tagGay MaleFather & Son Share More Than Blood

Father & Son Share More Than Blood


It all started when I was younger, when I say younger I mean when I was 18. I started noticing my father and his body, he was tall, roughly 6 foot 4 inches, and he was young for a dad 34. He was also good looking. In fact good looking is understating him, he was gorgeous, black hair, chiselled masculine face and to top it all off he had the most stunning blue eyes that you could sit and stare at all day. When I first realised all of this it was when my mother (Dianne) won £10,000,000 on the lottery and was leaving him for another man, her boss actually. Even though I loved my mother I knew I would never forgive her, she left my father (Dave) an emotional wreck. Me and my dad always had a special bond, even though I didn't see him as much as my mum me and my dad were definitely closer. The first couple of weeks after my mum had left us went by very slowly, my father left work, my mother give me £1,000,000 and my father said he didn't need to work, therefore he sat around all day in his housecoat. I knew that if I didn't do something it would stay like this, me and my father were getting further apart and I hated it. I decided one day that I would talk to him about what had happened and what we were going to do about it. I started off by making him a cup of coffee just how he liked it, luke warm with a lot of milk and no sugar, I then went into the living room, he was sitting around in his housecoat. I put it down in front of him. He thanked me and I sat next to him,

"Dad" I said. He looked at me and he could tell that this was going to be serious.

"Listen, it's been almost two weeks and all you have done is sit around and feel sorry for yourself, mum isn't coming back, I know it hurts you to hear that but deep down you know that it's true."


"Dad I love you and I always will, but you have got to stop doing this to yourself, I miss her too but she left us, we shouldn't be sad while she's with him. How about you get dressed and we'll go for a walk then head down to the pub, drinks on me?"

"I don't want to go to the pub Sam, but I'll quite happily go for a walk, I agree with you, that woman doesn't deserve us anyway, I'm sure we can live our lives without her. I just need to get a shower and get dressed, is that ok?"

"Yes dad. We'll have a good time it's been weeks since we done something like this."

I was glad that I had got him to do something I was sick of seeing him sitting in front of the TV like it was his only companion, it was time he got over mum and I would make sure he did. Twenty minutes later we were on the sand, we only lived two minutes walk away from the beach. It was a beautiful hot summers day. We talked about mum and recent events passed. Dad told me how much he missed her and how much he hated him, to be honest I agreed with everything he said, but she was gone and there was nothing we could do about it. We had to get on with our lives as she had with hers. He told me the thing that had annoyed him the most was that she hadn't even said sorry she just told him she was leaving him packed her things and left. He also told me that he couldn't stop dreaming about her, that everything was back to normal and how upset he is when he wakes up and realises that he was dreaming. I changed the subject to what we would do tonight, he told me he didn't want to do much so I suggested that we rent a DVD and sit with a few beers, he agreed so we headed to the supermarket. I bought popcorn and 16 cans of Guinness. We walked to the DVD store and he picked a comedy.

"I think I'll get this, we need cheering up, don't you think?"

"Yeah dad, glad to see you're getting back to normal."

We left the store and slowly walked home, by this time it was already 9:30 and it was starting to get dark. When we got in I put the popcorn in the big bowl and put the beers in the fridge, I took two of them and went into the living room. My dad had already put the movie in and was waiting for me to get comfortable. He was lying down on the sofa, I walked over to him and give him a beer, I sat in front of him and told him that the movie better be good or I'll pick it the next time.

"Thanks son."

"For what?" I said.

"For making me get out of here today, I haven't felt as good as this since before your mum left."

"Dad it has been depressing for me seeing you sitting there. You needed this. I needed this, it just wasn't the same with you lying here, I had to do something."

"Well I'm glad you did."

He kissed the top of my head and played the movie. The movie started off great, but as it went on I got bored. Even though I really hated it I didn't want to hurt my fathers feelings so I watched it and when our beers were gone I went and got two more out of the fridge. When I next looked at my watch it was 11:30, the movie was nearly finished and we had each drank seven cans each. I was just about to ask my dad if he wanted another when I realised he had fallen asleep. He obviously didn't like the movie either. It was then that I noticed his housecoat had opened. I had seen my dad with nothing on except his briefs before but this was different. I don't know why but he just looked amazing, I knew I wasn't gay, I mean, I always looked at women and I had only ever had sex with women. He was definitely asleep and I just looked at him from several minutes, from his model-like face all the way down to his well kept feet. One thing's for sure I wished I looked like him. Suddenly I realised, this is wrong, he's my dad for Gods sake! But I couldn't help it, I kept looking and then focused on his penis I could see the outline in his tight white briefs. It was five inches long now and he was flaccid. I couldn't believe it I was only three and a half flaccid and seven inches long erect, I started to wonder how big he was erect. I wanted to find out but at the same time I didn't, the only thing that stopped me was it's illegal and I love him. Anyway with women I like to explore their bodies before I go down into that region therefore why should it be any different with a man? I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't wake up before I began exploring. I gently shook him to test and he stayed sleeping. I nearly had a heart attack however when he quietly said;

"Dianne? Is that you?"

I was terrified what should I do? What should I say?

"Yes" I replied. He carried on as if he were really talking to her.

"I had the craziest dream, I dreamt that you left me for your boss, can you believe it?"

"No honey, it was just a dream, you should go back to sleep."

"Ok baby, but could you hurry? Get into bed it's getting cold and I need your magic touch."

"Ok honey but you need to move across, there's not enough room you're on my side as well."

He moved across and there still was not enough room, it was the sofa after all. I felt really guilty playing along to get pleasure out of it but I then told myself I was doing it to be kind. To make him feel better. I lay down next to him and he put his arm around me. I was really starting to worry now, what if he woke up with me lying next to him and a very noticeable erection? But at the same time I felt really good he had a really tight grip and I was in heaven, I could feel him breathing in my ear, it was really getting me horny. Then I felt it, something hard, it was right at my ass and I was sure it was getting longer. Oh my God it was. It was huge, it was so hard it was hurting. I had to get off there. I could tell he was still asleep so I slowly lifted his arm away and slid off the sofa. I went upstairs and got changed into my house coat. when I got back downstairs he was lying on his back with his huge hard cock sticking straight up in the air. It must have been at least eight inches plus. He was still sleeping and I didn't want to do anything it wasn't fair, he couldn't say no. I decided I would wait until his erection subsided and wake him up. Fifteen minutes later it was still as hard as it was when I came down. It just wouldn't go, I couldn't wake him up like this, he would be really embarrassed. I decided that I would tidy him up then wake him. I went over to him, I put my hand down into his briefs and placed his dick diagonal across his leg then I took out my hand. It took all of my will power not to take it out and look, but as I said it wouldn't be fair. I then tied his housecoat and stood up.

"Dad." I whispered. He didn't react. I nudged him softly and repeated,


This time it worked he opened his eyes and looked at me, the first thing he said was;

"I fell asleep didn't I?"

"Yes you did dad but its alright the film wasn't very good anyway."

"I know it wasn't, that's why I fell asleep." He joked.

"Come on, lets get you to bed, it's late we've got a lot to do tomorrow."

"What are we doing tomorrow?"

"It's a surprise, you'll have to wait."

"Ok, come on, lets get to bed. Whatever we're doing don't let me choose, apparently I'm no good at choosing anything. The film shows that."

I laughed, my dad could always make me laugh and he wasn't going to stop now, not even when his whole life had been ripped apart. That's what I admired about him. We got upstairs and I took him into his room, he lay down and I said goodnight. I was just closing the door when he called me.


"Yeah dad?

"Do you mind sleeping in my bed tonight? I had another dream about your mother when I was downstairs and I feel really lonely in this king-sized bed and it gets really cold when its just me I need somebody to help keep me warm."

It suddenly struck me, that's what he said when I was downstairs and he thought I was my mother, did he feel the same way about me?

"Fine, but tomorrow I'm in my own bed and you can't change my mind."

"Ok Sam it's just for tonight that dream has made me feel lonely without your mother again."

I got into bed with him and he turned off the bedside lamp. He rolled over and looked at me.

"You really are the best son anybody could ever ask for. Who else would cheer me up like you do and get into bed with me because I'm cold and lonely?"

He put his arm around me and pulled me towards him a little. He then leant over and kissed me on the forehead. Right at that point I felt something on my leg, did he still have an erection? Surely he couldn't have? He let go of me and said goodnight then rolled onto his back, sure enough there was his erection pointing straight at the ceiling. He didn't even tried to hide it, was he trying to tell me something? I turned the other way and tried not to think about it, I just wanted to turn around and grab it but I didn't know if he wanted the same as me. I decided to turn over and make a joke about it, at least I could see what he was thinking. I turned over;

"Wow, dad."

"What son?"

"Is that for me or are you still thinking about that dream with mum?"

He laughed.

"You know, anybody else would choose to ignore it but you haven't, why is that?"

"It's just this is the first time I've seen you hard and I was wondering why you weren't trying to hide it."

"We're both men, we're both confident with our sexuality, so why should I?"

"It's just..."

"Just what son?"


"Is it making you horny? Because I'm really horny. I've been horny all day."

"What is it that has made you horny dad?"

"I was just thinking about your mother, how you two are so alike, you have her lips and her eyes. As I pulled you close to me before I wondered whether you would have the same ass."

"Dad you can't think like that."

"No son I can, I shouldn't but I can. It's funny you woke me up downstairs and when you did I had a huge big hard on, just like this, what confused me was it was placed neatly inside my briefs, how did that happen? I know it didn't happen by itself. But that's not all, my housecoat was tied and I remember, when you went out to get the last beers that we had, I unfastened it, it was uncomfortable and I unfastened it, so how was it fastened again when I woke up?"

"Ok dad, I looked up you were asleep and you had that hard on and you were unfastened so I tidied you up so you wouldn't get embarrassed."


"Yeah oh dad."

"I'm so sorry son I thought..."

"Yes well you thought wrong didn't you?"

"Yes I'm very sorry I thought you had been exploring me when I was asleep."

"No dad, I wouldn't do that." I turned away from him and I was glad I was such a good liar.


"What is it now dad?"

"You had to touch my dick to put me right didn't you?"

"Yes but only to save you the embarrassment, nothing else."

"I know you were trying to help but how did it feel?"

"What do you mean?" By now I was looking him in the face.

"Did you like the feel? Was it nice? Most importantly, would you do it again?"

"Dad I can't believe this."

"I'm sorry son I'll stop now."

"No dad I can't believe it because I now you want this as much as I do."

"What do you mean?"

"Downstairs I noticed you were asleep and I nudged you, you asked if it was mum and I said yes. I got onto the sofa with you and I felt you had a boner. It was so big and hard it started to hurt so I got off the sofa and got changed. I wanted to go further but I didn't think it was fair taking advantage of you so I tidied you up and decided to wake you."

"So you want more?"

"Dad, I definitely want more."

I kissed him deeply and he kissed back, I slid off my underwear not breaking the kiss, as I did, my father did the same and we pulled as close together as we could. I broke away from him

"Dad, do you not think this is wrong?"

"Of course I think it's wrong but if you can keep a secret then so can I."

We embraced again our tongues sliding across each other and cocks pressing against each other. I sat up and pulled down the sheets, there it was, my own fathers cock. I was right it was over eight inches, once it was let loose from it's material prison it grew an extra inch it was now standing over nine inches. He was uncut and had a big blood filled mushroom head protected from harm by his foreskin. It was oozing nice clear pre-cum I bent down and licked it off, I didn't lick anymore than where the pre-cum was I wanted to make him more excited than he had ever been before. I squeezed his cock gently and more oozed out, again I licked only where the pre-cum was and he groaned quietly. I was nervous this was my dad! I wanted to do this and so did he, I kissed his mushroom head, he moaned again and a tingling feeling shot through my body, I was made to do this, after this I thought, no more girls. I opened my mouth and lightly sucked on the head, my dad was definitely enjoying it as much as I was, he groaned louder but not too loud. I put more in and he groaned a long continuous groan, we were going to enjoy tonight. I slid even more in as he gently thrust into my mouth. I gagged and he stopped. When he asked if I wanted him to do it I replied;

"Do whatever gives you the most pleasure."

I sucked his dick for at least ten minutes then I was ready, I turned over and moved my ass so my dad could have easy access.

"This is for you dad."

"Are you sure son?"

"As sure as I'll ever be dad."

"I have some condoms in the drawer I'll go and get them."

"No dad, take me bare, I love you enough. I trust you."

"Ok but I'll go slow."

"Dad hurry, I'm giving you my virgin ass I'm glad it's you who will be taking my cherry." He put his mushroom at my entrance and softly pushed he got almost two centimetres in and I couldn't let him go any further.

"Dad, we need something to lube it. It won't go in dry."

He put his mouth at my ass and licked. It was pure bliss, he started getting harder then pushed his tongue in, I was in heaven, the sensation was indescribable. He spat on his hand and rubbed it around his dick, he then spat on my ass and came back up.

"It's going to be ok Sam, just relax and let me in, I'll go slow I promise, I wouldn't hurt my beautiful boy."

He started to push again, this time it went in a little further and he stopped, he spat on his hand and again rubbed it around his dick, I couldn't remember what happened next, the head was just suddenly in. I moaned in pain and pleasure, I hated and loved it. He told me the worst part was over and to relax, I did and he went in further, he got halfway and had to lube it up again. Then after that he was all the way in. I could feel his balls against mine, they were so big and heavy I couldn't believe I had missed them out when I was sucking him, I wasn't to bothered by this because I knew there would be plenty more opportunities to do it. He came out about an in inch then went back in, every time he done this he came out more until he got to about five inches then he kept going in and out. The pleasure was far bigger than the pain now and I was on the edge of cumming, then it struck me, without a condom my dad would cum in my ass, the thought of the warm cum inside of me turned me on even more. I loved this and so did my dad.

"Sam your hole is so tight."

"Yeah dad keep going I love it, I love you."

"I love you too Sam, I'm going to cum soon I cant hold myself for much longer."

"I want you to cum inside of me dad, I want to feel that warm liquid warming my ass."

"Whatever you want son, I cant believe this, you're even better than your mother."

I was glad to hear that, at least now we know that my mother will be forgotten, I was my dads new pussy, I wouldn't go off with my boss. I reached behind and grabbed my fathers balls I squeezed and stroked them and I almost immediately felt his cock swell up, his balls tightened in my hand and he violently shot cum when he was all the way inside of me. His cum was hot and soothed the pain that was left behind. As my dad pulled out he whispered;

"Wow that was amazing, but it isn't over yet I'm going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had because you have just give me the best fuck that I have ever had."

"I'm ready for you dad."

He sucked my cock hard and it sent a shiver up my spine, I started to thrust in and out his mouth as he sucked like a vacuum.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Sorry son, I'll try to swallow some of it like you took mine but if I can't at least I tried."

"OK dad just suck me, I'm ready to blow, and I need to be in your mouth when it happens."

He put his mouth around again and went down until he gagged, it sent me over the top my cock violently jerked as it shot the biggest load it ever has into my fathers throat and mouth. He missed some of it but he done pretty good for a first-time cock sucker. We went into the bathroom and showered together, I washed my dad and he washed me. When we were done we dried off and got into bed. That night we fell asleep naked with our arms around each other and our mouths joined.

Before we had sex I said I would be in my bed the next night and he couldn't change my mind. However he did change my mind I am now 28 and I still haven't slept in my old bed. The lottery money ran out and I got a job in accountancy, but I have to say, without my mother, life has been very different.

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