartbeat."

I had already decided to take her idea and was trying to pick out what I would let him see me in. By the third time he came back, Cindy and I were bent over the counter laughing about this and that. He paid for my bags of clothes, once teasing me by pretending to open the top of the bag to see what was inside then invited me to dinner. Cindy, handed me a card with her name and number on it, and told me to call her anytime she needed any help. I knew what she meant.

After dinner, we stopped for me to run in for a pizza as dad hurried into a grocery store to get something to drink. While I sat in the car waiting for either the pizza of him to come back, I realized that my passionate words of love my father had heard were more real then he knew or, maybe needed to know. In my mind I modeled each and every piece of clothes as he moaned and groaned in passionate agony to my flaunting my body in front of him. By the time the clock in the Pizza place passed the ten minutes the girl at the counter said it would take I was horny and wet.

Something to drink? My father pulled out two bottles of pink champagne and set them on the coffee table as I pulled the pizza from its box. I was all for the liquid courage to help me display myself as I had planned. I didn't realize how effective champagne was, and was soon gabbing and giggling as the bubbles slid down my throat.

"I want to show you something," I said, bubbling with glee. "Why don't you start a fire in the fireplace while I get ready."

The first outfit was a pantsuit that was rather timid yet, even being timid, I saw my father take in my body from head to toe. I knew I was on the right track. The second outfit was a very short, red mini-skirt and a long-sleeve blouse that stopped just below my breasts. Dad's eyes smoldered as his eyes touched my bare thighs, then opened wide when I pulled the skirt up to show him the scanty, red panties I had slipped on.

Each time I changed I sipped from my glass of champagne, soon becoming not only drunk but caught up in this act of showing my father that I was a girl.

The last outfit was a pale green Teddy combined with a white bra that didn't encase my boobs, only supported them from the bottom. "God! You look good," my father exclaimed, a sound in his voice I didn't understand. "I am so sorry for not doing this a lot sooner, Nails."

"Daddy," I whispered, bending down and putting my arms around his neck, "I am happy it is happening now. Okay?"

I just stood there, bent over so he could see deep into the Teddy. Even being a bit drunk I was having a hard time telling him what was on my mind. Then he took care of that for me.

I felt his hands run up the back of my thighs. Slowly they played at the elastic at the bottom of the panties then, with a deep breath he slowly ventured up onto the fabric covering my butt. "Yes, Daddy, I love you more than you might know," I whispered as his fingers played at the silky fabric.

He knew instantly what I was accepting. His fingers caught in the top of the panties and slowly started sliding them down my hips. I stood up as he worked them down further and further until I had to lift one foot, then the other, for him to remove them from my passion-crazed body.

Before I knew it, he pulled the quilt off the back of the couch and spread it out on the floor in front of the fireplace. Turning out the lights, he turned and looked at me standing between him and the softly crackling fire. "God, you are so beautiful," he moaned out.

We were on the floor, lying on our stomachs, drinking champagne as we started to know each other as a woman and a man. He didn't seem at all uneasy about what was going on or whom it was with. He just didn't seem in too big a hurry for what we both knew was about to happen.

I felt his hand on my thigh, slowly moving up onto my ass. I opened my legs slightly as his fingers played where no one had ever touched before. My eyes were affixed to the fire, wondering if the heat from it was flowing into my body as my father openly seduced his daughter who was openly seducing him.

His hand slid down between my legs, and I opened them even more as the first fingers of anyone brushed against my wet pussy. "Feels so good," I moaned out to the fire as the fingers played over my slit then, as I moaned loudly, sunk into my wetness.

I quickly found out that my father knew what he was doing as he, with my moans becoming louder, teased and taunted at me. I could feel my heart beating in my throat, making it impossible to make any sounds but groans of passion. He stroked me, finding my now swollen clit, then, as I gasped out as his touch started getting me off.

I buried my head in the quilt when my climax erupted deep in my brain. I could feel my hips lifting up for even more of his touch as I squealed out my love for him. I felt my body responding even more as he stroked me through my climax, not giving me an instant of rest. Always before, I had gotten "off" once and that was that. Now, as I breathed loudly, he kept right on playing over and around my clit until, with a soft wail I found myself caught up in my second climax from my father.

As I tried to catch my breath, he rolled me onto my back and soon our lips were pressed hotly to the others, his tongue exploring mine as my arms wrapped around his back. His left hand slide up under the Teddy and started playing over the exposed skin on my breasts. I was gasping for air as he taunted me by playing at the material barely covering my nipple. After a few, demented minutes of his play, his hands slid under my back, and I lifted up off the floor enough for him to unhook the twin snaps of the bra. Pulling me up to a seated position by my hands, he took the night gown off my body, tossing it to the couch and turning back to me, his daughter, now clothed only in the skimpiest of panties.

For the next few minutes he sucked at my nipples as the fingers of his left hand traced the contours of my wet slit through the panties. The touch of fabric, playing hotly on my slit brought my hips off the floor as I pumped another climax against his fingertips.

Three times he got me off with one of my nipples held in his lips as his tongue flashed over the erect mounds. Dad didn't seem able to get enough of my boobs as his hands pushed the panties down to my knees, starting to play deep in my wet slit as he licked, sucked and tortured my tits with his mouth and tongue.

I was shrieking, babbling on and slamming my hips up and down, as what I thought was another climax overpowered me to become my first orgasm. My fingers dug into his shirt as I begged him to never stop loving me. His fingers tried vainly to stay on my clit as I flopped up and down like a fish out of water. Suddenly, I arched my back and my body went stiff. I was now caught up in my first, total body orgasm. I couldn't move, couldn't think as I lay on the quilt gasping for air. My body seemed to jerk on its own as I felt my panties being removed from my body. Now I was totally naked and willing for whatever came next. Or so I thought.

His hot breath on my wet pussy brought an animal-like groan from me as I spread my legs far apart. The fist kiss, planted just left of my opening, made my body tremble, just as the countless other kisses he proceeded to give me as, with my shouts of passion, he kissed up the left and down the right side of my pussy before slipping his hot tongue deep into me. I felt the tongue moving upwards, stopping long enough to force itself into my love canal as far as it would go. Upwards the tongue again traveled until it was playing over my clit, already well worn in from the fingers.

I had enjoyed my fingers on my clit for a few years, but the touch of his tongue was more than I had ever dreamed. With his hands under my hips, lifting me up to his face, he created a monster in me who only knew one need: the need top be taken like this time after time.

From a new world in my mind, I watched him slowly strip out of his clothes. Now, as he bent between my legs, both father and daughter were totally naked. He bent forward and I felt the head of his cock slowly push at my pussy lips. He moved about a little and it was flowing into my tight virginity as if an invading, fleshy army of wanton lust. Every inch he entered me I felt not only in my pussy but also deep in my head. Now there was no sin here, now only the needs of the two that outweighed the demands of the many. I felt free as the cock touched my hymen, then yelped in pain as he increased his pressure. My hands beat at the quilt then, as he pushed through my virginity, clasping onto it as he entered fully into me.

I felt as if impaled on him, almost a feeling of panic at the hotly different feeling of a man being inside me. I couldn't move as he held his cock in me without moving. Our eyes met and I knew I was more to him than a farm hand or a daughter, I was now becoming his lover, and I would move heaven and hell to keep it that way.

Slowly he started running his cock in and out of me, pulling it out as far as he could before pushing it back into me and holding it as I told him everything that popped into my tortured mind. I chimed out how he had been my father and my friend, and how much I wanted him as my lover.

He only looked down at me as his cock glided in and out, creating wild impulses in me from the friction. Before I knew it, he was groaning and grunting as he slammed himself in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him in even deeper until, with an open- mouthed gasp he went rigid as his sperm exploded deep in me, blasting against both the walls of my pussy and my mind.

He screamed and carried on like a wild man as he tried vainly to get in just one more thrust. My legs tightened around him, bring him a little deeper as his eyes closed tightly.

The rest of the night we laid on the floor just talking. By three in the morning he had given me a 25% interest in the farm, saying that I deserved it even if we wouldn’t have just made love. Then he floored me.

"You know, I have decided on buying the Bibson place. They gave me a price I just can't afford to pass over, but I do have to take the horses with it. Do you mind?"

Mind? Hell, I had wanted him to pick it up the instantly it had gone on the market. Now, not only were we going to have another 160 acres with several fine barns and a remodeled farmhouse, we would have 15 horses along with it.

"What you going to do with the house?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't sell it.

"That's up to you," he chuckled, running a hand over my breasts. "You're going to be running it, so you decide. If I were you, I'd rent it out to someone for helping take care of it."

For some reason my mind reach out and grabbed an image of Cindy. We had talked a lot while we were together, and she said she envied me for being in the country. Not only that, her eyes had played at me as I had dressed and undressed in a way that made me wonder how hungry this monster inside me really was. Anyway, why not find out if I could sin with another female, after all, I had just made abandoned love to my father.

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