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Farmer's Wife


My name's Joe. I have been married to Sue for 10 years and we have four children. This story is about my first child.

Being a farmer in an isolated area of northern England means that meeting a girl, let alone getting a wife, is next to impossible, at least until the web came along. There are farmer's balls, but they are few and far between and are usually made up of older women from the village.

Before meeting Sue, my father Jim, aged 59, and I, along with my five brothers: Andy aged 19, Pete 20, Jon 25, Chris 30 and Bill 33, lived on the farm together; my mother passed away some years ago. Sue and I met at the post office (romantic, I know). She was a 22-year-old widow; her husband fought and died in the first gulf war. It was love at first sight, as they say, and we married within a couple of months, much to the surprise of my family.

Farming was not an easy life; waking up early and coming home late at night for all of us, including Sue, who played the dutiful farmer's wife, getting up with me and making sure we all had good breakfasts to start the day and a hearty meal to end the day. With all the other duties in between, she always managed to dress nice with a curvy figure (34c-24-38). I would see my brothers and father looking longingly at her and would give her many a comment on her looks as well as the odd slap and pinch of her bum which would coarse Sue to squeal.

As I said before, it was hard to find a wife in those days, so all my brothers, with the exception of Bill (who briefly had a girlfriend a couple of years ago), were virgins. With my mother gone for 12 years, my father was fairing no better. So you can imagine the sexual tension. Sue would tell me how hard it must be for my father and brothers to not have a woman for years and how sorry she was. Sue's smalls would regularly go missing from the line and her soiled panties from the washing basket. She asked me if she should tone down her dressing. Was she showing too much cleavage? Were her dresses too short? Was she wearing too much makeup?

"Don't be silly," I said.

"It turns me on to see you dress provocatively, and if they have a wank, so be it."

"Joe," she said, giving me a slap. (Sue told me later that she knew the guys lusted for her. On a few occasions, she overheard them talking about her body, how they would like to do her, and how such talk made her wet.)

"You don't think they do that, do you?"

"Of course they do! You're a curvy brunette. What full-blooded male would not lust after you?"

"You really think they fantasise about me?"

"Yes." "Oh Joe, I think I should tone down my dressing."

"No you don't. I like to see you, so why should they spoil it for me? We live in a modern house because the old farm was knocked down a few years ago, and so the walls are not that thick. Subsequently my brothers and father could probably hear us most nights. Sue would try to keep quiet, but she would regular cry out and moan in the throes of passion. In the morning my brothers and dad would joke about it. They were more helpful around the house saying she needed the rest after our excursions in the night, which would make Sue blush.

It had been another long day. Sue had made us all a nice meal. We said our good nights and went up to bed. I was tired but Sue had other ideas and started to undress. As she took her panties off, I got a surprise. She had shaved her pussy. I got down on my knees to have a closer look and give her a good licking. She was already wet.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"I went into town today to get some more knickers and bought a new razor. Thought you would like it." She said looking down at me as I started to lick her pussy up and down and flicking her clit with my tongue.

"Yes, darling. It looks so sexy."

I got up off the floor and we started French kissing. We were soon on the bed. She pulled me on top of her and we started kissing more passionately. My hand went up her thigh slowly as she turned her head and licked and sucked on my ear. My other hand stroked up and down her back. I then felt her guide my cock into her. We made love passionately.

Afterwards, I rolled off and got the surprise of my life because standing there was my father, looking down at Sue, with her legs still open, her shaved pussy on display, and my fresh cum leaking out. She quickly shut her legs covering her breasts

. "What's the meaning of this dad?" I said.

"Night after night we have to listen to the sound of your humping. We can hear your grunts, but worst of all, we can hear Sue, her moans and cries".

"I'm sorry, dad. I've tried to keep quiet but, but...," said Sue.

"We can't stand any more nights of fantasising about you when we know you are ready for a good fucking next door."

As he was saying this, I noticed all my brothers were standing behind him. I got up to protest, but as I did so my father pushed me back down

"Okay we can make this nice or nasty for both of you it's up to you?"

I looked across to Sue; she had uncrossed her arms exposing her full boobs and opened her legs to their gaze. My brothers and father gasped at the site of her smooth mound and clean pussy whose lips were splayed open slightly from my previous intrusion. "Sue, what are you doing?"

"Joe all that built up frustration and lust I don't think there is anything we can do, but to let them have me,"

They all started to undress, and I could see her eyes staring at each cock in turn as they sprang from the confines of their pants.

(She told me later, that to see all those cocks spring out in front of her, knowing that they would all soon be fucking her was frightening)

I asked if they had any condoms. My father said no, but would pull out.

My father came forward first as Sue moved her bum further forward and opened her legs more to give Jim better access. His cock was about 8 inches long with a bead of pre-cum leaking out. It looked very hard. Sue's eyes were on it all the time as he settled himself between her legs.

" You will pull out, won't you Dad? You know I'm not on the pill."

"I will Sue."

As the head of his angry-looking cock touched her opening, she looked up at me and reached out for my hand, which she grasped. He slid in gently on the wetness of our combined juices; Sue gave out a low groan as he entered her. After a slow penetration, he started thrusting more quickly, Her grip on my hand tightened. (a woman's instinct is strong; she could tell her father-in-law was getting near.)

"Jim don't forget to pull out"

Dad's eyes had closed and his thrusting had become more urgent

"Pull out dad" I said

"Jim no no don't no!"

She stopped talking because it was too late. I saw her eyes close breathily. I got up to try and pull dad of but was pushed back down

(Sue told me later that she sensed him getting close as his cock got that bit harder and felt it twitch inside her.)

"Jim, pull out please!"

Jim gave out a growl as he came. He pulled his still jerking cock out, spewing cum all around her opening, inner thigh, smooth mound, abdomen and underside of her breasts. Jim moved to one side to allow his sons access.

Sue tried to close her legs but Bill was too quick taking dad's place, driving his cock all the way with one thrust taking dad's cum with it, causing Sue to cry out. He, too, was in a hurry, fucking wildly in and out. Sue's body was rocking back and forth violently; you could hear the slapping of their bodies. She was struggling now still shocked that dad had cum in her pleading with Bill to take it out before he did the same. I was very hard by now, Surprised at how turned on I was. I looked down at Bill's shaft gripped by the lips of Sue's pussy and how wet his shaft was. This could not go on for long and I was right.

He must have lasted only about 20 strokes before he was cumin, cursing as he did so. Sue squealed in surprise at the strength of his climax (she told me later that she felt his cock jump strongly inside and felt every pulse). He made no attempt to pull out, although Sue pleaded with him,

"Pull out, Bill, please. Joe tell him,"

as she wriggled under him. Bill withdrew his now limp and glistening shaft. I watched as her lips still clung on to him, closing around his now shrunken head. Bill got out of the way, leaving a snail-like trail across her inner thigh.

She closed her legs quickly.

"No stop you can't all cum in me, please. I'm not on the pill," she said.

"No, you don't, young lady. You're not teasing my boys and then closing your legs. Be a good girl."

Lust and reason had now taken over, for all of us

"Open your legs Sue, you have had two loads already we will worry later" I said.

She looked at me in shock, then at my brothers with a touch of fear, their angry, swollen cocks rearing up before her and slowly opened her legs again. . "Good girl," dad said.

Andy was next, my youngest brother. He got between her legs and had a few stabs at getting it in until he found her hole. Like my dad and Bill before him, he could not control himself, taking Sue by surprise by the look on her face because after just a few strokes, he had cum. All this fucking was having an affect on Sue, and although she was trying to hide it, her occasional thrust up and part moans were increasing.

Pete didn't even make it on to the bed as he came in his hand.

"Suck Pete's cock for him" Bill said.

She took Pete's cock into her mouth and started to clean and suck his cock by licking round his knob and inside his foreskin the way I like it. As she did this, Jon got on the bed and pushed his excited cock right up inside her pussy. This took Sue by surprise as she nearly choked on Peter's cock. Jon seemed to have more control than the others and built up a steady rhythm, pistoning in and out, which in turn rocked Sue back and forth as she continued to suck on Peter's cock. Pete started to tweak her nipples, her pussy was burning now with the need to cum She tried to hide her arousal, continuing to struggle, her movements made her pussy rub against Jon's groin while he fucked her. Struggling only turned Jon on more coursing him to fuck her harder leaning forward more his body rubbing against her clit, Sue jerked on contact as his thrusts hit the engorged nub directly

"I think she likes it" said Jon.

Dad and the others came a bit nearer to see as sue writhed a little under Jon, trying not to move with his thrusts. Her face was starting to get flushed with the effort of not orgasaming the fear that she might show, clearly on hear face. It just made Jon double his efforts, leaning further forward, every thrust ending in a circular motion as he ground against her splayed pussy. Shaking her head, Sue tried to deny her body as it shuddered against the men, her hips lifting to meet Jon's thrusts against her will.

Her back arched and she cried out, as Chris pinched hard on her nipples, Jon groaned as her elastic pussy started contracting around him he began humping her hard and fast making her writhe and thrash, as ecstasy overtook her.

He could feel his sap rising, her pussy clamping down as Sue obliged, and Jon let out a bellow of satisfaction as he pumped her hard, his dick started to spurt inside her as he continued thrusting through his orgasm. Sue moaned and thrashed, her pussy tingling and squeezing hard as she milked him.

Ashamed, she turned her face away from me letting go of Pete's now rock hard shaft, Jon pulled his now deflated cock from sue, Her resistance now completely gone as she was resigned to the fact that thay were all going to cum inside her. , "Quick, get out of the way," Bill, shouted

He was ready again. Sue kept her legs open now for Bill as Jon got off. Her pussy was now leaking cum, all red and swollen, as Bill took Jon's place. She cried out as his ridged cock drove home.

He was going to last and built up a rhythm, rocking her back and forth. His cock was glistening with cum, I laid down beside her watching Bills cock griped by her cunt gliding in and out on the wetness of her now very slick fanny, her silky white inner thighs glistening and streaked with cum and sweat, I tried to put my lips around her erect nipple but her tit was rocking backwards and forwards too much with Bills fucking she turned to look at me glancing down at my now rock hard cock she looked shocked. I whispered that I wanted her to giver herself to my family and how much it was turning me on, she looked again at my cock and said

"I love you too darling, if this is what you want, for me to give myself to them and it turns you on so much then I will only because I love you and it's what you want"

"Oh yes Sue. It turns me on so much"

I took her hand and put it on my cock and encouraged her to start wanking me, which she did. Slowly at first, increasing her pace and after just a couple of minutes I had cum in her hand, she smiled at me, now turning to Pete's ridged cock again and sucking it into her mouth as Bill's fucking increased she closed Her eyes and began humping up to Bill.

"That's it Sue, you've got the idea, were all going to fuck you, your fanny and mouth are made for fucking and there's plenty of dicks to do it, plenty of dicks to satisfy you"

She was now moaning around the cock in her mouth, and her right hand had gone down to her clit, taking some of dad's cum from her abdomen with her to rub with what was already there. She was reaching her second climax as she arched her hips back up towards Bill and pushed her crotch up to his every thrust. Her sucking on Peter's cock had increased as well as the poor lad clung on. Bill announced that he was about to cum. She took Peter's cock out of her mouth and shouted.

"I'm I'm nearly there don't cum yet!"

She desperately went back to sucking on Peter's cock as she lifted her arse off the bed trying to get more cock inside and continuing to rub her clit frantically as she sort to bring herself off at the same time as Bill, she gave one final push up letting peter's cock go from her mouth and cried out as she came shaking all over from her orgasam, wanking peter franticly, his cock started jerking in her hand shooting across her cheek, hair and lips Bill pulled his cock out as it started to cum shooting cum all over Sue's belly and fanny pushing it back in again for one finale lunge forward with his still hard cock and then pulling out squeezing from the base down to the tip as he pulled out once more depositing the rest inside. The lads got off the bed leaving Sue still cuming down from her orgasm.

I expected that they would give her time to calm down and rest, but she didn't get any. Dad asked her to turn over into the doggy position, which she did, raising her arse into the air, causing the boys and dad to whistle at the site of it

."Look at that" said dad

Her puffy, shaved vulva (framed nicely by her flushed round butt and sweet ass cheeks) was pushing out between her thighs. There was a dribble of cum at the entrance to her cunt. Dad got up behind Sue and tapped her on the inner thighs so she would open a bit wider, which she did pushing her arse up into the air even more. Dad put his hands on her hips to guide himself in. He prodded a couple of times. Her right hand came up between her legs from underneath and guided him in. Dad pushed his cock all the way in and started to slide in and out, picking up pace, she winced in pain a couple of times, cupping her pussy mound to protect her sensitive clit (since she had just climaxed) from his balls which hit her there. Chris came round to the front placing his dick in Sue's face lifting, her chin up to him

" Suck it Sue " Said Chris

Shuddering a little, Sue obligingly opened her mouth, and sucked it in. With every thrust that dad made he forced her mouth down on to Chris and is hardening cock, so she was getting fucked at both ends for the first time what a site. Sue moaned, her body feeling weak and shaky from both her orgasam and the sexual ordeal. Chris played with her hair, whispering to her as he Watched her lips glide up and down his shaft, her facial expressions changing with each of Jim's thrusts.

"That's it Sue suck my cock, enjoy Jim in your fanny, feel his every thrust, how nice does it feel? Two cocks at the same time more to come, your going to be kept busy you know and you love all the attention don't you? Seven dicks all for you Sue"

She moaned around his cock the more he talked dirty the more she moaned and the harder she would push back on to dad's cock

He liked it when Jim would thrust particularly hard, forcing Sue forward so that she gagged a little on his dick. Jim was really getting into his stride, causing Sue to gasp every time he went deep. I came round to the front of Sue to ask if she was ok. She looked up at me with Chris's cock still in her mouth (what a turn on) as I watched her body jerk back and forth between both cocks, breasts swinging under her with nipples hard.; her face and chest beaded with perspiration and flushed red. Letting go of Chrissies cock she said

"Yes... Joe... I'm.... fine...oh....fuck me...Jim... that's nice....oh joe I'm so hot all these cocks fuck...ing me my pussy feels so wet"

she said between gasps, which were increasing as Jim got more violent. Her index finger was now gently circling round her wet clit occasionally touching Jims slimy cock feeling it going in and out of her

.(She said that it drove her mad to feel his cock going in and out)

Jim shouted that he was ready to cum and had he to pull out.

"No please... don't."

"Beg me not to pull it out. You were begging me to pull it out earlier. Now you want me to keep it in."

"Please...no...keep..keep...it..... In, I want to. ...feel it spurt inside me, feel it jump"

She said between moans. Chris suddenly grabbed hold of her head and pulled it back down to his inflamed cock, she struggled to keep it in her mouth with Jim's hard fucking and her own passion. Her gentle rubbing had turned frantic. Her eyes were closed, and her face was showing her concentration as she squeezed her cunt muscles and sucked harder on Chris as she sort to bring both men off at the same time as her.

"That's it Sue suck harder make us cum in you, fill you up at both ends, at the same time, god that feels good, your bitch loves it Joe, and I'm going to cum in her again"

Jim gave one last lunge forward and cried out. Sue's eyes went wide open as she felt him cum, her passion had reached tipping point as Chris pulled Sue's head down his shaft and groaned out loud shooting his load into her still sucking mouth. She pulled his jerking cock out as it streaked across her face and screamed and moaned out loud.

"Yes Jim fill me up again"

Jim continued to pump, his balls jumping again and again as Sue got another load inside her fertile womb. The movement of her fingers on her clit had slowed down. Jim stayed still as her pussy rocked back and forth on his still stiff cock, milking him as she came down from her climax. She slumped forward looking tired and exhausted the remainder of Chrissies load leaked out the corner of her mouth . Jim stayed in a while to recover, eventually pulling out his now deflated cock from her well-used hole, allowing excess cum to leak out

Again, I thought that they would allow her at least a couple of minutes of rest, but Andy asked her to turn onto her back; she did as she was told . "Good girl, Sue my lads will finish with you soon and you can rest"

I asked Andy to wait a minute while I got her a drink. I leant over her, tipping the glass of water to her lips, which she drank down gratefully. I then laid down next her and asked if she was ok and if she wanted them to stop.

"I'm fine, just tired and sore now," "So you're ok?" I said stroking hair away from her forehead, which was, flushed red; there were streaks of cum all over her face, neck and breasts.

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