tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFat Chick Gets Anal Sex

Fat Chick Gets Anal Sex


I was at the library the other day, talking to my friend Joe when some fat white chick walked in and asked him to give up his seat so she could type up a paper. What do you think Joe did? He just got up and left. I couldn't believe this shit! Females are getting more arrogant these days, especially the white ones. They feel like the world belongs to them. Personally, I believe the man makes the rules. Females are way too crazy, if you catch my drift. So I decided to put this one in her place.

I sat there, just another tall, large black man typing up something in the Word Processor. The fat white chick, whom I later learned was named Katie, was typing up something about nursing or nannies or something. I looked at her balefully. What a bitch! Outside, it was snowing. Katie looked out the window and saw the heavy snowflakes. Yeah, the New England winter was here. I noticed that she on a light jacket which covered her plump body. I just sat there, playing online games while she typed away and looked nervously at the window. Finally, the jig was up. She looked at me shyly, nothing like the arrogant bitch earlier, and asked me if I could help her with something.

I looked at the piglet and offered her my best fake smile. What can I do for you? Katie grinned and asked me if I had five dollars she could borrow. I chuckled. No way. She winced and said that she desperately needed it to get home, and would repay me. I looked her up and down. The moment she got the money, she'd leave. Bitches always do that. They can't love. They're only looking after themselves. They're manipulative, ruthless and evil. That's why I despise the whole lot of them. I decided to play with this one. I asked her why she was broke and she told me that she got fired for sleeping on the job. I chuckled again. Not only was this chick fat and ugly, but she was also lazy. Yet she walked around with a sense of entitlement, like all of her kind.

I told her that I was not in the charity business. Katie looked around. There was almost nobody at the library. She told me that if I gave her five bucks to get home, she'd do anything I asked. I looked at her. Truth be told, I didn't find her attractive. But I was not the sort of man who would pass up an opportunity to humiliate an arrogant bitch so I smiled and told her what I had in mind. A decent woman, if there is such a thing, would have been outraged and said no. Guess what? Katie nodded, perfectly willing to go along with whatever I had in mind to get what she wanted. My plan was working perfectly!

I led Katie to the back of the library. I told her to show me what she had. She did, showing off her large breasts, large backside and thick, bubble butt. Her face was ugly, her body plump but her breasts and ass looked nice. I smiled and told her to get on all fours. Katie hesitated. I told her that it was awfully cold outside, not the kind of weather one should walk ten miles in. Katie obediently did what I asked. I spread her ass cheeks wide open, and slid a finger into her. Her asshole was tight, unlike the rest of her nearly gelatinous body. Yeah, this heifer was plump but who cares? I took out my special cylinder.

I probed Katie's asshole with it. She gasped at the intrusion and asked me what it was. I told her to shut up and remain in the same position. She did. I continued to probe her asshole with my wooden cylinder. I wanted to fuck her in the ass but I wanted to make sure her asshole was clean first. I was satisfied with the rectal exam and inserted my cock into her asshole. Ten inches of thick black cock went up Katie's asshole. The plump white heifer screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Lucky for us, the librarian was a deaf old coot, some geezer who was probably around since the Civil War. I held onto Katie's hips and thrust my cock into her asshole. That asshole of hers, though tight, hungrily swallowed my cock. Like her mouth, her asshole was hungry and would take just about anything.

I took my wooden cylinder and whacked her wide back with it. Katie yelped. I laughed and kept whacking her with it. I spanked her plump ass as I fucked it too. Katie screamed. Her screams only encouraged me to fuck her harder. I fucked her hard and fast, drilling a hole into her back door. Well, a deeper one anyway. I slammed into her, hard and deep. Even though she was a large woman, her asshole was surprisingly tight. Well, my cock was widening it and stretching it with every thrust. Finally, I came, filling her ass with my seed. I pulled out of her, and then walked away, after dropping five bucks on the floor. I turned around. Instead of hearing sobs, I saw her looking at the five bucks and smiling. See what I told you? She was a bitch, just like all the rest. They all had a price. Don't ask the females what their names are, or what they do. Ask how much. That' s the bottom line, folks. See you around. Peace.

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