tagErotic CouplingsFast and Hard

Fast and Hard

byParis Waterman©

Of course, Elaine and I were married... to other people. We met while working at a Romney Republican Headquarters trying to drum up the voters in town.

Instead, we drummed up a heated interest in each other.

I still think it was Elaine who got me interested in her first, although she would probably lie and say it was me.

Does it really matter?

The first actual physical contact we both agree was on the subway enroute to Republican Headquarters.

It was during the morning rush hour and the car was packed solid. The subway wasn't my normal mode of transportation -- that would have been by cab, but it was raining, and there's a premium on cabs when it rains. And so the subway -- and so I met Elaine, I mean, really met her.

I was standing in the middle of the crowded car, holding tightly to the pole for support when she was pressed up against me clutching a computer bag and oversized purse close to her body to ward off any attempts at thievery.

We nodded at one another in recognition and waited for the train to lurch forward as it left the station. The sudden start was more than Elaine had bargained for... or so I thought at the time, and she bumped up against me, her front to my back. Her thigh to my thigh... and she stayed there.

The close proximity caused me to become aroused, I mean, wisps of her hair were tickling my face and I shifted my body slightly affording her the means of gaining some space between us.

But she moved with me -- remaining plastered against my thigh.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Me too," she replied, giving me a half smile.

We had three stops to go. My mind registered her willingness to stay close to me and what it might mean and made a decision to see how far she was willing to go.

Returning her smile, I managed to turn so that I was now facing her. This put my steely cock up against her groin. Not being a small man, I knew she felt me and gave her a 'What can you do?' look.

When she made no effort to move away, I began to hump away at her.

Surprisingly, we rode the remainder of the trip that way. I thought that she might have met me on several occasions, pushing into my hardon as I sent my hips into her, but then again, it could have been the train that caused it.

But as the train came to a stop at our station, she moved her hands to my abdomen and chest, feeling and caressing me through my dress shirt. I almost came in my pants.

We exited the train together, and waited while the other passengers disembarked and the train pulled out of the station. We were momentarily alone on the platform, and I pulled her to me and kissed her.

I kept it light, although I wanted to devour her. When we parted I saw the lust in her eyes.

"Is there somewhere?" I said before she put a finger to my lips and replied, "We'll make do at Headquarters. There must be a place."

There was.


We started texting. Simple stuff, like: "I miss you, Kyle."

"Elaine you really look hot today."

"Really, how so?"

"Your ass looks exceptionally good in that skirt. You make it hard to act normal around here."

"Is that the only thing I am making hard?"

"Naughty girl. My dick is getting hard just thinking about you."

"I wish you could be in me right now."

"Meet me by the copiers, now."

Elaine looked around the office, saw me get up from my desk and head toward the back of the office. She knew the copy machines weren't used at this time of the day unless Romney had some special announcement to be circulated to the press.

We knew he would be announcing his Vice Presidential candidate the following morning, and that today would be a relatively quiet one, for our office.

Elaine caught my eye and nodded. A moment later she headed for the furthest copier from the door which was in a small alcove, more a closet than anything else, but a neat hiding place where we occasionally fooled around.

We had started out using the freight elevator, swapping spit during the forty or so seconds it took to go from the fourth floor to the basement and the cafeteria for our break, but the copier area afforded us a trysting area in which we could get some serious fucking around in.

I followed after assuring myself that no one had taken notice of Elaine's departure.

"Hi," she gurgled as I closed the door, leaving us in the tightly confined space.

My hand was already under her skirt, making its way to the Holy Grail of her cunt.

"Are you wet for me?"

"See for yourself," she said, already panting with excitement.

Elaine was the first girl I'd ever met that was always ready to fuck. There were no panties to hinder my progress and my fingers slipped into the slick pussy Elaine claimed always embarrassed her by the copious amount of fluid it produced when she was aroused.

"Jesus," I said, "are you ever wet."

She was already working my zipper and freeing my dick.

"We're going to get fired doing this one day," I groaned as she tickled my balls with her bright red fingernails. I felt my cock throb as her hand squeezed my balls tight while her other hand wrapped around the base of my pulsing dick.

I grabbed a handful of her brown, messy hair and pulled her face away from my cock and kissed her. She spit into my mouth and I sucked her tongue so hard she told me later she thought I was going to swallow it.

We broke the kiss and she bent her head and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. With closed eyes, her head bobbed down then up slowly with an expression of mad desperation painted on her face. Her face was flushed and sweat was already beading on her forehead as she sucked both balls into her mouth, soaking them with her hot saliva.

Pleasure rippled through me. My body spasmed a little as the barrage of sensations overwhelmed me. Her small hands were jacking me off as she sucked on my balls. She moaned as her tongue swirled around, and then she slowly moved back up my cock ... licking and sucking every inch of it.

I was content to hold her head in place until she grabbed my thigh and dug her fingers into my leg. I noticed how her crotch was writhing and moving in rhythm to her head.

With a soft pop, she let me fall from her mouth.

"There's other jobs," she hissed in my ear, replying to my earlier comment about getting fired if caught. There was no mention of what our respective spouses might do if we were found out. Evidently she didn't care.

I did.

Until she hiked her skirt up to her waist. I forgot everything on seeing the garter belt and old-fashioned stockings.

"Help me up on the copier."

I hoisted her up and she spread her legs obscenely while I shook my cock at her labia, striking the soft tissue prior to sticking it inside her.

"Hurry it up; we don't have all that much time!"

I paused to give her tit a squeeze and then slid into her, sighing with the feeling of relief I felt. There was no time to free her tits and play with them the way they deserved.

Elaine was moving against me, pumping machine-like while I twisted her arms behind her to give me some semblance of control.

Nevertheless, we were causing the copier to rock, and that was cause for alarm as it was noisy and just might damage the machine. I ignored it and pounded back at her, knowing she loved it fast and hard.

There were occasions when one or both of us didn't get off, it didn't matter. We'd spend the remainder of the afternoon on the phone with one another, replaying the moment. Eventually, Elaine would head for the ladies room and finish herself off, and I'd do the same, jerking off in the men's room.

As usual we were hurried in our tryst. There was a risk that someone would walk in on us. We had discussed this several times and Elaine had suggested that if it were a guy she would offer to blow him then and there in return for his cooperation.

"What if it's a girl that catches us?" I'd asked.

Elaine had laughed and said, "You'd offer to eat her out on the spot."

"What if she refused my offer?" I'd asked just to hear what she'd say.

"I expect the exact same thing if the guy refused my offer," she said, bluntly. "We'd get our asses fired."

I was quietly grunting as I hammered away at her. Elaine was close, and using her highly skilled muscles to squeeze my cock into coating her cunt with a copious load.

I retaliated by sticking a finger up her ass. This always helped trigger an orgasm from her.

"Oh... shit... this is... so good!"

"Yeah..." I gasped, "Don't want it to end!"

"Your cock... so good... so fucking hard!"

"Want it in your ass, baby?"


But as I tried to penetrate her backdoor, the copier denied me the angle I needed, so I moved her forward with my hips, my dick still buried in her cunt. I shifted her until she was bent over the table next to the copier. It was only thigh-high, stacked with a myriad of colored paper, and I sat her on a ream of four-hole punched paper and lined my dripping dick against the tight ring of Elaine's asshole.

My cock went in like a hot knife cutting butter.

It was unbelievable.

Later she confessed to lubing her anus before setting off for the copy room and we shared a good laugh over it. Just then I actually bit my lip from the exquisiteness of her tight A-hole on my cock.

"Be quick!" she hissed.

I knew time was of the essence, and not wanting to have to jerk off while thinking about this moment and not having cum during it, hammered away feveredly.

"God... you're so fucking tight!"

"Fuck me!"

We were both breathing hard. Her hands pressed against the wall bracing her against my thrusting. I wormed a hand around her front, found her clit and rubbed it furiously.

"I'm gonna come!" She gasped a second before losing her balance and smacking her face against the wall, leaving her with a bleeding nose and an indelible lipstick print on the wall.

Although I hated to do it, I kept pumping into her and neither of us seemed to care about anything but cumming.

Seconds later, I grunted and sent my sperm jetting into her.

Elaine shuddered and moaned, "YES! GOD, YES!"

I pulled my cock out, tucked it away, and then helped her down, handing her a handkerchief to stem the nose bleed.

"Think fast, Elaine. How do we explain this?"

"You leave... now!" she said, straightening her skirt.

"I'll clean this mess up," she pointed at the papers now spilled on the floor.

"The lipstick too?" I said gesturing at the wall. Noticing the stain for the first time, she mouthed the words, 'Oh, shit.'

"You fucking loved it," I said, and kissed her hard on the mouth. Opening my eyes I saw her mascara was running and her lipstick all but gone from her mouth.

"You're running out of me," Elaine half-laughed. I saw she was serious and nodded.

"I'm staying late tonight," I whispered. "I'll get us a motel room. We can fuck our brains out. Can you make some excuse and join me?"

"I'm still so fucking hot for you..."

"Then say yes."

"Yes, but I...."

"You what, Elaine?"

"I need some tangible excuse."

"Tell him Romney's coming to town and you need to be there for him."

"He won't believe me."

"No, no! Tell him Romney's Vice Presidential partner is in town and we need to work on the forthcoming announcement."

"Is that true?"

"Unless he changes his mind again, yes. Romney can always change his mind at the last minute. We do know he's picking someone tomorrow."

"It's going to be Ryan or Pawlenty right?"

"Got to be," I assured her.

She took a lipstick from her purse and hastily scrawled, 'Romney/Ryan' under the lipstick imprint.

"Book the room," she said before she left me standing next to the copier.

I followed moments later, apparently with no one the wiser.

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