tagIncest/TabooFarmer's Daughter Ch. 3

Farmer's Daughter Ch. 3


Well, it wasn't much time after I watched my cousin Wendell suck his friend Brett's dick and then watched Brett fuck Wendell's ass with my own vibrator that those two boys tried fuckin' each other. They certainly enjoyed it and I enjoyed watchin'em but lucky for me they still preferred good old fashioned cunt. Since we made so much noise that night that they joined me in my bed and we didn't get caught by the adults they just kept comin' to my bed every night. We'd fuck each other all night long and let me tell you it was a nice change fuckin' in my soft bed instead of any ole where that we could find some privacy.

We still took every chance we could get to satisfy our needs around the farm though. With all of that lust and cum flowin' through our veins we just couldn't wait for the night to come. One mornin' during the third week of their stay we were fuckin' in the barn. I was layin' naked on a workbench with Brett's cock in my cunt and my legs thrown over his shoulders. Brett was fuckin' the hell outta my pussy and Wendell was standin' by watchin' us. Wendell had already filled my pussy with a loud of his cum and he was gently strokin' his cock gettin' it hard cuz he planned on shovin' it up Brett's ass as soon as Brett finished with me.

I heard the barn door open and I looked over to see my uncle Norman starin' at us in shock. Brett gave a little jump and yanked his cock outta my cunt but he was in the middle of spillin' his load and it kept spurtin' over my stomach and on my legs. Brett moved away from the workbench and my legs fell offa his shoulders. I was sittin' up on the workbench and Wendell was stutterin' tryin' to apologize to his daddy when my Uncle Norman suddenly said, "My god Billie, you're grownin' up to be one beautiful piece of slut pussy."

He walked over to the workbench undoin' his belt and pullin' his jeans and underwear down to reveal a big ole fat cock. It was over eight inches long and I'm could see that Wendell got his long cock from his daddy. Uncle Norman grabbed my legs, pulled my ass down to the edge of the workbench and spread my legs wide to reveal my pretty little pussy. He pushed his fingers through my soft blonde bush and started gently pinchin' my pussy lips and clit. "You've got your mother's pussy Billie. Let's see if you're gonna grow up to be as good a fuck as she is."

I was pretty shocked and nervous about the whole thing. First gettin' caught and then havin' my uncle pull out his cock and get ready to fuck me, hearin' that he musta fucked my mother, I just didn't know what to think. I looked around and saw that Wendell and Brett were gettin' their clothes on but their eyes were glued to Uncle Norman and me.

I closed my eyes as Uncle Norman started shovin' his big dick into me; it was the biggest thing that had ever been in my pussy. Guided by Uncle Norman I wrapped my legs around his waist and he grabbed one of my titties in each hand and started squeezin'em as his cock started rammin' in and outta my cunt. It only took me a few seconds to realize that Uncle Norman was ten times the fuck that those boys were. He knew exactly what to do to make my pussy throb and tingle and beg for more. I lay back on the workbench ascreamin' with pleasure as my uncle fucked the shit outta me. He took his hands off my titties and grabbed my asscheeks, liftin' my little ass off the workbench and squeezin' my ass as he pounded his big cock into my spasmin' pussy. I grabbed my own titties and pinched and pulled on my hard little nipples as my cunt grabbed that big ole cock and had a couple of orgasms. Uncle Norman pulled his dick outta my pussy and pulled me offa the workbench. I knelt on the barnfloor and sucked his long cock into my mouth, suckin' and facefuckin' it until it started shoutin' delicious cum into my mouth.

When I'd sucked him dry Uncle Norman did his pants back up and said, "God damn Billie, you're one eager little slut and you've got a helluva hot cunt. Your mother'd be proud." He left the barn and me and Wendell and Brett just sorta stared at each other for awhile, tryin' to take in what had happened.

When the three of us went to lunch Mama said that Daddy and Uncle Norman had gone to town to get some parts, they were supposed to pick up some videos in town so we'd all watch 'em together that night. Aunt Peggy said that she and Uncle Norman had talked about and they thought they would extend their visit a few weeks seein' as how they were havin' so much fun. Wendell, Brett and me just nodded and made some comments. We were all busy thinkin' about what had happened in the barn and wonderin' when my Mama fucked Uncle Norman and if Aunt Peggy knew.

The three of us didn't take any of our chances to fuck for the rest of the day. We were all just a little too freaked out. We were quiet over dinner but the adults didn't seem to notice, they just kept on chatterin' away. Then they called us downstairs to watch the videos that my daddy had rented. We all sat down and Aunt Peggy started up the VCR. It took me about five seconds to realize that we were watchin' a porno and I just sat there with my eyes glued to the screen, afraid to look around me to see how everyone else was reactin'. I was waitin' for someone to jump and turn the VCR off but no one ever did.

Then I felt a hand on my titty, startin' to rub and squeeze my nipple. I looked at my Mama who was sittin' next to me, I couldn't believe that she was playin' with my titty. When I looked at her she smiled and then started kissin' me. She kissed me deep and long, the kinda kiss I hadn't had in a long time, seein' as how Wendell and Brett never bothered to do more than pull my shorts down before they rammed a cock up into me.

When she pulled away from me I said, "Mama....Mama what's goin' on?"

Her fingers still played with my titties as she said, "I figured that you had sex up there at the waterhole that mornin' with Wendell and Brett, Honey. I was real worried cuz you didn't seem to be too happy about it."

"Yeah... I did Mama. I guess I didn't seem to happy cuz they were pretty rough." I saw my Mama startin' to look angry and said, "But I deserved it Mama cuz I was teasin'em and now...well now I like it rough."

She smiled at me with this sexy, wicked, knowin' smile. "You like it rough do ya?" She pulled my t-shirt off over my head revealin' my titties, I never wore a bra. She started lickin' and suckin' my titties and my pussy was startin' to get hot and wet. I looked around the living room and saw my Aunt Peggy suckin' on her son's big cock while my Daddy, her own brother, was fuckin' her from behind. Uncle Norman was sittin' in a recliner with Brett's head between his legs suckin' his big cock.

My pussy was gettin' hotter by the minute but I had to interrupt my Mama long enough to ask her one question. I pulled her head away from my titties and said, "How did this happen Mama?"

My Mama started undoin' my shorts and pullin' them off as she answered my question. "Well, your Daddy and Aunt Peggy grew up on this farm skinny dippin' in that waterhole together every summer. When your Daddy started gettin' hard-ons and figured out what he was supposed to do with a hard dick he started fuckin' Aunt Peggy's bald little pussy. When your Daddy and I started datin' in high school, I didn't have any objections to lettin' your Aunt Peggy join us when we fucked. And when Aunt Peggy married Uncle Norman he started joinin' us too."

My Mama spread my legs open and looked at my little pussy. "Norman was right, you've got my pussy. Hush now Billie, I wanna eat this sweet juicy pussy."

My Mama spread the lips of my pussy open with her fingers and started lickin' it all over. By the time she got to my clit I was moanin' and pushin' my pussy up into her mouth beggin' for more. She sucked hard on my clit for a few minutes causin' me to have a orgasm, juices gushed outta my hole and dripped down my ass onto the couch. My Mama started lickin' up my cum and then she turned around and reached into a box that Aunt Peggy had brought from somewhere. She pulled out a big vibrator, turned it on and started circlin' it around my pink little clit. I started moanin' and begged, "Oh Mama, please....please fuck my pussy with that big vibrator. Fuck me hard, please Mama."

She pushed the vibrator up into my cunt and started fingerin' my clit hard while she fucked that vibrator in and outta my pussy with all of her strength. While she was fuckin' me with her own sextoy my Daddy came up behind her, pulled her shorts off and started lickin' her pussy and asshole.

Soon my whole body was shakin' and I was screamin' in orgasm. When I was finished my Mama put the vibrator away and pulled me down onto the carpet. She spread my legs wide and my Daddy came and started lickin' my pussy while my Mama played with my titties and kissed me. My Mama moved around and sat behind me so that I was leanin' up against her chest. She wrapped her arms around me and pinched and pulled my nipples as my Daddy put his hard cock into me and started fuckin' my little pussy. I wrapped my legs around my Daddy and bucked my hips up to meet each of his hard thrusts. I couldn't believe that I was fuckin' my own Daddy. The thought of it was shovin' me into another orgasm before my Daddy had been in my pussy very long.

I grabbed his shoulders and yelled, "Oh fuck me Daddy!! Fuck my little slut pussy hard!! Oh god yes! I'm cumming!" I started screaming and my Daddy just kept on rammin' his fat cock into me as my pussy orgasmed around him, clampin' onto his cock and doin' it's best to milk his jism outta him. Finally I felt him spurtin' a hot load of cum deep inside of my pussy. I moaned and sighed and my Mama lay me back onto the carpet and went to lick my pussy clean.

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