tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset

Father Uses Huge Asset


At 45 years of age Richard kept himself in great shape and he had always had his choice of women. He had been married for 25 years and it was a miracle that his wife had never caught him cheating. There had been many close calls but he felt he was born lucky and would always get away with his cheating. He had made a lot of money very young, mainly by pumping some crucial information out of a very pretty wife of a supposed friend and business colleague. The dodgy business deal resulted in Richard being a multi millionaire whilst his so called friend was left with nothing. Richard made sure the guy's wife did ok when she divorced the poor man but she was more interested in the continued sex she had with Richard.

Richard was soon the owner of numerous businesses and he had various female employees who lusted after him. He was extremely strong with dark hair and a tanned physique. He knew he was too good for his aging wife but there was 1 reason above all others why he knew he could attract young, gorgeous women who were often in long term relationships. Rumours circulated about his cock and thankfully for him they were true. He had a 9 inch cock when soft which grew to a fearsome 15 inches when fully erect. His wife had never satisfied him and he cheated on her from before the marriage. He had married into wealthy landed gentry family and even on the morning of his wedding he had found his mother in law's mouth around his cock 20 minutes before he entered the church. He noticed that it was when she started comparing his cock with her husband's tiny 4 incher that he finally blasted his endless cum all over her.

His wife bore him a son early in their married life. His name was Martin. He was clever and Richard wanted him to take over and inherit the family businesses. It was only when the 2 of them were in the showers after Richard had easily defeated his 19 year old son at squash that he noticed that his son had clearly inherited the dominant genes of his wife's family which had resulted in his son having a mere stub of a dick. He tried not to chuckle at all the things his son would miss out on that he had enjoyed. It was when his son mentioned, as they left the shower, that he finally had a girlfriend that he couldn't help but think "poor girl", she would prefer this – as he dried his huge prick. Two weeks later she enjoyed her first sample of Martin's father superior offering and sadly for Martin that was quickly the end of that relationship for Martin – but that is another story.

Martin was running one of Richard's businesses and was doing a great job. He had hired an accountant called Sally to make sure the financial side of things was done properly. He also hired her because she had the longest, sexiest legs and the best butt he had ever seen. He was determined to have a successful relationship after a series of failures – unknown to him all caused by his father's superior cock. He told his father about how happy he was when Sally started going out with him and that they had been going out for a month. Richard looked her up on the business website and swallowed hard. How could his son have landed this girl. She had long blonde hair, an incredibly pretty face and deep intelligent brown eyes which you could quickly fall in love with. Richard had also heard on the grapevine about her figure.

Richard made sure, through an indiscreet secretary he employed for such purposes, that Sally got to hear about her boyfriend's father but in particular about his cock. Sally laughed, there had to be some mistake as her boyfriend had the smallest dick she had ever seen and she already knew the relationship was doomed.

Today Richard turned up at the office at 4 pm to finally meet Sally. He found his son under a pile of papers moaning that he would be stuck in the office for hours. Martin dropped into the conversation that Sally had gone home early. Richard decided it might be a good idea to stop by at his son's house on the way home. He called his wife to say he was in a meeting and would be a bit late.

Martin found that his paperwork only took him a couple of hours and so he turned up at home at just after 6 and was surprised but pleased to see his father's car.

As he unlocked the front door Richard pushed another 3 inches of his huge cock down Sally's throat and looked down at this gorgeous young woman who looked amazing as she desperately worshipped the biggest cock she had ever seen. He hadn't been able to keep his eyes of her legs when he first arrived and the flirting had been intense. Her tight miniskirt and bare tanned legs had him throbbing in his trousers and he had not attempted to hide it. When she saw his 9 or 10 inch semi hard cock fall out of his trousers she had attempted to be cool by saying "I have seen bigger". She wasn't saying that now he thought as she fought with 12 inches of rock hard cock whilst her hand worshipped the base of his cock and his huge balls.

Richard froze as he heard the door. He had a lot of experience of nearly being caught and it was more annoyance that he would have to hurry up rather than fear which caused him to pause. Sally was also frustrated. She wanted to be fucked but now she had been caught.

Richard called down to his son from the bedroom: "I am just helping Sally with a little problem she has." Sally was coming up for air and had to stifle a laugh. Martin's tiny dick was certainly a problem and his father's monster was the perfect solution. "We will be down in 5 minutes" Richard added.

With no reason to distrust his father Martin put the TV on and called up "fine, see you soon."

Richard smiled an arrogant smile down at his son's girlfriend and said "Let me see whether I can fix that problem for you Sally". With that he started to pound his huge cock down her throat. She looked so pretty as she stared into his eyes and worshipped his tool.

Ten minutes later Martin thought he heard a bang upstairs and called up: Are you two nearly finished, Sal are you ok."

The banging had been the headboard hitting the wall hard as Richard thrust his cock hard down her throat and was preparing to cum.

Sally pulled his dick out of her mouth to answer but as she opened her mouth to call hi Richard pushed his dick back in. She looked worried but Richard calmly called down: "We are fine. I underestimated the size of the problem but we will be down soon. Sally just has something in her mouth right now."

Innocently Marin thought he meant food and returned to the TV. Sally could see and feel it twitching and throbbing and knew he was close. What Sally didn't know was that Richard prided himself on being able to cum on demand but could control himself when on the very edge for ages. He enjoyed that feeling more than any other. What he wasn't counting on was what Sally was about to say as she came up for air: "You could fit 20 of his tiny little things into this monster. I am never touching his inadequate little thing again." The comparison reminded Richard of his wedding day and just like that day the result was the same. He let out a grunt and Sally saw the end of his dick flare dangerously and throb out of control. "I bet you come more than he does too" she added. She was right.

The first blast lasted 10 seconds. He emptied himself over her like letting off a pressurised firehose. The jet plastered her face and hair. She still had her shirt and dress on but her shirt also got covered. He smiled. "He doesn't cum that much in a month" she said and giggled. He smiled. She has no idea how much I cum he thought to himself. He put his throbbing cock in her mouth and started to cum again. Just 4 inches, the rest she worshipped with her hands. She swallowed desperately for 30 seconds as his balls released their charm. God she wanted to be fucked by him. He had tried to control the pace of his release so that she could cope with the volume but there is only so much cum one woman can swallow. He slid his slick cock across her face and the size of it dwarfed her as she licked it.

"Watch" he said. "Watch how my son's pretty girlfriend makes me cum. Martin! He called downstairs." At the same time his cock starting to cum high over her face and hair." He was in heaven as he saw her transfixed on the weapon which had given him an advantage over every man he met, including his son.

"Come upstairs. Sally has been busy and I am very impressed with her."

As Martin reached the foot of the stairs his father had been cuming for a minute and a half and shots were still landing on her pretty face. She could not see out of her eyes as they were plastered over with thick cum. She wandered what her boyfriend would make of the scene.

Richard finished ejaculating as Martin reached the top of the stairs – 15 yards from the bedroom door. "I never get caught" he whispered and jumped up. He pushed his huge dick into his trousers – it was still hard and was pressing against his chest over his trousers but as his shirt fell over it was only slightly visible. He grabbed a document from his briefcase which hid his chest and met his son at the door. "We need to discuss this document whilst Sally gets ready for dinner" he said as he directed his son to the office and caught his breath. "I am not sure she will still be hungry though after the amount of nuts and seeds she has gulped down this afternoon." He said. Sally overheard him and smiled and scooped some more cum into her mouth!

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