tagErotic HorrorFated Destiny Ch. 04

Fated Destiny Ch. 04


Tom was still moping in the morning room where he had been interviewed when Sergi found him. Sergi looked down compassionately at the young man slouched down on the sofa. He remembered back to his first encounter with the supernatural. Sergi knew of the shock, disbelief, and turmoil Tom was going through to come to grips with this new reality. Sergi cleared his throat at which Tom looked up and then jumped to his feet.

"Thank you, Thomas," said Sergi, holding up a file for Tom to see. "Anya just gave this to me. I know it was a difficult decision, morally and ethically, for you to make."

Tom could not stop his lip from curling into a grimace at Anya's name.

"She's makes my life difficult, too," chuckled Sergi. "I spoiled her when I should have spanked her, but she's bright, intelligent, and full of life."

Tom had to smile at Sergi's obvious adoration for his granddaughter.

"...and let's not forget too keen of a wit and a mouth that does not know when to stay closed," added Sergi, which started Tom laughing. "Shall we go over the file and track down our quarry's lair?"

"Have you...thought about taking her money?" asked Tom, looking thoughtfully at the file. "I don't mean for ourselves, but a lack of funds would hamper her, wouldn't it?"

"Impractical for a number of reasons, Thomas," replied Sergi. "First, it would implicate you and your firm. Second, detectives are very adept at what they call following the money. It would not stay hidden long. Third, I do not believe Covington would keep all of her eggs in a single basket. As sizeable as her assets seem in this file, I am positive that it is only a portion of her wealth."

"It was just a thought," stated Tom.

"It was good in principle, but you are not a thief," said Sergi, kindly. "You did not think it through to all of the possible conclusions and consequences." Sergi scrutinized Tom's face. "You are tired...go and rest."

"No, I'll give you a hand with the file."

"No, Thomas," stated Sergi firmly. "Go and rest. Let your mind and emotions process what you have seen. Go down to the pool. I have had a gym built next to it."

"I didn't bring anything to swim in," said Tom, blushing slightly.

Sergi gave him a hard stare before turning away and said, "Jump in fully clothed or with no clothes on at all. The nearest neighbors are kilometers away. Go have fun. I can go through the file myself."

Sergi left Tom alone in the morning room. Having nothing better to do, Tom headed down to the pool. The Olympic-size pool was next to a large two-story building. The water looked inviting, but Tom just knew that if he jumped in naked, Gretta was sure to show up. Tom paused a he heard faint thumping sounds coming from inside the building. Going inside through the men's locker room door, Tom was surprised to find a spiral staircase inside leading upwards. The noise was coming down through the opening above.

Tom climbed up the spiral staircase cautiously, unsure of what was causing the noise. He found himself in a spectator area with tiered benches, looking down on the floor of the gymnasium. Only the light illuminating the gym were on, leaving his location in dark shadows.

Half of the gym was set up for basketball. The other half of the floor was covered with mats and had al sorts of gymnastic and boxing equipment situated around. The noise Tom heard was being caused by Anya kicking and punching a heavy canvas bag.

"Stupid!" grunted Anya as her foot lashed out at the bag. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"


Tom turned when he heard his name called out softly from behind him. In the dim light, he saw Hannah sitting a couple of rows higher up. She beckoned for him to join her. Hannah moved over a seat so Tom had to sit down on the unscarred side of her face.

"Rough morning?" asked Hannah, not looking at Tom, but watching Anya punch at the heavy bag.

"I've had better," quipped Tom.

Hannah shook with a little snort of laughter.

"Yeah, right!" she said with a trace of sarcasm. "You're wearing clean clothes that don't belong to Tex. You've got your wheels. You got the file without getting caught and something personal happened between you and Anya."

"What?" exclaimed Tom quietly and a little startled. "How could you tell?"

"From the way she's taking out her frustrations on that bag, and by your ticked-off attitude," replied Hannah. "Do me a favor and close your eyes."

"Okay," said Tom as he closed his eyes.

"Describe me."

"Frizzy brown hair...down past the shoulders...and the, uh...the, um..."

"Scars?" supplied Hannah.

"Yes, the scars," stated Tom, feeling his face burn in embarrassment. "Your eyes are...uh...I don't know."

"That's okay, Tom," said Hannah. "It takes awhile for people to get past the scars. Some never do. I've learned to live with it. Will you do me another favor?"

"Sure," said Tom Looking into her brown eyes. Seeing past the scars, tom suddenly realized that Hannah was pretty and her face reflected her inner strength.

"Will you stand up and drop your trousers?"

"What? Here?" hissed Tom in shock. He then asked suspiciously, "Why?"

"Just to see what the big deal is that gets you so worked up," replied Hannah calmly.

"Fine," snapped Tom angrily.

Ho stood up and unzipped his jeans. Tom then yanked his pants and underwear down and placed his hands on his hips, while glaring as Hannah. Hannah stared at his cock for a long time. Tom's anger began to subside and his nervousness grew as Hannah's silence dragged on. Worse still, his prick began to stiffen up under her constant gaze.

"Impressive," stated Hannah at long last as she turned to watch Anya again.

Tom stood still, unsure of what to do in the face of Hannah's seemingly indifference. He slowly pulled his pants back up and buckled his belt. In a daze, he sat down beside her again.

"Hannah, I don't understand."

"Don't you?" asked Hannah. "Your Johnston is the same as my scars, only not as visible. It's a part of you you're just going to have to learn to live with. I can imagine you growing up with something that size. It must have been extremely embarrassing, especially if you made out with girls who lacked the maturity to deal with it...intimately, lovingly, and, most importantly, privately. Let me guess, you shunned intimacy and sex after a while."

"Yes, I did," replied Tom grudgingly.

"Some men are totally repulsed by my scars," stated Hannah. "Others find them highly erotic. Neither type can see past them to see the real me, but..." Hannah looked at Tom with a big smile on her face. "...every now and then, there's one who sees me and knows the scars are only a small part of the whole person. Ah, I think Anya has finally worked out all of her frustrations."

Tom looked down to the gym floor. Anya had collapsed onto the mat, both perspiring and breathing heavily. He leaned over and kissed Hannah on the cheek.

"Thanks, Hannah."

"You're welcome, Tom. Uh, you don't mind if I have a couple of erotic dreams about you tonight?"

"I guess I'll have to learn to live with it," chuckled Tom as he stood and headed down to the gym.

"Good boy," said Hannah as he left.

Tom went down to the locker room and walked out into the gym. Anya looked up when she heard his footsteps.

"Oh, Tom..." she gasped breathlessly. Anya tried to get up, but only managed to prop herself up on one elbow. "I'm...I'm so...sorry. I...didn't...mean..."

"I know," said Tom, cutting her off. "Your grandfather needs to see you immediately."

"Gimme...gimme a couple....couple of minutes," panted Anya.

"It's urgent," said Tom, bending down and scooping her up effortlessly.

"Put me down," stated Anya, feebly struggling to get free.

"When we get to the house," replied Tom as he headed towards the door.

Once outside, Tom started to skirt around the pool when Anya said, "Tom, I really would like to apologize. I know I hurt your feelings by trivializing and making fun of what happened. I really am sorry."

Tom stopped and sighed before saying, "I've been teased about my...size since I can remember. It's been pointed out to me that I may be overly sensitive about it."

"You're overly sensitive and I lack impulse control," said Anya, shaking her head.

"Hmm, lack of impulse control..." mused Tom just before he tossed her into the pool.

Tom smiled as her shriek was cut short by a loud, satisfying splash. Anya came up sputtering and coughing as she splashed over to the side of the pool. She coughed a couple more times and shook the water from her eyes.

"Does this mean we're even?" she asked.

"If you like," replied Tom with a smile.

"God, this water is cold," said Anya as she hiked herself out of the pool. Tom could not help, but notice her nipples poking out as her t-shirt plastered right up against her skin. "Did grandfather really need me?"

"No," stated Tom.

"We're even, then. Truce?" asked Anya, holding out her hand.

"Truce," said Tom, shaking her hand.

"Good because I need a hot shower," said Anya, shivering a little. She looked slyly at Tom. "Care to join me?"

Tom felt himself blush and said, "Maybe next time. Let's not push this truce to its limits just yet."

Anya smiled and then shivered again. Without another word, she turned and trotted back into the gym. Tom smiled to himself as he realized he felt good about himself.

Tom decided to head back into the house and found Sergi in the library. Sergi and James were bent over Covington's file. Maria was also there at a computer terminal looking at a satellite photograph.

"Hey, partner," greeted James upon seeing Tom. "This stuff is a gold mine. We've found three properties that Covington has purchased and possibly two more that were bought by dummy corporations she owns."

"Five places?" exclaimed Tom.

"Possibly more than that, Thomas," stated Sergi.

"How will we know where she is?" asked Tom.

"By reasoning, surveillance, and a little luck," said Sergi. "Their limitations make vampires paranoid. They trust no one. Covington's mansion is a place to meet people, like the police when they interviewed her, and a place to give out orders to her underlings. She will not stay there during the day. She will not want it known that she owns the property where she rests. I believe that the two places owned by the dummy corporations are our best bet."

"Oops, make that three places, doc," said James.

"Thomas, please study these maps and photographs," ordered Sergi. "They are of an abandoned farmhouse out in the country. I think it is a low priority because abandoned property attracts attention, like juveniles looking for a place to park or developers looking for places to build. We should still examine it. I would like you and Gretta to go there before dark."

"Uh..." stammered Tom, nervous about being alone with Gretta.

"Doc, that's like putting a lit match to a powder keg...with Tom being the match," stated James seriously.

Sergi frowned and said, "The only other choice is Anya and Thomas, who has already had enough difficulties with her today."

"Dr. Maleski, Gretta's fine," interjected Tom quickly. He thought Sergi would find it amusing that he had thrown his granddaughter into the pool, but he was sure that James and Maria would tease Anya about it. He did not want to put any strain on the truce they had made. "I'll go and tell her."

"Hold up, partner," said James as he pointed to the wall beside the door. "Just ring her up over there."

Tom looked and saw a small panel with twelve buttons on it. Several of the buttons were labeled with a person's name. Tom pushed the button labeled 'Gretta'. It was only a minute or two later before Gretta flounced into the room in her maid's outfit.

"You rang?" she asked Tom with a sly smile.

"You and Thomas are going to check out an abandoned property owned clandestinely by Covington," said Sergi. "I want both of you away from there before darkness falls."

"Jahwol, Herr Doctor," said Gretta. She turned back to Tom and said, "I'll meet you outside in five minutes."

"Here you go...directions, map, photos..." said James as he handed Tom a sheaf of papers. "...You ever driven on the autobahn?"

"No," replied Tom hesitantly.

"I suggest you'd better drive then. Do you want to use your car or one of our's?"

"I'll take my own."

"Better hurry before Gretta gets outside," advised James with a smile.

Tom had just pulled his car up to the front door when Gretta walked out. She was dressed in hiking boots, tight blue jean cutoffs, and a sleeveless black pullover, which stretched across her large breasts. She was carrying a black cross-body satchel. Tom's breath caught for a moment and thought that maybe he should have agreed with James and taken Anya. Gretta opened the passenger door to his car and got in.

"Do you know where we are going?" she asked. Tom nodded. "Good. Drive and give me those papers."

Tom headed out towards the country and Gretta studied the photographs and maps. Tom tensed every time she moved, sure that she was going to put a move on him sooner or later.

"Relax, Tom. This is business," said Gretta without looking up.

"Business and pleasure shouldn't mix," quipped Tom with an inward sigh of relief.

"Especially in this business," said Gretta seriously. "Did you know I was once possessed?" Tom nodded. "I used sex to get things I wanted, to make things happen, or for revenge. I hurt a lot of people, broke up some marriages, and just did not care about it. I heard of one thing I absolutely had to have. I obtained it and the demon that went with it. I did unspeakable things after that. Sergi found me and the demon was exorcised. I won't go back to that type of life."

"But you keep...uh...er..." stammered Tom, blushing slightly.

"Oh, I like sex...a lot!" laughed Gretta, "but you're safe until we get back to Herr Doctor's house. You know it could even be fun!"

"I...uh...um..." groped Tom, unable to speak through his embarrassment.

"Enough of that," stated Gretta smartly. "There appears to be a side road two hundred meters from the house. Halt there. We will walk up the street as if we are taking a hike. If the place looks deserted, we will take a closer look."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Tom.

It was getting towards late afternoon when Tom pulled off the main street and parked on a small dirt road. Tom saw that the dirt road went up and over a hill down to a large patch of woods. Trees lined either side of the road and it was evident that it had not been used for a very long while.

"Come on," said Gretta, getting out of Tom's car. "It's just down the road."

Tom climbed out and joined Gretta on the paved street. As they walked down towards the farmhouse, Tom looked around. There was not another house or barn in sight. The whole area appeared to be deserted. Tom suddenly flinched when Gretta linked her arm in his.

"Lighten up," she said with a smile. "We're supposed to be having fun on a hike. You're frowning and staring at everything suspiciously. Oh, look a golden finch!"

Tom relaxed as Gretta held onto his arm and pointed out various birds, trees, and plants. Tom realized that she was pointing out these things so they could look around without appearing to be scrutinizing the area. The only distraction he had was that her huge breasts were rubbing up and down on his arm. Tom felt his face flush and tried to ignore it.

"Oooo, look...an abandoned house!" gushed Gretta. "Do you think it is haunted?"

"Could be," said Tom, looking at the house. It was an old stone house overgrown with ivy with trees that had grown up around it. The windows were so dirty it was hard to see inside.

"I want a picture!" said Gretta, reaching into her satchel and pulled out a digital camera. "Stand over there. I want a couple of shots with you in front of the house."

Tom laughed and moved over to the spot Gretta had indicated for him to stand. He struck a couple of poses as Gretta snapped pictures.

"My turn," said Gretta as she skipped up to Tom. As she handed him the camera, she murmured under her breath, "Watch the house and not me...watch for any movement."

"Okay," whispered Tom.

Tom took five pictures of Gretta and the house when she held up her hand.

"Is anything coming down the road?" she asked.

Tom looked to his left and right and said, "No."

"Wunderbar!" exclaimed Gretta, who then pulled off her shirt.

Tom stood still as Gretta's huge breasts bounced into view. His eyes seemed to snap back and forth between her and house. Gretta put her hands on her hips and frowned at him.

"Pictures, dumkoft...before someone comes!"

Tom managed to get the camera up and began snapping pictures. He remembered Gretta's instructions to watch the house, but it was hard to do with her posing so that she was showing off her tits. Tom swallowed hard when her shorts followed her shirt onto the grass.

"Car coming," exclaimed Tom as he heard a car driving up the road.

Gretta hurried over and yanked on her shorts and shirt. She got them on just in time as a blue car drove past them. She hopped over to Tom and put her arm around his waist as she took the camera back from him. Tom just wished his cock was not rock-hard.

"See any movement?" asked Gretta, looking at the display on the camera.

Tom cleared his throat and said, "Not in the house."

Gretta looked up at him, smiled, and said, "You're a nice guy. You and I could have a very good time if you would loosen up a bit more. Come on. I want to look out back."

Gretta turned and, still acting as a ditzy girl with a camera, bounced around towards the back of the farmhouse. Tom, following her, tried to act like her boyfriend, while also watching for movement inside the house. At the back of the house, Gretta began walking backwards to take a picture of the entire structure.

"STOP!" yelled Tom as he raced forward, grabbed Gretta by the arms, and yanked her to him.

"Oof!" grunted Gretta as she smacked into Tom's chest.

Her arms automatically went around his neck. Looking back over her shoulder, Gretta saw what Tom had pulled her away from.

Directly behind her was a six foot wide stone well. The stones at the top were flush to the ground so there was no barrier from just steeping into the hole. Gretta shivered as she thought how close she had come to a nasty, and possibly fatal, fall.

"Thank you, Thomas," she said, looking back at him. "Do I get to kiss my hero?"

"Oh, hell," thought Tom as he bent down to give her a quick peck on the cheek.

What he had not counted on was Gretta's arms around his neck. Gretta tightened her arms and planted her lips right on top of his. Tom almost recoiled, but Hannah's words seemed to echo in his mind. Hugging Gretta tightly, he returned her kiss with equal fervor.

Gretta backed off after several seconds with astonishment and delight shining in her eyes.

"First base, as you Americans would say," she joked with a smile. "Maybe, second base next time?"

"Take it easy," said Tom, smiling. He then brought his head up as he heard a car approaching. "Car coming."

"Give me your hand and we'll stroll over to that small group of trees," said Gretta.

They walked hand in hand over to the trees. Tom was surprised to see a group of headstones there. He guessed it was the family plot for the original farm owners. Once there, Gretta knelt behind a bush and pulled a set of mini-binoculars out of her satchel. Tom heard the car approach and then stop.

"It's a blue car," said Gretta, watching it through the binoculars. "I think it is the same one that passed us by before. There is a woman driving it. She is looking around."

"May I see?" asked Tom and Gretta passed the binoculars over to him.

"It's Detective O'Malley," exclaimed Tom, looking at the car. "What's she doing here?"

"She must have followed us," said Gretta. She looked up as O'Malley drove off. "Come. It's getting late and we need to get back."

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