tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 03

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 03


The next day Sally started her new job and found herself in Richard's office handling his huge cock by five past nine in the morning. With Martin not around there was no restraint in the sound proofed office as Richard pounded his cock into her all morning. He had especially enjoyed driving his cock down her throat under the desk whilst he called Martin into a five minute meeting in the same room.

By lunchtime, and with Richard seemingly on the verge of another huge explosion deep inside of her, Sally picked up the phone to call her boyfriend. As Martin answered, his father increased his intensity, grabbed Sally's fantastic arse and drove his 15 inch monster into her again and again.

Sally's name had come up on Martin's phone and he was keen to know how her first day had gone:

"Hi Sally, how are things going? I met dad this morning and he said he had put you on a big big job but he thought you were up to it."

There was a few seconds silence followed by a very strange reply:

"Oh God, yes, fuck! Oh yes!!"

Martin, despite his trusting nature, thought that it sounded like Sally was having sex, although he had to admit she never sounded like that with him.

"What's happening Sally" he asked nervously.

Sally turned and smiled at her lover and for an awful moment Richard thought Sally was going to be his undoing by telling his son about his father.

Sally said into the phone:

"You know we discussed your tiny cock last night and why it wasn't really big enough for me, well I have a 15 inch cock inside me and I can't get enough of it. It is about to cum for me again. Listen wimp."

She passed the phone to Richard who proceeded to grunt into the phone for a minute and a half as he unloaded shot after shot of his thick cum into Sally and she could be heard groaning and swearing in pleasure by Martin.

Richard passed the phone back to Sally. "I'm dumping you for a stud with a cock 5 times longer than yours. Sorry to be blunt" she said into the phone. "I'm sorry because you are nice person but you are a pathetic man where it counts."

"But Sally, size doesn't matter that much. We get on so well together and I cared about you" said Martin.

Sally replied:

"Only guys with shrimpy dicks think that. My pretty eyes and tanned firm legs seem to matter to guys so why should it surprise you that this huge thick incredible cock in my pussy should matter to me."

"Why have you done this to me?" Martin asked fighting back the tears.

"Wait a moment" said Sally, "Mmmm." This was all Martin could hear for a couple of minutes whilst his father forced his huge cock down Sally's throat. He blew yet another load all over her face and hair before Sally spoke again.

"I'm covered in his cum, Martin. It is plastered all over me. I have to go though because your father wants to take me on a business trip this afternoon so I better get cleaned up. See you around."

With that she hung up. Richard was annoyed that he had been mentioned at the end of the call but was certain his son would not put 2 and 2 together.

Martin didn't know what to think. The mention of his father had made him think. He remembered being astonished by the size of his father's cock when they had showered after playing squash and wondered why his was so different. What really concerned him was that this had happened before. He had a few short but good relationships but they had all ended shortly after his girlfriends had been introduced to his parents – well his father to be honest. Was there a link?

He phoned his long term best friend Kim to tell her what had happened.

Kim told Martin that if it was his father he would be the ultimate shit to do that to his son. She had never met his father but she suspected Martin was right about who it was who had fucked his girlfriend so well whilst Martin was on the phone. She suspected Sally was exaggerating about the size of her lover's cock but she knew it would be bigger than Martin's as she had once stayed with him and had overseen him wanking over her with his tiny cock and dribbling a few drops of cum.

She always knew how hot she was with her long dark wavy hair, full red lips, huge double d tits on her tiny tanned waste and her firm butt and tanned legs were to die for.

She was only 5 foot 6 but she was the best looking 24 year old babe in town with a body built for sin and she knew it. She thought it might be time to meet her friend's father and see whether he was bigger than the studs she had enjoyed.

Kim comforted Martin with kind words but secretly thought to herself that this girl Sally who she had met once can't compete with these as she squeezed her huge firm tits together. And the best way to that huge cock seems to be through my best friend Martin.

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