Chapter 1: I Don't Believe In That Shit.

Fate, destiny, karma, whatever you may call it, it's unavoidable. The powers that be determine who you are, what you do and how you do it. Your job is to just sit back and enjoy the ride so to speak. It's the one universal force which we cannot escape.... Well fuck that. There is no such thing as fate, we have no destiny, and Karma will not come and bite us on the ass.

Belief in this shit is purely for those who feel the need to blame a higher power when life throws a load of crap at them. Some people need to believe. They have to convince themselves that God has a plan for them or that on a cosmic level they deserve the bad things which happen to them. Well like I said before: ...Fuck ...that.

I don't need to believe in such things. I am such things, a Demigod. I have the power to decide your fate, destiny or whatever you wish to call it but there is no plan. I'm just here to enjoy myself and there is nothing more enjoyable than sex. There is nothing I like more than to send a young girl's body and mind soaring into uncontrollable bliss. And hey face it, they love it too. It's not my fault if one night with me will ruin them for all their future partners, I get bored easily.

One night with a girl is enough for me before I move onto the next one. Nobody is off limit and there are so many beautiful untapped girls out there. I just want to try as many as possible while this body is still in its prime. Hey, if you had my powers you'd do the same don't kid yourself that you wouldn't. You can't blame me if these girls get all overwhelmed and think we must have some special bond or be soul mates or something. I've already told you I don't believe in that shit. They are for the weak.

Chapter 2: Psychic Encounter.

So why am I talking about fate and karma if I know its all bullshit? Well, it's like this: A few weeks back the carnival was in town and I decide to go and have some fun there. Anyway, there was this fortune teller's tent there and I'm feeling a little bored so I go inside.

The first thing that caught my eye was how cute the so called psychic was, I mean she was hot in a mysterious kind of way. Her breasts weren't as large as my own but they were an ample size and she had long blond hair in contrast to my brunette curls. She had green eyes too, I like green eyes. It adds a level of exotica to someone's features. I almost decided to forgo the reading and just seduce her there and then but something stopped me. It seemed more fun to find out if she could predict what was to become of her. However, this was when things got weird.

To my astonishment she knew what I could do. She called me Lisa before I gave my name, made references to some of my more memorable conquests and knew what I had planned for her once my reading was finished. I don't know what shocked me more, the fact she knew all this or that she did not seemed at all fazed by what she knew of me. Still it didn't overly bother me as I only had one thing on my mind anyway. Actually the thought of taking someone who was aware of their inevitable fate was quite a turn on. Then she said it; the words which have been haunting me for weeks now. As the reading was coming to an end she told me:

"This reading is over and so you are free to do with me as you wish but heed my warning: You are like the puppeteer, the one pulling the strings of those around you. However like Gepetto was unable to control Pinocchio you must beware of the puppet that has no strings."

I asked her what she meant but she said nothing more. Just to "Beware the puppet that has no strings."

Chapter 3: Bar Talk.

"I think maybe you've had enough miss." The bartender said to her.

Lisa looked at him with a look of protest. "I am not drunk if that's what you think, this is all true."

"Sure it is, but maybe it's still time to go. You've been rambling on about Fate and whatever for hours now. You're lucky we're not busy tonight as you've been stopping me do my job all night."

"Listen I don't need some smartass college dropout telling me what to do. I came here to vent my problems to you, that's what barmen are for isn't it? To listen to the problems of their customers?"

"Well sometimes maybe yes," the barman replied unsurely. "But you don't seem to have any real problems."

"Have you not been listening to a word I've said?" Reacted Lisa angrily, "This Fortune teller woman has fucked my head up, I can't think straight."

"How do you mean?"

"All I think about is this 'Puppet without strings' shit. I haven't fucked anyone since, not even the psychic herself and she was damn hot, I'm too paranoid."

"What have you got to be paranoid about?" asked the barman quizzically.

"About whether the next girl I sleep with is this 'puppet without strings' bitch I'm destined to encounter."

"But you don't believe in destiny," teased the bartender.

"I don't" said Lisa uncomfortably, "but..."

"In fact, you said that only the weak believe in that sort of shit."

"That's true but..."

"So then you have nothing to worry about?" Confirmed the barman. "If you are this Godlike figure you claim to be then the riddles of some carnival fortune teller should just brush off you. You're too powerful to believe in all that fatalistic bullshit."

Everything started to become much clearer in Lisa's head. This guy was right. Since when did a Demigod have to worry about the words and warnings of a mere mortal? "Screw her," she thought, "I need to have my fun, I've gone way too long without the feel of another girl lying beside me. I need to find somebody to fuck." Her mind returned to the conversation with the barman;

"You know what? You're right." She proclaimed. "Fuck that psychic bitch. I came into this body to get laid and that's what I'm gonna do. No more fucking with my head. I'm the one in control." She got up to leave but before doing so turned back to the bartender.

"Thanks for the talk. You're actually quite good at you're job after all. If you weren't so male I may have even considered taking you home tonight. Anyhow I've gotta go find a girl but I need to freshen up a bit first. Where's the bathroom?"

The barman pointed round the side of the bar. "It's just through there. Have a good evening now, Hope you find someone."

"Yeah see you around." Lisa called back as she disappeared into the ladies' room.

Chapter 4: Seduction.

Lisa had just finished fixing herself up in the mirror. It was true she didn't need to look good to seduce a girl but she liked to feel sexy and looking how her little red dress hung scandalously off her braless breasts, she knew she was looking stunning. Now all she needed was a girl to help her out of it.

Walking back into the main bar she noticed the bartender she'd been talking too was nowhere to be seen. "Must just be the end of his shift" she thought. Lisa was about to leave when something grabbed her attention. Sitting at a lone table in the corner was possibly the most stunning creatures Lisa had ever seen in all her lifetimes.

Lisa had a thing for Latin girls but even so this one was special. Her hair was jet black which seemed to perfectly frame her olive skinned features. She was petite without looking skinny and her breasts: They were incredible and their size defied her build. To top all of that she was dressed in a long blue dress with a slit that seemed to carry on forever up her leg and thigh. It was too classy by far for her surroundings. Lisa couldn't believe this girl was alone but all the signs pointed to single: Just one drink, not looking at her watch as if waiting for someone, dressed to kill. This girl was available and Lisa just knew she had to be hers. She walked over to the table.

"Mind if I join you?" Lisa asked casually.

"Err... no, not at all, be my guest." The girl replied with a hint of an Italian accent.

"Thank you." Lisa said as she sat herself down on the chair opposite her prey,

Lisa began to skim the girl's mind and liked what she found. This girl was pure but by no means naïve. A good upbringing masked the sensuality that burned inside her, Up to now she had only really lived in her fantasies but Lisa had already decided tonight was the night she would be set free.

As she began to engage in small talk with the girl, Lisa's mind started to work its magic on her body:

"So what's your name?" Lisa asked.

"Pia" the girl replied as an invisible hand began to work its way up her thigh.

"I'm Lisa. Pia, that's an interesting name. Is it foreign?"

"Y...Y...Yes it's Italian" Pia stuttered as a second hand cupped her left breast and began to massage.

Lisa was enjoying watching her react to these new sensations and decided to up the tempo a bit.

"Oh, so are you Italian then?"

"M...M...My father is but m...my mother's from New York." Pia replied as she tried to compose herself whist a third hand began caressing her right breast. She felt it squeeze her nipple and couldn't help but emit a small gasp, much to the delight of the smirking Lisa.

Continuing as if nothing was amiss Lisa went on: "So you were born here?"

Her breath now noticeably quicker from the myriad of hands which were now running all over her body, stroking and caressing every inch of her skin, "Yes I was, I...I've never been to Italy although I'd v...very m...much like toooooo g...g...gooooo!"

Lisa was loving what she was seeing and decided it was time to go in for the kill. She had made a point of leaving Pia's pussy untouched but now she could sense it was wet and begging for release. She slid across into the seat next to Pia and placed her hand on the young girl's leg. Before Pia could protest, her real fingers had found their way through the slit and into her panties.

The moisture confirmed what Lisa already knew and she did not relent. As two fingers penetrated the already quivering Italian American, Lisa knew it was time to make things a bit more private. As her fingers worked their magic she asked:

"Does it feel good to be pleasured by another woman?"

"Mmmm" Pia moaned oblivious to her surroundings.

"It can feel so much better you know. I can make your body feel things beyond your wildest fantasies. Would you like that?"

"Oh God Yes!" exclaimed Pia barely able to contain herself.

"Then shall we take this somewhere more private so I can show you the true meaning on pleasure?"

Pia just nodded furiously in agreement too lost in pleasure to form a coherent reply. In fact the only sign of a response came in protest to Lisa's hand exiting her pussy. The protests were short lived though for it was soon replaced by a virtual one as Lisa escorted her latest conquest out of the bar.

Chapter 5: Oh What A Night.

They had barely made it into the hotel room when both were overcome by passion. As soon as the door was closed they locked together in an embrace the Jaws of Life would have been unable to prise apart. The dresses they had been wearing soon became a mountain of fabric on the floor as each hungered for the other's nakedness. The lips which had been locked together now parted as both search for new areas to explore and discover. Pia moaned as Lisa sucked and bit on her erect nipples whilst Lisa shook to the sensations of Pia's fingers invading her aching sex.

Passionately they continued their explorations of each others bodies until they simultaneously reached their respective Everests. Without hesitation both women dived into their partner's cumming hole desperate to discover how the other tastes. Tongues vigorously worked overtime to induce every possible ounce of pleasure which could be generated. Bodies quivered and shook as wave upon wave of pleasure took over passion crazed couple.

Lisa came again and again as he desperately clung onto the ass of the screaming Pia who was herself fighting the same battle to continue the assault on each others nether regions and not just surrender to the pleasure.

Soon both were engulfed in an avalanche of bliss which brought their mind-blowing sex session to an end. Sweating and exhausted the girls realigned and just held each other as the final shudders subsided and they fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 6: Pinocchio.

Waking up the next morning Lisa looked over at the sleeping Pia. She felt something she had never felt before. Something she did not even think it was possible for a Demigod to feel, she was in Love. After years of going from girl to girl to quench her erotic needs she had found someone who could make her body scream like no one else could. Pia was special, she could feel it. And the best part was, she was hers.

Lisa came out of the shower to see Pia getting dressed. She was about to walk over and embrace her new found love when she noticed a yellow mark on the side of Pia's ankle. She couldn't make it out as Pia's shoes covered most of the image.

"What's that?" Lisa enquired

"Oh that, it's a tattoo."

"You have a tattoo? What of?"

"You didn't see it last night?"

"Well no, I was a bit distracted"

"Oh well then I'll show you." Pia said with a grin.

Slowly Pia removed her shoe to confirm what Lisa feared, it was Pinocchio. Panic swept through Lisa's body as multiple scenarios and questions ran through her head. "Who was this girl? What does she plan to do? What does the tattoo mean? Maybe it's just a coincidence. Yes that's it, it's gotta be. I took this girl under my power, I was in control. It's nothing to worry about. This can't be who the fortune teller was talking about."

"I told you to beware the puppet without strings." Pia said with a smile on her face.

Lisa's heart skipped about twenty beats, "What did you say?"

"Beware the puppet without strings, I warned you at the carnival but it seems you did not take my advice. Now you are mine."

"What do you mean yours? Who are you?" There was fear in Lisa's voice.

"I am your Goddess, a being far more powerful than yourself and so your antics have no effect on me unless I wish them too. However the same cannot be said for you. Your mind may be that of an immortal being but it is trapped in a human body and so is slave to its human needs."

Lisa began to realise where this was going. She remembered all of her previous conquests and how they had fallen in love with her after their one night together. How destroyed they seemed when she cast them aside. All of those girls' bodies needed her and now her body needed Pia. Lisa wanted to fight:

"But I'm a God, my body doesn't control me."

"You poor deluded girl, we both know that's not true. If your body wants food then you have to eat. If it is tired then you have to sleep. So if your body is desperate for sex then you have to fuck. Unless you want your mind to go crazy."

Lisa knew this was true, her pussy had begun to ache just thinking about sex and there was nothing she could do about it. Defeated she asked:

"So what are you going to do with me?"

"I assume you are aware that since you've had sex with a deity you're sexual needs are bound to me so it's just a case of deciding whether to keep you or not. I could easily just cast you aside like you did all those other girls."

Lisa's sex began to burn with need, the thought of being rejected had sent waves of panic rushing through her body. "Please no, I need to be with you." she begged. "I'd go crazy without you."

"How do I know you'd be worth it?"

"Please I'll do anything. How can I prove it to you?"

"If you are going to be mine then you must be completely devoted to me body and soul, I am your Goddess and superior, you will do as I command when I command it. You must give yourself totally to me. You must let me take your mind as I have taken your body. Or you can walk away, that is your choice."

Lisa didn't know what to do, her mind was screaming at her to walk away. She was a God not a slave she could rise above this. However her body as flooding her mind with lust and want. Her pussy was sodden with desire which needed to be quenched and there was only one person who could satisfy her. Despite the protests of her mind she knew what her decision had to be. Lisa looked up at her Goddess:

"I am yours Goddess, Mind, body and soul."

Pia looked over to her with satisfaction and with a parting of her legs commanded Lisa:

"Then come to me and let your mind melt away."

Lisa didn't need to be asked twice and immediately set about pleasuring her new Goddess. This was where she was meant to be.

It was fate.

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