"Glad to help," Jill said lightly. She reached over as Lissa turned around, and barely brushed the tips of her fingers against Lissa's back. Instantly, Lissa sighed in relief and relaxed. That clinched it for Jill--there was no way that would have soothed an actual itch. It had all been in Lissa's head, and Jill had put it there. That was definitely something worth thinking about. Maybe even officially scheming about--not that Jill wanted to do anything bad to her best friend, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to drop a few hints in her subconscious mind about doing the dishes, or wiping down the shower when she was done. Or maybe--

Lissa broke into her train of thought. "So are you going to sit down, or what?" she asked, glaring impatiently at Jill.

Jill gave a tiny little gulp. Suddenly, she felt a little bit apprehensive about sitting down in that chair. After all, if she could whisper suggestions into Lissa's ear while her friend was lost in the shimmering lights, then Lissa could do the same thing to her. She looked at Lissa for a moment, trying to discern a suspicious look on Lissa's face, but it was too dark. Besides, the longer she stood there staring at Lissa, the more her friend was going to suspect something was up. Better to just go ahead and just take a seat.

Besides, Jill thought as she settled into the chair, she knew about it now. That was bound to make a difference. Sure, the lights were pretty. They were even prettier than Jill remembered, the rainbow gleam at the edge of each facet catching her attention and fascinating her even faster than before. But know that she knew that she had to pay attention to Lissa, too, or else Lissa could sneak suggestions into her head, then she'd be able to...to...

She'd forgotten about the way it kept turning. It turned at such a smooth, steady, even pace, never speeding up or slowing down. And every turn revealed another facet. Just when she thought that she'd seen everything there was to see of the sparkling, endless depths of the crystal, the light caught her eyes again and she drank in more and more of that perfect glow. It continually amazed her, the way that each turn of the crystal revealed something new and beautiful, and yet so intimately familiar. Jill's breath slowed as she tried to focus. She had to focus very intently, she remembered that. She had to focus on...on the light. Because the light was pleasure.

Realizing that felt almost profound. The light was pleasure, pure and undiluted. Other things might cause pleasure, but the light was pleasure. It poured into her eyes and filled her up with bliss. Jill felt her limbs relaxing, but that was just that tiny step before she lost track of them completely because the sheer orgasmic joy of the light swamped everything else. Jill wanted to lose herself in the rapture of gazing at the crystal. She couldn't imagine not wanting it, not when it just kept turning and turning and she kept cumming and cumming.

The glow took her again and again now, the orgasm a permanent condition as Jill gazed helplessly and came helplessly, and she wondered how much pleasure she was capable of. She wanted to find out. She ached to press her body even further to its limits and feel even more of the bliss of the gem, never stopping, letting the world fade away as she moaned silently inside her own head in utter fucking sexual ecstasy. She never wanted this moment to end.

But it did. It only seemed like seconds before something blocked the light, and Jill's plaintive sigh echoed Lissa's as she realized her friend had put her hand in front of the crystal. "I gave you twenty minutes," Lissa said. She still hadn't bothered putting on clothes, but given the sweltering heat in the apartment, that wasn't a huge surprise. "Never let it be said I'm not generous."

Jill stretched lazily, feeling the glorious, sticky warmth between her thighs. "You're a lot nicer than I would have been," she said, reluctantly levering herself out of the chair. She didn't really want to get out of the direct line of the breeze; the night air wasn't doing much to cool down the room, and after a few seconds, the sticky warmth felt less "sexy and decadent" and more "warm and sticky".

Lissa smiled. It took on a saturnine cast in the dim red light from the window. "Oh, I don't know so much about that," she said. "I spent that time doing a little thinking. And do you maybe have some sort of guess about what I was thinking about?"

Uh-oh, Jill thought, trying to keep a casual expression on her face. "Hog futures?" she asked hopefully.

"I was thinking about how I suddenly itched so bad when I woke up from my last time in the chair," Lissa said. "And at first, I was thinking I maybe had some sort of heat rash." Jill twitched at the word 'heat'. Just what she needed, another reminder of how Lissa looked delightfully cool without any clothes on and she was sweating straight through her dry-clean only dress.

"But then I remembered that the itch just...vanished. Poof! Not even a trace of it. Isn't that kind of funny, Jill?" Lissa knew, and Jill knew she knew, but her roomie seemed to be taking a delight in playing the innocent. Just to watch Jill sweat...

Ugh. Just thinking the word 'sweat' reminded Jill of how damn hot it was in here. Jill wondered if they had anything to drink in the fridge. "Um, not ha-ha funny, if that's what you mean," she said, distracted by thoughts of pouring cool water onto her head and letting it trickle down her body.

"Oh, it's not?" Lissa said. "Because I kind of got the impression that you thought it was. I mean, not that I really mind. I suppose it was kind of worth a chuckle, looking back. I'm certainly not mad or anything."

"Oh. Um, good." Jill felt like she should add something, perhaps try to claim that she had nothing to do with it, but she felt too hot to care right now. She looked around for something to fan herself with, but she didn't see anything that would work, and it was too hot to go rummaging around for something. She needed to do something to cool off, though. It felt too hot to even think right now. Almost without realizing it, she reached around and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

"It's like they say," Lissa continued, "don't get mad." The wave of heat smothering Jill's body finally broke as she unsnapped her bra and let it drop, joining her dress and panties in the small pile of clothing on the carpet. Jill realized what Lissa must have told her, but she felt too delightfully cool to care. "Get even."

Now that she was free of the suggestion, the gentle breeze stirred up by the fan made Jill sensually aware of the little droplet of sweat trickling down her breast, leaving a trail of rapidly evaporating condensation behind it. "I don't know if that was exactly 'even'," she said. "I think maybe you wound up a little bit ahead on the deal." She grinned back at Lissa with her own devilish smile. "But don't worry. I'm certainly not mad or anything."

Lissa's smile vanished, replaced by a look of uncertainty. "Okay, now, fun is fun, but you wouldn't--I mean, I didn't do anything that mean. You're probably a lot comfier now..." She trailed off into nervous silence. "I'm just saying, now that we know about it, and we've each had our go at the other..." Jill just held her smile, and Lissa practically squirmed in discomfort. "You can't, Jill!"

Jill shrugged. She really shouldn't be enjoying herself this much. Then again, she really shouldn't be naked right now. "Hey, all you have to do to make sure that I don't put any funny ideas in your head is just not sit down in the chair. Nobody's forcing you to."

But she knew as well as Lissa did that someone was forcing Lissa to sit down in the chair, and that someone was Lissa. Even knowing that Jill might whisper something in her ear while she was vacant and blissed out and lost in rapturous fascination with the shimmering refractions of the crimson light, and that she wouldn't be able to fight it, Lissa still inched slowly towards the chair as though pulled by an invisible rope.

It surprised Jill how goddamned sexy that was.

Lissa stood next to the chair for almost a full minute, her face a mask of agonized indecision. Finally, she looked over at Jill. "You know if you do anything really nasty, I'll get you back when it's your turn."

Jill smirked, flopping down on the couch. "Who says I'm taking another turn?" she shot back triumphantly.

Lissa rolled her eyes as she sat down. "Oh, puh-lease," she said, shortly before her brain short-circuited with bliss and she couldn't say anything at all anymore.

Jill knew exactly what Lissa meant. That was why she really, truly, honestly meant to leave Lissa alone. She'd had her fun, teasing Lissa with all sorts of prospects for sinister brainwashing, and now she could just leave Lissa to stew in her own juices for a little while (as it were) and maybe when Lissa came out of it, Jill would pretend that she'd suggested something and wasn't telling Lissa what it was. But that was all, really, because Lissa was right. In fifteen minutes, Jill would be leaving her own mind in Lissa's hands.

But then the clock started ticking. Very, very slowly. Every second seemed to take a minute, and every minute seemed to take an hour, as Jill sat there in the dark, quiet room with only one thing to occupy her attention--her blissfully vacant, naked, helpless roommate. And Jill was getting a little creeped out with herself for staring at that.

She grabbed the remote, but stopped herself before she turned on the TV--the last thing she wanted was to flip past an infomercial and have Lissa wake up insisting she needed a bread-maker. She went and got herself something to drink to replace the fluids she'd lost sweating and...um...wow, she still felt all damp and sticky down there. Her mind might have had something like a billion orgasms, staring at the crystal, but her body was still looking forward to number one.

Two minutes later, and Jill was masturbating on the couch. She felt kind of weird--Lissa was sitting there less than ten feet away, eyes wide open, and Jill was rubbing her clit and moaning like she'd just discovered it for the first time. But it didn't matter. Lissa was off in the sparkling lights, she'd never know that Jill just couldn't stop herself from--

Her pussy clenched convulsively around her fingers. Suddenly, she was right back there in the moment, watching Lissa twist and squirm as she tried to scratch her back. It wasn't because she was naked, or the way her tits jutted and swayed as she wriggled around. Jill had been in a threesome once or twice, but that was more as a favor to her then-boyfriend than anything else. No, Jill knew exactly why she felt her libido go into overdrive at that mental image, and why her clit felt like a tiny pebble under her fingertip.

Lissa couldn't stop herself, any more than Jill could stop herself when she--nnnnh! Jill remembered that insistent, undeniable compulsion to disrobe, and the way that it seemed to make so much sense at the time, and that pushed her over the edge into an intense orgasm. She clenched her eyes shut and saw rainbow sparkles at the corners of her eyes as she came and came, her first multiple orgasm in years.

The only sucky part was that she was so wound up, it only took her about five minutes to cum. Meaning she was still stuck with--five minutes? Jill let out an explosive sigh. She was going to go seriously, utterly, batshit nuts if she had to sit here another five minutes staring at Lissa while Lissa stared at the crystal. Honestly. It was going to break something in her brain. (If it hadn't broken already. Jill was uncomfortably aware that she'd been looking right between Lissa's wide-open thighs while she fucked herself a moment ago. Her sex drive was in freaking overdrive right now, and Jill could tell that at least part of her was too damned horny to care what gender Lissa was.)

She thought about going and putting on some clothes, but the second she did, a wave of heat flushed through her body. Okay, mental note, she thought. Make sure that Lissa fixes that before Monday morning, or I will be the most popular girl in the office.

She looked at the clock again. Still five minutes. If anything, the second hand seemed to be going backwards. She looked back over at Lissa. She was trying to be good, really she was! But it had been so much fun to see her following that suggestion (and so hot, her pussy seemed to whisper.) And she could always undo it later (and the memories would burn themselves into her fantasies...) And she wouldn't do anything really harmful, just...fun... (And sexy...)

Jill got up and knelt by the chair. She felt a little twinge of guilt, and tried to tell herself that Lissa would only retaliate (but that got her hot too, the thought of following those compulsions every bit as hot as watching someone else do it...) "Lissa," she said softly. "When you wake up..." She trailed off into silence for a moment, trying to think of something to make her friend do. "When you wake up, you won't be able to stop touching your breasts. It'll be like there's a powerful magnetic attraction, like your hands are stuck to your tits. Even if someone or something moves them away, you'll find that they go right back there as soon as they're able."

Jill tried to ignore the heat between her thighs, but her voice was still a little unsteady as she said, "When I snap my fingers, the attraction will stop and you'll be able to let go of your tits again." That wasn't too weird, was it? Just the sort of thing that a stage hypnotist would do, just a prank on your best friend. Lissa wouldn't know Jill was...enjoying it.

She spent the last few minutes cleaning herself up a little in the bathroom, washing her hands and rubbing the area between her thighs with a damp washcloth. The living room smelled like sex anyway, but at least this way the hand Jill put in front of Lissa's face wouldn't smell quite so obviously like it had just been jammed inside Jill's cunt. Once she was satisfied with the results, she went back in and snapped Lissa out of it. "Wakey wakey, sleepyhead!" she said cheerfully.

"...why are your fingertips all wrinkled?" Lissa said muzzily as her eyes refocused. "Did you go take a bath, or..." She looked down at herself in stunned dismay as her hands found their way to her breasts, seemingly of their own volition. "Oh, it's on," she said, glaring back up at Jill.

Jill couldn't help herself. She snorted with laughter. "Here, need a hand getting up?" she asked. She took Lissa by the elbow and helped lever her out of the chair. Privately, she was amazed at how well the suggestion took--Lissa held her arm rigid enough that Jill could pull her up by it without breaking the contact between her hand and her breast, but the look on her face told Jill that she was trying as hard as she could to pull free.

"Seriously, Jill, what the fuck?" Lissa asked, her face bright red. Jill couldn't tell if it was humiliation or anger. "This is so totally not cool." Jill could actually see the muscles in Lissa's arm going taut as she tried to fight her own subconscious and failed. That alone practically undid all the work Jill had done with the washcloth.

"Oh, come on," Jill said, "it's not that mean. It's not like you're actually stuck that way or anything. I can undo it any time I want to."

"It's not that it's mean, it's that it's--" Lissa squirmed a little, her face a mask of discomfort. "Weird," she finally said. "I mean, we're friends, and I never thought you...I mean, I never thought you thought. You know?" she finished awkwardly.

Jill blushed beet red. She hoped that it would look like she was upset at the implication, and not because she felt like suddenly she'd been caught with a guilty secret. Because no, girls in general didn't do anything for her. But girls playing with their own titties because of some kind of weird post-hypnotic suggestion? This girl in particular right in front of her, the one with her hands glued to her breasts because of nothing more than Jill's words whispered into her ear when she couldn't think about anything but endless fathoms of red light? Um, yeah. That was doing a whole lot for her. "It's not any weirder than the clothes thing," Jill said defensively.

"Um, no, it's a lot weirder," Lissa replied. "Telling me to stand here and pinch my nipples until you tell me to stop? That's pretty freaking weird, Jill. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with you, you know...liking that sort of thing. In general. But it's kind of fucked up to be inflicting it on me."

Jill looked down at Lissa's breasts, for the first time noticing exactly what her friend's fingers were doing. "Um, Lissa?" she said, wrenching her gaze back up to meet Lissa's. "I didn't...I didn't actually tell you to play with your nipples. I just told you that your hands would be stuck to your tits."

Lissa looked down at her breasts again, her blush spreading all over her body now. Jill looked too, noticing the way that Lissa's fingers never actually stopped tweaking and rubbing her nips. After a moment, she realized that she was still looking, and jerked her eyes up to meet Lissa's. "New rule!" Lissa said brightly. "No more discussions about whether or not any of this is weird."

"Uh-huh," Jill said, all too aware that her voice was about an octave higher than it should be.

"Wanna take your turn in the chair?" Lissa asked.

"Uh-huh," Jill replied, walking over to the chair in a half-daze. Her mind was a whirl; she wasn't even sure what to think about first, and she probably wouldn't know what to feel about any of it once she thought about it. It was all just too much to process. She needed to sit down, let the crystal blank out her brain in mindless fascination, and worry about all of it once she finally woke up. Maybe then she could--

"Ahem," Lissa said, nodding meaningfully down towards her chest.

"Oh. Right," Jill said sheepishly, snapping her fingers. Lissa let go of her tits, although Jill thought she imagined a tiny bit of reluctance there.

For a moment, as Jill sat down, she felt a spasm of fear; what if she couldn't stop thinking about all this? The light had been pretty fascinating so far, but it was really nothing but a cheap piece of glass they picked up at a Renaissance Festival, shining through a flickering light as it turned in the breeze. What if that wasn't enough to blank out her brain when it felt like it was galloping a mile a minute, trying to decide if her feelings for Lissa had changed, or if Lissa's feelings for her had changed, or if red, rainbow-cornered red and it was so fucking beautiful. How could she possibly have forgotten how perfect it looked? How could she not have remembered the way that the light flickered and strobed as it played through the crystal?

Jill wanted to weep with joy. Every slow, gentle rotation of the crystal was like a new revelation, an almost religious experience with every new facet exposed to her gaze. Just when she thought she understood everything there was to know about its wonders, it turned again, and she saw it as though for the first time. She knew that she must have seen this face of the crystal before, but each individual facet was just so fascinating that it blotted all the others out of her mind, so when those rainbow prisms heralded a new one, she experienced it anew all over again.

And the bliss. How could she have forgotten those endless depths of pleasure, spilling into her mind through her eyes and making her burn with hot, sexy...ohhh, and it turned again, and each turn of the crystal was like a new orgasm unfolding inside her mind. Each facet of the gem was a plateau of bliss, but the edges, the dazzling refractions of light on display in every single one of those moments...unnnnnh, it turned again and Jill forgot even how to describe the bliss to herself. She was utterly lost in the pleasure now, her body forgotten, all her thoughts forgotten except for the one thought, and that thought was pleasure. That thought was orgasm given shape. She drifted in it as time itself became meaningless.

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